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Submission Agenda pt. 6


Anybody who says that you are not born with a destiny is one of two things.
He is either ignorant or stupid. Life has a way of determining exactly what
you shall become. It's very clear, especially in the case of mutants, born
into power, born into the responsibilities of using that power. I knew I was
evil. I knew full well that I had no real choice in the matter. I was as God
made me. I was as my father made me. That had always been the justification
behind what I was doing.

My father was a man of great integrity, of great power--a man eventually
corrupted into performing hideous acts of gut-wrenching depravity. God help
me, that was my heritage. That was what I became. And yet I could say with a
clarity of vision you cannot believe, that this was all for the greater
good, that what I was would help protect the future from an evil more
powerful than Onslaught, Apocalypse and the Sentinels.

And yet now I found myself beginning to commit more atrocities in the name
of the big plan, the agenda. I knew that in the short term it was wrong,
that it would cause immense destruction. With every hero that fell in battle
or every heroine that succumbed to my power, the final reckoning drew
closer. I knew I was more than evil.

But I was my father's son. And just like him I was losing my mind. With
every beautiful creature that came into my control, another part of my
eternal soul let out its final death scream. With every new power that
became available to me, I felt another veneer of sanity desert me.

I was watching TV in my private sanctum within the Hellfire Club. They used
to be Sebastian Shaw's quarters-- dark, decadent, opulent, a mixture of
Edwardian style and new technology. On screen I saw a good man die. My
removal of the Fantastic Four had brought Doctor Doom into town and only a
small band of Avengers were available to fight him. I could watch it all on

Captain America, Thor and Iron Man eventually defeated him in a savage
battle. Von Doom's battle prowess was second to none--only the tactical
might of America's Sentinel of Liberty bested him. The Latverian overlord
repelled the God of Thunder's attacks with dark sorcery, whilst his
technology was easily a match for the golden armored Avenger. I could see
the pain in Captain America's eyes as he threw the shield, its edge catching
Doom straight in the neck. I could see the blood pouring from his neck even
as his armor registered its master's death. The last thing I saw before the
camera exploded was Iron Man's attempt to stop the explosion. He's dead now.
I could easily telepathically probe for survivors, but it was pretty obvious
that Thor and Cap would survive. Why wouldn't I use my Phoenix Force powers
to make sure? Because I could already sense the thousands of death screams
psionically. Doom's final glory took out a half-mile radius of New York
City. I surmised that the explosion was not nuclear-- what if Doom were to
die in his native Latveria? Regardless, ultimately I was responsibleand
there was more evil to come.

The Hellfire Club employees and members looked at me in fear as I walked to
the dungeons, opening up a dank stone cell where the Enchantress was
imprisoned. The flare of magical bonds caught my eye as I witnessed Wanda's
enchantments dance around the chains that imprisoned the goddess of
corruption and seduction. I had commanded her to renounce her Asgardian
powers until she had been properlyeducatedbut she remained a formidable
sorcereress, hence the mystical precautions.

As I entered she looked at me with a mixture of contempt, superiority and
hatred. I happened to think she looked good in chains. But then, she looked
good in (or indeed, out of) anything.

"Release me at once," she demanded, eyes alive with resistance. "Else I
shall summon the very demons of Hel to consume thy eternal soul!"

As if I had a soul left to threaten.

"I've spent a great deal of time wondering how best to punish you for your
insolence, Enchantress. The problem I'm facing is that you'd probably enjoy
any punishment I could mete out."

"Thy puny mind can conceive of no suitable fate for one such as I," remarked
the Enchantress, smiling wickedly. "In the last millennium I have witnessed
and performed acts that would sicken even you."

"It was something of a quandary I admit, but when Wanda informed me of Thor
being tied down to a mortal existence, I suddenly had a thought."

I stood over the very epitome of sexual allure, lifting her chin to force
her to look me in the eye. I bunched my other hand into a fist, waving the
Band of Tyr in front of her.

"With this ring I can do more than just force you to renounce her powers. I
can make you as weak and frail as every other person on this planet: man,
woman or mutant. And you know what I've done to them. I've killed, raped and
tortured. Whatever way I've chosen, my will has always prevailed. Perhaps I
should demonstrate"

I allowed the siren call of the Phoenix Force to flood my body, separating
my Astral self from my physical form, using the power to reach into the
Enchantress and wrench out her own intangible form, before willing our
conscious forms across space.

*The Avengers have been operating as a series of mini-units around Manhattan
and the surrounding districts,* I psionically told my unwilling companion.
*With heroes such as Spider-Man and Daredevil drafted into the larger
battles, sometimes lone Avengers are dispatched to deal with more
small-scale, urban disturbances. For the record, the She-Hulk has maintained
the most impressive statistics of criminals apprehended in the shortest
amount of time. This time she's in for a shock.*

The scene turned from a blur into a solid image as our Astral forms took in
the situation. A street gang in the seedier end of Hell's Kitchen, decked
out in gang colors. A frightened young girl, not even sixteen, her clothes
being systemically ripped off by two hulking gang members, even as a third
held a scalpel to her neck. She was a pretty young thing, but tears flowed
down her cheeks. Telepathically I could sense her panic, her knowledge that
in the next few minutes she was going to be raped, maybe even killed. She
shouldn't really worry.

Jennifer Walters, the seven foot tall She-Hulk walked into the area, tutting
to herself loudly, shaking her head theatrically. She had that bearing--the
arrogance of the superhuman in the face of the ordinary. I'd already begun
to sense the fear rising in the three gang members, their lust at capturing
a sexy young piece of ass for their pleasure evaporating as they realized
that in seconds they were going to be in a world of pain.

It was a simple matter for me to make use of the telepathic powers in my
mind to dampen this fear, to give them a new confidence. They wouldn't need
the girl any more. She was allowed to go. In fact, I telepathically
commanded the leader of the gang to tell her to go. I wouldn't allow
innocent blood to be spilled. I even helped her on her way, psionically
calming the trauma they had inflicted.

"That's the way to go, group," sighed the She-Hulk approvingly as she picked
up a metal girder in her hands. "Otherwise I'd be doing this to your necks."

She drew on the gamma-powers that made her one of the most powerful women on
Earth in order to bend the metal bar in her grasp.

*I suggest you watch exactly what happens her, Enchantress Let's see how
someone used to being untouchable feels when they are compromised.*

I drained She-Hulk's vast strength in seconds. Her attempts to bend and
break the bar failed abysmally, and, as her prodigious powers ebbed away to
almost nothing, she had no choice but to drop her heavy burden. I could
never get over the realization in their eyes when they knew they were in the
deepest shit of their lives; when they knew that they were no longer in
control. This moment was priceless.

Normally I would expect street punks like this to cut their losses and run,
but I didn't allow them this luxury. I forced them to take in the She-Hulk's
appearanceseven feet of perfectly proportioned femininity, massive, heaving
breasts barely contained in her black leotard. I drew their gazes to the
look of fear on her face. They were used to that look. Gazing into their
minds I could see the faces of the scores of young virgins they'd taken and
raped. I gave them the vision of realization, that this super-heroine was
just another piece of ass they could have their fun with.

"Wassa matter, bitch?" the leader laughed. "Somethin' up?"

She-Hulk merely looked at her hands in disbelief, refusing to accept that
her powers had deserted her. It was a simple matter to deprive her of them.
My skill in this regard had improved a thousand-fold since I gained access
to the Phoenix Force. Where once I could only affect her physical access to
her powers, now I could affect the subconscious--the power that maintained,
healed and protected her body has also been removed.

The Enchantress watched with growing concern as we both regarded the
unfolding scene. I thought she was beginning to understand exactly what I
had in mind.

*You know that I can make you as frail and mortal as I've done with the
She-Hulk here. You know that any mortal is susceptible to my powersdon't

I saw her nod in full understanding, the smirk of superiority finally wiped
from her face.

*I've peered into these men's minds, Enchantress. I know exactly what this
heroine has to look forward to. We're going to watch it together, you and I,
before I reveal my final surprise for you.*

The gang leader's name was Joey. He was a tall guy, maybe 6'2", white, dark
hair. He thought he was a big man and only really liked to hang out with
these two creeps--the other members of his gang were beneath his notice.
Their names were Jacko and Rocky--about the same size as Joey, but more
heavily built. Joey was the boss and his "pals" were his enforcers. I picked
all this up with just a surface scan. They were scum, the worst sort, and
maybe once I'd demonstrated what I had to, I'd burn their brains out. I
could do that now. Something inside of me made me feel good just thinking
about it.

"G-getaway from me!" She-Hulk stuttered, pulling back from the advancing
trio of street trash.

"No way, bitch. Me and my homies wanted to score some virgin pussybut we
guess you'll have to do."

I smiled as the green-skinned Avenger backed her way into a wall, gasping in
fear as she realized that she had nowhere else to go. She was quickly
surrounded by the three youths. Jacko's scalpel flashed as it caught the
light of a street lamp before moving to her throat.

"Give 'er a little cut," instructed Joey, smiling widely as She-Hulk gasped
in horror. "Jus' on the arm Wanna see if she's as indestructible as the
papers make out."

Jacko tested the blade on her right arm, the three of them finally feeling
the power I had given them as the blade sank into her flesh, She-Hulk
yelping in pain as dark green blood oozed from the little wound.

"Whadda we gonna do?" Rocky smiled, turning to his boss.

"Isn't it fucking obvious, moron?" Joey replied, never taking his eyes from
his prize. "Our green-skinned whore here is gonna give us the goods, then we
let the others have some fun with 'erthen? We give what's left to the

Jennifer Walters' eyes turned into saucers as she heard her fate being
revealed. She was so scared, I could feel it.

