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Tue Aug 11 22:18:04 PDT 2009

's Vault of Anime MSTings, to authors such as=0AAlicia Ashby and others.  W=
hile I still have no intention of giving=0Athis up, even at the detriment t=
o my late nights and while taking=0Acare of children, I just wanted to take=
 a couple lines' worth of=0Aauthor notes to express my appreciation to all =
those artists who=0Amade (and still make) us laugh and enjoy life a bit mor=
e, no matter=0Aour ability to suspend our disbelief.  Thanks, all.=0A=0A  M=
y deepest thanks to Megane 6.7 for providing riffs, host segment=0Aideas, a=
nd the repeated kick in the pants necessary for me finishing=0Athis MSTing.=
  His help and friendship are both very valued, and he=0Acontinues to bring=
 the laughs to me and hopefully our audience.=0A=0ASpecial thanks to: =0ATe=
achers of America (and the world!) =0AThe Authors of the 1st Amendment =0AB=
est Brains =0A=0A>Kenshin looked Kaoru straight into her blue-gray eyes. Ol=
d memories=0A>returned to Kenshin like the plague.   =0A=0AKeep Circulating=
 the Fanfics... =0A=0A=0A=0A      

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