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Submission Agenda pt. 4


She had been in my dreams for the last three months. To begin with I tried
to ignore her, but conscious effort in a dreamlike state is not easy and I
soon succumbed to her charms. She was tall, impossibly slender, yet with a
voluptuous set of curves I felt I could lose myself in. Her raven black hair
cascaded down to the base of her spine and her face was a beguiling image of
what seemed like a merging of East European and Asian beauty-- high cheek
bones, and long, thin eyes that sparkled with a malevolence I could not

She came to me every night, filling my heart with the desire for vengeance,
re-energizing my interest in the plan to bring my enemies down. But they
were more than just my enemies. They were hers too. Only now, as I schemed
the debasement of the Scarlet Witch, did she appear to me outside of my
dreams, feeding from the Phoenix energy I was increasingly beginning to
share with my consort, taking form before me.

She was a ghostly image, almost like a hologram when she first materialized
before me, the day before I flew out to Las Vegas. In the physical realm,
with the full range of my faculties at my disposal, I had identified her
immediately. She was Morgan Le Fay, the dark sorceress who had so often been
agonizingly close to defeating the Avengers.

When I touched the apparition, we exchanged agendas in the blink of an eye
via telepathy. Le Fay was still trapped in Mediaeval England, seething for
vengeance against the Avengers and the Scarlet Witch in particular. Her mind
had locked on to my own deep feelings of revenge, and, knowing that we could
"do business," she had pursued me in my dreams. But to really be of help to
me, she would require a physical vessel to possess in this time frame.

A day later, I had 'recruited' Mystique, the shape shifter. Le Fay would
prove a useful tool in my reshaping of the eminently fuckable Avenger, but I
realized that she herself would be a great fuck toy. She would have her
chance with the Scarlet Witch, although she knew not how I planned to bring
about her own enslavement. In the link I had felt her craven desires and
understood exactly what she was capable of...and it excited me. She would
take possession of Mystique, not knowing that her new body was physically
addicted to mine, arriving in the twentieth century with a savage urge for
cock. My cock.

The actual ceremony had been extremely straightforward, considering my
complete lack of sorcerous experience. In the magical chamber we had
constructed in the basement, Mystique had been tied to a cross hung on the
wall, an archaic red symbol of possession daubed in paint on her stomach,
the rest of her quite naked. Morgan Le Fay's apparition had appeared on
schedule and simply walked inside of the spread-eagled woman, disappearing
inside as the red symbol seemed to turn to flame, the blue-skinned woman
wailing in agony as her will ebbed away, seemingly in the fire of the

When the screams died away, Mystique had simply smiled, her body slowly
changing as her shape-shifting powers did their thing. I watched the skin
tone lighten considerably, her body turning albino-white. I found myself
increasingly aroused as I saw her waist contract, her legs extend, and her
stunning breasts expand to what seemed like an impossible size for her thin
torso. Her hair lengthened and blackened and she laughed as Mystique's
features gave way to the evil beauty of the mediaeval sorceress.

I knew that when Mystique had been taken she was...in need. For the sluts I
had given a sexual addiction to, I found that I was now able to regulate
their desires with the aid of the Phoenix Force I had absorbed. I had
bombarded Mystique with the full grip of orgasmic need before she had been
overwhelmed. Looking at Morgan now, knowing the desires she had awakened in
my dreams for so many nights, I knew that I would deeply condition her to
service me immediately.

I pulled away my clothes quickly, watching the new arrival writhe in her
bonds. Telepathically I sensed the huge need that she had inherited from
Mystique, physically manifesting itself in her bucking hips and the
glistening, shaven cunt between them. My cock pointing straight up into the
air, full-blooded with lust and I advanced on her, slipping my hand over her
pussy, collecting her juices than tasting them cravenly.

I feasted on the look of evil in those beautifully slanted eyes.

"Do you really have any idea of what you are dealing with?" she asked, her
words punctuated with deep intakes of air as I continued the unbearable
stimulation on her cunt, my cock now rubbing up and down across her sodden

"Enough of an idea to take precautions with you, sorceress," I replied,
positioning myself for the sweet intrusion to her silky depths.

"Yessss..." she purred, arching herself towards me as I slowly pushed myself
into her vise-like pussy. "This wonderful need you have given me...it's
unlike anything I've ever felt before...and this body too..."

