[FFML] [Marvel Comics] Submission Agenda pt. 5

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Submission Agenda pt. 5


I didn't fuck Felicia Hardy straight away although I clearly had the
inclination to do just that. To be frank, at the time I just couldn't think
of a vicious enough treatment for her ripe body... and it's probably just as
well that I didn't touch her straight away. The Scarlet Witch took to her
immediately, finding that her body was bathed in a probability-warping aura
that somehow protected her from serious harm. That explained how my somewhat
thorough facial failed to "get her in the mood" for the more serious sexual
treatment I had planned for her.

Wanda decided that she would be the ideal candidate to strip away that
irritating confidence that super heroism seems give to these self-appointed
costumed protectors, her own mutant probability-based hex powers making her
the easy choice for dealing with the Black Cat. She took her task to heart,
planning and even researching before her work on Felicia was ready to begin.
During this time I watched her labors, enjoying the obvious relish she put
into the task.

The prelude to her actual, "practical" work was most pleasant indeed. Wanda
needed a sizeable sample of my pre-cum--the spunk that super-sensitizes girl
flesh and implants a deep need for cock like an itch that simply must be

She extracted it like a pro, making me strip before she herself begun to
disrobe. I had noted that in recent days Wanda had taken to wearing a darker
version of her usual costume. The scarlet hue had been turned into jet
black, her hose replaced by lacy stockings, whilst the bodice of her uniform
was of a black see-through material, allowing me to see those vast tits and
the similarly black spider motif burnt into her flesh. Long black satin
gloves stretched from her fingers to her elbows while a small g-string
barely covered her pussy, the only element of modesty coming from a richly
flowing black cape which replaced her old red one. That was the first thing
to crumple in a heap on the ground as she began to reveal herself to me.

I was already naked, erect and lying on her bed, watching her come towards
me, the bodice quickly removed to show her large heaving bosoms, her fingers
pulling at the satin gloves before they too joined her cloak on the floor.
Then she joined me, crawling on all fours in between my out-stretched legs,
her breath on my thighs as she locked her lascivious gaze on my pulsing
prick. I yearned for her to reach forward, to trap my cock between those
tits, or else feel her tongue explore the head. Instead, she merely leaned
slightly forward, resting her chin on her hands, watching me, watching her.

The sight was hugely erotic. Wanda's pendulous tits hung down, crushed into
the sheets, and past the cascade of dark hair I could see her perfectly
formed back, the rise of her delicious buttocks and then the expanse of her
stockinged legs below. I could feel my prick on the threshold of giving up
the pre-cum mess that I knew she desired. I was close...so close, anxious
for our sex to begin. We had not touched each other since Phoenix's exposure
to the viper scum and right now I felt a huge urge to be inside of her...but
this time I allowed her to play her game until she had what she wanted. And
then I would remind her why she called me 'master'.

The wait was excruciating...but finally I sensed her about to begin as her
tongue left her mouth, moistening her slut-painted red lips, before they
formed a small "O." She got the pre-cum she so desired by simply blowing
over the exposed glans, making me cross the threshold of arousal, pulses of
the clear, viscous fluid pouring from the slit. Bittersweet feelings of
release and pent-up lust coursed through me as I continued issuing forth the
precious cream, Wanda finally reaching forward with her hands, revealing a
thin condom which she expertly slipped onto my cock before circling her
thumb and index finger about the base of my shaft, toying with me with a
slow rubbing.

"How does this feel?" she asked with a forced innocence, smiling at the
strained expression on my face.

"Uhhh...t-too slow..." I replied, my cock aching for more friction, the tip
of the rubber starting to expand as my pre-cum oozed forth.

"No, it's just right," Wanda purred, slowing the rubbing, teasing me still
further--I wouldn't be able to take much more of this before I raped the
bitch. "You see, if I give you more, we'll have that nasty white cum of
yours and I don't think Felicia is ready for that...not yet."

"I'm gonna fuck you hard for this, bitch!"

"Oh I hope so, master, I really do. I know exactly how this must feel to
you. But I guarantee you that its use on our new toy will pleasure you
immensely." Wanda's malevolence was thick in the air now, her eyes locked on
the slowly inflating condom. "Your fluids will force her into acts that will
destroy her, you know that don't you?"

Wanda danced on a dangerous line. So far she had been successful in
heightening my arousal, keeping me on the edge, my body still pumping out
the pre-cum I use to ready my sluts for my pleasure, but soon I would move
on to ejaculating my coital creams--the liquids my body creates to bring
about the mental and physical bonding of slave to master. Just looking at
her brought on the urges to leak that cum right now and I fought the
powerful lusts with every inch of my will. It was not easy; Wanda's body was
on display before me, ready for sex. I wouldn't need to use any of my power
on her--she was already making a damp patch on the sheets, her whole being
immensely turned on to the tasks that awaited her...and the resultant wrath
I would fuck into her in exchange for this necessary teasing.

The tip of my cock was turning a deep red as I began to lose the battle to
control my natural longings. But it was enough, Wanda carefully pulling off
the condom and tying the end up, successfully limiting the spillage of my
cream. The necessary tortures were over with and the ex-Avenger smiled up at
me, knowing what was to happen to her.

"Use me," she whispered, rising onto her knees, thrusting out her engorged
mammaries towards me, my hands rising to meet them, to knead them violently,
all the while my cock dribbling the white cum I knew her cunt would soon be

I took time to caress and explore the spider branding on her tit, feeling
the ridges of flesh where the design had been burnt into her, realizing that
this was an intensely erogenous zone for her as she shut her eyes tightly
and trembled beneath my hands. I scooped up some the leaking cream and
rubbed it into the blackened flesh, feeling her convulse in orgasm, my
tongue diving in her mouth as she came.

Once the euphoria of orgasm passed, her hands slid downwards, between my
legs, one milking my cock while the other tickled the underside of my
scrotum. I moaned into her mouth as our kiss continued, the Witch sucking on
my tongue and tracing it with her own, as though it were my prick thrusting
deeply into her maw. With each pull on my cock, a flume of white jism shot
out, coating her stomach and slowly leaking into her pubic hair and into her
snatch. The first drop to touch her clit brought about its instant erection,
the little bud breaking out of its hood. The second drop hit it directly and
again she came hard, breaking the kiss and screaming her release in my
embrace as more leaked onto her snatch.

"Very, very good," she hissed, still panting from her rapture. "I'm
surprised you didn't just fuck me there and then. To be honest, I wish you

"Oh really," I replied, arching an eyebrow. "Maybe I've just got better
self-control that you would imagine, bitch."

"Or maybe you've forgotten what you really are... Maybe you've gone soft
'making love' with your model slut," she chuckled evilly, seemingly looking
down on me with a superior attitude. "Let me make you feel like a real man
again--a man fit to use me."

With that she dived down onto my cock, her mouth enveloping it instantly. I
tensed as something sharp grazed my hardened meat... there it was again...
and again. Suddenly Wanda bit into my prick, two pinpricks on the top of the
shaft, another pair below. The euphoria was instant, overwhelming--a vast
tidal wave of hideous darkness coursing through my cock en route to my mind,
blotting out everything save one savage urge.

She went limp when I pulled her brutally from my shaft, only paying a small
amount of attention to the four fangs Wanda had seemingly grown. My cock
throbbed with power, and looking down I once again noticed the black veins
sticking out through the white skin. Black slime oozed from the puncture
marks where Wanda had bitten me, inky cum oozed from the slit on the tip,
but it didn't matter. Only one thing concerned me...the feeling of cock in
pussy--a wondrous sensation heightened a thousand times as I shoved myself
as deep into her cunt as possible, feeling the lining of her pussy walls
relax to accommodate my rampaging pole, each thrust more savage than the
last, my fist pounding on the bed next to her head with each surge inside my

"Yes master! Fuck me master!" she squealed as I pounded into her. "Deeper!
Harder! Faster! Yesssss!"

I bit down hard on her branded tit flesh as I finally reached the zenith of
my orgasm, bringing her to the same level of rapture as the abuse of her
symbol of corruption gave her the sexual release she craved. She hissed in
post-orgasmic ecstasy as jet-black jism oozed from her cunt and leaked
across her puckered asshole.

"Nice fangs," I remarked, watching as her canines receded back into her
gums, their purpose complete.

"You know the power of one viper egg... I've absorbed many more.
Consequently, I now have their venom at my command, a corrupting magic
almost as effective as your own...methods."

"I take it Felicia's going to be your next victim?" I inquired, my mind
awash with images of the delectable Black Cat spiraling into the very
corruption she fought against.

"I must declare that I am very...intrigued to see how the venom affects the
pure-hearted. Yes, I might experiment on her, but I've learned some more
arcane arts that will be of equal...amusement. We shall see how they will be
best employed."



Felicia Hardy couldn't believe her eyes when she first met the new (and dare
I say it) improved Scarlet Witch. Her first instinct was to rush Wanda, to
use her enviable martial arts skills to beat off her opponent and gain
freedom. The Witch looked on amused as the Black Cat's ankle gave way
beneath her as she sprung, causing her to sprawl on the ground.

"I've been playing around with your 'bad luck' powers," my dark angel
confided, prodding Felicia with her toe, "since my own mutant capabilities
rest in warping probabilities. It was a simple matter to reverse and
strengthen your own aura. Any kind of attack will result in a most
unfortunate response. How's the ankle?"

"Fine," Felicia hissed through clenched teeth, massaging her foot tenderly.

"I'm glad you've put on your costume," Wanda noted, proffering her hand to
Felicia and pulling back to her feet.

"Well, you dumped me in here stark naked and it was the only form of
clothing available... Look, just what do you want from me?"

"Oh don't ask me that please, Felicia," Wanda replied, licking her lips and
running a gloved hand across Felicia's breasts. "The master has asked me to
prepare you for his pleasure, so I have devised a little reunion for you."

"Master? The kid who fucked Mary Jane Watson?"

"Yes and came over your face, bitch. Remember that."

Felicia scowled, the image of my cock in front of her face, the white cream
jetting over her features, across her lips and up her nose as I pulled free
from MJ's wonderfully clenching asshole. Huh, I love telepathy.

"So you're going to reunite me with your boy rapist, right?"

"Oh no," Wanda smiled before laughing. "I've got a far more stimulating
encounter arranged for you."

Calling upon her ever-growing mystic prowess, the Witch waved her hand
across the air in front of Felicia, an image forming before her eyes. I
could see a prison cell, small, cramped, with one table and a bed. But who
was the hulking black man lying on it?

"Holy s-shit..." Felicia murmured her voice breaking with some element of
fear. "Dennis Jackson!"

"That's right my dear," Wanda cheerily replied. "The most notorious serial
rapist in New York's history. Thanks to you he's four years into a life

"The whole city was looking for him. If it hadn't been me it would have
Spider-Man...or Daredevil!"

"Of course, but try telling him that. He still can't believe he was beaten
by a woman. A white woman no less."

"He's a fucking animal!" Felicia retorted, tears welling up in her eyes.

"Oooh yes," the Witch cooed, "His arrest report was fascinating. He'd fucked
his way through a mother and her three teenaged daughters before you stopped
him from raping her little 12-year-old niece. I don't think he was too happy
about that. Such stamina though...fucked through them all one after the
other while their mom watched... Swore something about giving you the same
treatment one day..."

"...but ten times worse," Felicia ended the quotation, shuddering at the
memory as the police had taken Jackson away. "So you're going to indulge
him...let him rape me in front of you, yes?"

"Oh no!" Wanda replied in mock shock. "How can it be rape if you're begging
for it?"

Wanda waved her arms dramatically, drawing upon her enhanced mystic powers
to warp space and carry both herself and Felicia across the city, deep into
the bowels of the Riker's Island penitentiary.

"I've arranged a little mystical privacy around Dennis's cell," explained
Wanda as she pushed Felicia ahead of her, the pair of them walking down the
gray corridor. "If any one checks on him, they'll just see him lying on his
bed. Saying that though, I daresay that they'd want a piece of your ass once
they see you with the bad boy...ah, here we are."

I could sense Felicia's blood run cold as she turned to face the barred
entrance to Jackson's cell. Wanda stood behind her, running her fingers
through the Black Cat's platinum mane, smiling as she produced a vial
containing my pre-cum.

"Dennis? I believe there's someone here who wants to meet you."

The vast black figure jumped up from his bed and turned to face the two
women, a slow, toothless smile crossing his face as he saw the Black Cat
right in front of him, his cock slowly rousing as he eyed Wanda's stockinged
legs and semi-exposed tit flesh.

"What do we have here?" he asked, his voice a low growl, his muscular frame
advancing to the barred door, Felicia backing into Wanda's unyielding body.
"A pair of white whores in need of black cock."

"Black Cat here is feeling real bad about the severity of your prison
sentence, Dennis," Wanda remarked, smiling at the serial rapist. "She's
heard that you haven't had a woman in four years. I think she wants to

"'Zat so?" Jackson pondered, realizing that the Witch wasn't going to let
him down. "I've had four long years to think about what I'd wanna do to this
fucking whore...give it to me!"

"Hmmmmm...okay, but we play this by the rules. I don't want Black Cat here
doing anything against her will... she's got to want it. It'll be my job to
make sure that she does."

I could see now where some of Wanda's research had gone--since the rapist
had greeted them with little surprise it was pretty evident that the Witch
had already visited once...

Wanda unstoppered the vial and coated her finger with my juices, before
quickly reaching forward and rubbing the pre-cum over Felicia's lips,
prodding into her mouth and rubbing more of the lust-inducing liquid onto
the tip of her tongue.

"My mouth...on fire!" Felicia wailed, her tongue snaking out to lick off the
cream, her hands coming up to wipe it off...but it was too late--the
super-absorbing fluids were in her system now.

"Show her that monster cock, Dennis," Wanda ordered, starting to move
forward, pushing Felicia towards the bars. "I think she's quite
hungry...make that ravenous!"

Felicia whimpered in fear as the rapist dropped his pants in front of her,
pulling out his black cock, fisting it into full erection before her eyes,
pulling back his foreskin just as a glob of his own pre-cum oozed from the
slit at the head of the glans. She turned to face Wanda, a mixture of fear
and growing arousal clouding her beautiful features.

