[FFML] [XOver] Wednesday's Child: Chapter Four

Larry F lwf58 at cvalley.net
Wed Aug 12 11:16:32 PDT 2009

skychan wrote:
> I'm not sure about the timing on that Tsunami, but then I'm not a scientist,
> it just seemd 60 seconds was awfully quick for the wave to reach them.  Your
> description of the jungle flash frying also seemed to be a bit extreme given
> that the marines didn't seem to be hurt by the heat.  The letters to and
> from Misa are an ongoing bit of fun, even if I don't know that Ranma should
> have written quite so much as he did given hes on an active operation.

    I like this story so far as well, although I think that the time 
skips through Ranma's earlier military career are a bit disappointing.

    As for the tsunami, it seems to me that there should have been two 
main events. One from the shockwave of the Visitor's passage through the 
atmosphere - IIRC, in the anime, it left a large, violent wake behind it 
- and a second, much larger one from the actual impact quite a bit 
later. Something else to remember is that the ship would have had to be 
very close to shore for either one to affect it. Tsunami only raise the 
level of the sea from a few inches to a foot when in deep water. It's 
when they hit the rise in the sea floor a short distance around a 
landmass that their power can build up a massive wave, but they don't 
even do that all the time. Either way, tsunami are a series of waves, 
not just one big one, and they can be spaced anywhere from about five 
minutes to an hour or apart, and in deep water travel around 500 mph.

For some real facts, you can check out this site: 

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