[FFML] [XOver] Wednesday's Child: Chapter Four

kevin c camk4evr at yahoo.ca
Thu Aug 13 00:32:59 PDT 2009

Well, since I'm not that strong on the science or military aspect of the story, there's been only one problem I've had with the story (and I had to wait until Misa was introduced to confirm that) and that is, in Macross the UN forces weren't created until after the ASS-1 (original, human, designation of the SDF-1 Macross) crashed. Other than that, I think it been a great story, so far, and I believe this is the first Ranma/(non-Robotech) Macross crossover I've ever seen. All the others have been a Ranma/Robotech: Macross crossover.

May contain peanuts.
-warning seen on a pack of peanut butter M&M's

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