[FFML] Asking for a type of fic

Craig fanfic at magister.net.au
Thu Apr 30 18:25:30 PDT 2009

On Thu, 30 Apr 2009, Ed Simons <easimons at cris.com> wrote:

> I see a certain lack of dramatic tension in this idea unless the story
> is about Ranma and Akane trying to escape the forced marriage.

Depends on how much one decided to change initial canon.  If I were to try 
it (which I'm not ^_^ ), I'd have Akane told a week or so before (to give 
her time really to fume and rage and build up resentment before they 
arrived, exacerbated by Kuno's idiot declaration and her having to fight 
the school horde every day), then alter the arrival so Genma is a panda, 
but Ranma is first seen in mail form.  The bathroom incident would still 
happen, but it would be Akane who would forget to put up the sign, and 
discover Ranma's curse by hurling a bucket of cold water full in his face 
for walking in on her.  Already furious at the marriage, she wouldn't 
exactly be made any happier by discovering his curse. ^_^ As you say, it 
could get pretty dull after that unless it was handled with a deal of 
originality.  I wouldn't though alter anything else (i.e., everybody 
else's situation would begin canonically as much as possible).


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