[FFML] [PEANUTS] It's good to be the Queen, Charlie Brown

Larry F lwf58 at cvalley.net
Wed Dec 23 05:48:28 PST 2009

Nicely done. I think that for the most part, you've captured the spirit 
of the original characters. I only have one quibble:

Marcie was the only girl in Peanuts that openly said she loved Charlie 
Brown and would marry him if asked. She was also the only girl who never 
mistreated him, and was Snoopy's partner in many of his "adventures" - 
it was mentioned later in the series that the "cantina" or "small French 
cafe" Snoopy went to when in character as the "World War One Fighter 
Ace" was Marcie's house, and she was the "waitress" who doled out Root 
Beer and sympathy. I'd have thought that adolescence would have 
heightened the implied rivalry between her and Peppermint Patty, 
assuming that the feelings they had survived puberty. Charlie was aware 
of they felt - how could he not be, when they both made it very obvious? 
Marcie quite openly asked him how he felt about her on several 
occasions, and at least once kicked him in the shins when he tried to 
evade answering - but didn't know how to deal with it. I found myself 
truly missing that dynamic in this story. I can easily picture that 
scene between Heather and Charlie where he says "I know exactly how you 
feel" with Marcie eavesdropping and murmuring, "So do I."

You also made no reference to Peggy Jean, Charlie Brown's first real 
girlfriend, and the girl who first kissed him. She was a very important 
part of his life - they dated for two years before she revealed that she 
had another boyfriend and was dumping him.

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