Her cunt was alive around my cock, pulsing around my hard shaft, almost like
twenty small tongues flicking it, caressing it, as I continued easing myself
into her. I realized that already she had mastered Mystique's shape-shifting
capabilities and was now using them to heighten my pleasure. My prick
responded with a continuous pumping of cream into that wonderful tightness,
each ejaculation absorbing quickly into her velvet-like pussy lining,
further heightening her need for my final, true orgasm.

"Hmmmmm...I knew you were the one," she sighed, freeing herself from her
bondage and drawing my body close to hers, mashing those vast breasts into
my chest. I reached nearer, our lips meeting. Her legs splayed out wide
before enmeshing themselves around my waist, allowing still further, deeper
penetration into her now-gushing cunt.

"I need your cock," she whispered hotly, breaking free from our kiss as her
addiction grew stronger. "I need it...badly...so fucking badly!"

I obliged her, ramming deeply into her depths, groaning at the powerful
sensations as Morgan Le Fay continued to subtly alter the shape of her
clenching cunt, drawing out more of my sap, bringing ever closer the final
release that already I felt boiling in my scrotum. Any notion I had of
delaying my climax fell to the wayside as my mind descended into a blazing
maelstrom of need. I ploughed into her, heedless of her desires, bathing in
the sensations that flooded my body as her breasts became alive, animated by
the same shape-shifting power that exquisitely tortured my cock, her nipples
dancing across my chest.

Then it was all over. With one final thrust, I pushed my cock head as deep
into her pussy as possible, groaning loudly through clenched teeth as I felt
my prick expand. The sudden rush of rapture almost drowned me as the
conditioning cream spat out into her cunt, which now adopted a milking
motion, drawing out every last drop until I lay, spent, on top of her.

"Oh very good, my boy-master," she whispered into my ear, an orgasmic high
warmly flowing through her body. "But this is just the tip of the iceberg
compared to how we shall both deal with the Scarlet Witch..."

Yes, the bitch would pay all right. Wanda Maximoff, the famed Scarlet Witch,
would suffer like none of my sluts had suffered before. We would collapse
her morality, corrupt her magic, and abuse her physically to the limits of
her endurance. She would endure a gauntlet of trials, and her fate at the
hands of this evil sorceress was just one element of the plan.

I summoned Meltdown and ordered her to show the cum-sated Le Fay to
quarters, knowing that the succulent bitch wouldn't leave there until the
dark sorceress had practiced her dark, arcane sexual arts on her. I would
have liked to have watched, and perhaps participated, but we were at a
critical point in the plan, with two more seductions taking place
concurrently in order to further the scheme.

I reached my private sanctum, lay on the bed, cleared my mind, and allowed
it to connect to my dark consort, the Phoenix. I merged with her psyche,
becoming one with my greatest achievement, sighing in rapture as I felt her
sexual excitement.

She was quite naked, laying in a jungle hut as a beautifully toned black
woman knelt between her legs, thrusting her tongue into Phoenix's red-furred
snatch, two fingers sunk deep into her cunt, thrusting in and out, another
dancing tentatively around the ring of her anus. My consort was moaning
uncontrollably as the woman continued her ministrations, sucking deeply on
her pussy, mewling herself as her skilled mouth drained each blast of
mind-deadening pussy cream.

Her name was Calypso, a target chosen for my enterprise because of her
enviable skills in the realms of voodoo. The bitch was almost the equal of
the Scarlet Witch in terms of magical prowess but without her mutant hex
capabilities to fall back on. I had considered the magnificent black woman
to be interesting tool of corruption for the Avengers heroine. I had to
compliment the whore on her cunt-lapping skills. Phoenix writhed beneath
her, allowing the woman to draw her closer to climax, knowing that her final
release would bind the jungle woman to her body for as long as was
required...for as long as was needed for her to defile Wanda with her foul
voodoo magic.