"Please! Don't do this! My m-mouth...the burning!"

"Give into it, Felicia, I think we both know how you put the fire out."

Dennis was at the bars now, his large cock poking through just inches away
from the trembling Black Cat. Wanda applied the gentlest pressure to
Felicia's shoulders, pushing her down, expecting some resistance but smiling
broadly as she slumped down onto her knees quickly, her pouting lips now not
more than two inches away from the leaking cock-head in front of her.

"Suck it you fucking white whore!" shouted Dennis, desperately straining to
thrust more of his cock through the bars.

"Yes, suck it, Felicia," Wanda whispered, kneeling down and running her
fingertip over her prey's lips, wracking her body with the promise of
release from the terrible burning.

Felicia edged closer, her nose now able to smell the rank odor of Jackson's
cock, the aroma just adding to the heady feelings coursing through her mind
and body, her tongue beginning to snake out, slowly approaching the black
wet cock-head in front of her. The burning was replaced by a feeling of
sheer satisfaction as the tip of her tongue finally made contact with the
straining tip.

"Shit! Yes! YES!" screamed Jackson as Felicia moaned beneath him at the
feelings she experienced just from this tiny contact.

"Need...cock..." Felicia mumbled, eyes locked on the shaft, her hand slowly
coming up to massage his scrotum.

Eagerly her tongue shot out and began a more thorough exploration of
Jackson's cock-head, licking into the slit and bringing her burning lips to
bear against the shaft, taking the glans into her mouth and sucking
ferociously as more pre-cum oozed from the head.

"Yes, Felicia, yes..." Wanda sighed into her prey's ear, smearing more of my
juices onto her fingers and then wiping them across the Black Cat's cheeks.
The heroine squealed at the new burning sensations, pulling out the prick
from her mouth and rubbing it over the affected areas, giving into the
feelings even as her soul screamed out in despair.

"Gonna fuck you kitty bitch! Gonna fuck you good! Fuck your cunt! Fuck your
white titties! YES!"

Felicia learned quickly that more tongue work on the base of the glans gave
her more pre-cum and she soon returned to a regular rhythm, not knowing that
Jackson was fully intent on covering her with his cum. She gasped as she
felt the thick tool spasm in her mouth, pulse after pulse of thick warm
cream coating the roof of her oral cavity. She pulled back quickly, Wanda
jerking her face up by the chin as more streams of white jism landed on her
features, forming a sick white criss-crossing over her nose, cheeks, eyes
and chin. Felicia felt the burning abate as the cum soaked her skin, rubbing
her on-fire mouth over the ejaculating slit, drawing another gasp from
Jackson as more cream shot straight onto her pursed lips.

When it was over, Felicia collapsed into a fetal ball in front of Jackson,
Wanda alternately stroking her hair to comfort her and rubbing the thick cum
into her face until she slowly regained her composure, returning to her
kneeling position. Both the Witch and Jackson watched intently as a solitary
drip of cum traveled the length of Felicia's face, falling from her chin and
disappearing into her exposed cleavage. Wanda licked her lips as she leaned
forward and slowly began to pull away Felicia's costume away from her

"Yeah, show me those titties," Jackson demanded, hand returning to his cock,
pulling it back into erection with a savage fisting action. "Gonna fuck 'em
good... I already got another wad of my mess waiting for you sweetheart."

Tears welled up in Felicia's eyes as she sat still, allowing Wanda to
continue to slowly unclothe her, her stretch fabric costume slowly yielding
her fabulous tits to her rapist's rabid gaze.

"Fuck yeah!" exclaimed Jackson as he watched Felicia's plump mammaries spill
out from her costume. "They can't be real... can they?"

Felicia ignored the question until Wanda grabbed a handful of her blonde
hair, brutally pulling her head back.

"Answer him, slut!"

"Y-yes...it's all natural," Felicia confirmed, looking self-consciously at
her exposed breasts.

The Witch pushed her toy forwards, right against the harsh cold of the metal
bars that separated her from her rapist.

"Gotta suck those mamas..." Jackson murmured, eyes locked on the creamy
white mounds.

"Squeeze your bitch tits through the bars, Felicia. Let's give him what he

The width of the bars made the act difficult, but with some effort the Black
Cat was able to push one tit, then the other through. Jackson looked down on
the obscene display with relish, marveling at how the bars pushed Felicia's
assets together in a beautiful canyon of cleavage. Then he dropped down,
eyes level with his latest victim's, a look of savage, crazed lust meeting
her fearful gaze. He snaked one hand out and ran it over her tit, across her
nipple, pinching it brutally, Felicia barely containing a yelp of pain.
Wanda knelt behind her, pushing her harder against the bars, preventing her
retreat as the big black man tipped his head forward, Felicia desperate to
pull away as a white stream of spit escaped his mouth, landing with a small
splat on the proffered flesh. Jackson slowly lowered his head to her
proffered tit, simultaneously rubbing his saliva into her tit.

"Be brave," he hissed before burying his face in her breasts, seeking out
one nipple with his hand while his mouth closed in on the other, sucking
deeply on the little bud, covering it with a thick sheen of his saliva, his
tongue dancing around it. Felicia was unable to stop her nipples slowly
gaining erectness under the confident ministrations of the rapist.
Reluctantly he pulled himself away.

"You gotta 'ppreciate tits as sensitive as yours slut... gonna love this!"

He dived in again, sucking on the other nipple, his hand getting to work on
the first, kneading and pulling, the treatment getting more brutal with each
passing section, the air alive with the sound of sucking, slurping and
occasional gasps from between Felicia's gritted teeth.

Jackson revelled in the tit flesh available, feeding on his prey's mixture
of arousal and terror, before he bit down powerfully on her nipple, pulling
the other viciously and sighing as he heard the Black Cat's screams of pain.
Moving off the crown he bit deeply into her flesh, cock harder than ever as
he heard the shriek of agony, the salty taste of her blood coating his

He could feel her trying to pull away, fighting against Wanda who pushed her
against the bars remorselessly, her free hand pulling down on Felicia's jump
suit, a small hex power turning the material into a brittle facsimile of its
former self, pulling away easily until her beautiful buttocks were on full
display. Wanda appreciated Felicia's extra agony as her cunt was exposed to
the cool air and for a moment she simply watched as Jackson bit into her tit
flesh, digging deep with his teeth into her before returning to sucking her
nipples. The Witch pushed her hand between Felicia's legs, easily slipping a
finger knuckle-deep into her cunt, beginning a slow, rhythmic finger-fucking
that would only cease when her digit was replaced by a large black cock.

Jackson pulled free and surveyed his work. The Black Cat's tits were covered
in deep, bloody bite marks and he sniggered to himself at the savage goring.
He noted with pride that her nipples were in a state of full arousal and
this sent the black man crazy--drool literally spilt from the sides of his
mouth. The Witch noted this and once again covered her spare hand with a
small dosage of my pre-cum, rubbing it into the deepest recesses of
Felicia's tit cleavage, her breasts still pressed enticingly together
through the bars. The results were instant and remarkable.

"Fuck my fucking tits!" she squealed, rising up as far as possible on her
knees to bring her mammaries level with Jackson's cock. "Come on...do
it...fuck them babies...give me your fucking jiz you black fucker!"

I smiled along with Wanda is I reached into her mind and savored the sweet
moment of total debasement, where the needs of the body annihilate all good
common sense--the urge to fuck superseding all others.

Jackson, of course, was eager to comply, instantly coming forward to bury
his cock in the inviting cleavage, the sound of flesh hitting metal
repeatedly as Jackson fucked as deeply into the tit flesh as he could backed
by Felicia's lustful moans as her pre-cum sensitized skin thrilled with
pleasure at the feeling of cock rubbing over it. All the time the Black Cat
felt herself rising to orgasm, the insistent feeling of Wanda's insidious
finger in her cunt taking her ever onwards on the journey to bodily release.

Wanda placed her head on Felicia's shoulder, looking through the bars as she
saw the Cat's delicious, fuckable, yet thoroughly abused tit flesh being
used to bring pleasure to a convicted serial rapist. Thrilling as she saw
the look of sheer lust on her prey's face when she looked down to see the
black head pop up from her mountainous valley of cleavage. Felicia's hands
shot through the bars, kneading Jackson's buttocks and pushing his thrusting
hips deeper still into her cleavage whilst Wanda wet her index finger and
reached through the bars, wiping it gently over Jackson's piss slit whenever
it emerged from the Black Cat's flesh.

Now totally lost to the pleasure my pre-cum and Jackson's cock gave to her,
Felicia craved only two things: firstly her own orgasm, and secondly a load
of cum shot onto her burning breast flesh...and maybe over her face and in
her mouth--she didn't care any more. She just needed it. Badly. Her mind
screamed at her to stop, but the Black Cat found herself moving her hand
into Jackson's stinking ass crack, slowly, but insistently pushing her
finger into his asshole, moving deeper until she began the maddening massage
of his prostate.

"Hose me you big black fucker!" she screamed, arching her back, pushing more
tit through the bars, rubbing his little ass walnut ever quicker until she
felt the final tension build in his cock, the sudden pulse and then the
liquid heaven as the cum seeped into her skin, then erupted from the
trapping flesh, spraying over her face, up her nose and into her hair. As
the deluge began to back off, Felicia pulled her breasts back from the bars,
pushing Jackson's cock through them too, allowing her to extract more cream
with her burgeoning oral skills.

Finally, as the cream surges subsided, the Black Cat pulled her finger from
Jackson's ass and in full view of both the hated serial rapist and her own
magical seductress, licked the brown finger before sucking on it
deeply...just as the Witch brought her to her own shuddering climax. It was
the most powerful of her life, feeling Wanda's other hand join the first,
tweaking her clit expertly, not knowing that this finger was coated in the
remaining pre-cum which oozed over her cunt and was pushed inside by the
finger-fucking digit.

"I've gotta fuck...need a cock inside me so fucking badly..." she hissed,
bringing forth a huge smile from the rapist in the cell. "Gotta fuck this
nigger cock...fuck it!"

"Go inside Felicia," Wanda murmured in her ear, continuing her stroking of
the Cat's cunt, but slowly moving downwards, taking care to wipe my pre-cum
over her anus. "Go get fucked like the whore you are..."

Felicia stood unsteadily, the final remnants of her costume slipping away as
she reached out and opened the door. It had been unlocked all along.



I sat in the lounge, flicking through the latest morning edition of the
Daily Bugle. Since the Skrulls had been so easily defeated by the Avengers'
greatly inflated ranks, the papers had been somewhat bereft of news. Not so

The last few days had been greatly profitable. Phoenix and the White Queen
had almost tamed the black alien symbiotic lifeform that had previously
acted as Spider-Man's costume, and they had uncovered some incredible facts.
I would be able to wear the suit and gain vast superhuman strength,
resiliency and reflexes...along with a number of capabilities it had stolen
from the web-slinger's DNA whilst with him. My mind was alive with the
possibilities this suit would give me. I also wondered whether it would find
anything of interest in my own mutant genes. Maybe it was time to emerge
from the shadows and take a more direct approach to the apocalypse I knew my
Agenda would bring about.

My musings were cut short as the Scarlet Witch brought Felicia Hardy before
me. I had still not laid a finger on her since our delightful interlude with
Mary Jane Watson, but this morning I would "close in for the kill" as it
were, and finally turn her completely into the wanton whore I knew she was.
She looked very tired indeed, head bowed, stumbling slightly as she was led
into the room--a far cry from the lithe, elegant, agile figure she cast as
the Black Cat. She was clothed merely in a black, semitransparent negligee,
revealing her nipples through the material, barely long enough to cover her
pussy and ass.

"You," she stated simply, looking at me with an expression of contempt. "You
did this to me."

I nodded slowly, casting my mind back to the savagery that occurred when
Felicia had entered the prison cell. In her desire to calm the fires in her
pussy she had readily taken Jackson's cock and he'd viciously used her,
making her cum again and again as the pre-cum slowly bent her will towards
rampant submission and cock worship. But once the inferno had been put out,
there was nothing for Felicia to do apart from suffer as Jackson had
continued the abuse of her body--rape after rape until finally he spent his
last wad deep in her bowels, collapsing on top of her exhausted.

That was a couple of days ago...and Wanda had not been idle since.

"I know that you've been enjoying your little games with my Witch over the
last few days," I remarked, handing her the newspaper. "Maybe you should
take a look at what's happening in the real world."

Felicia slowly turned to the front-page headline: IDENTITY REVEALED. Two
pictures were printed beneath --the first showing her in full costume as the
Black Cat, the second a more revealing picture of Felicia in lingerie, taken
from the "photo-shoot".

She dropped the paper as she read the first line: "Today the Daily Bugle
exposes the 'super heroine' Black Cat as nymphomaniac porn model Felicia

She began to weep uncontrollably, head in her hands, as the full horror of
her submission finally dawned on her. I ignored the tears and stared
hungrily at her large tits and blonde bush of pubic hair, knowing that these
delights would soon be mine to enjoy. I made a mental note to thank Wanda
for healing her up so quickly... Felicia's body was as ripe as it was when I
first saw it, the brutal mauling of her tits completely invisible to the
naked eye.

"It's all...fucking lies!" I heard the Black Cat cry between the sobs.

"Is it really?" I questioned, pulling out an envelope of large prints.
"Maybe the Bugle also saw these pictures..."

Felicia looked up and rifled through the photographs...

The Black Cat in full costume being disrobed by a hulking bodybuilder (one
of the Enchantress' slaves and thus completely untraceable)... Felicia's
head thrown back in rapture as the man sucked deeply on her tits... A tongue
closing in on a wet, parted blonde cunt... A large cock-head springing forth
from the top of her cleavage, Felicia's hands pressing her mighty mammaries
together... Drool escaping from Felicia's mouth as it descended on a very
large, very angry looking penis... That same cock disappearing into her
cunt... The Black Cat's mouth wide open, tongue outstretched as white cum
spurted from the deep red cock head... Trails of thick white cum decorating
her face, leaking from her chin onto her tits, nipples fully aroused...

