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Ar Tonelico Universe
The Tower of Ar Tonelico
Unknown Date And Time

"What are you doing now?" asked a man wearing a scientist's uniform.

"Ah, hello there Roger." said a man also wearing a scientist's uniform.

"Hello yourself Fred." said Roger. "But, what are you working on?"

"I'm custom making a girlfriend. I'm using the Ancient Tech to make a 
Reyvateil Origin. And I'm programming her personality on a manga character I 
liked a great deal." said Fred.

"Whew...!" whistled Roger. "You're making a Reyvateil Origin!? You do know 
what they'll do to you if you get caught, don't you?"

"Imprisonment at best, and death at worst. It is a risk I am willing to 
take. Ah, the things we do for love." said Fred.

"It's your neck buddy." said Roger. "Just leave me out of it. So, who are 
you basing her on?"

"See for yourself." said Fred handing Roger a reprint of an Old Earth manga.

Roger looked at the picture. Looked at Fred. Back at the picture again. Back 
at Fred too now.

Roger blink-blinked then.

HER," he said pointing to the tank that had the newly created Reyvateil in 
it, "ON HER," he said pointing to the manga character, "AND YOU'VE GIVEN HER 
ORIGIN POWERS!?" He stopped, while breathing raggedly. Then he got his 

"Now now, calm down please." said Fred. "I also built in a failsafe 
borrowing from the Saber Marionette series. She will fixate/bond/imprint on 
the first person she sees. She will obey her 'Master', and have to follow 
his orders. If we order her not to kill, she will not kill and therefore be 

"Still, the chance of her going against your orders is risky. If she were to 
disobey you then. If she were to act on her own initiative..." said Roger 
while shuddering.

"Relax, what could possibly happen?" said Fred.

Roger just stared at him in horror.

"You just jinxed us, you know that?" asked Roger.


Elsewhere in the Tower

Lyner and Shurelia were conducting an experiment.

Lyner's wives, and Shurelia's co-wives, Aurica and Misha were looking on in 

Shurelia noticed this and said "Don't worry Aurica, Misha dears. Soon we 
will have the knowledge to open Gateways to other worlds and times. Think of 
all we could learn then."

"Should we be messing with Ancient devices we know nothing about?" asked 
Lyner. "The Ancients blew up the world. And now we have continents floating 
in the sky."

"Relax." said Shurelia. " Everything is fine. What could possibly go wrong?"

Lyner, Aurica, and Misha looked at her in horror.

Shurelia threw a switch, and the room exploded then.


Back with Roger and Fred once again

"There," said Fred, "she's ready. Now all I have to is drain the tank. And 
get her to look at me."

"I hope you know what you're doing." said Roger. "The consequences if you 
are wrong. If she gets out of control then."

Suddenly there was an explosion, and the two men felt a vibration go through 
the room.

"WHAT WAS THAT?" yelped Roger.

"I don't know..." replied Fred.

He quickly checked a console. He looked at the readouts. Then looked in 

"There's been an explosion in the Tower! This is very bad. It's centered on 
the Lady Shurelia's lab area."

Just then there was a crackling sound like electricity in the room. A sound 
like something being torn apart. And a black... hole like thing appeared in 
the middle of the lab.

Another vibration went through the room knocking the two men off their feet.

Then another went through and caused the tank to tilt over into the black 

Both men got to their feet and watched as it happened.

"NO!" screamed Fred. "My Girlfriend..."

"Well, oh shit." said Roger.


Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry

Unknown date and time now


Whistling a random tune, Harry Potter was walking about the outside of 
Hogwarts Castle. It was a lovely weekend morning. While most Hogwarts 
students seized the chance for one or two extra hours of valuable sleep, 
Harry the early-bird was immersed in enjoying a nice walk.

It was nice to get his mind off some of the things that were happening. Like 
the whole Heir of Slytherin business. They'd thought it was Malfoy, but it 
wasn't. Now they didn't know who it could be that was petrifying students 
around the place.

He heard a noise behind him and reached for his wand. Then he relaxed. It 
was just a rabbit.

Then he heard something from where he had been walking. He turned around 
again, and he relaxed again. It was just a couple of squirrels.

Wait a minute... What were those squirrels doing? Oh. Oh... Oh my...

He blushed brightly. He was tempted to tell them to get a room. But they 
were squirrels, not people now.

A sudden noise tore Harry away from the spectacle of the mating squirrels. 
Electricity was arcing in the air ahead. A massive circle of darkness 
appeared ahead.

Out of the darkness fell a giant, circular, tube like thing. It fell to the 
ground and the circle vanished. Harry just stared at the thing now.

Cautiously he approached it. He looked it over and decided it looked like 
some type of muggle machinery. He then came to a part that was something 
that looked like glass.

He peered in. And jerked in surprise then. Inside the tube-like thing was 
a... girl.

She was in some type of liquid. He could tell that she was having difficulty 
breathing. He had to get her out of there now!

He bashed the "glass". Nothing happened. He hit the machine. Nothing 
happened. He pressed the green button. The "tube"'s outer covering of metal 
rotated until the whole front was exposed. The whole front was made of that 

The covering retracted upwards, and the liquid poured out. The girl fell 
down in a heap. Harry quickly got down to help her.

The girl opened her eyes and looked at him. She smiled then. And... glomped 


Darkness. It was all I knew. All that I could experience in this place.

I had been created for someone. I did not know who. But I knew he or she was 
my master.

My purpose was to love my master. To serve my master. To do anything my 
master wanted me to.

I waited an unknown time in the darkness for my master to come and get me to 
serve them then. I did not know how long I drifted in this darkness. All I 
knew was that soon I would awaken to happiness.

Then... light. I could see it behind my closed eyelids. Then I opened my 
eyes and I could see the light and all my surroundings.

I looked up and saw HIM. He had unruly black hair, a scar on his forehead, 
lovely green eyes, a nice face, and a kind smile. Well, I assumed he had the 
last. He wasn't smiling at the moment. He looked worried, I wonder about 

I smiled at him. Then I just jumped forward and glomped him. He felt sooo 
good to hold onto, so nice and warm.

I looked at him and he asked me...


The girl was holding onto him. The girl looked at him and Harry looked at 
her. He asked "What's your name?"

The girl giggled and looked at him. She seemed to stare into his eyes and 
she had some deep emotions in her eyes.


He asked me what my name was. I felt such delight bubbling up in me that HE 
would want to know MY name, that he cared what MY NAME was. I giggled in 
sheer happiness and delight.

I stared into his eyes and saw kindness, friendliness, and caring in those 
green depths. I felt such very powerful emotions bubble inside me and knew 
that I would do anything for my master, anything. Anything.

I opened my mouth and told him.....


The girl nicely said "My name is Yuno Gasai."

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