I left my Phoenix's mind, knowing that this part of the plan proceeded
exactly as I had foreseen. My other seductress, my own sister, was my next
concern. Having finally discovered the location of the Enchantress on Earth,
it was now my intention to recruit her as perhaps my most powerful dark
angel. Perhaps rather ruthlessly, I had dispatched Stephanie to intercept
her, knowing full well that her earthly powers would have no chance against
the full capabilities of the mighty Asgardian. Regardless, I needed her. For
over a thousand years she had refined the art of seduction, magically
enhancing her beauty and taking whatever sexual partners she had desired.
She used mortals for her sexual sport and I knew that she would find my
sister irresistible. From there, she would come to me, and I would make her

Poor Stephanie would be an interesting diversion for the mighty goddess,
nothing more. Certainly, despite her powers, she would not be able to
overcome her. She had surrendered herself to Jean Grey and was saved only by
her intoxicating breasts when she chose to take on Mystique. Even before I
had dispatched her, I knew that if the Enchantress lived up to even a
fraction of her reputation, Stephanie would stand no chance. I felt no guilt
about the realization that I was using my own sister as bait--such a bold
move was required to catch the attention of a major player like the

I would just have to wait until she came to see me. In the meantime, I took
a look at the relic in the palm of my hand. The Band of Tyr. Almost with a
feeling of dread, I slipped the ring onto one of my finger and felt...
nothing. It seemed a tad warm, perhaps, but was this really the artifact I
had long sought after?

One thousand years ago, the Norse civilization rebelled against their gods
and goddesses, who treated them as effectual slaves. Their wisest sorcerers
gathered in secret, together forging the ring I now wore. With it, they were
able to nullify the Asgadians powers were nullified, but more than that. The
gods were forced back over the Rainbow Bridge into their home...where they
stayed until the return of Thor some years ago. I had my suspicions about
the ring's true power and I felt sure that I would be proved correct in the
coming hours. If I was wrong...well, I'm sure being murdered by the
Enchantress would at least be an interesting death.

"Thy sister pleases me, mortal."

A rich, deeply feminine, yet commanding voice. The Enchantress had arrived,
materializing silently behind me. Almost immediately I felt a throbbing on
my ring finger as the long dormant power of the Band of Tyr coursed through
my body. I turned to face her, hands behind my back, ready to bear witness
to the female perfection that makes any man hers.

Standing tall at well over six feet, I could spot no flaw in her complexion.
Her eyes were gorgeous--deep, full of promise, so evilly seductive. Her face
structure was again flawless, her lips magnificent--large, pouting, plump.
The rest of her body was a wet dream--stunning figure, voluminous breasts
that were perfectly shaped, upturned at each end, nipples pointing slightly
upwards, poking through the material of her clothing. She wore a simple,
silk, one piece costume...and she looked simply incredible inside it...her
bottom barely covered, the full expanses of her perfect legs fully
revealed...the cleavage...God, her tits...

"I am glad my visage doth please thee," she smiled, her face a mask of
superiority. "Perhaps if thy explanation be good I shall make thine end an
exquisite pleasurable death in mine embrace."

I felt a shard of fear in my heart as I noticed the naked form of Stephanie
lying next to her. The Enchantress immediately noticed the direction of my
glance and lifted my catatonic-looking sister to her feet by pulling her up
by her hair. She moaned helplessly, a grin of sexual contentment spread
across her face.

"So...you received my gift, Enchantress."

"As I did say, she pleases me. Ne'er have I beheld one as...moist as she.
She fairly gushed under my hand. My mortal manservants...perhaps enjoyed her
too much...she has interesting power. But now methinks I have broken her."

She sighed visibly before dropping Stephanie to the floor, advancing upon
me, a look of distilled, intense evil in those wonderful green eyes.

"Thy scheming intrigues me, mortal," she uttered confidently. "Perhaps I
shall possess thee until thine plotting is complete and the Avengers be
perished...or enslaved."

The ring was throbbing with power now. Almost instinctively, I knew how to
handle this incredible woman. Somehow, the knowledge of the Nordic sorcerers
had transferred itself from the ring to its bearer.

"Possess ME?" I scoffed. "Do you really believe that I would pursue you were
I not capable of bringing about your defeat?"

"Thy pluck amuses me, mortal...but tread carefully else I shall lose my
interest in thee and destroy thee within the blink of an eye."

Within me I felt the hate of the oppressed these "gods" had enslaved a
millennium ago. I felt it merge with my sexual desire for this immaculate
creature, expressing itself now as an intense urge to bring about her
downfall-- a humiliation that would change her forever. Still concealing the
Band of Tyr on my finger, I walked to within inches of the alluring bitch,
looking up at her, my chin level with her fantastic cleavage, looking her
clearly in the eye.

"I have the power, bitch. I...have...the...power!"

