[FFML] [BTVS] [Spamfic] Xander's Great Weapon

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Sun Feb 8 19:39:57 PST 2009

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Xander's Great Weapon


Sexy Neko Hibiki

    The horde of Biker demons was charging forward. It all looked hopeless. 
They were all doomed.

    "We can't beat them all," said Buffy in despair.

    "I'm out of magic now," Willow said very tiredly.

    "Blast it all," exclaimed Giles. "We can't win here now. We need a 
miracle soon."

    Suddenly Xander came up and said, "I got just the thing." He reached 
into his pocket and brought out an object. He held it aloft, and all beheld.

    The demons screeched to a halt.

    "Oh no," said one demon.

    "He's got... that," exclaimed another demon.

    "Come on boys, let's go," said the leader demon. "We're done here. Let's 
go after someone else."

    The demons turned around and left. They went out of the town then.

    Xander just smirked... and tucked his Capitol One card back into his 
pocket with happiness.

    One of the demons turns to look at somewhere. He says then "What's in 
your wallet?!"

The End

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