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Tue Aug 11 22:18:04 PDT 2009

could grant human form.  I activated this.  It would be best to blend in
with the locals until I could confront the enemy.  I gained mass and fell.

I shivered from unfamiliar sensations as I felt a body encasing my
essence.  A reflex triggered in the base of my new brain and I took a
breath.  I opened my new eyes and beheld a wall.  It was an artificial
structure of some sort, a large rectangle with smaller rectangles of
different materials within it.  It was mostly white with an irregular gray
pattern over most of it.

I felt a cold dampness under my feet and looked down.  I was standing on a
field of short green things.  I could feel through my feet that these were
living things.  That they had grown there. I looked back up and froze.  The
gray pattern on the wall had shifted.  I heard a sound behind me and spun

Unused to supporting weight on legs I fell onto my backside and landed on
the green living things.  I used my hands to help myself to my feet and
felt even colder from the dampness on my palms and backside.  There was an
irregular structure standing in the middle of the field of green.  It
towered over me.  Carefully I stepped towards it until I could feel it with
my hand.  Its surface was rough and hard, but it was also a living thing.
It had grown there in that one spot for many years.  Up above its branches
moved slightly in the early morning breeze.  And far away the horizon
brightened in anticipation of the nearby star's appearance.  It was dawn,
an appropriate moment for my arrival.

I felt a sadness from the tree.  No, not from it, but a residual trace
left behind.  I looked around and saw that the field was surrounded by a
fence that connected to the large structure.  I went back to the wall and
placed my hand on it.  The hands of men had shaped this material and put it
into place.  From within I could sense sobbing.  A noise some human in
great distress had made.  I ran my hand along the wall until I came to a
different material.  This was thinner than the wall, could it provide

I ran my hand along this smaller rectangle until I encountered a device
protruding from it.  It was colder than the rest and shiny.  As I wrapped
my hand around it I could sense that this metal instrument would open the
panel around it when twisted.  I tried to twist it but it resisted.  There
was another function to the device.  Some other bit of metal went inside it
to activate it.  I probed deeper and saw that it had two states, locked and
unlocked.  I concentrated on the small parts within and nudged them to

With a twist of the knob the panel opened.  It was darker inside and
slightly less cold, but the opened door provided some illumination.  Again
I sensed the faint sobbing and followed it up a flight of stairs.  There
was another locked door there and I used the same means to open it, but it
was quicker this time because I already knew the workings of these locks.

Behind the door there was a room, but unlike the other rooms I had seen so
far there was a grayness.  I reached out one foot and touched the gray
covering on the floor.  It was dust that had fallen from the air very
slowly.  No person had been in this room for months and yet the sobbing was
closer.  I walked across the dusty floor and stood before another panel.
It was a door without a lock and instead of swinging out it slid to the
side.  I moved it out of the way and the sobbing stopped.  There was nobody
there that I could see, but the small space was filled with things hanging
from a rod.  I reached out to push them out of the way.

The thing I touched was some sort of covering.  It was used to protect
against the cold.  I was reminded of how cold I felt and I unhooked the
hanger it was on from the rod.  I held the covering against me and saw that
it would only cover a fraction of my body.  I ran my hand along the fabric
and could sense that it was meant to be used with other items.  I ran my
hand along the hangers until I found the other item that was most often
used with the first one.  As I removed these from the hangers I could sense
that they were supposed to go over items, but I could not find these other
items in this closet.  I searched around the room and found them in drawers
that extended from a large box.

I tried on the various items but found that the undergarment that was meant
to go over my chest would not fit so I left it behind.  Feeling much warmer
I looked around the room then stood and listened.  Nothing, no trace of the
tormented soul I had followed here.

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