*I've connected your mind to hers, Enchantress. I want you to feel the fear
of being utterly alone, naked, bereft of your powers, facing an evil bunch
of bastards who'll use youthen quite happily murder you.*

*Aren't you going to do anything for her?* the Enchantress asked

*Sure I am. I'll give her all the help I'd give you if you were in the same
situation. I'd make you fucking like it.*

The air was filled with the sound of fabric tearing. Turning my attention
back to the scene before me, I saw that Joey had produced his own blade and
while Jacko pushed his scalpel into She-Hulk's neck, his leader was setting
about disrobing his latest conquest.

She-Hulk whimpered in fear as the blade sliced between her breasts, Joey
taking time out to pull the fabric apart with his bare hands, watching in
glee as two massive green-tinted breasts popped out. His two heavy callused
hands reached out to cup the mammoth mammaries, a fixed smile on his face as
he brutally pulled, squeezed and pinched the tit-flesh in front of him.

Pulling the Enchantress with me, I concentrated my sexual energies into my
hands, pushing my astral digits deep into the She-Hulk's breasts, my form
the conduit for my power. This bitch was going to get gang raped and I was
going to make her like it.

I smiled to myself as I saw the energies pour into my victim, Jennifer
throwing her head back and gasping at the sudden rapture I forced into her
body, her mind screaming "why?" as I made her respond to the sexual savagery
being inflicted upon her. I felt Joey's gleeful expression as She-Hulk's
nipples grew and stiffened under his fingers. He grinned inanely, leaned
forwards and buried himself in between the two vast green mounds, slavering
over their perfect roundness, biting deeply into her breasts and moaning to

I turned to face the astral form of the Enchantress. She-Hulk's mixture of
lust and fear was reflected in her features, their minds connected. Finally
she knew what fate awaited her should I so choose. But the lesson was not
yet complete. She must know how complete acquiescence felt. I would strip
the trappings of godhood away from her and then I would truly make her mine.

Joey's cock was now fully erect, quite painful in his jeans, his mind awash
with the physical sensations of his tit molestation, his ears picking out
the gasps of pleasure and the yelps of pain as the She-Hulk's breasts were
tormented with both pain and delight. Finally he pulled back, admiring his
work. Her swelling breasts were covered with his drool, especially around
the crowns of her nipples, both of which stood fully to attention. Regarding
her face, he was drawn to the fear in her eyes, then to the parted lips. She
knew the look, tears streaming down her eyes as she bowed her head and
descended to her knees, her eyes level with the bulge in his pants.

"Fuckin' bitch is learning," smiled Joey, his two pals leering at the
half-naked heroine in front of them. "Now come on baby, pull out my dick and
get to it."

"She's gonna fuckin' do it," sighed Rocky in awe as he saw her shaking hands
come out to unzip his leader's fly. "Holy fuckin' shit."

The zip pulled down, Jennifer's vision blurred with tears as she reached
inside and pulled on the hardened cock within. She knew she had to do it If
she didn't, she'd be cut. For the first time ever, she truly faced death and
now sought to delay her demise by selling her body--and her soul. The
Enchantress felt the tragedy of entrapment and I heard her weeping next to
me. She knew that this could be her. I strengthened the link between the
goddess and the fallen heroine, submerging the Enchantress's own
personality, allowing her to become totally at one with the degraded

"Come on, bitch!" yelled Joey in annoyance. "Fuckin' get on with it."

Part of Jennifer Walters died as she leaned forward, her open, pouting lips
now just an inch away from the unwashed cock of the street punk leader. She
pulled back the foreskin of the juvenile, her nose assaulted by the smell of
unwashed manhood, feeling Joey's hand on the back of her head pushing her
ever closercloser, until her lips were squashed under the pressure of the
slimy cockhead forcing its way into her mouth, her eyes screwed shut, her
mind screaming in resistance.

"Good littl' girl," sighed Joey as he pushed his way into her warm depths,
feeling her tongue reach up to stroke his cock as he pushed deeper into her.
"Gettin' face-fucked by the She-Hulk Whadda rush!"

Jennifer's self-respect evaporated as she sucked hard, allowing the cock to
saw in and out of her mouth, her hands reaching up to stroke the shaft and
caress and tickle his scrotum.

I knelt beside her, witnessing the expression of self-hate and complete
anguish on her face as she performed her oral task with a competence that I
scarcely expected. Peering into her mind, I could see that since becoming
the She-Hulk, Jennifer Walters had been unable to make love to a man in the
conventional way--her uncontrollable super-powered orgasms would maim the
guy having her. Oral love was the best she could offer. And she was pretty
good at it.

It was not good enough though. I poured my lusts into my astral fist and
send it driving intangibly into her cunt, causing her to yelp and gasp
around Joey's dick as her fuck hole wet itself in preparation. Tonight the
She-Hulk was going to get a good, proper fucking all right.

In her mind, Jennifer was elsewhere. Back in happier times, making love with
her old boyfriend, worshipping his cock with her mouth, feeling it respond,
jumping around in her mouth, pulsing obscenelythe hallmarks of a job well

She heard the gasps of his frustration as her hands deserted his genitals
and her lips draw back, barely covering his cockhead, until she heard the
strangled gasp of appreciation when her hands cupped her breasts, drawing
them around his shaft and masturbating him with them whilst her tongue
swirled around the head. I reached into her mind and drew out her own
feelings of sexual need, blotting out the horror of her rape, deafening
Joey's cries of ecstasy and obscene insults.

"Shit! Can't take much more of this," Joey cried, looking down to see his
cock buried in an avalanche of cleavage, his cock head almost bursting at
the insane pressure of the sucking and She-Hulk's swirling tongue. "Gonna
pop squirt soon yeah take it baby!"

He screamed as he blasted into her, pulse after pulse shooting into her
mouth, then over her face as he pulled out, She-Hulk continuing to bob up
and down, her tits still crushing sweet cum joy from Joey's prick, thick
white cream pouring down the valley of her breasts.

I pulled both the Enchantress and I away from the astral plane, returning to
the dark dungeon. Her eyes were wide open yet unseeing, her body shaking to

"You are weak, woman," I observed coldly, regarding her shocked state. "You
have not even begun to bear witness to even a fraction of her torment. It is
one thing to administer pain and sufferingquite another thing to endure it."

I departed, my mind racing as I devised a way to use She-Hulk's current,
unfortunate predicament to my own advantage. I thought immediately of Carol
Danvers, while behind me, the Enchantress continued to experience the worst
day of the She-Hulk's life.


There was just one small problem in returning the new, and dare I say it,
improved Warbird to the Avengers. Despite retaining her superhuman physique
and powers of flight, all of her other capabilities had now waned into
nothingness. The Avengers may currently be in dire straits, but just about
the only contribution that Carol would be able to make would be as a
punching bag. Somehow I doubted that her latest use--as a great lay--would
be accepted too quickly over at Avengers mansion. Therefore, I sought out a

"You bastard! You can't do this to me!" Carol shrieked as the final
realization of her fate stared her in the face.

"I can, Carol, and I have to. Without your powers you are no use to your
teammates and this is the best idea I can come up with."

Despite her recentconversion into my service, she still had fear. I could
see it in her eyes as she looked at the containment chamber housing the
black ooze of the alien symbiote, now fully under my control. Using my
Phoenix Force powers I had effectively burned out its old consciousness,
replacing it with a telepathic template of my own. It eliminated any worry
of the monster itself possessing me if I were to use it again, but on Carol
it would almost be like integrating my mind into hers, forcing my dark evil
into her consciousness. An evil which--combined with the interesting
properties of the suit itself--would make for some intriguing developments.

"Don't do this to me!" urged Carol, on her knees now, looking up to me with
tears welling in her gorgeous blue eyes. "I'll do anything forto you!"

I sighed, mentally collapsing the containment chamber. I decided it would
probably be best for her if she did not see it coming.

"You'll do anything I command of you anyway, Carol. You aren't talking

"PleaseI'll" her pleas were cut short as the black mass crossed the floor
and flowed over her body quickly, effortlessly.

There was no violent reaction to the bonding--just Carol's eyes glazing over
and then closing as the alien became one with her, melting away her
clothing, leaving just itself as protection for her naked form. The black,
skin-tight ooze hugged every inch of her body, then I smiled to myself as I
saw a shape begin to form from the ooze on her thighs--a thick, black prick
that shot out and sought out her pussy.

Carol's eyes snapped open as the phallus detached via a tentacle on her leg
and moved towards the parted labia of her cunt, another smaller prick now
heading directly towards her anus. The costume worked to pull back her
buttocks and expose the anal treasure, tickling the rim and forcing more
excitement through her body.

"You've got to admit, Carol, it's got a novel way of saying hello," I
observed, smiling as Warbird gasped in enforced ecstasy as the two phalluses
dived into her depths. The scene was almost hypnotic as I watched her writhe
on the floor in front of me in physical rapture, her hips bucking, her eyes
alive with madness.

It was establishing dominance, I supposed, draining away her will with each
orgasm that wracked her body, forcing its mindmy mindinto hers, forcing her
to comply, integrating its own unearthly form with hers both physically and

Warbird would soon have more than enough power to reclaim her place in the
Avengersalong with a few surprises for the heroic fools that got in her way.



Hidden in the rafters of a dark, disused warehouse, shrouded in shadow,
Carol Danvers watched with a growing sense of arousal and excitement as one
of her oldest friends was put through the ordeal of a lifetime. My
experiment had proved to be 100% successful in the short term Now it was my
express intention to follow it through, to make sure that the grafting of
the alien symbiote, along with my mindscape, remained permanent. I was
pleased with the results thus far, as I astrally surveyed the scene.