"Maybe that's why they called you a 'nymphomaniac porn model', Felicia... A
copy of these prints have already been dispatched to certain "top shelf"
publications. The whole world is going to appreciate the whore we're turning
you into."

Wanda sat on the arm of the chair and ran her fingers through Felicia's
hair. "Your resistance has been quite admirable, my dear, but I can tell
that seeing those photos is making you wet even now..."

"No!" Felicia exclaimed, trying unsuccessfully to pull herself away from

"Come on, my slut... I've done everything I wanted to do to you and you've
cum every time! You certainly didn't have many complaints when I licked you
out last night."

"Perhaps we should look at the final piece of evidence," I suggested,
picking up a remote and activating the VCR.

More tears streamed from Felicia's eyes as the video static gave way to an
image that sent extra urgency coursing through my cock--the Black Cat
pulling off her fur-lined costume to reveal her sizeable assets, lifting
each breast in turn and licking her own nipples seductively. Two men--one
black, one white--entered the scene quite naked, the white man zeroing in on
the tit meat on offer, the black man pulling off the rest of her costume
from behind her.

"I can see that Wanda had plenty of fun with you, Cat," I remarked, running
my hand over her exposed thigh, thrilling to the feeling of her flinching
away from my touch.

Felicia's eyes were locked onto the screen, watching with a mixture of
arousal and self-disgust as the camera zoomed back to show her clutching at
both her lovers' cocks, beginning a milking motion that quickly brought both
of them to full erection, increasing their urgency as the white man sucked
deeply on her other breast, leaving the other covered with the sheen of his
saliva, the black man kissing, nipping and sucking at her neck from behind.

The scene panned back, showing the three protagonists in this marvelous
piece of pornography continuing their play in what was obviously Felicia's
bedroom--the black cat motif was everywhere in this room--wallpaper,
curtains, cuddly toys, even her telephone was shaped like her feline

"The ultimate touch of authenticity," remarked Wanda hotly. "Reconstructing
Felicia's apartment in the X-Men's Danger Room, using Shi'ar imaging
technology to get a 3D recording which we can edit to our liking later. One
day all pornography will be made this way!"

Felicia closed her eyes as the view changed to her lying on the bed, head
propped up on her elbows as the camera zoomed in towards her face. The fully
erect white cock leaked its pre-cum juices as it approached her lips, the
Black Cat's tongue hanging out, darting forward to tease the tip of the
proffered cock as it approached her, a low moan escaping her as her lips
took the head into her mouth, her cheeks concave as she sucked heavily on
the meat, eyes shut in rapture.

Felicia seemed used to my hand stroking on her flesh, so I moved heavily
between her legs, caressing her inner thighs, triumphant as her legs slowly
began to part for me... I could feel the heat of her hot wet cunt on the
back of my hand as I rubbed her and noticed that her nipples now poked
through the flimsy material of her negligee, her arousal near total.

On-screen, her oral performance continued, Felicia's tongue emerging, its
tip running down the underside of her lover's shaft, the prick twitching at
the exquisite sensations she was engendering, the teasing continuing as she
ran her teeth over the head, burying the cock in her mouth again, swiveling
her head around the rock-hard intruder between her lips. She suddenly
lurched forwards, lips breaking free from the cock in front of her.

"Ah fuck...yes! Do it stud!" she cried, the camera panning back to show the
black man pushing his cock meat between her thighs and into her sopping
cunt, his hands resting on her hips as he drove into her.

Felicia was watching her performance again, my index finger now running up
and down the length of her slippery slit, then circling her clitoris,
feeling it respond to my touch. One of Wanda's hands was now unhooking the
strap of her negligee, moving inside to cup her tit-flesh, the Witch's lips
diving into the nape of her neck, Felicia arching her back at the arousal
flooding her body.

"Felicia Hardy...the Black Cat...getting spit-roasted," I spat, watching as
the camera zoomed back to show the former heroine being bucked between the
two men's sex thrusts. The white man now held her head steady as he sawed
his cock into Felicia's suctioning mouth, the video alive with the sound of
flesh hitting flesh and obscene slurping and sucking noises.

She moaned as I thrust another finger into her snatch, using my thumb to
massage her little clit from its hood, feeling her crotch thrust forcefully
into my hand as I continued her cuntal massage, thrilling to the sight of
the beautiful Witch release both of Felicia's mounds to my gaze, her mouth
locked on to her right nipple, whilst the other was savagely pinched. The
Black Cat screamed her acquiescence as she encountered her first orgasm, her
eyes locked on the video screen where her on-screen persona reached a
similar peak... her mouth broke off from the white cock, her head tipped
back in rapture as she came, her hand subconsciously pumping on the prick in
front of her until it sprung its orgasmic fluids over her chin, across her
lips and at its zenith over her forehead, where it leaked into her eye

Brutal groans from behind her quickly followed, the black man pulling his
cock out her cunt, using his fingers to part her cleft, where he came
suddenly and violently over the pucker of her asshole, the small hole
winking as the drips passed over it.

I turned the video off for the moment, turning to face Felicia, still
panting heavily after her climax. I smiled at her shame, at her complete
despair. She knew now that she no longer had control over her body... and
that soon I would be in her mind, forcing her to perform to reach that
orgasmic high again.

"I... I-I'm a..." she stuttered, not able to look me in the eye.

"Tell me what you are, Felicia. Tell me," I urged, pulling her chin up so
that she could not avoid my piercing gaze.

"I'm...a...fucking slut," she whispered defiantly. "I need to cum...cum

I could feel her submission telepathically, the final degradation being to
force her to watch a pornographic movie in which she was the star--a hot
bitch that men all over the world would soon be jerking off to.

"That's very good Felicia, I am impressed with your performance...both
on-screen and off it. But I think you might be just play-acting," I lied,
knowing full well that I was now using her submission as further torture.

"Fuck me and I'll prove just how hot I am for you... I'll do anything for
your cock."

"You really should have gone into adult movies sooner, slut," I wound
forward the video tape and pressed 'play', the black screen clearing to show
another of the Enchantress' muscle-bound slaves, this time tied to a chair
in Felicia's kitchen, gagged.

The Black Cat herself was now dressed in a cut-away version of her costume,
legs and hips displayed, her cunt covered with a thong alone, lots more
cleavage revealed inside the fur-lining. Only her facemask remained
unchanged. Finishing off the slutty super-heroine look was the addition of
high-heel shoes, the Cat slowly gyrating in front of the bound man, her
hands roaming over her generous curves, slowly beginning the strip, bringing
about a prick-tent in his pants which she casually caressed as the clothing
slowly began to desert her body.

"I can't watch this any more," Felicia gasped, more primal urges flooding
through her body. "I just wanna fuck so bad...give it to me, please!"

Her on-screen persona had now revealed her breasts to the bound man's
ravenous gaze and took great pleasure in running her erect nipples over his
face, around his mouth and over his chest before she turned around and
pulled the lingerie away from her cunt, revealing its beauty to the man as
she turned and smiled at him--the smile of a sex-crazed, cock-teasing slut.
Pulling her ass cheeks apart, the man gasped as her anus came into full
view, the man reaching as far forward in his chair as possible, seeking to
bury his face in the buttock cleavage in front of him.

Felicia pulled away and turned around, crouching over, rubbing her hand over
his trapped cock, enjoying the torturous expression on the man's face as his
prick strained against the constraining material. She pulled his zip down
very slowly, so slowly that the man's hips were thrusting even before his
meat was released.

My own cock sympathized and I couldn't help but sigh as Felicia repeated
with me what she had done with the man on the video, slowly pulling my own
zip down until my prick sprang free. I could feel her hot breath as her head
descended, a large gob of her saliva hitting the exposed head before it was
engulfed by her mouth, her tongue instantly springing into life, teasing my
slit with the feather-like touch that was the trademark of a truly gifted

"Make me hard, Felicia," I demanded, pushing her head further down into my
lap, her sucking mouth accepting as much of my length as I pushed into her,
the warm wetness sheer heaven as I felt the inevitable surge of pre-cum
gather at the root of my prick.

I made her work for it before I eventually began to ooze the clear liquid
into her clenching mouth, forcing her to coax it from me by pushing ever
downwards, until I felt my cock rub against the back of her throat, the
bitch effectively controlling her gag reflex, yet not completely deep
throating me. It was enough to send the pulses of the fluid deep into her
throat and through the haze of fuck-lust I smiled at the thought of my
pre-cum leaking into her throat.

The desired effect took place fairly quickly, as Felicia pulled herself from
my cock looking at me, then glancing down at the clear fluid still pulsing
from my cock-slit. Her hands reached up and ran their way along her throat.

"My...burning...throat..." she hissed, eyes wide with alarm.

"You know what needs to be done to quell the burning, slut," I laughed. "Get
my cock down your throat now!"

Felicia left the couch and crouched on all fours before me, eyes locked on
my prick before beginning the ultimate oral violation, the Black Cat sucking
more of me inside of her until once again I felt the beautiful sensation of
cock hitting the back of her mouth, and slowly, ever-so-slowly, the
constricting feeling of her throat as my pole forced its way down.

Wanda moved behind her, drawn to the enviable sight of her arched back and
perfect, toned buttocks, leaning over and running her tongue over one of her
ass cheeks before she parted them and delicately ran her tongue around the
rim of Felicia's crinkled anus, before her attention switched to her
beautiful, soaking snatch, the unhooded clit an easy target for Wanda's
questing tongue.

The Black Cat was clearly a natural at this whorish activity--her throat
wrapped itself around my cock like a tight glove, the wonderful sensations
as she swallowed around it quite superlative, the maddening itch slowly
subsiding as my cock rubbed against the inside of her squeezing tube. She
panted heavily at the lack of air, her face turning blue as she sought to
quench the fire with my prick, her efforts finally paying off as I hit my
first climax, rope after rope of my thick seed propelled directly down her
throat and into her stomach.

She pulled back, doubled over, gasping for air...just as her cuntal climax
swept over her, the sluttish ex-heroine unable to catch her breath as more
raptures coursed their way through her unprepared body. Telepathically, I
could sense that this climax was one of the most powerful she had ever
experienced--even whilst she had been in the care of the Scarlet Witch. When
the climax finally subsided, Felicia collapsed to the ground, still gasping
deep whooping breaths.

Of course, I'd heard about the heightened orgasmic sensation that oxygen
deprivation could bring about. Auto-erotic asphyxiation was just too
dangerous a pastime for me to even consider, but having now witnessed what
it could do in just a small way with Felicia Hardy... I let my mind wander
as the two women slowly recovered and continued watching the Black Cat's
first excursion into the business of hardcore pornography.

By now Felicia was completely naked on-screen, riding her bound lover hard,
his cock firmly wedged in her clenching shit-pipe, the guy screaming in
ecstasy as my newest whore bounced up and down on him, her little ass
muscles no doubt squeezing him hard beneath. She sure put on a great show,
keeping her tits firmly pointed forwards, the delicious mounds like two
massive scoops of Jell-O dessert, springing up and down as she fucked hell
out of the Enchantress's slave. She was good. Very good.

I turned the video off once my mind was completely made up...giving Wanda a
telepathic command indicating that I was ready to give Felicia the final
bonding treatment that would forever bind her to her new life as a
cock-hungry, cunt-lapping whore.

"Are you ready for your final submission, my slut?" I asked, pulling Felicia
to her feet. "Are you ready for your bitch cunt to feel man-seed unlike any

Felicia nodded slowly...through telepathy I could feel the small part of her
heroic soul screaming violently in opposition, demanding to be set free from
the whorish prison that Wanda and I had locked her in. She was too far down
the path to sexual evil now to go back. Now I would make sure of it.

"Turn to me, Felicia," Wanda demanded, bring up both of her hands to cup
Felicia's tits, rubbing them slowly. "The master employed the use of arcane
sexual arts to bring me under his power...skills that I have either absorbed
from the slut-slave who transformed me...or magical powers that I myself
have developed."

Felicia gulped, audibly airing her anxiety about the ordeal that awaited
her. Quietly, in the background, I removed my clothes, awaiting the time
when the Black Cat would lovingly take my cock cream and bind herself to my
lusts forever.

"The final stage of your bonding requires that I use these arts to prepare
you for your final submission."

The Black Cat nodded slowly, uncertain of what was to occur, even as Wanda's
eyes closed, her lids flickering with concentration as she drew upon the
mystic arts at her disposal. The first thing Felicia noticed was a sudden
series of wriggling sensations on her breasts, where Wanda's hands remained
in contact.

I sensed the sudden outletting of Wanda's restrained sexual magic, Felicia
screaming in disbelief and shock as the Witch pulled her hands away,
revealing that the Cat's breasts were covered in maggots, biting their way
into her skin and slowly burrowing into her flesh. Felicia realized that she
should have felt some kind of excruciating agony, but it wasn't so--in fact
she experienced a mild euphoria followed by a sheer dark cloud of lust
seemingly biting into and consuming her soul. Looking down she saw the small
movements of the maggots under her skin, before they broke down into their
constituent magical energies--Wanda's own dark lusts slowly burrowing into
Felicia's soul forever changing her into the whore we knew she should be.

The Witch continued the treatment, rubbing herself into the Black Cat's
cunt, laughing viciously as the maggots burrowed into Felicia's womanhood,
the final violation coming as Wanda frenched her victim deeply, her tongue
poking more of the lust maggots into her prey, my own thoughts taken up with
the satisfying mental images of the old Black Cat drowning in a sea of dark
desires, the new, lust-obsessed Felicia Hardy, prostitute and porn actress
emerging to fuck her way through the rest of her natural life.

Wanda smiled when I telepathically communicated her final orders, watching
the final wave of terrible lust-driven desires wash over my new whore as the
maggots broke down in her mouth and pussy. I always enjoyed this part--the
precious moments where the past virtues are cast aside in favor of my own
vision of female sexuality.

