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>> I am in the middle of preparing to reinstall Windows in the
>> wake of a
>> malware attack which crippled my PC. I'll still be able to
> Good luck....

Thanks. I'm not anticipating any serious problems, just a very, very long 
process of getting things back like I want them. I'd love to find the people 
who write and distribute the various trojans, backdoors, rootkits, adware, 
spyware, drive-by installers, etc., line them up on a wall, and take a 
chainsaw to them. There is NO EXCUSE for that level of asshole activity...

(For the curious, I got hit with a drive-by installer Friday before last 
which dropped a fake spyware remover trojan, three backdoors, a restore 
point hijacker, two SVCHost spoofers, two random adware bugs, a dialer, a 
Google search hijacker, an antivirus scan blocker, and an assload of tracker 
cookies. Yes, all from one SPECTACULARLY nasty attack. I got rid of the 
worst of it, but the damage was done--it's left certain functions of my PC 
crippled or unusable, and I've decided just to format and reinstall rather 
than making things worse trying to clean up what's left. -_-)

>> Rei paused, cheeks tinged faintly. "Something like that."
>> She shrugged.
>> "It's not bad, really, just a little tender."
> Uh oh... yet more household drama (industrial strength)?

No. You're overthinking it. :P It's a reference back to the in-joke in the 
very first chapter, nothing more.

>> Rei shook her head, looking faintly queasy. "I...believe
>> now is not the time
>> for experimentation with unfamiliar cuisine, but I thank
>> you for the offer."
> Fussy Digestion, or is Mina's best Not That Good?

Go to TV Tropes, look up "Foreign Queasine" :P

>> "Fuckin' go away or I'm callin' the fuckin' cops!" the
>> woman slurred
>> drunkenly, before slamming her door.
> Questionable nieghbors, at least.

Every apartment building has at least one. (Mine has about 70.)

>> "You think THAT was one of the other Senshi?" Mina asked.
>> "Nah, couldn't
>> be..."
> Oh the meeting of Venus and Mercury is going to be a hoot....

The only one who actually LIKES Ami is Usagi. And I don't mean just among 
Senshi, I mean in general. But as demonstrated, Ami doesn't especially care 
about that...

> So there is _no_ tracking function on those bracelets that an archmage of 
> his power can use (he murmured with an air of utter suspicion)?

Do you honestly expect Artemis to tell the truth about ANYTHING at this 
point? Remember that he KNEW who ALL the Senshi were *BEFORE THEY WERE 

(Spelling it out for the less savvy among the readers: ARTEMIS. LIES. 

>> "Ami-san printed this out and gave it to me," she
>> explained. "Every gemstone
>> on this list--"
> Mamo-chan is going to be in trouble at this rate.

That goes without saying.

>> "You'll know," the mage insisted. "You are the rightful
>> heir to the
>> Maboroshi no Ginzuishou. If you come into direct contact
>> with it, it will
>> *immediately* respond to your aura."
> "How you get it into your custody without getting run in for theft is your 
> problem"

*snort* Not exactly a problem, if you remember WHERE the Ginzuishou actually 
IS.... (Yes, just like always.)

> Now the problem is if that rock is what he is after.

Already established that none of these gems are the Ginzuishou. And again, 
if you remember the original series canon at all, you already KNOW where it 
really IS...

SOME Things Don't Change. :)

>> With a flourish of his cape, the thief faded into the
>> still, silent shadows.
> Good ears and/or mind.

All he knows is that Sailor Moon was there, and that she had the actual 
Oasis Lament in hand at one point. He didn't hear any of what went on, but 
the very presence of a Senshi *there* and the relieved expressions on their 
faces afterward pretty much tells him further attempts at stealing THAT gem 
are a waste of time.

>> Usagi smiled gently. "You never had to," she said. "I just
>> know, in my
>> heart, I can trust you."
> Why does this strike me as rather alien to Ami's experience?

Given the only person she gets along with AT ALL is her own mother...

>> stood. "But let us make haste. I have little time to
>> spare."
> Riiiiight.  Just self perservation.  Got it.  Sure.

Ami is the queen of rationalization.

>> "Proceeding smoothly, although I spent today correcting an
>> irregularity in
>> the Mobius Driver. Hence my delay."
> This is going to come up again, isn't it.


>> "On this aspect alone, yes," Nephrite nodded. "However,
>> other avenues lay
>> open before me."
> So we have three people chasing this down, and from the looks of it only 
> Tux-boy has much clue on what he is doing.

Does he? All he's doing is chasing down rare gems that are silver and about 
the size of a robin's egg. He has no more clue what the hell he's looking 
for than anyone else. Hell, right now the Shitennou have the upper hand in 
the search because they know Serenity *CAN'T* be a Senshi unless something 
very very wrong has happened to the Ginzuishou.

> Now where did Ami learn to _use_ those things?

That'll become obvious in due course. :) (For anyone who did not, from the 
title chapter and the following scene, figure out who Ami's personal idol 

>> "Kino-san has not been here in some time," Ami announced.
> More to the point, one would suspect she either did not leave voluntarily 
> or was delayed on what she thought was a very short foray.

More to the point, she was kidnapped by the yakuza, but that's getting ahead 
of ourselves a bit...

>> "It is among the more intelligent fare on Japanese
>> television," Ami replied
>> with a wry smirk. "You could waste your time in far worse
>> ways."
> Harsh.

THAT WAS THE BIG CLUE, folks. (That's also why Ami was "otherwise occupied" 
during the events of chapters 12-13...)

>> then withdrew
>> another and began scrubbing furiously at her hands.
> Busted.  And Ami is not happy.

Nobody would be "happy" if they'd just handled a hooker's birth control 

>> "Tsukino-san, based on what we have discovered here, I
>> believe Kino Makoto
>> is a prostitute."
> And she's been snatched.  This is not a good thing.

Whorenapping seldom is. Just ask Gil Grissom.

>> badly infected. Part of his right leg was missing, the
>> stump crusted with
>> dried blood and ragged, burned flesh.
> These are not nice people

Well, of course not. They're yakuza. :P

> Sounds like she might be sobering up.  If so these people may have a 
> problem.

That's assuming she can still become Jupiter...

Thanks for reading!

The Eternal Lost Lurker

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