Poor Jennifer Walters had not fared too well. Reaching into her mind I saw
how her brutal oral rape, coupled with the transfer of some my own sexual
energy, merely stoked her desires still further. She had cried with shame as
Joey plundered her pussy, how she had screamed "No!" even as her long legs
had spread wider and wrapped themselves around her rapist's buttocks,
allowing him even deeper penetration. She had wept bitterly as the hard slap
of his cum shooting into her womb had triggered her own orgasm. Even through
the ever-rising need in her body she had struggled fiercely as the cold air
blew against her opened ass cheeks when Joey sought to claim her last
virginity. She thanked the lord that she had passed out from the pain as he
forced his insatiable tool deep into her rectum, blacking out while Joey
laughed and grunted at his pleasurable exertions.

Carol had arrived at the warehouse just as Joey's other gang members had
arrived, a hushed awe descending as Rocky and Jacko laid She-Hulk down on a
large table. The men gathered around, dumbstruck at the sight of the great
Avenger naked, her voluptuous form exposed to their ravenous eyes, her face
and breasts smeared with cum, globs of it still sticking to her muff of
green pubic hair.

"'Sright guys," affirmed Joey, trying to draw his gang's attention away from
the splayed, debauched form of the heroine. "I fucked the She-Hulkand she
fuckin' loved it. The way I figger, everyone should get a crack befor' we
hand it over to the Kingpin."

"H-howhow did y-you" stuttered one of the younger guys.

"Dumb ho lost her powers then blubbedso I figgered I'd take advantage,"
replied Joey, shrugging his shoulders, trying to make it sound like it
wasn't a big deal. "Tell you one thin'she gives great fuckin' head. Best
fuckin' BJ I ever had."

A murmur of approval spread through the dozen or so hoods.

"Sounds like some kinda trap to me, Joey," exclaimed one dissenting voice.
"You know this bitch's been gettin' heavy on all the street gangsmaybe she
just wanted it so's to find all'a us."

Joey marched up to the guy, raising a fistbefore lowering it, smiling.

"You want some fuckin' proof?" Joey asked, pondering for a moment. "Then
you'll get it."

He gestured to Jacko and Rocky.

"You two guys helped me get inside this whore, I guess you two can be the
first to enjoy it. Wake her, then do what you wanna do."

Jennifer was slapped around the face until she came to, and I enjoyed her
feeling of dread as she surveyed the dozen or so skin-headed men surrounding
her. A deep feeling of despair rushed through her as she saw Joey and felt
the stinging pain in her ass, but worse that that was the realization that
up until her anus had been so forcefully taken, she had loved it. Deep
inside of her, I could still sense the resonance of my energy. She was going
to be taken again and again and it would merely serve to stir up those
energies again.

She sighed as she saw Jacko and Rocky approach her, both pulling out their
cocks, eyeing her with a desire that both repelled her but at the same time
sent a warm tingle through her pussy. I noticed that she was not bound and
did not struggle as Jacko knelt on the table, opening her legs and fisting
his cock into erection as he stared at her cunt, smiling. She-Hulk couldn't
help but sigh ever so slightly as Rocky took a more direct route to arousal,
grabbing hold of one tit, wiping his cock across the nipple until both it
and his prick hardened and grew.

"P-please" she whispered. "Don't do this to me. I can't take any more."

Her words merely prodded them onwards, She-Hulk squirming backwards as she
felt Jacko's bloated cock tip press against the pulpy folds of her now moist
cunt. She kept retreating until her head flopped off the back of the table,
whereupon strong hands on her shoulders held her in place. With a strangled
gasp, Jacko instantly took advantage and ploughed deeply into her cunt in
one stroke, an obscene cheer passing through the crowd. In the meanwhile,
Rocky was rubbing his prick over her face, delighting in her efforts to
shake it clear, his gaze fixated on those green, pouting lips--lips he knew
would soon be sucking with abandon on his shaft. When the first leak of
precum escaped his glans, he moved in for the kill, standing behind Jennifer
and using his hands to pry open her mouth before sinking inside her.

"Shit" I heard Carol whisper beside me.

She watched the double violation take place, her gaze rapt on the pistoning
cocks that worked in unison as they wormed their way ever deeper into
Jennifer's magnificent emerald form. In her mind's eye I know that she
desired to know what penetration felt like, how a man feels when he takes a
woman, how a penis responds to sexual stimulation. She stifled a gasp as she
felt the black, alien ooze swim around inside her own cunt, easily arousing
her still further, before a long dark shape began to take form between her
legs. She stared down in shock as she saw an ebony prick dangle there,
jerking itself into erection, a black scrotum taking shape beneath. With
each beat of her heart, her erection grew stronger, as her desire deepened.
More animalistic fuck-lusts than she had ever known coursed through her and
almost instinctively her hands sought to wrap themselves around the alien

Warbird drew on the spit-roast fucking beneath her to stoke her own carnal
desires, wrapping a fist around her newly endowed cock, marveling at the
thrill, at the pleasure, at the muscular tightness as she began a slow,
steady rhythmic masturbation. She had desired to know what it was like for a
man to fuck and the alien had taken this as a command, drawing on its own
experiences (ironically of taking her) with which to satisfy her need.

Carol closed her eyes and moaned as she upped the speed of her masturbation,
feeling the tightness increase, feeling the thrills increase, adapting her
technique as she zeroed in on the areas of maximum arousal, vicariously
living out the rape Jacko and Rocky were perpetrating on Jennifer Walters

"Fuck the bitch," urged Carol, upping her tempo to match Jacko's cock
thrusts as he ploughed deeper into She-Hulk's tight snatch. "Make her
fucking scream for it."

Carol smiled evilly as she saw Jennifer's legs draw up around Jacko's rump,
urging him to fuck her deeper as she moaned around Rocky's cock, lodged in
her mouth, her tongue adding to the excruciating pleasures as it flicked
around the head. I knew that it was going to happen soon. For all four of

Carol's thoughts were locked on the alien sensations flowing through her as
she stared at the scene below.

"Yeahtake it you fucking whore!" she whispered urgently, her mind fixated on
what the feelings of penetration must be like, compared to the pleasures of
her hand--I knew that she would commit rape to find outand the alien would
aid her.

The sublime energies I had implanted in Jennifer rose to a fiery crescendo,
blasting through her body as she came, her cunt clamping down heavily on
Jacko's cock, her mouth sucking ever stronger on Rocky's prick. She writhed,
bucked and gasped around the intruder between her lips and that was enough
for both of her tormentors, who both simultaneously cried in orgasmic
exultation as they crossed the peak, blasting into her with their cum.

Carol drank in the scene, feeling the pleasure and the tightness approach a
zenith. Both of her hands wrapped themselves around her straining cock,
working them in tandem to bring her the maximum pleasure, feeling the sweet
moment when all control of the black monster left her, the ecstasy stabbing
into her, its wildness consuming her. The black prick went spastic, the tip
bursting to send a shower of green slime jetting over her costume, Carol's
eyes tightly shut, her head thrown back in rapture, her mouth open wide.

"FuckYES!" she cried, my mind instantly and effortlessly forcing the hoods
below to ignore the noise.

She gasped heavily, savoring the rush of her first "male" orgasm, so
short-lived and savage compared to her own, but an experience she would seek
again and again thanks to the alien who had bonded with her. Her hands
sought out the green ejaculate and she studied it, tasting it, curious as to
its qualities. In her mind I could sense her wondering whether she could
impregnate a female with her alien bondmateand what would occur. I believed
that the alien was forcing these thoughts into her mind but I admit to being
equally curious as to what would happen. I had no agenda for procreation,
but it was likely that the base instincts of the alien would have survived
my own programming.

Down below, Joey was being besieged by his gang members, all of them wanting
a piece of the seemingly willing ass they had captured. However, their
leader had devised a novel idea.

"We're brothers right guys? Then I figger we all need to make her our
property. Me 'n' Jacko and Rocky have left our mark on her bitch skinso I
wanna see the rest'a you do the same. Choose a piece'a her slut body and rub
yourself off on it. I wanna cover the bitch in the cream of the brothers!
Once you've marked her, you've earned the right to fuck herbut only then.
I'll cut anyone who goes near her holes."

After Jennifer's last double fucking, she had barely noticed what was going
on around her, but as the mass of men approached her she tried to get up, to

"She's gettin' flighty boss," remarked Rocky. "Whadda you reckon?"

"I think she's a bit worked up after the fuckin's we given her," Joey
laughed, looking at the wild-eyed green-skinned whore before him "I think we
all know what would calm the bitch down."

Rocky laughed to himself before finding a syringe, flicking it then
advancing on the distraught She-Hulk, four of his pals holding her down as
he sought out a vein on her forearm.

"This'll make you feel real good, baby," Rocky hissed evilly, effortlessly
impaling her with the needle, injecting her with the minimum of fuss before
yanking the needle out and chucking it into a corner of the warehouse. "Real
fuckin' good."

Jennifer closed her eyes as the essence of relaxation flowed through her
body like a tide of ecstatic calm, sighing in contentment as she sought her
high, almost oblivious to the feeling of cock after cock finding a spot on
her body before starting a rubbing motion. As good and as high as she felt,
the friction of prick meat against her cheeks, her tits, both sides of her
belly and her thighs was heavenly and she basked in the feelings, her ears
ringing with the sounds of young men groaning in sexual pleasure. Her body
was a temple and they were worshipping her.

Carol appreciated the closed-eye lip-pouting pleasure on Jennifer's face as
she watched from above. Her orders had been to rescue the She-Hulk and
return her to Avenger Mansion, whereupon her true work would begin. My
orders had specified no time period, however, and I noted the sick smile
plastered to her face as she watched the young men rub themselves against
her, Joey enjoying the show by jerking his own cock into attention.