The new Black Cat swayed her hips seductively as she walked towards me,
straddling my face with her cunt...so close that I could see the moisture
gather at her slit, then escape to wet the top of her thighs. Her aromas
were deep and musky. This I would enjoy. I pushed her back slightly and
stood, facing her, eye to eye.

"Usually I like to enjoy final submission with a deep, long fuck... but if I
did that with you, I fear you wouldn't survive the exercise."

"Try me."

"I don't think you understand. You see, Felicia, moments ago you
demonstrated to me the sheer high of oxygen-deprived climax... this time
you're going to go through it all again, but combined with the orgasmic
incentives of my cock cream, it will finally serve to silence the inner
voice of your old, heroic self... I'm going to fuck you, Felicia, and I
recommend you put as much effort as possible into fucking me back and making
me cum."

"Just get your cock inside me... let me do the rest."

"You'd better have the ability to match your confidence Felicia... or you'll
be unconscious in three minutes. Dead in under ten."

Felicia prepared by taking deep breaths as my cock hardened at the total
mind-fuck I knew she was about to receive. I considered adapting the
technique to take care of any super heroine sluts I wanted to eliminate...
whereas Felicia had a way out, they would not... All the while, Wanda was
preparing the hex that would kick in on my new whore as soon as my cock
disappeared into the silky depths of Felicia's drenched cunt.

We relocated to the bedroom for Felicia's initiation. The final submission
began with a long, smoldering kiss, my tongue exploring Felicia's mouth,
hers circling mine, before diving into my oral cavity, running across the
back of my teeth. My cock grazed her engorged clit as our bodies molded
together, the Black Cat falling backwards onto my bed, my body still pressed
hard against hers. Almost subconsciously, my prick eased its way into her
tight pussy, my first deep thrust into her met with a strangled gasp as
Wanda's probability hex took effect, the Black Cat gasping for air that she
could simply no longer breathe.

I took no pleasure in her predicament, merely allowing my own driving lusts
to take over as I pounded relentlessly into the whore's tight cunt, her
inner lips clinging to my cock on the outstroke, her hips feverishly fucking
back at me in an attempt to heighten the sensations that ran through her
body. Telepathically I sensed everything.

In the first minute or so of our fuck, she remained in control, using every
little pussy trick to send more sensation through my prick, urging us both
ever closer to orgasm. I gave into my lusts, biting, nipping and caressing
every part of Felicia's flesh that came to hand... or mouth, immersing
myself completely in this fantastic example of womanhood, now fighting for
her life... a life as my slave-slut. I upped the tempo of my fucking,
feeling her respond in kind.

Two minutes in now and time was running out for her. I needed to be more
brutal to bring us both off and to keep her concentration on the act at
hand, and through the telepathic link I could sense that it was paying off.
The rising crescendo of climax was beckoning to both of us, but for Felicia
the experience was backed with an indescribable edge as adrenaline forced
its way through her, her eyes starting to bulge, her skin turning blue as
the oxygen-deprivation began to show.

Just into the third minute, our frenzied fucking reached its zenith, Felicia
climaxing madly on my pole, convulsing like no woman before her ever had on
my cock, literally drenching my prick and scrotum with her love juices,
gasping and whooping deeply as I continued sawing into her, the almost
spastic convulsions of her pussy on my prick finally causing the
conditioning cream to surge from my tortured nuts, shooting deep into my new
whore, forever changing her, molding her to my fuck lusts.

"Now then..." huffed the wheezing Felicia Hardy moments later, her mind
slowly recovering from the massive fuck-surge I'd brought about. "Any chance
of that long, deep fuck?"

My cock jerked back into life as her head dipped down to blow new life into

I'd gained my satisfaction, but something did not feel right. I could not
explain it. There was just something... wrong... about my fucking her. Sure
I'd enjoyed it... but, well, taking her friend Mary Jane had just seemed a
whole lot more satisfying in a different kind of way. Was Wanda right? Was I
'going soft'? Maybe I was just growing bored of wearing these bitches down
before getting my way with them. I couldn't really guess either way to be

Later on that evening I looked over the Avengers files that Wanda had
obtained for me. Within my hands was the power to take down any one of the
world's so-called "mightiest heroes." With the alien suit under my
telepathic control there would be no end to the power at my control. I felt
the required surge of excitement course through me as the perfect victim for
my soon-to-be-acquired powers flashed up on the computer screen.

I hurried away to the science labs deep in the bowels of the Bedford Towers,
leaving the computer open on the file of Warbird, the erstwhile Ms.
Marvel... an impossibly tall, classically beautiful, blonde-maned woman,
dressed in her spray on costume... clothing I looked forward to ripping off
of her after I'd beaten the resistance out of her. And then, I would have



The power that flooded over me as the ebony lifeform seemingly consumed my
body was beyond comprehension. My own mutant powers, despite their physical
manifestations, held nothing compared to the sudden rush of energy that
coursed through my body as the alien symbiote lent its own might to my
relatively weak and feeble form.

I spent a good few hours under Phoenix's supervision, making sure that the
alien did not attempt to possess my body in the same way that it had tried
to just prior to its separation from Spider-Man. However, my telepath
bitches had done their job well and what conscious thoughts this creature
may have had were successfully quieted, leaving just the physical benefits
of the suit available for my own ends.

With the combined technology of the Fantastic Four and the X-Men at my
command, it was an easy matter to hack our ways into the classified Avengers
records, and this information, coupled with Wanda's knowledge and files made
it a simple matter to track down my next victim--Warbird, the former Ms.
Marvel, aka Carol Danvers.

The last entry in the Avengers records had mentioned that she had been
demoted from active duty and sent home following the revelation that she had
an alcohol problem, coupled with a gradual loss of her powers of flight and
enhanced strength. From there it had been a fairly simple to track her down
to a small bar just a couple of miles away from her parents' home.

And there she was now, in a quiet booth, taking generous swigs from a full
tumbler of scotch, the half-empty bottle standing on the table in front of
her. I wondered just how much booze it would take to get a superhuman
drunk... despite her already prodigious intake she seemed to be fairly
sober. Before my eyes she sank a double in one gulp, reaching with a firm
hand for the bottle to refill her glass.

"Ms. Danvers? Carol Danvers?" I asked, taking her attention from her drink
for just a moment.

"Yeah, who wants to know?" she replied--testy, but not drunk.

"May I join you? I have some...information on a certain Wanda Maximoff."

"Wanda! She's been missing for a couple of weeks now..."

I took that for a 'yes' and sat in the booth across from her, eyeing her up.
Carol Danvers was an exceptional looking bitch. Long, flowing blonde hair in
a ponytail, chiseled cheek bones, and piercing blue eyes. The curves I knew
she had as Warbird were hidden under a pair of Levi's and a baggy USAF

I dispatched micro-thin elements of the alien costume under the table,
allowing them to pierce her clothing, to begin a sensual caressing of her
inner cunt, her tits and her thighs, barely noticeable, totally
invisible--just enough to get her in the mood when carried out
simultaneously on all those areas of her body.

"Wanda is alive and well, but she's not the Scarlet Witch you once knew," I
stated, handing her a picture of the Witch in her new costume, at the same
time sending another black alien tendril under the table.

"Holy..." Carol stared at the photograph. "How did you get this? Where was
it taken?"

"It was taken in the Bedford Towers in New York and I got it... well, I got
it because I took the picture. The Scarlet Witch is dead, Carol. Wanda is
now just another of my fuck sluts... just as you will be."

"Is this some kind of sick joke?" Carol asked, nonplussed. "What the fuck
are you on?"

"This is no joke," I replied calmly. "Perhaps some more evidence?"

I produced a picture of a fully costumed Black Cat fellating me eagerly.

"Wanda took that pic... she's quite a talent, not just as a fantastic lay.
All of you bitches are in line for the same treatment, Warbird... Now it's
your turn."

"You...you know who I am?"

"Of course I do...but I can see that you need more convincing."

The black alien tendril reached the nape of her neck, biting into it
savagely, the black costume taking control of Carol's spinal column. She
yelped in pain as the razor teeth bit into her.

"What have you done to me?"

"It's very simple, bitch. I've pretty much severed your brain's connection
with your body. You are quite paralyzed... In fact, I could play your body
like a musical instrument right now if I wanted to."

More of the alien substance oozed between us as I slowly increased the
volume of the micro-thin tentacles that were rhythmically rubbing her tits,
legs and cunt. The sensations moved from being barely noticeable to
unavoidable. I chuckled as she whimpered, her sexual heat building in her
paralyzed body.

Almost as a celebration I picked up her glass of whiskey and took a big gulp
as her eyes closed and she strained against the feelings of lust I poured
into her body.

For me the feeling was strange. Despite being a few feet away from her I
could feel the sensation of her spasming cunt as I ploughed the alien
tentacle deep inside of her. I could sense her nipples engorge themselves as
the tendrils got to work beneath her sweatshirt. I grinned in satisfaction
as her limp body convulsed at the sexual sensations I sent rampaging through
her. The whimpering gave way to gasps and moans.

"You...you fucking..." she hissed between clenched teeth.

"Would you like to cum, Carol?" I asked, her rhythmic mewing like music to
my ears. "Would you like to give yourself to me like Wanda and all the


"Okay then, that's fine."

I pulled back the tentacles to my own body, allowing her control again.
Instantly she leaped forward, but it was a wasted effort--with the enhanced
strength the costume provided me with, it was an easy matter to push her
back into the corner of the booth.

"What do you want with me?" she asked angrily, bursting to escape from my

"Of course I want to enjoy your body, Carol," I replied earnestly. "And
there's nothing I enjoy more than a mature woman with a superhuman physique
begging for my cock... but I want your submission to be interesting."

"Just cut to the chase, you fucking pervert!"

"Fucking Carol Danvers has little interest for me... I want you as
Warbird...your powers pitted against my own."

"You'd give me a fair fight?" she asked incredulously. "You--a
nobody--really think you stand a chance against an Avenger?"

"You bet," I replied, pushing my hand beneath her sweatshirt and massaging
the bare breasts beneath, enjoying her struggles as I molested her without
mercy. "To the victor, the spoils."

Carol agreed, taking us to a condemned building a few hundred yards from the
bar... Evidently she wanted to cut loose with her powers, without the risk
of innocent bystanders coming to any harm. This was fine for me too--no
witnesses as I raped the hell out of this pompous slut.

"You're going to regret fucking with an Avenger," Carol spat in rage, her
costume slowly materialising in place of the jeans and sweatshirt even as my
own clothing changed into a simple, black all-over body suit.

"Tell that to my fuck slave Wanda," I smiled, knowing the response it would
bring, my eyes darting over the expanse of flesh her costume allowed me to
see, the black skin-tight costume driving me crazy with arousal as my eyes
locked onto the contained, massive mammaries she possessed. The sash,
similar to Phoenix's, in no way preventing me from enjoying her perfect

Warbird leapt at me in rage, the blow catching me in the stomach, but
amazingly, despite me feeling the force of the attack, I felt no pain or
discomfort. The costume had easily absorbed her effort and I just stood
there, completely unaffected, as blow after blow hit home. She was mine now.
I knew it.

It was time to test the effectiveness of my own strength. I put all my power
into one punch, sending Warbird flying clean through a brick wall. I walked
over to her stricken form, watching her pull herself from the bricks and
general debris.

"I know all about your powers failing, my dear. That's why you're such a
perfect victim."

She leapt at me again, pounding her fists on my chests with all her might,
each blow less powerful than the last. I put an end to her efforts by
reaching forwards, ripping open her black top, watching hungrily as her
large, pert titties spilt out into the open air.

"No!" she screamed, backing off, covering her breasts with her hands.

"You know the agreement bitch...winner takes all."

I stood over her, using my feet to push her arms away from her tits,
allowing my evil lusts to manifest themselves as I stared at her breasts,
knowing they were now my property. My cock leapt into life, blood shooting
through the erectile tissue, a vast black hard-on taking shape before
Carol's saucer eyes. The black costume stuck to it like a skin-tight sheath,
a small opening at the end allowing my pre-cum to drip freely onto my new
slave's exposed breasts, causing her to instinctively massage it into her

"Very good, slave."

I thrilled to the sound of her costume splitting as alien tentacles shot out
from my body and attacked her, baring her crotch to me, leaving just her
small eye mask in place as any evidence of her super heroine identity, the
rest of her uniform clinging to her in tatters. The same tentacles yanked
her savagely from the ground, bringing her eye-level with the vast ebony
cock in front of her. It seemed as though the costume had managed to expand
the length of my prick and I enjoyed the look of shock in Carol's eyes as
the tentacles forced her hands to encircle the dark monster between my legs,
the veins throbbing with lust before her.

"Do it, Warbird!" I commanded, feeling her hands cautiously begin to jack me
off, pre-cum shooting freely into her face as she did so, the muscles of my
cock superhumanly enhanced by the costume...another benefit I would have to
investigate. There seemed to be no drawbacks--despite the covering on my
cock, I could feel her just as intensely as I would were my prick not
covered in the alien being.

Warbird's hands became more confident, her mouth open as moans escaped her,
tentacles from my costume now disappearing into her cunt and rubbing over
her breasts, worrying her nipples into erection before pulling on them

A few moments later I could sense the first orgasm forming a knot in my
balls, the pressure incredible as Carol's hands were now a blur on my cock,
her own submission drawing closer as the alien ransacked her tits, cunt and
now asshole. The need to spray grew more intense, more powerful, until
finally the black alien goo forced her mouth level with my cock, jamming it
open as jet after jet of my white cream blasted forth into her, her tongue
reaching out to flick the underside of my cockhead--more cream shooting out
at the added stimulation. The alien tendrils drew back, and telepathically I
could sense Warbird's own need for release, like a siren call beckoning my
cock to ransack her weeping snatch.

As I released her, I smiled in malicious joy as she quickly moved to wipe my
ejaculate from her face in disgust, succeeding only in smearing it into
those delicious features, sudden feelings of desire flooding all the more
through her as performed the act, moving her cum-covered hands onto her
tits, allowing her heaving breasts to benefit from the same satisfaction as
my cream was rubbed into her skin.

