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Disclaimer : W.I.T.C.H does not belong to me any. Neither does the series, 
or multiple series, it's crossed over with.

An Altermere's Tale


Neko Hibiki

 The altermere had just got done talking to the ugly old woman who had given 
her life.

 'What am I going to do?' she thought. 'If I stay here Will is going to kill 
me. I... don't want to die.'

 She looked around the park. It was full of life. The green plants, the 
dirt, the water.

 'Why should I have to die after I just discovered all of this?' she 
thought. 'I just got to live and now she's going to kill me. It's not fair!'

 She collapsed to the ground crying.



 She got up, stopped crying, and wiped her eyes. 'She can't kill me if she 
can't find me. If I can't be found. If I'm not here,' she thought with 
determination on her face.

 She walked to the edge of the park. She had a plan.

 She ran out of the park, and into town, then finally to her destination.

 'Here it is,' she thought as she quickly ran up to a building. 'My... no, 
Will's house. I'll just go to her room and get that secret stash of money.'

 Rummaging around she got all she could. 'I feel guilty stealing all of 
Will's and mom's... no, Will's mom's money. But I need it to get out of 
here. And all this stuff I took as well, should sell for a lot.'

 She got out and ran to the bus station.


Some days later

 A young, red-haired girl walked through the alley that was her shortcut. 
'Maybe I shouldn't have taken this shortcut,' she thought with trepidation. 
'This is a rough neighborhood. If only my money hadn't run out I could have 
afforded better than this place now.'

 Suddenly five tough looking men stepped out from behind an old, large 
refrigerator crate.

 She gasped and started to back up. 'I really, really, really shouldn't have 
taken this shortcut,' she thought with worry. 'But I needed a place to duck 
the cops. Why they chase after a pickpocket like me when they could be after 
the rapists and murderers I'll never know. You'd think they'd have better 
things to do than chase one little teenage girl pickpocket. But nooo, they 
have to chase me. And I run in here. Oh yeah, wise choice there. Not. I've 
got to get out of here. If I'm lucky they'll just want my possessions, not 
that I have many of those now. If I'm not so lucky they'll want to rape or 
kill me.'

 She quickly turned and tried to flee, but they lunged forward and caught 

 "Let me go!" she screamed.

 "Now why would we do that?" asked a big, muscled, giant of a man. "We 
haven't got what we want yet. Give us that, and we might let you go."

 "W...W...What do y...y...you w...w...want?" she asked in fear.

 "We want something you have." Giant said.

 "What is it?" she asked. 'If I'm lucky they just want money, or something I 
have. I'll just give it to them and they'll let me go. I'm not going to 
fight them over something as silly as money or some possession.' she 

 "We want to take a ride in your pussy." said Giant with a leer at her form, 
he smiled, and laughed.

 She whimpered in fright. And got wide-eyed too. 'Oh my god!' she thought 
with horror. 'They want... THAT. Nooooo...'

 "P...P...Please don't." she begged in a pleading tone. "I'm a virgin. 
Please don't take that from me now."

 Giant laughed. "You hear that boys." he said. "We got ourselves a virgin 
here! I love breaking in virgins!"

 The other toughs laughed and jeered.

 "Nooo..." she pleaded. "Please. I'm just 14."

 "That age is fine with us." said Giant. "In fact we've done ones 
<B>much</B> younger than you. Way younger."

 She got a disgusted look on her face and kicked one in the shin.

 "Owww!" went the tough who dropped her while he hopped around in pain from 
the expert kick.

 She quickly scrambled away. She got up, and then snatched up a nearby piece 
of pipe.

 "Never!" she snarled. "You'll never get -that- from me while I'm alive you 
filthy pedos! You'll have to kill me first!"

 "Well, that's just really ok with us little girlie." Giant said. "I don't 
mind a little necro. It doesn't bother me any."

 "You sick bastards!" she yelled, her face scrunched up in a look of 
revulsion and disgust.

 "Hey look boys.' Giant jeered. "We got us one with spunk! I -love- ones 
like this! They put up a fight more than passive girls! I love breaking them 
in when they fight and are sooo unwilling!"

 She trembled with rage, loathing, and fury.

 Just as they were about to try and catch her again, a voice yelled out from 
the mouth of the alley.

 "Hey!" it yelled. "What are you doing to that girl?! You better clear out 
of here now. If you know what's good for you."

To Be Continued...

No, really now.

For real here.

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