"Come on guys!" he yelled. "Coat herfucking' bast her with the brothers'

They did just that, She-Hulk writhing in pleasure as she felt the warm
creamy coating of nine or ten men spurting against her skin over the course
of the next minutes. When they eventually pulled away she found herself
instinctively seeking out the puddles of cum on her naked body, rubbing it
all together, sighing in contentment as she did so.

With the lewd display in front of them it did not take the men too long to
regain their erections. Then She-Hulk was truly used. Joey had given them
orders that they could fuck her where they pleased only that they should
shoot into her mouth--"coat her inside and out" was his specific order. It
did not seem to matter to the men that they were getting covered in their
brothers' cum as took advantage of her, fucking into her cunt, her
super-relaxed ass, her mouth. Rations of her body were distributed as the
men grew hard again, Joey ordering them into position.

The guy knew how to conduct a gangbang, that was for sure. At the peak of
the rape he had ordered men simultaneously into her cunt, her ass, between
those magnificent tits, in her mouth and even each of her armpits. Looking
into Jennifer's mind, I could see her totally immersed in the sensations of
hard cock pounding into her everywhere--completely disorientated, yet her
body betraying her, forcing her inexorably to high after high as the drugs
and orgasms broke down her will completely. I spared a thought for the
Enchantress, who was still psionically merged with the She-Hulk. I wondered
whether there would be anything left of her once I returned.

One by one the men lined up to fill her mouth, savage grunts resounding
through the warehouse as their cum was vacuumed clean from their pricks by
She-Hulk's instinctive cock-sucking talents. She swallowed each load, her
face decorated with trails of cream where the hoods had not been quick
enough or indeed able to direct their sperm. Finally, the guy skewering her
ass flipped her over, escaped from under her and took his turn at her lips,
the torture finally over as thick rope after rope spurted onto her tongue
and headed tonsil-bound. He wiped his cock in her hair, bringing forth more
cream that seeped down towards her scalp.

Joey moved forward and pushed Jennifer onto the floor, on her knees. He
looked down to see her perfect green skin covered with dried sperm, her eyes
still vacant with the expression of a woman both high on drugs and sex.

"You got the essence o' the brothers on you and in you bitch!" he exclaimed,
fisting his cock into a blur. "Now come suck the prick of your fuckin'

Carol decided that she had seen enough and leapt down from the rafters,
smashing Joey contemptuously aside, taking out all twelve gang members in
less than ten seconds, her face a picture of glee as she cut loose with her
superhuman powers. I figured that she had killed at least three men,
crippling a half-dozen. She reveled in the action, even taking time to knock
out She-Hulk herself, realizing that it would probably be better if she were
unconscious for the duration.

In short order her enemies were defeated and she looked around, surveying
the results of her violence. What she had achieved using the alien was
impressive--it was clear that she would be able to make use of the powers
the suit afforded its owner to a far greater degree than I ever would. She
had been trained for battle.

Finally, a low groan caught her attention. Joey was staggering to his feet,
still stunned by Warbird's initial blow. Carol made up the space between
them in less than a second, and hefted Joey to his feet, pulling his chin
upwards so she could look him in the eye. She smiled at the look of terror
in his eyes and led him to the wooden table on which Jennifer Walters had
been so brutally ravished.

"I really enjoyed the show," Carol murmured, laying Joey down upon the
table. "She-Hulk's pretty hotand I guess, so am I."

On mental command, the alien symbiote stripped away Warbird's costume, the
suit absorbing into her skin. Joey gasped at the beautiful nakedness in
front of him, his eyes caught up on her swelling breasts, her erect nipples.
She really was turned on by what she had seen.

"What's the deal here, baby?" he hissed, my previous mental cleansing of his
fear of super humans coming through again. "Fancy some cock yourself?"

Carol pushed him down on the table and rubbed her cunt across his stomach
and over his bulging prick, allowing him to reach up and nip on her tits,
before she slowly lowered her snatch down over Joey's cock.

"Guess I do need some meat at that," she finally replied, slowly rotating
her hips around the swollen member deep in her snatch, the alien pooling
inside of her, around his prick, Joey sighing at the incredible sensations
as he was firmly massaged like he had never been before.

Carol let herself go as she felt Joey drive into her, allowing the alien to
take control, tendrils shooting out from her rump and burrowing deep into
the juvenile leader's asshole, the boy screaming in pain at the intrusion
then feeling the pleasure exponentially multiplied as the alien worked his
prostate and cock together in tandem.

"Fuckin' hell!" he screamed in pleasure as Warbird rode him like a cowboy,
his arms shooting up to squeeze and pull on her titties.

Carol could feel his orgasm approach and felt shards of evil, malicious joy
shoot through her as more black alien tendrils shot out, disappearing up
each of his nostrils, blocking off his throat. Carol rode him ever harder,
sending mind-blowing ecstasies though Joey's young body even as he bucked
and gasped beneath her, desperately attempting to gain air.

Warbird sighed in orgasmic release as she felt his cum shoot deep into her
belly, milking his cock with her cunt muscles and the alien substance,
knowing that by the time she opened her eyes and dismounted her steed, young
Joey would be quite dead.

But still, she figured, at least he went out with a bang.


"Get her to trauma!" ordered Carol, marching into the lobby of the Avengers
mansion, the unconscious form of the She-Hulk quickly placed on a stretcher
and sent into the bowels of the buildings.

"Wasn't sure if you'd come back," observed Mockingbird, the blonde in full
costume as she watched the scene unfold. "Cap came down pretty hard on you
when you lost your powers."

"It's a war zone out there," replied Warbird dispassionately. "I might have
lost the energy powers of Binary, but my strength's now greater than it's
ever been. The bottom line is that you need me. The city needs me.
Especially now with She-Hulk out of the picture"

"What happened?"

"Lost her powers, just like that Bunch of kids gang-raped her Shot her up
with heroin and almost killed her-- until I stepped in."

Mockingbird sighed.

"Look, I'm needed out there now. I gotta go, but it's good to have you back,
Carol. Justice and Firestar have just gone to bed to get some sleepyour
room's just as you left it."

Carol grinned to herself as she watched Mockingbird depart. Despite being
just a little shorter than she was, Mockingbird was pretty much a match for
her in terms of physical beauty and tight, toned form. She knew that I would
enjoy having her as much as I had been pleasured by Carol herself. I
congratulated myself for my ingenuity as I realized that soon even the
mighty Avengers would crumble before me.

Warbird reflected on how the Avengers had voted her out of the roster a
couple of months ago and her mind burned with vengeance. She was born to be
in this team and without her, she decided, there would be no team. She
walked up the stairs, until her hand was on the knob of the door to her old
quarters. The urge for revenge burned ever deeper as she turned one hundred
and eighty degrees and opened the door that greeted her.

She looked down upon the sleeping forms of Justice and Firestar, the hatred
burning ever deeper. These two kids were drafted by Captain America to
replace her. What better place to start her revenge? Twin blobs of the alien
costume's substance pooled on her hands. Instinctively she knew what she was
to do, allowing each blob to detach from her palms, watching as they landed
on each of the slumbering heroes, grinning inanely as she watched the ebony
substance absorb itself into their necks.

Her costume began to melt from her body, leaving her quite naked, her body a
wonderful specimen of female sexual allure--blonde, curvaceous, wet, ready.
At her mental command, tentacles from the alien costume shot out, carefully
removing Firestar from the bed, lying her on the ground, before the black
mass merged itself back into her skin. Warbird knelt on the bed in
Firestar's place, running her hand across Justice's face, stirring him into



"I'm curious, Mrs. Richards. The last time anyone saw you, you were the
devoted wife of the world's leading scientific mind, plus an established
super heroine. Now I face you as you represent one of the globe's most
corrupt, evil organizations. I can't help but be curious."

The setting was a small, candlelit, almost intimate dinner for two, in the
chambers of the Black Queen deep within the New York headquarters of the
Hellfire Club. Malice, one of my darkest angels of desire, had chosen to
entertain the organization's biggest sponsor. And biggest user.

"Mr. Gideon, I would prefer you address me as 'Black Queen' or 'Malice'
Susan Richards ceased to exist some weeks ago. I am her darker, more
powerful self. It's only fitting that I should run the moreinteresting
aspects of the Hellfire Club's organization."

Gregory Gideon regarded his dinner date carefully. There was no doubt that
this was the Invisible Woman, Susan Richards. But he could tell that there
was something different about her. He'd battled the Fantastic Four in the
past and there was a new air of malevolence about her. Her deep blue eyes
accentuated a powerful sensuality, a sexual confidence that only the Black
Queen could possess. She had dressed to please him--a figure-hugging black
dress that emphasized her curves and displayed ample amounts of cleavage,
her nipples apparent through the thin black material of the outfit. Her very
appearance worked to arouse him, to want him to take her.

"My apologies, Black Queen. My vast fortune has helped the Hellfire Club
through a great many crises," noted Gideon dryly. "In that time, I have
arranged something of an understanding with the Inner Circlea mutually
beneficial understanding."

I could sense the triumph in Malice's mind as she studied Gideon's face.
Tall, powerfully built and quite bald, he radiated authority. He was used to
getting his way. Most women find such a combination a powerful attracting
factor, but I could see that my angel merely wanted to use him to carry out
my whims. She truly is a remarkable creature.

"An understanding that sees the Hellfire Club spending your money carte
blanche, in exchange for open access to the sex slaves my predecessor
trained," observed Malice coldly.

Gideon smiled.