"That's it, my slut, rub it in completely. Give yourself to me totally."

Her hands were still covered in a sheen of my juices, and I watched with
relish as her fingers moved lower and lower, past her superbly muscled torso
and deep into the valley between her thighs, the domain of her beautiful
blonde-furred cunt.

"Touch yourself with my essence, slut," I commanded, watching intently as
she did my bidding, her cry of ecstasy as she rubbed herself with my cream
quite wonderful to hear.

I could feel more urgency shoot into my prick as Warbird gyrated on the
floor in front of me, masturbating herself towards her most ecstatic orgasm
with the aid of my mind-deadening fuck juices. I could see her trembling,
sensing her oncoming climax...a release I postponed by pulling her to her
feet, slamming her against the crumbling wall in the condemned building, and
easily parting her legs, forcing myself between them with ridiculous ease.
My black-coated cock pressed into her moist labia, smaller tendrils breaking
off to attack her clitoris directly even as my prick pushed into her hole.
Her head shot back in rapture as I took her, my gaze rapt on her wonderfully
parted lips, issuing moan after moan of sexual acquiescence. I moved to kiss
her, feeling the alien wrap itself around my tongue, shaped by my desire as
I frenched her, feeling her quake beneath me as my alien-coated tongue took
shape as another smaller prick that instantly thrust its way into her mouth.
Lost in sensation she sucked deeply, the vibrations of her moans on my
'tongue' exquisite as I now slid into two of her orifices, pistoning in
sequence into each.

I felt her orgasm draw closer again...and this time I allowed it to
continue, heightening her pleasure by bringing huge gobs of the alien ooze
over each of her mammoth tits, attacking her nerves with a rapture that only
the alien could produce, bringing her to the edge...just before another
penis-shaped tendril thrust savagely into her asshole, pushing deeply into
her and setting her off like a firecracker, feeling her scream around the
alien cock I'd been plundering her mouth with as her body convulsed in
orgasmic abandon.

I thrust into her again and again, feeling the power of the alien's
superhuman strength flow through me, allowing myself to direct it all at
Warbird's superhuman physique, knowing she could take it all. Finally, her
suctioning cunt was too much and I pushed into her with all my might,
sending us through the brick wall in one show of incredible strength, the
impact of landing giving me the final thrill required to spill my cock-seed
deep into her cunt and into her womb, our bodies still locked together via
the alien being.

"I'm going to enjoy your calling me 'master'," I hissed, one final thrust
sending a small gob of cum into her cunt. "And I'm going to equally enjoy
having you whenever I please...or maybe I'll make you whore for me. For now.
For ever!"

"No..." she whispered, desperately trying to get her breath back, struggling
to remain conscious. "I don't know how you've done this to me, but I'm an
Avenger...and I'll never yield."

It was her last act of defiance before she blacked out. I merely smiled at
the challenge.


Warbird regained consciousness slowly, her lids heavy as she slowly rose to
get her bearings. After she passed out beneath me it had been no problem to
bring her back to the Bedford Towers, the only dilemma facing me being what
exactly I could do with her. During the decision making process, I returned
the alien costume to its sonic cage. It had given me physical power beyond
all reckoning, but I could not afford to neglect the dangers it represented.
Besides I had power enough without it for this part of the Agenda.

Remembering the difficulties I had experienced addicting Rogue to my cum, it
made sense that someone in the same power league would also exhibit similar
traits. So I decided that I would allow Malice to have some fun on the new
arrival before I destroyed her.

In my astral form I watched as Carol slowly rose from the four-poster bed I
had set her down upon, still clad in the rags of her uniform, not bothering
to clean my juices from her. I wanted her to know that she had been taken by
force. I wanted my sperm to coat her. I wanted her to know that she had
experienced her most powerful orgasms in my clutches.

"You were out for less than half an hour, Warbird," Malice stated, emerging
from the shadows to sit on the side of the bed.

"Y-you...you're Susan Richards," Carol stuttered, unable to comprehend just
how much the famed Invisible Woman had changed after I had taken all meaning
from her life.

Malice had dressed to make it perfectly clear that she wasn't the woman that
she once was. Thigh length boots and a one piece rubber dress that
emphasized her curves were all that she wore, bar her trademark studded dog

"I haven't been Susan for quite some while," Malice replied, smiling thinly
and running her tongue over her lips. "I am Malice. I like to fuck."

"Oh my god...it's true...he really has made slaves of us all! Am I the only
one to resist?"

Malice laughed, a bitter, evil cackle of evil mirth.

"Your superhuman physique gives you more protection, granted, but I think
the fact that Rogue now begs him for his cum shows that you have little
chance of avoiding your fate... Especially when I'm preparing you for him."

"You?" Carol exclaimed.

"God yes...it's a shame you didn't arrive earlier. I would've enjoyed
licking up the master's cum...then squirting it down your throat. But I
think I can think of other more interesting diversions any way."

Warbird yelped as an invisible force field slammed her back down onto the
bed, forcing her arms and legs into a spread eagle position, another field
stretching out from her body to shred the remnants of her costume. She
struggled valiantly against the onslaught with all of her might, not knowing
that my mental powers had stripped her of her inhuman strength during her
little nap.

Malice lay on the bed next to Carol, head propped up by her hand, idly
caressing the heroine's prone nakedness with her free hand, appreciating the
voluptuous feminine beauty that Warbird possessed.

"Such a beautiful bitch... I can't say that I've ever felt up a body with
superhuman strength...the resiliency of your flesh is everything the master
said it would be."

She sighed as she cupped and caressed Warbird's vast breasts, running her
fingers over the nipples, savoring her fear and anxiety as her chest rose
and fell quickly, her breath ragged. Malice's mind concentrated on bringing
her most subtle force fields into play, sending feather-like sensations
flowing over her clitoris, bringing small whimpers of pleasure from Carol's

"Resist all you want, my dear," Malice smirked. "My control over your clit
is total... my force fields allow me to give you sensations you've never
experienced before. You'll love it."

Carol convulsed as the evil dominatrix began to take control of her body. I
could sense her total concentration, her mind fixated on her clitoris,
sending waves of pleasure along its length, coaxing it from its hood than
using her cosmic ray spawned powers to effectively masturbate it
rhythmically. Malice smiled as Warbird edged towards her orgasmic
precipice...then left her, withdrawing her hands from her breasts and
ceasing all stimulation, watching in perverse joy as Carol desperately
sought to break free from her invisible bonds.

"Come on..." she hissed, eyes locked on Malice's. "Finish the job, bitch! Do

"Do what?" urged Malice, a lecherous, evil smile twisting her features.

"F-fuck me! Fuck my cunt!"

Malice considered the request for a moment, drinking in the need in Carol's
eyes, knowing full well that her new toy was well on the way on sexual
enslavement. Even before she responded, she began to form the intricate
force fields that sprung from deep within her own snatch, propelled outwards
to form an invisible prick. She retrieved a small pot from beneath the bed,
then stood, towering over Carol's imprisoned form, legs outstretched,
casually disposing of the one-piece rubber mini-dress with one explosive
force of invisible power.

Malice smiled at the expression of amazement on Warbird's features as she
tipped the gelatinous, clear lubricant from the pot over her invisible cock,
watching the jutting shape appear before her prey.

"I'll fuck you, slave," she remarked calmly. "But I'm going to do you like a

Globs of the lubricant dropped from Malice's invisible cock, landing with a
small smack on Warbird's exposed flesh, the evil dark angel slowly
descending onto her knees, resting her palms on Carol's inner thighs,
pushing them apart to expose her moist, parted labia.

"That's it, bitch, show me your pink," she sighed, watching Carol's snatch
open before her. "Hmmm, looks fucking delicious."

Warbird could only lie back and sigh as Malice drew her mouth level with
Carol's pussy, slowly extending her pierced tongue, running it slowly in
circles around her erect clitoris, adapting her force fields to provide
counter-stimulation to her tongue, bathing the little bud in sensations that
speared their way through Carol's consciousness.

Smiling at the whimpers and gasps, Malice continued a descent downwards,
until her tongue was pushing deeply into Warbird's juicing cunt. In a warped
twist to her original plan, Malice added a long, probing force field to her
tongue and used it to push deeper into Carol's clenching pussy, moaning
deeply as her lips and tongue were smeared with her girl cum.

"M-make...me...cum!" screamed Carol as Malice upped the speed of her tongue
fuck, cooing in delight as Warbird crossed the limit of her endurance,
shouting loudly as she came, Malice delighting in the juices that flowed
freely from the cunt in front of her, rubbing her face into them freely.

"Now it's my turn."

Malice slid her body slowly, sensuously, over Warbird's inner legs, making
sure to catch her prey's clitoris on her nipple ring as her sizeable mounds
of breast flesh were captured between the Avenger's thighs. Soon they lay
face to face, breast to breast, looking into each other's eyes with a
fierceness of emotion that almost sang to me telepathically. I knew now that
the woman that was Carol Danvers had been ensnared by Malice's spell. I was
slightly surprised that my dark angel had not used her trademark powers of
sexual torture on our latest toy, but quickly realized that the ex-Invisible
Woman had little chance of making any kind of dent in that superhuman
physique without hurting Warbird internally with her invisible force fields.

I languished for a while in Warbird's mind, sensing her total submission to
Malice, feeling her cunt tense with anticipation as she felt the smooth, wet
connection of my dark angel's force field cock rubbing slowly over her
soaking wet hole, the lubricant turning the juncture of her legs into a wet
wonderland which would soon be plundered mercilessly.

Carol closed her eyes and opened her lips, turning her face to enmesh Malice
in a long, soul-searching kiss as the dominating blonde forced her tongue
into Warbird's mouth, simultaneously pushing her invisible intruder deep
into her pussy, the force field adapting as it forced its way in, small
fingers shooting out from the main length in order to caress the walls of
her cunt and push back the inner lips, helping facilitate the penetration.

I could sense the total feeling of abandonment in Carol's mind as she was
swept away by the urge to fuck--an urge I had planted inside of her the
first time I fired my spunk down into her gullet... I stood back and watched
the action in my astral form, my gaze fixed on Malice's pistoning buttocks
sending her force field tool deep into Carol's depths, each thrust producing
an animalistic grunt from my dark angel and a higher pitched squeal from the
trapped heroine. I marveled at Malice's invention as I stared into her mind.
Her "cock" was more than just another invisible force field--she had spent a
long time refining it, allowing sensation and feedback to spread back from
the field and deep into her own snatch. Effectively she felt as a man would
as she fucked deeply into her slave. How innovative.

Watching the scene unfold I sensed that both women were building up to their
highs. Malice had loosened Carol's bonds and now had an arm under her,
forcing her torso up slightly, allowing my dark angel to draw her closer,
her lips next to Warbird's ear.

"Come on, bitch, come for me...do it...you must...I command it... Surrender
your cunt to me... Come you fucking slut!"

And she did. Hard. Carol screamed, arching her back, pushing both women off
the mattress, as Warbird came heavily, Malice riding her like a rodeo star
as her own orgasm grew, then overwhelmed her, her own girl cream manipulated
via an invisible field to shoot from her cunt, through the pulsing invisible
cock and then deep into Carol's womb.

"Good slave," she huffed, slowly pulling her cock from her, relishing the
final sensations as she slowly collapsed the intricate fields. "But I
haven't finished with you... No, not yet."


By the time Wanda and I entered the room, around an hour later, Warbird's
seduction was complete. I watched with some degree of arousal as the
statuesque blonde reached forwards and scooped up Malice's tit flesh,
pulling hard on her nipple with her teeth before sucking as much of her
mammary into her mouth as she could. Malice threw her head back and dug her
hand deeper in Carol's squirming snatch, before noticing our arrival.

"Enough, slave! We have visitors."

With a profound sense of reluctance, Carol pulled back and lay on the bed,
her eyes betraying a mixture of sexual satisfaction and intense hatred when
she saw me. She turned her head to avoid eye contact with Wanda, dressed as
she was in her black, semi-transparent costume, eyeing the new slave
lustfully, a smile of anticipation on her face. Warbird knew that their old
friendship meant nothing in the face of my enslavement.

"Your new toy awaits your pleasures, master," Malice purred, hunched on all
fours on the bed in front of me, tits squeezed invitingly between her arms.

I nodded towards Wanda, who quickly pulled off her thong, exposing her
pussy, walking towards Carol's prone form.

"I require a slave to work undercover in the Avengers for us, Malice," I
began, moving forwards to run my hands over her proffered tit flesh. "A slut
who will work with us to bring Earth's 'Mightiest Heroes' to their knees. I
have decided that since Wanda is too far changed not to arouse suspicion,
our new bitch will perform the job adequately."

"With all due respect, my lord, I cannot guarantee that the slut will remain
loyal for a while yet," Malice began. "She has only just crossed the line of

"Let me worry about that. Now turn around and present your anus to me. I
want us both to be pleasured as you watch the latest results of Wanda's

Malice followed my commands to the letter, and after a moment of staring at
her beautiful little pussy, I dropped my pants, pulled out my cock and
fisted it heavily until gobs of fluid spurted over her snatch, her body
spasming in pleasure at the contact. I pried her ass cheeks apart and spat
over her little anus before massaging the drooling cockhead over the little
orifice, quickly impaling her as she gasped beneath me, both of our gazes
locked on Wanda as she straddled Carol's face. Slowly descending, Warbird
visibly panicked as she saw her ex-friend's cunt move closer to her mouth.

"I want her mouth open, Malice," I commanded, thrusting deeper still into
her, the pleasure more than enough to make her obey without question, a
small force field keeping Carol's mouth open as the Witch's snatch finally
made contact, Wanda rubbing her clit on her friend's face, allowing her cunt
drool to smear itself all over her features.

"My master helped transform me, slut," Wanda cried, her hips swiveling
slowly over her Warbird's face, desperate to seek out pleasurable friction.
"And now...now, he's fertilized me."

I smiled and Malice gasped in shock, as we both witnessed blood pour from
Wanda's pussy, even as she arched her back in climax, face pointed to the
ceiling as she screamed in release. The blood smeared over Carol's face
before she moved back down to lock the lips of her snatch onto Carol's
mouth, the ecstasy giving way to pain as...

