[FFML] [Children of an Elder God] COAEG 24 News as of the end ofJuly 2009

Valkyrie Ice lsmcgill at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 12 17:01:32 PDT 2009

*blink blink* You mean selling my soul to Neil O'Tip actually worked????
It's finally going to be finished?  Oh let me go find an infant to sacrifice
to Great Cthulhu! Let their be revelries and orgies as the Great Lord
resumes his rule of all the Earth...

Oh, wait... forgot, I'm rooting for the OTHER guys. ALL HAIL THE DIVINE


Seriously, YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY I can finally finish making my pdf version of
the story for my fiancee so I can make her read it!

(now if only Mirrors Multiplied gets finished then hell will _have_ to
freeze over)

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> That is not dead which can eternal lie,
> And with strange aeons even death may die.
> After years of laying fallow, the ice has broken and the forces of the 
> Great
> Old Ones are once again on the march.
> The first draft of the final episode of Children of an Elder God is now at
> 76 pages and counting, with 10 scenes done out of 37.
> I have just written a scene I ache to share with people, but I can't,
> because it would spoil too much.
> If all goes well, COAEG 24: The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, will release 
> by
> or before (and hopefully WAY BEFORE) Halloween 2009, 11 years after it
> started.
> It will be the final chapter of Children of an Elder God.
> The Ceremony of Innocence has begun.
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