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   1. Fic ideas I'll never finish (Ray Gatski)


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Date: Thu, 6 Aug 2009 21:33:12 -0700 (PDT)
From: Ray Gatski <darkpikachu99 at yahoo.com>
Subject: [FFML] Fic ideas I'll never finish
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Got the idea as I was going through Lord Archive's old site.  Here now are some old fic ideas that I'll probably never get around to writing, or that I feel I do not posess the capability to write effectively, so if anyone here wants to adopt them and make them their own, please do:

"That Old Feeling"- At thirty years old, Ryoga Hibiki thought he was free of Akane Tendo, free of the obsession that consumed him in his teenage years.  But when Ryoga runs into a newly divorced Akane and volunteers to help her set up a home for herself and her young daughter, he finds himself drawn back into the longing and desire that he had hoped to avoid.  When Akane shows interest in him, Ryoga has to ask himself if it's worth it or are his memories too rose colored to make it work.
this might have ideas but the thing it comes down to is what has he been up to for the past 12 years or so since high school? and would akane have been broken up with ranma or someone else?

"Normalcy"- Tenchi Masaki and Akane Tendo are two young college students desperately seeking a sense of normalcy in their lives after the chaos that marked their teenage years.  They get along great and fall madly in love, but their relationship is pushed to the limits when they visit each others' families during winter break and come face to face with alien girlfriends and sex changing fiancees.
this would be funny for even a short fic that crossovers and the loon at each ohter lives would be to much to pass up.....now add in something from a washo thing the the blond blows up......it could be even more funny if they switched bodies for the visit.....

"Bruised"- Tenchi is forced to take the blame when Ryoko and Ayeka's latest argument results in the destruction of public property.  Ordered by the judge to do community service, he winds up working at a battered women's shelter where he finds himself attracted to a young woman living there.  Tenchi, who usually tries to disarm people with his kindness and compassion, has no idea how to respond when the woman reciprocates his attraction but finds herself torn with her continued feelings to her abusive husband.  Tenchi is forced to truly 'grow up' and take a stand, putting both himself and the young woman at risk as he tries to help her break away from a never ending cycle of abuse.
this one i see really could get down right bad if written wrong or just plain good if the right person where to take it up and run with it. but its going to be a dark fic no matter which way you go with it.

"No Need for the Other Man"- Another Tenchi/Akane pairing, this time the two have a passionate affair in college.  Too bad Akane neglected to mention that she's married.  No demonizing of Ranma here, as he's shown to want to try to make the arranged marriage work while Akane never truly took to the idea and her feelings for Ranma have subsided with time.  Akane is eventually disowned by her family and suffers a breakdown after being declared 'honorless.'  Can Tenchi help rebuild her self-esteem?
this one just out right screams comedy for some reason i am not sure why. but it could be very funny if written that way. or it really could be one hell of a dark ansty fic if you wanted to run with it.

"The Maze to Nabiki's Heart"- Yet another story based off of the Nabiki-Ranma engagement.  This time Nabiki is thrown for a loop when Ranma breaks down and admits that he's been deeply attracted to the Middle Tendo daughter since day one.  Can Ranma convince the Ice Queen to give him a chance or is he doomed to be prostituted out before being dumped back to Akane?
hhhmmmmm----the thoughts of this one end up being "ranko tendo- the story of a high class call girl....."
or the tales of a trophry husband by R satome......
sorry..just musing out loud thoughts on this one.....

"Training Trips"- Lemony fun as Akane and Ryoga go on a training trip together.  Only, Akane 'accidentally' packed one sleeping bag.  Oh well, looks like they'll have to share!

would it get that far before he passes out from blood loss? or even gets lost going to the bathroom?
or the title being about lemons.....and nothing xrated in it, just lots of lemons for a new training form.....
sorry just adding comments to my thoughts on the subject to who ever runns with this stuff.......



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