"What's happening?" Malice asked, her own motions fucking back on my cock
coming to a standstill as I approached the point of no return myself, my
cock eager to spit its load deep into her bowels. No, not this time.

"Wanda's transformation is complete. She's laying her eggs into Warbird's
stomach. Eggs fertilized with my semen."

I watched Carol's struggles become almost manic as she felt the eggs
disappear down her gullet, aided by Malice's invisible force fields, her
desperation at its zenith as she felt the eggs break in her windpipe, the
muck inside shooting down into her guts, breaking itself down. I forced
myself to prevent the inevitable climax I knew I would experience after I
dipped into her mind, experiencing the dark magical forces of Wanda's power
surge through her body, combined with the submissive juices of my cum,
forcing her to obey us--to be our slave. By the time Wanda had laid her
final egg, and dismounted herself from the new slave, Warbird was ours.

I pulled free from Malice's vise-like asshole and took Wanda's place, my
rock hard cock bobbing in front of Carol's face. Her eyes lit up as she saw
the deep red crown at her lips and she reached forward, taking as much as
she could into her mouth, sucking like a vacuum whilst her hands jerked me
off rapidly.

"That's it," smiled Malice as she crawled behind me, slowly working her
index finger into my ass, insidiously bringing me ever closer to the brink.
"Drown her."

The climax felt wonderful, Carol's mouth desperately attempting to take the
vast wads of cream I gave her, but it was a poor effort, and quickly the
spunk spring free from her mouth, mixing in with Wanda's blood, more jism
shooting out thanks to Malice's skilled anal probing.

My ecstasy was cut short, however, by a searing agony forcing its way into
my mind. I pulled free of the new slave-slut and fell to the bed crying in
distress, red hot shards of purified pain lancing into my mind until I lost
all sensation with the outside world. Despite the burning torment I focused,
locating the pain to the psionic rapport I had established with Phoenix.
Quickly I shut it down. However, when I was once again aware of my
surroundings, I discovered that over half an hour had elapsed.

"Glad you're back with us," Malice stated calmly. "We have something of an
emergency on our hands. We've just gotten word from the White Queen. Selene
has captured Phoenix...they're torturing her now."



I am not particularly used to pain, especially telepathically transmitted
agony, and it took some time for me to recover sufficiently. I spent a while
in the darkness of my monitor room before I activated the circuitry required
to gain access to the Hellfire Club's internal security net. I didn't dare
risk using my astral self to investigate. They had managed to find a way to
get to me and I needed concrete information before I made the next move.

It didn't take too long until I found the Black Queen's chambers. An almost
dungeon-like creation in the bowels of the building greeted me, and I saw
with some anger that Phoenix had indeed been captured. She was clamped down
to a metal table, stripped quite naked, her body impaled with around twenty
or so acupuncture needles, each connected to a wire that led to a large,
menacing looking piece of equipment next to the table.

Phoenix herself was twisting wearily in her bonds, a sheen of sweat covering
her lithe form, obviously recovering from the torture I had felt inflicted
upon her. I had managed to disengage our psionic rapport and it had been a
good hour since I first felt the attack. I wondered how much more of the
excruciating pain my consort had endured.

Her back to the security camera, I could make out the figure of the woman
who had obviously perpetrated these acts of torture on my Phoenix... but the
lighting was concentrated on Phoenix herself--I could not actually see who
she was. One thing was for sure though--it was not Selene, different build,
and different hair.

"Are you ready to be more co-operative yet, Jean?" the woman asked, in a
voice that was definitely very familiar. "I enjoyed watching you dance for
me on pain setting two... It goes all the way up to five, you know."

Phoenix ignored her, bringing about an audible sigh from her tormentor. She
crossed the room, turning up a large dial on the equipment. Phoenix's eyes
locked in horror as she readied herself for more torture.

"I don't think you know how much I'm enjoying this," the mystery woman
slowly moved her index finger forwards, presumably about to press the button
that would explode more searing pain deep into her subject.

Phoenix gasped, eyes screwed shut as she awaited the inevitable...only the
pain never came. A huge crack resounded through the air, the mystery woman
shrieking in pain as she pulled back her hand and cradled it. I could tell
immediately that Selene had now arrived and I watched as she coiled her whip
and took center-stage, peering closely at Phoenix, kissing her on the lips

"I ordered you to await my arrival, Madelyne," Selene hissed, turning from
her prey to pick up her companion. "I will not tolerate any deviance from my

I was not used to pain, but I can't say that I'm too used to surprises
either. However, the identity of the mystery woman was a wonderful
bonus--Madelyne Pryor--Scott Summers' first wife, bearer of his child,
genetically engineered clone of Jean Grey herself, a tool for the super
villain Mr. Sinister. I had heard rumors of her resurrection but now it was
clear that the Black Queen had recruited her. Perhaps I had been remiss in
not keeping a closer eye on the Hellfire Club. Regardless, Madelyne's sheer
existence opened up a world of opportunities. Dressed in her tit-flesh
exposing crop-top and rag-like thong I knew that this would be a woman I
would have to possess.

"My Lady," Madelyne fawned. "I only meant to please... I wanted her to talk
before you arrived... I thought..."

"You did not think at all," Selene remarked dismissively. "You sought to use
my tools to inflict pain on my new acquisition. You don't realize, do you? I
have no interest in Jean's information. That shall come with time. My aim is
to break her, to make her mine just as you are. The both of you together in
my bed... hmmm..."

"My Lady?"

"We shall prepare her. And when I believe she is ready, I expect you," she
ran her hand over Madelyne's breasts and then dove downwards and rubbed her
sex, "to apologize."

"Of course, my Lady."

Selene quickly turned her attention back to her prey. Phoenix had recovered
enough in the last few minutes to be fully aware of what was about to
transpire. I had to know what she felt, I had to understand the full range
of Selene's power. Cautiously I reactivated the psionic bond between us,
heightening the link, feeling her anticipation of what was to come, her fear
of the Black Queen and her torturous equipment and even her subconscious
desire for her captor. Even if Madelyne possessed telepathic skills on a
level with Phoenix's (which I doubted), she would not be able to detect a
psi-link this deep. I was safe, and since my consort was no longer in any
immediate danger I decided that I could best determine the capabilities of
Selene by allowing her to explore Phoenix's body.

"You have nothing to fear, sweet Jean," Selene sighed, running her
fingertips along her prey's naked flank. "We're going to be more than
friends. I can make you love me...a process that will make me love you too.
I will make your body sing..."

"You don't know what you are doing," Phoenix replied plaintively. "You
invite your own destruction."

Selene stepped back and studied her for a moment, perhaps appreciating the
true power of the telepath she held in her grasp. She returned to her prey,
running her hand across the inhibitor collar that ran around Phoenix's neck.

"Your collar is very warm--your resistance to the inhibitor is admirable,
but it will burn through your flesh before your power can break through it.
Resistance really is futile, my dear. Allow me to give you something more
pleasant to occupy your thoughts."

Selene turned her attention to the thin needles that punctured Phoenix's
body, removing the ones from key pain centers and relocating them to the
more erogenous areas of my consort's flesh. Ten needles were inserted into
Phoenix's mammoth breasts, a further ten placed in the lips of her cunt, and
in the surrounding flesh. For a final flourish, Selene gently pushed a
needle in Phoenix's clitoris, massaging it gently as tiny metal object was
pierced into her. Phoenix felt no pain at any of the intrusions--Selene was
obviously skilled to a vast level in this regard.

"Very good, Jean, very good," Selene reassured her subject. "You see I mean
you no harm. But your life as you know it is about to change beyond
recognition. Let me introduce you to sin."

Selene closed her eyes and tensed, head tilted back slightly as she
concentrated her powers. I recognized the look from her previous conquest of
Kitty Pryde, my suspicions confirmed as a black, tar-like ooze sprung from
the corners of her mouth. The Black Queen dipped forward to deeply kiss my
consort, her tongue thrusting the black slime deep into Phoenix's mouth,
Selene massaging her throat, forcing her to involuntarily swallow the
offering. Satisfied with the impregnation, Selene backed off, moving south,
the slime dripping onto her breasts, over her stomach, the dominatrix
opening her mouth wide and taking perverse joy in spending the rest of her
essence over Phoenix's cunt. She squealed at the contact, her body possessed
by Selene's evil as it was slowly absorbed into her being.

"Now we can begin."

The twisted Black Queen returned her attention to the luscious body before
her, admiring her own work as she contemplated the small metal needles
sticking out obscenely from Phoenix's writhing flesh.

"Your breasts are magnificent, Jean," Selene stated simply, eyes locked onto
the generous mounds before her. "Let us both enjoy them."

Adjusting her machine, Selene began to run a small current through the
needles that impaled my consort's mammaries. The effect was literally
electric, Phoenix gasping for air and moaning in abject lust.

"So sensitive..." admired Selene hotly, watching as her prey's nipples
hardened and elongated, the very shape of her breasts changing; contracting,
then swelling. "I had expected more resistance from you, my dear."

The Black Queen upped the current, enjoying Phoenix's convulsions on the
table as raw, manufactured ecstasy blasted through her prey's tits.

"So...fucking...good!" screamed Phoenix, back arched, tits thrust into the
air, small sparks dancing over the needles that impaled her breast flesh.

And then it stopped. Suddenly. Madelyne joined her mistress at the side of
the table as Selene reached over and began to pluck the needles from
Phoenix's breasts, a look of excitement and consternation on her face.

"What's wrong, my Lady?" Madelyne inquired. "You didn't stop with me until I
had climaxed so many times I passed out."

"True," smiled Selene, remembering her torture of Phoenix's clone vividly.
"However, there is more to Jean here than meets the eye."

The Black Queen drew her face closer to her prey's tit flesh, stroking the
mounds slowly, hefting them slightly, then licking the side of her right
breast slightly, enjoying Phoenix's response.

"Madelyne, you are a clone of this woman and yet Jean here has been
altered... she is already responsive. For a start, her breasts are larger
than yours... and she sure as hell hasn't had any surgery. And watch this."

Selene brushed her fingertips against Phoenix's nipple, then reached down
and sucked hard on it, my consort herself quaking under a mini-climax as the
Black Queen sucked her milk into her mouth. She swallowed it, enjoying the
taste before returning for more. This time she did not swallow--instead she
pulled Madelyne towards her and kissed her deeply, squirting Phoenix's
juices deeply into her mouth.

"My god..." Madelyne started, as she pulled away from the kiss, a white
dribble of milk escaping her mouth.

"Yes...the White Queen's mysterious benefactor who has supplied us with so
many...interesting...conquests has also had his way with Jean Grey here. Her
body has already been configured for his pleasure. I can sense his touch."

"We should torture her for information," Madelyne stated calmly, licking her
lips and watching the fear return to her hated double's eyes. "We should
make her talk. She could compromise us."

I sent a telepathic summons to the Enchantress, figuring that I would have
to work fast should Selene be tempted to follow the advice of her lover.
However, I could sense from Phoenix and maybe even see in Selene's eyes that
she was far more interested in the sexual possession of the defiled X-Woman.
She had already sensed that Phoenix was not 'configured' in the same way as
the whores that we had sent to the Hellfire Club. I sensed that she was
curious to see just how loyal Phoenix was to me, how deep the conditioning
was. In essence she still wanted her.

"I think..." started Selene slowly. "Jean here isn't going to compromise us
at all, my dear. Look at her, Madelyne, she is a creature of dark lusts, a
ripe fruit whose juices can be savored if...you know where to squeeze. Look
at her eyes--she wants it. Needs it. Watch."

The Black Queen unclasped her ebony-colored cloak, allowing its flowing mass
to drop to the floor as she slowly opened the black bodice of her costume,
exposing her generous breasts to Phoenix's rapt gaze. Turning, she entered a
series of commands into her equipment, small sparks electrifying her prey's
vagina, Phoenix whimpering as the current sent jolts of rapture flowing
through her cunt, its inner petals moistening, slackening as her arousal
increased still further.

Selene leaned forwards, taking my consort's right breast in both hands,
beginning a slow, rhythmic stroking motion, Phoenix mewing in enjoyment as
Selene coaxed the milk from her nipples, rubbing it over her entire tit,
using it almost as a lubricant.

"So much like jerking off a cum-spewing cock," remarked Selene hotly, upping
the motion as she watched Phoenix respond so grandly. "You love to be
milked, don't you sweetie?"

Her prey responded only by pushing her tits outwards, encouraging Selene to
abuse her still further, her left breast weeping in sympathy.

"Now is the time for your apology, Madelyne," Selene ordered, beckoning to
the other breast. "Do it."

Gingerly, Madelyne stepped forwards, marveling at the full globe that
responded so wonderfully to her touch. Both women pulled on the breasts,
stroking them, licking them, Phoenix descending into a maelstrom of sexual
excitement, the current coursing through her cunt increasing all the time,
even as the ecstasy flowing through both her breasts also upped itself
exponentially. I could sense it all. She was close to her release--a climax
to equal the cock-fuelled rapture I gave her on a regular basis.

The difference, of course, was that Selene was not the mistress here. She
was merely being primed for me thanks to her exposure to the many whores I
had sent her way, and now thanks to the possession chemicals she absorbed
from my consort.

The Black Queen had a smile locked on her face now as she continued the
masturbation of Phoenix's mammaries, now lost in the joyous abandonment of
her milk, rubbing it all over herself, before returning to the source,
pulling on the tit-flesh, working both of her hands around the gland, each
squeezing in opposite directions...just as an experienced dairy worker would
milk a cow's udder.

And finally we reached the glorious moment where the stimulation finally
became too much for my Phoenix, the combination of Selene and Madelyne's
efforts with the needle currents driving her over the edge. With a
triumphant scream, she came, jets of her tit-milk shooting forth over her
tormentors, Madelyne ripping off her clothing with one telekinetic blast as
the liquid coated her. Selene leaning forwards to catch the torrent on her
face, both women drawn to sucking deeply on the blasting nipples.

