[FFML] [PEANUTS] It's good to be the Queen, Charlie Brown

Larry F lwf58 at cvalley.net
Wed Dec 23 11:08:36 PST 2009

Charlie Brown first met her at summer camp 
<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Summer_camp> in 1990, and she was an 
irregular character until the summer of 1999. The strip was ended a few 
months later.

I hope you do feel inspired to write another story base on Peanuts. I 
truly enjoyed this one, baseball and all. Since Marcie is one of my 
favorites, it'd be grand if she got more of a role next time. Her brand 
of sarcasm tickles my fancy.

Peppermint Patty: "Hey, Marcie, I understand there's a rumor that I may 
be chosen 'Outstanding Student of the Year'."
Marcie: "That's interesting, sir. I heard a rumor that the moon is going 
to fall out of the sky."

John Biles wrote:
> Yeah, Marcie was mostly side-lined in this story; if I do another story, I
> want to do more with her.
> As for Peggy Jean, I have never actually seen the run of strips she was in
> to be able to use her; I was dimly aware of her existence, but that's all.
> When was she around?

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