[FFML] [Peeve] [Suggestion] Submission Agenda

Justin Wagner jbraveboy at gmail.com
Thu Apr 23 23:29:41 PDT 2009

To be fair to the author, I have to give him props for length of the
work and... thoroughness, from what I saw. I mean, for a fic revolving
around the degrading rape of a number of superheroes at the hands of a
self insert in first person, it certainly goes the whole nine yards:
from the xmen books to spidey to fantastic four to some avengers
girls... that's making a list and checking it twice! And he doesn't
play for time with it in the narrative either. It just skips from one
brutal smut filled scene to the next, running on and on like a train.
Soon the box cars begin to blur into one long, unbroken line,
impressive and imposing in length, so much so that you can't help but
wonder "where is this great mass headed to?" and "when will it end?
And with what?" I can't say I really enjoyed the premise of what he
posted, but I _am_ impressed by the author's devotion to carrying
through with it in an unabashed, unashamed and spectacular fashion.

Yeah, but do watch your labels (when in doubt, be detailed) and the
rules. No doubt.

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