[FFML] [XOver] Wednesday's Child: Chapter Four

David McMillan skyefire at skyefire.org
Sat Aug 15 06:08:14 PDT 2009

Tail Kinker wrote:

>      "Just a walkie-talkie."  She started peeling down.  "A
> quick roll in the mud and leaves for camo.  The MINIMI would
> just slow me down, an' I'm almost as dangerous without it as
> I am with it."  She paused.  "Ya know, I realize that I'm
> hot as a chick, but ya mind not starin' at my tits, Sir?"

	He's come a long way from "I'm a GUY, dammit!"

>      Six small huts, their tops carefully camouflaged
> against satellite imagery.  A weapons range, and she saw ten
> men - all of them were male - practicing weapons fire.  She
> sneered at their marksmanship, but noted that all of them
> were using full-auto.  You didn't need to aim when firing
> twelve rounds per second.

	Yeah, because you can't hit jack on full auto with small arms.  I'd 
rather get shot at by someone rock&rolling from the hip than by someone 
using semi-auto and aiming any day.

>      Ranma took three deep, cleansing breaths, grasped the
> floor joists, and kicked herself through the floorboards.

	I can see the headline in "Terrorist Weekly" now:  "Operation Called on 
Account of Naked Chick."

>      The horizon to the east was glowing like a sunrise,
> though the sun was already well overhead.  He stared, open-
> mouthed, as a billowing line of fire cut across the sky,
> crossing south of them at ridiculous speed.  The shockwave
> of its passage shook the island like a dog shaking a bone.
> He saw the huts collapsing, the ammo shed exploding as the
> vibrations tore through it.

	Ammo is pretty darn insensitive, as are most military explosives.  I 
have a hard time seeing that happen unless someone inside fumbled an 
armed grenade or something.

>      The lookout fumbled his field glasses to his eyes, then
> tossed them aside and yelled, "Tsunami off the port bow, ten
> o'clock!"
>      "Left standard rudder, all ahead full!"  The exec
> snapped out the order by instinct, then glanced over at the
> lookout.  "Please tell me you're kidding."
>      "No, Sir, we got a big wave coming in!"

	If Lt Ibuki were present, no doubt it would be time for a "Poseidon 
Adventure" crack.

>      The Captain limped to the helm column, and ran the
> telegraph back down to half speed.  He tapped an internal
> comm.  "ChEng, report."
>      "*What the fuck was that?*"  The Chief Engineer sounded
> shaken.

	Translation:  "Och!  Captain, what are ye doin' tae my puir ship?"

>      "First *The Rock*, then *Thunderball*, now *Armaged-
> don.*"  Ibuki grinned weakly.  "Why can't I star in a
> porno?"
>      Ranma chuckled.  "Because shore leave was cut short."

	I'm detecting a theme here.  :)

>      "*Good thing the Skipper knows how to drive this
> boat.*"  The simulated Major paused.  "*What about the mis-
> sion?*"

	Simulated?  What is he, just a really amazing computer model of an 
officer?  :)

>      I'd bet anything from yen to Nabiki's private files
> that we're going to be sent out to check out the impact
> site.
>      Sincerely, Saotome Ranma.

	And it looks like we're about to get to the meat of the crossover.

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