[FFML] [Fusion][One-Shot]{Sailor Moon] MMSS - Waiting (chapter 2)

DB Sommer sommert at consolidated.net
Thu Aug 20 11:21:19 PDT 2009

StudioPC wrote:
> By contrast, Makoto's side was, for lack of a better term, empty.  

Spartan might be an even better term, and one used a lot for describing 
people's rooms.

> Minako Aino
> Mother
> Mother's Office
> Rei Hino
> Makoto Kino
> Usagi Tsukino
> New names on her phone list. Four of them. Perhaps they would even be  
> her friends.

% Nice insight to her character

> Next to Usagi, Shingo, her younger brother, ate silently and tried to  
> be invisible. He was convinced that someday, perhaps even tonight,  
> Usagi and Rei were going to suddenly manifest magical powers or  
> something like in an anime and slaughter each other in a spectacular  
> display of violence.
> While part of him was chomping at the bit for this, another part, the  
> survival instinct of any little brother with a quick tempered sister,  
> wanted to hide under the bed until it was over.

% Both good ideas

> It was then that he noted that both girls were wearing identical  
> wristwatches. Maybe they were henshin devices! His friends would be so  
> jealous!
> Then he rolled his eyes. The watches were just them trying to show  
> each other up again. What sort of lunatic would put Rei and Usagi on  
> the same Sentai team?

% The 'no choice' selection comes to mind

% Sorry it took so long to get back to you on this. I'll try to do the 
others today

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