I smiled as I saw her swallow in apprehension, a look of panic crossing her
face as I slowly raised my ring finger, knowing that the Enchantress's vast
magical powers and Asgardian might were useless against me. I felt the race
hatred again, the ring feeding intense stabs of crazed lust through my body,
my prick now engorged to a level of arousal I had only experienced when I
took Phoenix and transformed her.

"You...Y-you know not what you do..." she stammered, eyes locked onto the
beguiling ring. "Remove the band now else you succumb to its evil!"

"One thousand years ago the Nordic people drove you away...and
you...YOU...were the one 'goddess' who escaped punishment...this ring gives
me the power to right that wrong..."

"Take it off! It will consume thy soul!"

"I will remove it only when you are my slave, bitch, and not before. Give
your soul...and your cunt...to me for all eternity and I shall destroy the

The mighty Enchantress shook with fear before me, unable to move unless I
allowed it. The feeling of power ran through me like a surge of ecstasy
almost as satisfying as the final powerful spurts of cum flowing deeply into
a freshly trained slut's womb. I could see the fear in her heart--the
prospect of servicing my cock for all eternity tempered only by her primal
terror of the ring's power.

"Perhaps you need a demonstration of my power," I taunted. "Banish your
clothing...I want to see this body that no man can resist."

Stepping back, she instantly complied, the compelling force of the Band of
Tyr irresistible. Slowly, her silk gown slipped from her shoulders, catching
momentarily on the nipples of her gargantuan breasts completing its journey
to the ground as she shook her tits slightly, dislodging the clothing. She
stepped out of her high heel shoes, taking her down to about 6'2", still
much taller than I. She looked incredible--her torso and waist were so thin,
a stark contrast to her mammoth breasts. Looking down, I lost myself in
those legs, my eyes momentarily caught up in the tangling mass of hair that
framed her cunt.

"Get on your fucking knees! Let me see you on all fours."

Again...instant compliance. She looked up at me, her brilliant green eyes
glistening with moisture, and I chuckled to myself as I witnessed a solitary
tear fall down her reddened cheek. Sweet submission. I couldn't resist her
any longer. I had to have her. I walked behind her, marveling at the expanse
of perfectly formed buttocks before me. Touching her was like touching silk,
causing me to caress her ass cheeks, before I pulled them apart. I spit
heavily on her anus, using my fingers to rub it into her beautiful anal
rosette, before adding to the lubrication by slowly jerking my drooling cock
over the same orifice.

I nestled the red, bloated head of my prick on her asshole, slowly pushing
inside her tight depths.

"Ever been sodomised before, Enchantress?"

"NO!" she wailed, screaming at the sensation of invading cock. "Stop this
now else I torment you for all eternity!"

"Once I'm completely inside, you will climax to my every thrust..."

Soon enough, my pole was firmly imbedded in her virgin asshole, the feeling
beyond words. And then I began the thrusting. I could feel her resistance to
the unwanted climaxes. Her moans started out barely audible, slowly becoming
louder as I fucked her like an animal, taking her savagely, her voice
raising with each impaling, her legs giving way to the powerful orgasms I
gifted her. It broke my rhythm, but I adapted to the new position, simply
lying on her back, biting her neck and pulling her hair as I continued
raping her ass until finally I could control my cock no longer. Spurt after
spurt of my cream shot into her bowels, more of my spunk surging out as the
Norse 'goddess' squeezed her rectal muscles around my tortured length.

"Let my cum dominate you, Enchantress...feel it...good..."

I pulled out slowly, turning her over, feeling so proud of myself as I saw
the vacant look of submission in her eyes. Her hands reached out, both of
them encircling my still hard cock, bringing her face closer, pulling on it
as more arcs of cream spurted out. She tilted her face to accept the ropes
of jism as they coated her features. I realized she was simply continuing to
follow my order to let my cum dominate her.

"Good slave," I complimented, running my hand through her luxurious mane of
hair as she reached forward and began the sweetest sucking motion on my
prick. "That's it...pleasure your master...do it!"

Both hands continued to milk the stem of my pole whilst her tongue performed
indescribable oral magic on the glans. I stopped cumming in spurts...now I
felt almost solid globs of cum shoot from my cock. The sensation of
near-solid masses exiting my cock head was mind-blowing, sudden stabs of
incredible rapture accompanying each release. I realized that the
Enchantress's hand motions were responsible--it was almost as if she were
reshaping my cum while it was still in the shaft.