"Her whores were exceptional, Black Queen," affirmed Gideon, grinning slyly.
"But Selene and I had an arrangement I would dearly like to continue with
her replacement. Your predecessor knew that the Hellfire Club required a
small number of male slavesand all boys need firmmaleguidance. Selene's
rewards for my efforts were both personal andstimulating."

Of course, Malice had known all of this before arranging this rendezvous.
Her orders from me had been explicit-- to bring her son into our fold, to
recruit his raw, mutant power into our organization; one of the final
additions to the power base. After reviewing some of the videotapes of
Selene and Gideon's performances, she had a plan. Now with Gideon hopelessly
infatuated with her, it would be a simple matter to carry it out.

"I've seen what you and Selene have done in the past. It intrigues me. I
have a particularly interesting male for us toenjoy. I have no doubts that
the personal rewards I can give you will befirst class."

Malice's brow furrowed slightly through concentration as her invisible force
fields penetrated Gideon's clothing, bringing about a sudden, strangled gasp
from the billionaire financier. The once Invisible Woman licked her lips
seductively as her powers brought Gideon instantly to erection, swirling
currents of her cosmic-spawned powers rushing around his sensitive genitals,
teasing the head relentlessly, caressing his shaft and gently manipulating
his testicles. She felt an incredible sense of satisfaction as another field
expertly played with his sensitive anal ring, sending his hips out of
control, bucking against the underside of the table, Malice staring into his
eyes as the cutlery was sent flying from the table.

"Do you want me to stop, Mr. Gideon?" she cooed, running her finger along
the exposed curve of her breast.

"N-no!" he gasped loudly, his eyes locked onto her exposed tit-flesh, his
desire for her escalating exponentially.

"Do you have doubts about the rewards I can give you?" she asked softly,
knowing that he was approaching orgasm rapidly.

"God no!" he cried. "Y-you'reincredible!"

Malice smiled at the compliment, teasing him ever closer to the final
release, slowing down as she felt the muscles in his cock near their spastic
state, where control was lost and his cum would flow freely. She wanted her
imprinting to be perfect and delayed the inevitable.

"Will you 'train' my boy, Mr. Gideon?" she asked, leaning forwards, bunching
her breasts together, allowing her drool to escape her mouth, knowing it
would land on her ample flesh, knowing the effect it would have.

"Anything for you, Black Queen!" he screeched, eyes locked on the wet spot
on her breasts, his mind desperately wanting to reach out and touch them, to
maul them, to suck them, to fuck them until they were coated with puddles of
his cream.

"Look at me, Gideon. Look at my eyes," the irresistible Invisible Woman

It was torture for the world's richest man to break his attention from the
twin globes of Malice's perfect breasts, but the order pierced his very soul
as his body was wracked with an ecstasy that he had never felt before. His
mind raced with the possibilities. This woman gave him more pleasure than he
could have ever imagined... and she wasn't even touching him! How would it
feel to take her, to feel her against him as his cock claimed her body? He
finally met her gaze.

"Look at my eyes" she had commanded again and now he was lost in them,
forever. "I want you to see my eyes as you come."

His prick felt as though tenno twenty tongues were teasing his more
sensitive areas. He knew he could not resist and he did not want to. The
throb built quickly in his tortured penis, his balls almost felt as though
they were being squeezed when Malice finally uttered the phrase that would
forever haunt his destiny.

"Come for me Mr. Gideon. Come for your mistress."



The commands from his mistress were still something of a puzzle to Gideon as
he unlocked the door behind which his prey waited. Franklin Richardshe could
scarcely believe that his own mother was going to be behind the acts which
awaited the young boy.

It didn't matter to him though. All that concerned him was the reward that
awaited him, the prospect of his flesh moving against hers, his pleasures
multiplied as the most succulent example of womanhood he had ever
encountered was unwrapped before his eyes, her naked form presented to him
for his enjoyment. His mind was still raw from the sheer power of the
orgasmic release Malice had pulled from him. He could still see her eyes, a
mixture of raw pleasure, malevolence and satisfaction as he had came for
her. The sperm had almost literally been torn from his balls as he had
surged under her invisible ministrationsand yet he knew the pleasure to be a
mere hint of what was to come.

The room inside was dark, lit only by the cathode rays of a vast monitor set
into the wall at the chamber's end. Silently he entered the room, noting the
frenzied movements coming from the high-backed chair directly in front of
the screen. He smelled the air, the definite musk of male ejaculate heavy in
the atmosphere. Guess he's been quite busy, Gideon surmised, grinning to

His face was a mask of appreciation as he watched the screen. A naked man
was tied down into a sumptuous leather chair--he was in his early forties,
Gideon judged, his features contorted with desire as the X-Man Psylocke
slowly stripped in front of him, peeling away her negligee to reveal her
massive, pendulous breasts, nipples alive with arousal.

Gideon heard a moan of appreciation from the chair in front of him. Franklin
Richards was masturbating, pulling himself off to the image of Betsy
Braddock. He felt the stirrings of lust deep within himself as he watched
the beautiful purple-haired woman completely disrobe before dropping to her
knees, crawling towards the bound man.

"Suck me, Betsy!" he pleaded. "I need it!"

Gideon crept up behind the high-backed chair, looking down to see the newly
adolescent Franklin Richards feverishly jerking away as he watched
Psylocke's plump lips slowly engulf the man's penis, her eyes closed in
pleasure, her cheeks concave as she suckedand sucked hard.

I watched the entire scene in my astral form, knowing the importance of
Richards' recruitment into our fold. However, I too was enraptured by the
scene on the screen, Psylocke using her tremendous oral skills to nip, lick
and suck her client to the most incredible climax he had ever experienced.
It was quite a marvel to behold.

I remembered how she had used those skills on me, how she had debased
herself totally whilst pleasuring me with an intensity that only the
Enchantress could match. I could have made her into one of my most
devastating dark angels, a woman whose command of the arts of love would
have made any man hers. Instead, I had made her into a whore, a woman whose
sole objective in life is to use those gifts for the paid pleasure of man.
Any man. And yet it had to be done. Everyone had their place in the plan.

The screen was filled with Psylocke's face, the erect cock bobbing in front
of her as her tongue shot out to bathe the head with her saliva, before
teasing the underside, her hand jerking rapidly as his hips thrust his cock
clumsily between her pouting lips.

"I'm so close, Betsy!"

Gideon did a double take. It wasn't the man being pleasured who had shouted
this, it was Franklin. I wasn't too surprised. To date, Franklin's entire
sexual education had come from this screen. Peering into his mind, I could
see that the days of constant video feeds such as this one had instigated
the desired effect on the boy's confused mind. He had witnessed man after
man taking advantage of the Hellfire Club whores, fucking them senseless in
every conceivable way. In his mind now was the solid association that women
pleasured men and men used women. Now when he watched the screen it was him
being serviced, his prick being tongue-bathed, his cock sinking deeply into
the whore's cuntor asshole. All he needed was a woman and some encouragement
and he would be recruited with ease.

Thinking about it, I could see Malice's point of view in getting Gideon to
provide that encouragement--just about the only woman on the planet who
could confuse him now was his own mother.

"Yes, Betsy, YES!" the man screamed as Psylocke rubbed her lips over the
underside of his glans, sighing as white cream shot from the slit, coating
her lips, cheeks, shooting up her nostrils.

"God YES!" Franklin screamed, Gideon looking down to see him spraying with
abandon, arcs of his cum shooting onto his chest and neck, not caring where
his sperm flew, just enraptured in the moment of release.

The boy's libido barely dropped. I could sense that the lad was as horny as
ever; certainly his prick remained locked into erection, the jerking
continuing as he watched Betsy lick the man's prick affectionately before
rubbing his cream into her face, then sucking her fingers clean. I could
sense that Selene had also affected his body chemistry, enhancing the
hormones that controlled his libidoa further part of his conditioning.

"I have been sent to collect you," began Gideon.

Franklin turned around suddenly, ashamed at being caught not only naked but
with his engorged penis in his hands. He looked around desperately for his

"Don't worry boymy mistress has judged you ready. You are to be mated."

"Mated?" Franklin asked, his face betraying his concern.

"Yes. We have selected females to pleasure you. I am to be your guide. To be
sure that you properlyusethem."

The boy gulped loudly before rising to collect his clothes. I could sense
some fear about him, but the true motivational factor was desire. Every time
he masturbated, the frustration was building within him. A parade of beauty
on screen had tortured him, with only his hand able to give him relief and
even then, it wasn't good enough, the lusts had simply returned with a
biting edge of sexual frustration that was driving him over the edge. I
began to pity the girls that Malice had chosen for him.

Gideon took him into a rooman oak-paneled chamber that Franklin recognized
immediately. This was where moments ago he had seen Psylocke orally pleasure
her client. He saw the leather chair in the centre of the room, the ropes
discarded on the ground next to it. The air was still ripe with the smell of
sex, the lingering perfume of Betsy's scent. I could sense Franklin's heart
begin to pound within his chest, his cock leaping to attention as the
realization sunk in that he was going to finally be able to perform the acts
he had born witness to so frequently over the last few days. His mouth grew
dry with the anxiety.

In preparation he dropped the bundle of clothes that had covered his nudity
and afforded himself a smile. His immature mind was the slave of the
adolescent urges that Selene had brought from him, his mind and body were on
fire. He grunted in need as Gideon brought in his first woman. Her face was
covered in a leather mask, long auburn hair escaping from the bottom of it.
Franklin found himself concentrating on her body, clothed as it was in a
leather bustier that accentuated her tits, a small leather thong protecting
her cunt. Otherwise, save a pair of high-heel shoes, she was quite nakeda
visual feast of fleshhe stepped forwards in anticipation as Gideon forced
her down onto her knees.