Moments later, Phoenix realized that now the boot was on the other foot.
Still under the immediate influence of her juices, Selene and Madelyne would
doubtless obey her instructions and within seconds her bonds had been
loosened and the inhibitor collar removed. Mentally sedating her tormentors,
she clutched her head as new sensations flowed through her mind and body.

I probed deeper into our rapport, seeking answers. Selene's black essence
was clearly the cause, I could feel the radiating power of the black ooze as
it permeated Phoenix's being, desperately seeking to change my consort, to
over-power my dominant programming. I cast my mind back to Selene's
encounter with Kitty Pryde.

"That's the essence of my lusts...the dark and rank perversions that as
Black Queen I enjoy so much. Once it's inside of you, it'll grow and nurture
itself, shaping, bending and molding you..."

Selene was an immortal--a being whose sexual experience and perversions
spanned centuries. I wondered how her dark lusts would integrate themselves
with the Dark Phoenix I had created. I thrilled at the potential of our next
sexual encounter...what manner of evil was she now capable of? On less
experienced girls like Pryde the essence clearly opened their minds to the
horror of the life that awaited them as whores of the Hellfire Club. But
what would occur to my Phoenix, a being already tainted with dark evil from
many sources? I was... fascinated to discover exactly what.


The journey to the Hellfire Club was fairly excruciating. In terms of
magical teleportation, the safest method had to be using the Enchantress's
Asgardian powers. However, the bitch knew exactly what kind of effect her
body had on my libido...just as my own powers made me irresistible to my
prey, so had the long centuries of perfecting her physical form done the
same to my Asgardian slave. Since Wanda's enslavement I had practically
banished her, else all thoughts of the Agenda would be lost...lost in the
velvety softness of her exquisite cunt.

"Methinks my master purposefully denies himself the pleasures of my form,"
observed the Enchantress as the teleportation mists cleared. "Mayhap were I
to take my pleasures with Selene, thy favors may be returned to me?"

I shuddered at the thought. I had witnessed some of the Enchantress's acts
of evil upon mere mortals-- especially recently when I had ordered her to
pose new problems for the Avengers to battle against while my Agenda
continued. But still, I reasoned, Selene wasn't just a mere mortal. It would
be interesting to see the Enchantress up against a formidable opponent.

"So be it," I replied.

I zeroed in on Phoenix, feeling the psionic bond between us tighten as I
drew closer. I reached an oak-paneled door deep within the bowels of the
Hellfire Club, knowing that my consort was behind it. I could feel Phoenix's
malevolence, the distillation of evil that I knew I was responsible for
giving her. All of a sudden I just stopped cold and wondered what this was
all about? What objective had I achieved in bringing about the now
inevitable Armageddon? I seemed to recall some kind of purity of purpose
when I first begun the Agenda...and now? Now I was different--a being
colored by dark forces that, god help me, were beyond my control.

Now, so close to Phoenix, I could sense her thoughts directly, as though her
mind were now part of my own, and like a drug injection I could feel my
self-doubt wash away, a tide of dark evil bridging the gap between us, a
feeling of lust course through my veins as I pushed the door open. I felt
the darkness grip my heart as I witnessed the scene in front of me, my cock
stiffening in seconds as I sensed the presence of another bitch demanding my

Madelyne Pryor was pinned to the floor, struggling widely under the assault
of the Dark Phoenix, my consort slowly rubbing her weeping pussy over her
double's face, her hands stretched forwards, pulling and kneading the
breasts in front of her. Animalistic grunts escaped Phoenix's mouth as she
rotated her hips over Madelyne's face, her own features contorted with the
look I knew so well--she had moved beyond orgasm. Now she was in a constant
state of sexual nirvana, her cunt sloppily jetting out the cream that binds
all of her slaves to our will, the volume of fluids now enough so as to drip
down Maddie's chin and pool around her neck.

Phoenix's telekinetic powers shredded the clothes I wore and roughly
massaged my cock into full erection, my consort pushing all the buttons as I
sensed another telekinetic probe push deeply into my rectum, massaging me
from the inside. I groaned in pleasure and approached the writhing couple.

*Let me give you the ultimate gift* Phoenix demanded telepathically,
Madelyne's thighs parting before me. *Feel the same woman love you twice

I buried myself in her thoughts as I knelt before Madelyne's splayed legs,
finding only my Phoenix in her mind. I realized that there was no real
Madelyne Pryor any more. Her mind was now a mirror image of my consort's,
their two psyches now inextricably linked. Two women, the same mind, working
as one. Fuck one and you fuck the other, pleasure one and allow the both of
them to pleasure you. So this was Selene's original scheme in kidnapping who
she thought was Jean Grey. What a magnificent plan. What an immaculate

I buried myself deep in Madelyne's weeping snatch, grunting wildly as I saw
Phoenix respond as though she had been impaled, her cunt jetting out more of
her cream over a spluttering Madelyne.

Phoenix's mind, combined with Madelyne's, was exponentially more powerful
and its effect on me through the three-way sexual union was explosive in my
mind. I could sense that some kind of resistance in my mind was dropping
away as I ploughed deeper into Madelyne, Phoenix leaning forwards to kiss me
deeply. At that moment, for a split-second, my mind pictured Mary Jane
kissing me, but as our lips met and her tongue penetrated my mouth, there
was only Phoenix. Both of her. In my head. I could feel myself spurt deep
into Madelyne, but the physical ecstasy was almost inconsequential compared
to the sensations the women blasted into my mind's eye.

*This is how we fuck from now on, lover*

Images flooded my mind. Laying on top of Phoenix, fucking her deeply,
feeling her precious milk squirt onto my chest as I took her, Madelyne lying
on my back, lactating sympathetically, cunt spasming as she enjoyed
Phoenix's ecstasy, her lubed finger thrusting deeply into my ass. And
then... ultimate oral pleasure as Madelyne engulfed my prick in her mouth,
sucking ferociously, Phoenix's tongue teasing the underside of my scrotum
before rimming its way around my anus, both women frenching deeply around my
cum-spewing cock. And then...both women sandwiching Rachel Summers--Jean's
daughter from an alternate future, a mass of beautiful red hair, perfect
curves and unspeakably incestuous rapture.

I gave in to Phoenix's wishes, losing myself in the sheer carnality of the
situation, my prick withdrawing from Madelyne's cunt, more white cream
blasting from the tip, covering Maddie's torso, matting her pubic hair. I
came down from the high as the kiss between Phoenix and myself ended.

I opened my eyes to see the incredible Phoenix energy bird construct around
my consort begin to die away. Looking down I saw that Maddie had now been
transformed physically to match the bodily perfection of Phoenix
herself--tight, higher, larger breasts, sleeker curves, all evidence of the
ravages of time removed from her body.

"From now on, we are one," stated Phoenix simply, her body looking even more
beautiful covered in the sheen of exertion, her breasts and cunt still
leaking profusely over the unconscious form of Madelyne below. "There is no
more conflict. Madelyne Pryor and the Phoenix are one entity,
all-powerful...and all yours."



The White Queen had her orders. She knew that now was the time to strike,
and I was right with her, riding in her mind as she prepared to carry out
the task that for long weeks she had felt the urge to commit. Opening the
door to Sebastian Shaw's chamber, she walked in slowly, appreciating the
scene unfolding before her.

Emma knew that Shaw was a violent man, a being who craved the feeling of
inflicting pain on his lovers even as he rode them deeply. The White Queen
folded her arms and watched with a mixture of arousal and contempt as he
watched Kitty Pryde slide Shaw's engorged prick deep into her cunt, the
muscular Black King skewering her doubly as he thrust a long, thick black
dildo deep into her ass. The poor mutant girl squealed in pain at the twin
intrusions, yet started the thrusting nonetheless, eyes tightly shut as
sexual sensations flooded her body. Deep red marks on her back coupled with
the discarded belt on the bed told the full story--Kitty had been beaten
before Shaw had ordered her to fuck him. Not that the girl seemed to
mind--Emma was fully aware of the savage enjoyment of all sexual stimulation
that Selene's essence brought forth from all her conquests. The White Queen
coughed politely.

"Ah my White Queen," Shaw observed, turning to face her even as Kitty humped
ever harder into his crotch. "Join us, my dear, Kitty here is simply
delicious today."

"No. Today is the day I carry out my most beloved of orders from my true
master. Today is the day I murder you, Sebastian Shaw."

Emma's face remained impassive, as Shaw fixed her with a steely gaze--an
expression that broke out in a smile.

"Come now, Emma, enough of these games. Allow me to pleasure you, my

"As you pleasured your whore here?" inquired Emma slowly, lifting the belt
and flexing it. "Do you enjoy being inside her, Shaw?"

Kitty stopped the fucking motion on Shaw's rock hard cock, her mind suddenly
in the grip of the master telepath, Emma easily taking control of her
conquered mind. She forced Kitty to activate her long dormant phasing power,
and allowed her mind-slave to bring Shaw's body deep within her own. The
Black King groaned out loud at the stimulation--his whore's body was neither
solid, nor intangible--the effect of the phasing flesh was simply...
mind-blowing. His hips humped almost involuntarily deeper into his whore.

"Die, Shaw."

Emma turned her back and walked from the room, even as she gave the mental
command for Kitty to fully solidify in Shaw's body. The cruel leader of the
Hellfire Club's screams resounded through the building as his guts were torn
from him. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be; it had to be said.
Emma's peripheral thoughts were to deaden Kitty's mind to what had happened,
putting her into a trance that would see her forget the entire incident. She
rose zombie-like from the gore, and went to clean up.

Now only the Black Queen stood in the way of my complete possession of the
Hellfire Club.


"Verily, her mind be broken, my Lord," the Enchantress sighed, running her
hand through the ebony tresses of Selene's long hair. "May she provide thy
cruel heart with scant entertainment before I claim my prize."

I moaned slightly as the Enchantress's feather-light caress shot new feeling
through my cock, a familiar throbbing in my balls as I sensed the
Asgardian's magical power send new vigor through my libido, my eyes locked
onto the new prize before me. The Enchantress had re-clothed Selene in what
looked suspiciously to me like a convent schoolgirl uniform. The white
blouse she wore was evidently way too small, her generous tits barely
contained, the buttons straining under the pressure. Her long, silky legs
were fully exposed, a small, pleated mini-skirt completing the ensemble. It
would probably have been around knee-length on a five-year-old, but barely
covered her pussy and ass as it was. Her long, flowing hair was bunched into

"The demeanor of those men who see girls clothed thus is an effect I find
interesting," explained the Enchantress, waving her hand dismissively
towards Selene.

"I will enjoy her," I stated simply, mentally undressing her.

"And then... I will gift thee mortal, with Asgardian powers beyond thine
ken, so long as thy body pleasures mine."

I turned to look at her, wondering what she meant. If she had power to give
me, I would demand it from my slave without condition. I decided that I
would deal with Selene first.

"How have you further punished her?" I inquired, curious about the Black
Queen's vacant stare, the total lack of animation in her form.

"Watch, my Lord," she replied, clicking her fingers, Selene suddenly
becoming alert, looking around with a child-like wonder until she caught my

"Daddy! Daddy!" she cried, standing up and running towards me, hugging me
deeply with a child-like devotion I can't say that I'd ever experienced
before... She didn't even seem too concerned that I was stark naked.

Her breasts crushed against my chest, and I could feel a button pop as it
surrendered to the pressure of her large mammaries straining to break free.
I moaned slightly as I drank in her alluring scent, and felt the smoothness
of her thighs rubbing against mine. Life coursed through my cock as I
responded to her simple hug, my length tracing a path along her inner thigh
as it slowly grew into erection.

Selene pulled back and gasped at the sight of my cock, turning and running
to the Enchantress, weeping suddenly.

"Mommy! Mommy!" she sobbed uncontrollably. "I felt...Daddy's...thing!"

The Enchantress smiled evilly at me as I realized what her true punishment
for Selene was regression to a child-like state, probably a mental template
she had stolen from the children she had observed in the past. All at once I
knew her game. Telepathically I could sense that Selene retained her
tremendous appetite for sex... unfortunately she no longer had any of the
knowledge she required to sate it.

"There, there, my sweet," the Enchantress reassured Selene, turning her to
face me. "That just means he loves you..."

"I feel weird, momma," Peering into her mind I could sense that Selene's
subconscious was expressing its desire at the sight of naked cock. "I
feel...like...like I wanna pee."

"That's just your body's way of saying you love me too, sweetheart. Doesn't
it feel good?" I asked, idly toying with my burgeoning erection.

"Yeah... I guess..."

"Come hither, child, lie on the bed," the Enchantress commanded, leading the
uniform-clad temptress to the bed, lying her down upon it and beckoning me
closer. "We shall make you feel really, really good."

I walked across to the bed, watching as Selene quivered beneath the
goddess's touch, the Asgardian slowly running her long fingernails across
the exposed thigh flesh, my cock jerking at the sight, Selene's eyes locked
onto the full-blooded erection bobbing towards her.

"That... that tickles, momma... but..."

"Feel it good, child, enjoy the sensation," the Enchantress replied, her
caresses becoming ever more daring. I noticed her hand begin to snake up
under the pleated skirt.

"Please don't...touch my...my..." Selene struggled for the words as the
Enchantress brushed her hairless cunt with one fingernail.

"Your pussy, sweetheart, your juicy little cunny," I finished, my senses
lost in the erotic display before me.

Selene gasped, both at the dirty language and at the feelings that ran
through her as her clitoris engorged itself with blood, her tight channel
moistening as the Enchantress continued her slow caresses on her legs,
occasionally teasing her wetness with a throwaway caress. Then she went in
for the kill, beginning to drill one of her fingers between the moistened
labia, penetrating her. Selene bolted upright, the sudden movement ripping
open the taut blouse, her twin globes of expansive tit flesh now barely
contained, her nipples poking through the material, her cleavage almost
totally exposed.

"Daddy! What's she doing to me?"