"You're going to let me haveher?" he asked, his eyes still roaming over her
body. "Who is she? Why is she wearing a mask?"

"You know her, boy," Gideon replied ominously. "The mistress knows of your
affection for this girl. She is to be your first test. Unmask herbut
remember, she is yours. Yours to command. Do with her as you please. Have

Franklin knew who she was even before he reached forward to pull off the
mask. It hadn't been so long ago that he had last spoken with her, shared
confidences with her, loved her like the big sister he could never have. And
here she was for him, gift-wrapped, a female who would give him that which
he craved the most.

"Kitty" he sighed pulling off the mask.

I marveled at Malice's geniusexploiting his immature puppy love crush for
the girlnot knowing (or indeed being able to understand) just how much she
had been altered by Selene. How the weeks of prostitution had turned her
from the upstanding heroine he adored into the craven prostitute who had
surrendered her mind, soul and body to the worship of manany man who had the

Kitty Pryde and Franklin Richards locked eyes, the boy triumphant as his own
need was reflected in hers, the full power of his crush returning with a

"Myhow you've grown, Franklin," Kitty purred, leaning forwards, trapping her
breasts between her outstretched arms, emphasizing her charms.

I could feel the torture in his mind. The fond memories of how he had
befriended the Pryde girl as she clung on to existence as both his father
and the evil Doctor Doom had worked to save her life. How his simple faith
in humanity had been the anchor she had needed to fight for life, her warm
gratitude once her life had been saved. At the same time, here was a bitch
in heat, girl flesh all too eager to accept his throbbing penis, a female
who would pleasure him. How different had been the cries of ecstasy from the
men on the video screen when compared to his own shouts of orgasmic release.
He would no longer need his hand any more. He could do it properly. He could
fuck the girl. Possess her. Make her do whatever he chose. Franklin Richards
was lost.

He was staring at her chest, his gaze caught up in the soft curves being
proffered to him.

"What do you want from her, Franklin?" Gideon asked, frustrated at the lack
of action. "The girl is yours. She only needs your simplest command."

"Kittylet melet me seeyou."

She smiled accommodatingly, reaching behind her to unclasp the leather
halter top, closing her eyes in joy as her breasts bounced free. Kitty Pryde
looked deeply into the eyes of her lover to be, cupping both of her mounds,
lifting them to clearly display her erect buds.

"I am yours, my sweet," she sighed. "Take meand let me take you to heaven."

There was nothing that Franklin wanted more, yet the ice-cold fear of a
virgin had seized him, the fear of the unknown, the uncertainty that the
uninitiated had to conquer when taking their first partner. Gideon knew it
too. It was clear that he'd been here many times before and I sensed that he
knew how to deal with it. Perhaps were Kitty to take the initiative, it
would be enough, but this would not do. To Gideon a man had to be strong, he
had to take the first step or in this crucial stage he would forever feel
submissive to the female. No, Franklin Richards would have to learn by
example. Another girl he cared about would have to be taken by proxy. Only
by example would he learn.

Franklin's shock intensified as he recognized the bowed form of Jubilee
herded into the room, clad only in a see-though nightie, her face made up
like a whore's, her bobbed hair now grown to shoulder length. Inside her
mind I could sense her torment. Selene had not been so kind to her. After
her ordeal at the hands of Mr. Fantastic she had been assigned duties as a
non-consensual prostitute. A lot of the Hellfire Club's more vicious members
enjoyed taking a girl forcefully. Selene's only conditioning with Jubilee
had been to make her respond to the brutality, to make her like it, to make
her resistance melt into acceptance and then finally, orgasm.

Forced onto her knees by Gideon's powerful hands, she looked up in fear as
the bald man pulled off his robe and began to fondle his genitals right in
front of her eyes.

The torment in Franklin's mind intensified even as Kitty snuggled into his
arms, both of them watching the imminent deflowering in front of them.
Franklin knew Jubilee, he cared for her, but at this time all he could
really see was a girl about to be fucked, a girl about to receive the cock
she obviously craved. She wore the make-up of a whore, and he was drawn to
her painted red lips, his mind wandering to the image of his boy-prick
spewing white cream over her mouth, forcing her to suck him dry. The feeling
of Kitty's warm flesh against his brought an extra urgency to his erection,
the girl giggling as he thrust his cock against her back and reached around
to grope her exposed breasts.

"Jubileetell Franklin what you arewhat you will do for me," Gideon demanded
in a calm, matter of fact tone of voice.

"Iwill be paid to have him. I will give him pleasure. My body is his to
enjoy. His cock will flood me and I will I"

"What will you do, slut? Tell Franklin."

"I will cum for him."

She began to cry, but Gideon was not interested. He used his fingers to open
her mouth by force and drew his cock level, grunting as he pushed it into
her mouth.

"Yes!" he cried, between gasps and laughter.

Franklin pulled harder on Kitty's nipples as he watched Gideon's meat push
in and pull out of Jubilee's mouth. He could hear her gag, he could see her
reaction, her resistance. But it didn't matter. She had said that she would
cum. Why should she lie? She had admitted she was a whore.

Gideon's face was a contorted expression of sheer pleasure as face-fucked
her mercilessly. It was the look that Franklin so envied, the look of a man
enjoying a girl, the look of a man not using his hand to pleasure himself.

"I I want" he stuttered into Kitty's ear. "Put myput my thing in your"

Kitty turned to face him. She knew what he wanted, but she was under orders
only to obey the most explicit commands. Franklin saw her beautiful
features, her distinctive Jewish nose, her open mouth and puffy lips. The
image of Jubilee's cum coated features was replaced with the thought of
Kitty tonguing the cum from his cock even as streams of his cream coated her

"Put my thingin your mouth."

Gideon howled in triumph as Kitty went down and licked the boy's cock
slowly, before sucking him into her warm oral depths. He pulled out of
Jubilee's mouth, pulling her to her feet, relishing the sound of fabric
tearing as he exposed her little 13-year-old titties, before pulling away
the see-through garment totally. He enjoyed her struggle as he pushed her
onto the ground, forcing his knees between hers, appreciating her whimpers
and cries of "no!" as he ran his cock over her bald little pussy, knowing
that the friction on her clit would wet her opening sufficiently. He also
knew that Franklin would be watching, that the obscene act coupled with
Kitty's accomplished oral technique would take him over the edge. He would
learn that submissive woman would service him, that those who resisted would
be forced to orgasm against their wills.

Franklin's eyes burned with triumph as he saw Gideon's cock plough deeply
into Jubilee's tight little cunt, his mind awash with burning fire as his
own lusts were stoked by the display and the feelings of raw pleasure that
shot through him as he felt the heavenly suction on his prick, the
ever-dancing tongue darting from one sensitive area to an even more exciting
one, the exquisite teasing as Kitty lightly tickled the underneath of his
bald scrotum.

As Jubilee cried out in pain at the most savage penetrating thrust yet,
Franklin screamed in release and came hard, appreciating the choking noises
coming from below him as Kitty gagged on the thick white cream that shot
forth from the head.

"Keep sucking I ain't finished!" he ordered, feeling his cock retain its
rigidity even after the mind-numbing climax.

Franklin felt his hips involuntarily flick themselves into Kitty's mouth as
he continued to watch Jubilee getting the treatment, feeling triumphant as
she saw her finally begin to gasp and moan beneath the relatively hulking
form of Gideon.

"She's breaking!" cried the man triumphantly as he felt the fresh layers of
her cream seep across his buried prick. "Fuckin' whore's gonna take it

"Yes" Franklin murmured as he watched Jubilee's legs fold around Gideon's
buttocks, her face twisted in ecstasy as the pummeling thrusts worked their
magic upon her. "Cumgo on do itcumcum youy-you whore!"

Jubilee screamed in release, her hips pistoning madly as she came. Gideon
continued to pound into her, finally pulling out, the angry red head pitting
its white venom over her bald little cunt, before being sprayed over her
stomach, tits and face. A maniacal Gideon laughed to himself as he forced
his still-leaking prick head over her lips, over her nose and into her eye

Franklin pulled Kitty away from him, oblivious to the disappointment in her
eyes, his mind locked onto the needs of his own cock. He had seen how simple
it was. He pulled away Kitty's thong with contemptuous ease and crawled in
between her legs, his gaze fixated upon her lightly thatched little pussy.

"Gonnagonna put it in your holeyeah"

His cock dribbled cum as it approached the waiting snatch, the young boy
surging in another mind-rending climax as he pushed it inside of her,
screaming in ecstatic triumph.

I heard laughter in my mind as Franklin took his first girl Malice
triumphant, despite her still having failed to carry out her primary
objective. But yesthat could wait. Her progress so far had been most
satisfactory and as long as the job was performed properly, I could wait for
the results.



My sister stretched out over the Enchantress' silk sheets, moaning in
pleasure at the feeling of exquisite texture against her naked flesh. I had
not seen her since the Asgardian had first claimed her, but I knew that she
was in no serious peril. She was too delicious a creature for the
Enchantress to abuse and regardless, I had kept a low-level psionic link in
place to make sure that she was being treated properly.

"Miles" she murmured dreamily as she saw me enter the room. "Finally"

"Yes, finally," I affirmed, joining her on the bed. "The Enchantress has
finally submitted to me completely. Your days as her toy are over Not that
you appear to have disliked the experience."

"My body" she sighed. "She played it like a musical instrument, made it
sing. She was in my body, in my mind. God, what a bitch."

"She's ours now, my sweet. A mighty goddess brought down to the lowest
level, a plaything for our enjoyment. When we're done, she'll serve you
well. Call it a reward for the next task I'm setting for you."