"She is using her finger to fuck your little pussy, honey," I replied
absentmindedly, watching the hand bob in and out of the skirt, smiling at
the expression of pure evil on the Enchantress's face. "How does it feel,

She yelped slightly as the Enchantress pushed deeper into her, the Asgardian
leaning over to kiss her forehead, then her cheek, then her lips. I heard a
muffled cry of protest as her mouth opened and Selene's lips were penetrated
by the goddess's tongue.

My cock screamed for attention, dribbling like a baby as I watched the
Enchantress moan into her victim's mouth, penetrating her doubly, before
pulling back and watching the innocent expression of shock and juvenile lust
on Selene's face. Through telepathic probing I sensed her eight-year-old
mentality but at the same time, her dark lusts blasted through her body. I
wondered how her mind would cope with the sinister, incomprehensible adult
yearnings she had thrived on for so many years--an unquenchable fuck-lust
she would have no idea how to satisfy.

Instinct took over as the Enchantress's fingers left her cunt and Selene
spread her perfectly sculpted legs wide. I dropped to my knees between them,
Selene lifting her tiny skirt to reveal her hairless pussy. I could see the
extent of her arousal--the flared lips were smeared with her lubricating
juices. After revealing her gorgeous cunt, Selene began to explore it, play
with it, as both the Enchantress and myself watched. She seemed very

"I...I got an itch, Daddy...don't know how to...to..." and then she began to
cry, the Asgardian goddess cradling her head and kissing it tenderly, all
the while smirking evilly to herself.

I pulled my head downwards, using my fingers to draw Selene's hands away
from her cunt, leaving the glorious, bald opening ripe for my touch, my eyes
mere inches from the exposed pussy. Daddy was going to scratch her itch all

"Daddy, yes!" she squealed as I brought my tongue out and lapped at it from
clit to asshole, my fingers prying her labia apart, exposing her pink-red
inner cunt, her juices now flowing freely. "That's it, Daddy, so dirty!"

Only on a rare occasion would I go down on a woman, but the feeling of
innocence violated was such a worthy reason for performing the act itself
this time around. I circled her clitoris with my questing tongue, smiling as
I saw the hood retract, revealing the precious jewel itself, all the while
Selene desperately attempting to keep her hips from smashing me in the face.
Satisfied with the results so far, I pushed deeply into her snatch, sucking
wildly, feeling her convulse at the intrusion.

"Yes...that's it...that's it, Daddy!"

"Does that feel good, sweetie?" I asked, lifting myself away from her
creaming pussy, knowing that now she would perform any act I asked of her.

"Y-yes...but I...I need...something."

Damn right she needed something, but while she was hot she was putty in my
hands... I'd keep her on the edge right to the final moment. She would have
to earn her cum.

"It's called a climax, honey, or cumming. It's a rush of joy that floods
your whole body. It'll make you feel so... good. Would you like to see your
mommy and daddy cum?"

I grinned as she nodded enthusiastically. I was getting close to spurting my
cream...too close. I'd felt Selene's cunt and somehow her virgin mentality
had brought a new tightness to bear on her--I wasn't sure how long I'd last
inside of her...and I wanted her to experience the full spectrum of sexual
feeling before my cum blasted into her and took her over the edge. With the
Enchantress, it didn't matter. With the Band of Tyr still resting on my
finger I could command her to orgasm harder than she had ever done in her
millennia of existence. Besides, the bitch had been asking for it for days.

Kneeling on the bed next to her 'daughter', the Enchantress looked like the
cat that had got the cream as she wiggled her shoulders, her costume falling
away on command, to expose the massive, perfect mammaries... tits she knew
would drive me crazy with desire for her. She closed her eyes, a sudden
breeze seemingly disposing of the rest of her ornate Asgardian garb, leaving
just her voluptuous form kneeling on the bed in front of me, its perfection
even bringing a sigh from Selene.

I leapt forwards, devouring her breasts, burying myself in her ample mounds
of delight, quite aware of the smug look of enjoyment currently on her face.
It didn't matter, this wasn't about her, it was getting my fucking rocks
off. Pushing her down on the bed next to Selene, I brought my cock level
with her plump lips, her tongue shooting out to caress the bottom of the tip
before she pushed it into her mouth and sucked with an expertise not known
on this Earth.

Selene gasped as she saw what happened, my cock being orally
pleasured...pleasured beyond all imagining.

"Daddy! Your thing...it's... Mommy! You can't do that...it's...it's..."

I gasped at the sensations coursing through my cock, pulling it from her
mouth, allowing the pre-cum to drool over her lips, Selene now lost for
words as the Enchantress fisted it wildly, taking the juices on her mouth,
wiping my cockhead around the circumference of her oral cavity, her eyes a
challenge--put it where it belongs or you'll lose it over my face. Her legs
opened invitingly beneath me, and that was enough for me to fall under her

"Watch what I do with my...thing, sweetie...you'll love it when I do it to

The Enchantress's knees drew up and I placed a palm on each, slowly pushing
them open, wide open, enough to see her labia open, enough to see a torrent
of clear girl cream ooze from her snatch... Enough to almost lose my mind
with desire as penis was brought into contact with vagina. That smile. I
could see it again. The smile that said "I know I am the best... I know you
need this."

I impaled her deeply with one thrust, appreciating the groan of desire the
Enchantress produced even as Selene gasped again as she saw our bodies mesh
together. Cock into cunt, mouths kissing deeply, tongues intertwining. I
broke the kiss, burying myself in her fragrant neck.

Her snatch was alive around my thrusting prick, like a thousand tiny fingers
knowing exactly where to press, pull and massage, a huge pressure on the
base of my cock preventing me from the climax I needed so badly. The
Enchantress didn't care about the submission of the Black Queen. She didn't
care for her master's pleasure. She desired a good fuck and whilst
dispensing pleasure she would gain her own. I lost myself in the feelings
issuing forth from my cock. The Enchantress was the greatest lover in the
world, possessed of the most incredible physical body, skilled in the arts
of lovemaking no mere mortal could ever hope to match. I... I needed...

I could feel the ring on my finger--the tortured souls of the Nordic
sorcerers who had driven off their hated oppressive gods--talking to me,
almost. Guiding me through the enchantment, shaking off the spellbinding
submersion in her womanliness, giving me back my mind...

"Cum for me, you fucking witch! Cum like you've never cum before!" I
screamed, mentally willing the most incredible orgasm of her existence
through the Enchantress's body, pulling my cock free, jerking it off wildly
in order to bring about my own release, so cruelly curtailed by the
goddess's sheer sexual skill and selfish desire.

She thrashed below me as her body was wracked with orgasm, her composed
sexual surety completely lost as sexual energies beyond comprehension took
her to the edge of her sanity.

"Time for you to see how Daddy cums," I warned Selene, grinning maliciously
as she moved closer, eyes locked on the cockhead, my prick beginning to spit
its white cream over the Enchantress's, stomach, tits, face and hair-- a
vast torrent of cream coating my Asgardian slut. How she would pay for this
impudence. I saw the hatred in her eyes, hatred from my slave-slut... A
feeling I would torture out of her once the take over of the Hellfire Club
was complete.

"Sleep, whore," I commanded, the Enchantress immediately responding, curling
into a ball and sleeping, leaving me with the voluptuous form and virgin
mind of Selene to abuse at my pleasure.

"Daddy... Daddy...did Mommy...cum? Did you?"

My cock was rock-hard, despite its heavenly expulsion of my fluids. I knew
that poor Selene was going to bear the brunt of the sexual frustrations I
still felt. I felt as though I could cum forever. Grabbing her by her
pigtails I pulled her across and forced her face into the biggest cum
puddles on the Enchantress's breasts.

"Yeah I came hard baby...taste it you gorgeous little bitch!"

A thin, malicious smile spread across my lips as Selene, head held steady in
my grasp, pushed out her tongue and tentatively tasted my cock cream. The
taste didn't matter. By the time I would be finished with her, she'd be
sucking it from the source as though her life depended on it.

"Now then, sweetie...do you want to make me cum like Mommy did?"

I could see uncertainty in her eyes--she knew that I was angry, beyond
control. Still, she nodded slowly, eyes locked on my slimy cock, white cream
still dripping from the tip. Slowly, without any prompting, she came
forward, mouth slack, tongue licking her lips, before descending on my

"Lick it, baby...good...suck it like a fucking lollipop...take more of

I had planned to sample each of her charms separately before shooting my
muck deep into her pussy, but as her inexperienced tongue and lips got to
work on my prick I knew that it would not happen. I could sense my testicles
going into overdrive, pumping out the spunk that would bind Selene to my
will for eternity.

I lost it quickly, flicking my hips quickly to impale her mouth more
effectively, snarling as I felt the pure release of semen shooting from my
cock, coating the inside of her mouth. Of course, she choked and gagged, so
I pulled out, leaving several white trails across her features as I pushed
her down next to her sleeping 'mother' and hungrily pulled away the blouse
from her enticing tits, smiling at the expanse of flesh I knew I could use
for own ends.

My cock still pulsed out its white load as I pushed her titties together and
drove my cock deeply in between them, coating them with a white sheen within
seconds of rampant thrusting.

"Daddy! Please...no!"

"It'll feel like magic in a minute, bitch!" I remarked, ignoring her cries,
ignoring her struggles as I continued to ransack her tit-meat, hearing with
satisfaction her moans and gasps as the cream sensitized her mounds, sending
shards of pleasure throughout her body.

I sensed her orgasm and pulled away quickly, admiring my work. Her face was
coated in white trails, her chin was a mess, her tits were covered, a small
puddle forming around her neck and in the valley of her cleavage. I palmed
her mammaries, massaging them as she squealed at the sensations, my cock now
level with her bare little pussy. I decided that she would cum when I
penetrated her, and violently pulled on her nipples, knowing what would
happen to her in this super-sensitized state.


She screamed in pain and pleasure, finally knowing orgasmic release as my
cock ferociously dipped into her, thrusting all the way inside her beautiful
tightness, her cunt clamping down on me as she came hard. I thrust again and
again, biting on her breasts, deeply on the nipples, feeling her cum again
and again, my cock now issuing a near constant stream of spunk, shooting
deeply into her womb, forever marking her as my property.

She had passed out by the time my semi-deflated manhood left her
still-clenching cunt. Sanity had returned to me and regardless of the
Enchantress's scheme to make me hers, I was still in control...just. I could
barely look at the Asgardian without the urge to take her, despite my
drained condition. Were it not for the Band of Tyr I would be hers, not
vice-versa. She would require...conditioning--a battery of humiliation and
servitude that would forever teach her what her place was. Already I heard
voices in my mind, the ring's creators screaming at me to instantly take my
revenge on the woman. I began to smile as a plan took shape.

My reverie was interrupted as Phoenix, Madelyne, Wanda and Malice entered
the room.

"Looks like quite a party," observed Malice wryly, noting the two women's
condition, which was...messy at best.

"Selene has been...dealt with," I explained, my slaves smiling widely. "Now

"The Hellfire Club is ours. The Inner Circle are either dead or...otherwise
occupied," Malice stated, waving dismissively at Selene's wretched state.
"Selene has been quite busy though with what looks like some kind of agenda
of her own."

"Oh really? I'm afraid that she's not really in too much of a position to
tell us about it, even were she conscious. What have you discovered?"

"Earlier, we detected the psionic trace pattern of Rachel Summers," Phoenix
reported. "She was being held captive in one of the dungeons."

"Hmmm...your daughter from another timeline, Phoenix. I daresay that your
reunion will prove to be quite... emotional. Anything else?"

"I discovered something too, master," Wanda added with some delight. "I
found Franklin Richards in some kind of monitor room, tied to a chair,
inhibitor collar in place... My guess is that Selene had him watching the
whores work 24 hours a day... Can't say how long he's been there, or what
kind of state his sanity is in after being forced to watch that kind of

"Franklin Richards... What would Selene want from him?"

"She would desire to mate him with the Summers girl," observed Malice
carefully. "Although my...son...is quite some way from puberty."

"Not any more he isn't," Wanda smiled, bringing her sorcerous might to bear
on creating an image of Franklin's current condition in front of us. "Selene
has the power to age any one she so chooses. She was pretty specific in what
she had done to the boy."

Looking at the image, it was clear that he had been aged quite
dramatically--gone was the six or seven-year-old boy I'd seen in the
Fantastic Four's records. Franklin had been matured just to the point of
puberty. God knows what state his mind was in after he'd been exposed to the
perversions of the Hellfire Club's skilled prostitutes and its depraved

"Orders, master?" Malice inquired, eyes locked on the visage of the boy.

"Franklin Richards is too powerful to be left unchecked. I believe that
right now he would benefit from his mother's...attentions."

Malice smiled, beginning to unzip her leather catsuit as she left the room.

"And what of Rachel, lover?" Phoenix asked, both her and Madelyne awaiting
my commands.

I considered carefully. The plan was at a critical juncture... Soon my
anonymity would be compromised and the big guns would come calling--the
Avengers and the remnants of the other super hero groups. With the power
base at my command it would be no problem to see off 'Earth's Mightiest
Heroes'... But the others...

"There is another who may jeopardize our position. I believe that Rachel may
be unique bait for him. You will recruit him and use whatever means
necessary to do so. If the two of you are as good as I think you are, Nate
Grey should be well within your capabilities."

A genetic creation of the scientist Mr. Sinister, Nate Grey was the
biological result of Scott Summers and Jean Grey's DNA, spliced to maximum
effect. He was the most powerful mutant on Earth, possessed of psychic and
telekinetic powers beyond compare. Rachel had the same parentage, but
arrived from a different time line, and had a somewhat different array of
powers. It all gets rather complicated to explain. Suffice to say that their
genetic mother and her clone would soon be adding them to our cause.

"Nate and Rachel?" mused Madelyne. "I can't even begin to imagine how
incestuous that would be!"

With that, they left me with my thoughts as the twin redheads planned their
seductions. I was fully aware of the Onslaught files. With Franklin Richards
and Nate Grey together, reality itself could be rent asunder at my whim.
With power like that at my command, nobody could conceivably challenge me...
The world would belong to me and the future would be assured.

End of Book Five
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