She arched an eyebrow in anticipation, even as the sheet fell from her
chest, exposing one of her magnificent breasts. I had immersed myself in the
orgasms of others, yet my own body remained unsatisfied. Stephanie knew of
course. Remember, her body was primed for the pleasure of mine; when I felt
the need of her, she experienced the ache for me.

"What task?"

"That can wait. First I have experiences to share with you."

She smiled, leaning back into the bed, closing her eyes, waiting for my mind
to penetrate hers in a union even more intimate than penis shafting deeply
into vagina. I did not disappoint her, pulling the sheet back completely, my
sister oblivious as I began to bathe her in the memories of Wanda's magical
debasement and subsequent transformation, letting her enjoy every
perversion, every submission, right through to the corruption of Franklin
Richards. She absorbed everything like a sponge, her mind insatiable for the
evil that I had perpetrated, gentle moans and gasps escaping her as she
relished the experiences, her own body responding in kind. She wanted more.

I reached out with my mind, stretching across the city, finding the mind of
Carol Danvers, digging deeply into her short-term memory, picking up the
story of her vengeance. The link with Stephanie was still intact, she would
feel exactly what I would, she would know everything I did.

I had recognized the black alien substance that Warbird had absorbed into
the necks of Justice and Firestar. They were variations of the neural
controllers I had used on her myself, but clearly a more refined version. I
suspected that the alien itself had come up with the newer rendition of the
same device. Regardless, both were likes puppets to her now, their powers in
limbo, their bodies limited in movement to what Warbird wanted, their very
minds vulnerable to the alien's power.

Carol had removed Firestar from the bed, taking her place alongside Justice,
stirring him into consciousness.

"Angel?" he croaked, barely awake. "What's up?"

"Angelica's asleep darling," Warbird breathed in his ear. "And I want to
play with you."

Justice had shot up at that instant, staring wide-eyed at Warbird, not
believing what was happening. He had instantly seen his girlfriend lying on
the ground.

"What have you done with her What do you want?" he cried, immediately aware
that something was wrong.

"Oh, relax, my dear," Carol admonished, smiling as the alien substance
inside Vance instantly forced him to obey, his body slumping back down onto
the bed. "As you see, I have total control of your physical functions."

Vance couldn't argue, already the warm calm of total relaxation was flowing
through him. His mind reacted, he wanted to scream, but he couldn't.

"Tell me truthfully, Justice," Carol whispered in his ear. "Do you find me
attractive? Do you want me?"

"No I love Angel. I would never do anything to hurt her."

"Look at me. Show me that you need me."

Vance instantly snapped to obey. He could not deny that she was beautifulthe
blue eyes, the long blonde hair, the magnificent breasts and perfect figure.
He sobbed against it, but he could not deny the near-instant erection that
reared itself in front of them.

"That's good, lover, very good. Our bodies together will feel incredible.
You will never want for another woman. Unless I desire it."

"But Angel" he sighed, his eyes still locked on Warbird's charms. "I love"

Warbird concentrated, distilling her own lust and forcing it into Vance's
body, making him cry out in pleasure-pain, his cock throbbing for release.
Love was replaced by lust. Lust for Warbird's body, an aching need to sink
inside of her.

Carol straddled him, smiling down on him as she slowly lowered her pussy to
within reach of Vance's rock hard cock. He cried out in desire, his hips
bucking to meet her crotch. Carol finally put him out of his misery by
forcing his prick between the folds of her cunt, Vance shouting out
something completely unintelligible as the fuck became complete.

Carol leaned forwards, allowing him to suckle on her breasts, her hips
slowly rotating and rockinga slow, torturous fuck for the young man whose
entire physical response was being dictated by the ex-heroine.

I could sense her malevolence, his need, her aching for vengeance and of
course, so could Stephanie. Almost subconsciously I felt myself roll onto my
sister, pushing myself between her perfect thighs, fucking my prick into her
slit, running the head over her engorged clitoris.

Deep inside Warbird's cunt, the alien pooled, feeling Vance's prick as it
thrust into the black mass, before micro-thin tendrils burrowed deeply
through his slit, exploring his penis, heightening the pleasure of his nerve
centres before flowing into his testicles. Outside, black scum oozed from
Warbird's anus, pooling on the bed beneath Justice before lightly skimming
around his asshole, further tendrils shooting deep inside of his bowels. But
still the fuck continued, the boy way beyond orgasm now, Carol denying him
his release, her own pleasure mounting as her pleasure-torture continued.


Stephanie had screamed as I had entered her, just as she had when I had
robbed her of her virginity. I sensed Warbird's craven need, the alien's
urge to reproduce and my body responded instinctively as only it could,
forcing me to thrust deeper, faster and harder into her hot, clenching

Carol gasped, writhed and finally reached her peak, laughing maniacally as
she dismounted the young Avenger, his cock still aching with need, inky
blackness oozing from the slit, the black scum slowly leaking out of his

"Sorry, lover, I'm gonna need you hard for what's to come," Warbird
explained nonchalantly.

Some semblance of sanity returned to the young man. His body still needed
release badly, so badly, and yet he remained powerless in the alien-spawned
thrall of his ex-team mate.

"Wh-what do you want from me? From us?"

Carol stooped to pick up Firestar, lying her on the bed next to Vance,
stirring her back to consciousness.

"I've got an urge," she whispered in Justice's ear. "I've got an urge to see
your girlfriend knocked up. I wanna see her tummy bulge with child. I want
her titties to engorge themselves with milk and I wanna suck it all out of

Angelica Jones began to appreciate her predicament as she awoke. She
immediately saw the horror in her boyfriend's eyes, the evil, malicious
aspect of Carol's featuresshe knew she in trouble. Her instinctive response
must have been to access her powers, but the alien implant in her neck would
have instantly put a stop to that.

"You're quite helpless, my dear," Warbird cooed, running the back of her
hand across Angelica's cheek. "Such a pretty little girl too. Firm, supple
muscles, pouting breasts, quite beautiful features. I'm gonna enjoy fucking

"Keep away from me!" Firestar hissed in anger, although Carol instantly read
the fear in her eyes.

"Your boyfriend and are going to have a little competition We're gonna see
who canimpregnate you first."

Angelica almost laughed, but her response was cut short as Warbird crouched
before her, baring her crotch to the younger girl. I could feel the alien's
excitement through Carol. Both Stephanie and I felt it and our fuck became
ever more frenzied, our bodies pistoning in concert as I took her roughly,
her nails dragging along my back, her mouth biting into my neck, almost to
the point of drawing blood. We could both sense the alien's excitement at
being so close to fertile flesh, its consciousness alive with the need to
procreate. Slowly, ropes of black slime dripped from Carol's snatch, forming
into a black, hard, erect cock. Firestar began to whimper, tears leaking
from the sides of her eyes.

Warbird was right: Angelica was beautiful--a perfectly proportioned redhead,
similar in look to my Stephanie, but more athletic, as opposed to my shorter
sister's more voluptuous curves. Carol sensed some kind of lesson was needed
to prove her superiority and then she would have her fun.

"I want to show you something, Angel," smiled Carol. "I want to show you who
wears the trousers in this relationship."

Justice found himself quite unable to resist as Warbird began to caress his
firm shoulders, rubbing his chest and finally tickling his still hard cock.
Suddenly she flipped him over, enjoying the sounds of his resistance as he
realized the fate in store for him.

"Your boyfriend has such a lovely ass, Angel. It fills me with desire. And I
desireto have it."

Green ejaculate flowed from the tip of Warbird's ebony shaft as she smeared
it over Justice's asshole, slowly, gradually forcing it into his rectum,
beginning small thrusting motions, grunting motions escaping her mouth as
she took his anal virginity. She sounded almost like a man, a guttural moan
escaping her with each inward thrust.


"Please DON'T!"

"Don't do this!"

Carol had closed her eyes and continued her fucking, relishing his cries of
pain, his pleas for mercy, they just served to make her fuck him harder, the
alien phallus simulating its liquid releases and pleasure responses based on
my own experiences fucking Carol. It was doing a remarkably good jobas was
Warbird herself. Once she tired of the cries she began to instigate her own
form of conditioning.

"Fuck back at me boy-whore!"

"Take ittake it good!"

"You love this don't you?"

"You want me to fuck you harder! Say it! SAY IT!"

She repeated the order over and over until just those two words ("say it!")
were branded on his mind.

"Yes! Fuck me, Carol. FUCK ME HARD!"

Green cum shot deep into his ass when he finally complied, Warbird on a
plateau of sexual rapture she had never attained before. Vance's
conditioning was complete with that submission. I would almost have pitied
Firestar what awaited her were I not more concerned with fucking hell out of
my sister at that point.

"Let the game begin," ordered Carol as she rubbed her green cream over
Justice's cock, making his still unfulfilled lust blast its way back to its
peak. "Impregnate her, lover. Fill her to brimming."

"Don't do it, Vance, please! For the sake of our love, fight her!"

"Raise your knees and spread them wide for him, Angel," Carol commanded,
satisfied at the instant response to her orders. "Give him full access to
your treasures."

"Gotta cum, Angel," Vance cried in frustration as he dropped between her
knees, green gelatinous blobs dripping from his prick and still oozing out
of his battered anus. "Need to cum so fucking badly."

He positioned his cock at her red-furred opening and wasted no time,
battering into her in one thrust, an expression of fulfillment flowing
across his features. Warbird had returned control of his cock to him and he
knew that it would not be long now. Just a little longer, just another

"YES! Finally, God yes!" he cried as he surged, after just five strokes,
emptying himself into his weeping girlfriend, the relief coursing through
his body slowly being replaced with a sense ofyesshame.

"Good boy, Justice," Carol laughed, pulling him away and replacing him
between Firestar's splayed thighs.

She dipped her finger into the stream of thick white cum that leaked from
Angelica's cunt, bringing the digit to her mouth before slurping from it

"Who would believe that something so tasty could give you a child?" she
asked, driving her finger into Angel's cunt, retrieving more of the precious

"Bad news, Warbird. I'm on the fucking pill! No way am I getting pregnant,
you fucking sick bitch!"

Carol laughed at the defiance and slowly began to rub her own alien phallus
over Firestar's exposed snatch.

"Guess Justice's out of the contest," she laughed. "But I can feel the alien
readying itself. It needs to procreate, Angel. It needs to climax. It needs
to bring new life into the world. But its race is symbiotic in nature. It
needs a hostand so does its offspring. It has studied my body and it finds
that the female womb is a perfect place to nurture its youngand it will
reward me richly for giving it yours."

The alien phallus climaxed, seizing Carol with more of the indescribable
rapture it had imprinted from me. Already it was rewarding its host for the
fertile flesh it was being offered as ropes of emerald jism blasted over
Firestar's tummy, breasts and neck.

"Don't do this, Carol Please fight it! You're an Avenger, a hero!"

Warbird sought to silence the girl by quickly and effortlessly flicking her
hips, burying the alien phallus snugly between the walls of her tight cunt.

"Don't do it! You're a hero."

"Vance, honeydid Angelica ever blow you?" Carol wheezed between thrusts, not
surprised as the boy shook his head. "She will now. Silence her with your
cock. I'd like us both to take her."

Carol ordered her to receive his prick and he thrust deeply into her mouth,
both of them enjoying Angelica's gurgling sounds as she gagged on the prick
meat being forced past her tonsils, the air alive with wet sounds as both
her cunt and mouth were mercilessly used.

I could sense my orgasm growing in concert with Carol's and I knew that
Stephanie's would follow suit as we continued our prolonged, frenzied sexual
assault on each other. Warbird was immersing herself in the act of
penetration, feeling the life-giving alien cum begin to rise within her, the
tightness and the pressure in her alien phallus driving her ever onwards,
forcing her to quicken her pace, ransacking Firestar's body at an
ever-increasing velocity. The cock began to shed some of its "skin", the
black tar-like substance attaching itself to the insides of her snatch,
connecting Carol directly with Angelica's nerve-endings, forcing
mind-blowing sensations of rapture deep into her body, compelling the raped
redhead into experiencing the self-same levels of pleasure that Carol
herself was enjoying.

She could feel herself approaching the edge, she knew that she was ready to
truly orgasm--to ejaculate a load of life-giving fluid deep into her victim
and she dug deep for her cum. The lewd act of Justice pulling out his cock
and ejaculating wildly over Firestar's face and breasts being the final
stimulation she required.

Simultaneously, Carol, Stephanie and I lost it big time. I gasped and almost
screamed as I flooded Stephanie with my white hot cream, feeling her spastic
cunt clamp down heavily on my cock as she spiraled rapidly into her own

But Warbird's climax was different, the alien sending a near continuous
stream of icy cold black scum flowing deeply into Angelica's womb, instantly
covering its lining, feeding from the host, gestating. Carol withdrew, the
black slime stretching like elastic as she pulled free, the alien still
connected to the raw lining of her inner lips.

Justice had fallen back unconscious, Carol willing him into a catatonic
state until she decided how best to use him. Angelica writhed around in
ecstasy, the growing alien symbiote inside of her feeding her a constant
stream of pleasureit would make the eventual bonding a lot easier.

"Why? Whyrape me?" she cried through the moans of pleasure. "Why have Vance
rape me? Why?"

Carol smiled and caressed her cheek affectionately.

"The alien and I are one, Angel," Warbird explained. "When it bonded with me
I could feel its urge to reproduce and it could feel within me the powerful
pleasures we could both enjoy doing it. Typically the alien reproduces
asexually, but when it discovered how the human act of copulation could make
the birthing morepleasurable, it adapted, changed. Oh and there are two
reasons why Vance fucked you first of all Firstly, the alien fetus needed to
assimilate some of the characteristics of his semen in order to successfully
breach your womb, and secondlyI wanted him to. I wanted your man to use you
just for friction, to feel inadequate by spurting so quickly, to know that a
woman was going to be more of a man than he was."

Warbird leaned over and began to massage Angelica's stomach slowly and
deeply. She chuckled to herself as she saw a bump gradually begin to rise.

"Feelice-coldinside" Firestar moaned. "Can feel itgrowing!"

"Yessss" Carol murmured, a hot sexual undertone to her voice. "It won't feel
cold to you. Not once it has bonded with youbecome one with you. Already
it's corrupting you, just the way that my other blackened me. A man wearing
the alien raped me with it and then gave me to it You won't feel any remorse
about the horrible perversions you will experience. You will enjoy them all.
You will join with me--'mother' and 'daughter'--and together we will explore
the most evil depths of the human psyche. It is your destiny, sweetheart."

Warbird continued to massage the young Avenger's stomach, feeling the fetus
squirm and grow within her, now at almost full size, Firestar's pot belly
reaching the same size that it would if she were nine months pregnantonly
the alien had gestated within minutes.

"It's coming, lover," Carol warned, smiling as she saw the rapture increase
one hundred fold on Angelica's face, her bloated belly beginning to contract
in size as a thick, red bloody mass oozed from her distended cunt, flowing
over her thighs, then beginning to coat her stomach, breasts and neck. The
substance seemed to bubble on her skin and Angelica writhed uncontrollably,
Carol remembering her own ecstasy at the bonding process. The feeling of
every nerve ending in her body exploding in pleasure, the very real sense of
mental penetration as the alien's mind became one with hers. All of these
experiences would be flowing through her young protg now.

"Good" Carol purred, laughing a little to herself. "Let it take you, Angel.
Let it have you. Become one with it. Allow its evil to absorb itself into
your heart, your soul. Give yourself to the evil. Do it, lover."

An incredible, almost maternal sense of satisfaction flowed through Carol's
heart and mind as she saw the evil glint of malevolence appear in Angel's
eyesthe same look she had seen in the mirror since bonding with her own

I had effectively brainwashed Carol's alien before allowing it to bond with
her. It was a calculated risk to see if its offspring would also follow
myvalues. This soon after the bonding I would see whether Firestar would be
an asset or a liability. Would she follow me or would her alien allow her
independence? The question was obviously in Carol's mind too as she
instigated the mind-link, her own black alien ooze combining with Angel's
red suit, the two inter-mingling, mind and body becoming one. God yesthe
echoes of my own mind that I had placed inside Warbird's symbiote were
resonating even more powerfully within Firestar's. The mission had been a

The urge to fuck flooded through the joined women's minds. The resonating
power of their lusts grew, Angelica Jones' love for her boyfriend being
subverted and darkened into cheap lust by the combined power of the aliens
as the two women pulled the unconscious Justice back onto the bed, stirring
him into consciousness.

Justice's face was filled with the expression of dread and horror as he saw
the blood-red alien skin slither across his lover's skin. Both Carol and
Angel enjoyed his fear as he saw both of them french kiss passionately,
alien phalluses beginning to take shape between their legs.

"Angel pleaseyou can fight it I love you!"

"Of course you do, Vance," Firestar laughed, breaking free from the kiss, a
thin saliva drip still connecting the lips of the two women. "I've got a
body that makes your prick hardmakes you want to enter me and shoot your cum
into me. Of course you love me."

Firestar sighed a little, then giggled as she forced Justice onto his hands
and knees, her own fingers massaging his hips and slowly pulling his
buttocks apart to expose his anus.

"And I love you too," she breathed, bathing in the pleasurable sensations of
penetration as she slowly began to skewer her alien phallus deeply into his
resisting asshole. "God I love you!"

Justice cried out in pain and humiliation as his girlfriend forced herself
deeply inside of him, the dull pain of Carol's previous rape now razor sharp
in his mind as Angelica repeated the act of sodomy.

"And I guess that turnaround is fair play, Vance honey," laughed Carol,
bringing her full, black erection into view, wiping the head of her cock
across her cheeks, moaning at the sensation of the delicious friction, more
of her green ejaculate oozing forth to coat his face. "I forced you to gag
Angel with your pricknow it's my turn to do the same to you."

Small black tendrils shot out from Carol's prick, forcing Vance's mouth open
as she slowly, teasingly forced her jet-black length into his mouth. Both
women began to thrust in concert, the pair of them leaning forwards to join
in a soul-searching kiss, tongues intertwining as their respective strokes
increased in speed and power.

Both women lost themselves in their fuck, their concentration firmly on each
other, Vance little more than a conduit for the physical friction of sex,
Firestar and Warbird seeking more of their pleasure through the mental link
their alien symbiotes shared. The air was alive with the sound of the women
grunting with each thrust, again sounding more male than female.

Both of them tensed and surged simultaneously, both losing control of the
sheer raw physical might of the aliens that possessed them, both coming with
such violence that Justice never stood a chance. Firestar's cock pushed
deeply into him, spearing into his intestines whilst Warbird's orgasmic
surge pushed his head backright back, his neck broken instantly.

"I love you 'mother'," Firestar sighed as she bent over and licked the head
of Carol's prick, sucking as much of the green muck from her as she could.

"Good girl," sighed Carol as she caressed Angel's fiery mane of red hair,
basking in the sensations of her post-orgasmic tongue bath. "We're going to
have such fun together, baby."

Looking down she saw a single drop of milk gather on one of Angelica's
exposed nipples. I thought I was supposed to be the mother, she thought
wryly, anticipating the liquid feasts that awaited her.

To Be Continued
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