I thought she had swallowed every drop until she finally let my cock go, to
my intense dissatisfaction. But what followed made it better still. From
between those pouting lips, twin streams of my white cream sprung forth from
both sides, running down her chin, between her mammoth breasts. Her hands
reached up to bunch her tits together, smearing my expression of lust into
those wondrous globes. Then she simply smiled as magical power emanated from
her, drawing my prick into that expanse of enticing cleavage, electrifying
my pole as the energy animated her tit-flesh, her hands cupping her vast
mounds, containing my prick in a sweet embrace. Arcs of sheer ecstatic bliss
coursed through me as her breasts massaged my cock, seemingly of their own
accord, my tool responding by pumping out wave after wave of cream,
gathering around her neck. Then she flicked her head forward, the cascade of
blonde hair like ten thousand pinpricks of joy across my chest and stomach
as once again her lips returned to coax yet more cum from my straining

With the power of the Band of Tyr in my possession, the Enchantress was just
another woman succumbing to me...albeit one with more sexual experience and
ability that any I had experienced before. If I were without the ring's
tempering feeling of hatred flooding through me, I would surely be her slave
forever...an opinion confirmed as I finally spread her thighs apart, my cock
instantly disappearing deep into the heart of her cunt. Her cunt...a soft
wet velvet sheath of refined ecstasy unlike any I had felt before.

She was a fuck beyond all women I had taken before...and truly I was a man
unlike any she had experienced in over a millennium of carnal pursuit. It
was I who had tamed her, broken her like some kind of wild mare, my orders
bludgeoning into her mind as surely as my cock jack-hammered into the
deepest recesses of her being.

"Be my slave forever!"


"Worship my cock forever!"


"Succumb to my cream now and forever!"


"Take your punishment...forever!"


"Obey your master!"


She kept repeating the phrase as my final orgasm thundered into her cunt,
her body losing all control as I felt her total climax overwhelm her, taking
her to the edge of unconsciousness. I had fucked the superiority out of her
and bound her to my will...the mighty Enchantress still possessed of all her
fantastic power--but now a power that would service me.

I heard her whimper in loss as I pulled my cock from her clasping vagina,
the subjugation now complete, its hard length now losing its rigidity.
Myriad feelings flooded my mind. The sensation of power in having bested the
Enchantress at her own game, more dark thoughts emanating from the ring
urging me on to performing yet more violations on her body, but perhaps most
tellingly I felt sheer anticipation about the upcoming corruption of Wanda,
the Scarlet Witch.

The Enchantress was the very picture of submission. Standing over her, I
again appreciated every perfect curve of her body, but smiled evilly at the
dried cum on her face, the flecks remaining on her breasts and the sheer
white, wet mess that drenched her cunt and asshole. I did not like the look
she gave me as I admired her body... it was sheer allure, an almost
self-satisfied expression that despite her enslavement, I was her puppet,
bound to her body.

"Good master..." she breathed huskily. "Mine body is thy temple of
rapture...thy rod my truest delight...use me as thy would..."

I lifted my limp cock in one hand, groaning as I let the floodgates open,
golden piss cascading from my prick and arcing over her beautiful breasts,
over her stomach, before aiming up, catching my most powerful slave full in
the face. I had expected resistance but the Enchantress was as good as her
word. Her mouth formed an O shape, sucking in my piss-spewing cock, taking
the final salty spurts directly into her oral cavity. She was good. She was
very good.

"Clean yourself up and then find me the Scarlet Witch," I demanded.

"Of course, my master."

"Oh...and if you restore her mind, you can keep her," I remarked
dismissively, pointing at the huddled naked body of my sister.



The early evening news had become essential viewing for me in the last
couple of weeks. Slowly but surely the world's heroes were being taken out
of the picture one by one...allowing super-villains to run riot. Nowhere was
it more so than in New York City, where the absence of both the X-Men and
the Fantastic Four was having a cataclysmic effect--only the Avengers stood
in the way of total Armageddon.

In a masterpiece of tactical prowess, Captain America had issued a summons
to every able-bodied super hero, calling them all to arms in New York's
greatest hour of need. Mainstays such as Iron Man and Thor had been joined
by the likes of Spider-Man, Daredevil and the New Warriors...and all the
time ex-Avengers rejoined the ranks. I drooled at the sight of Mockingbird,
Black Widow and Hellcat standing side by side with Warbird, aka the old Ms
Marvel. Looking at the total line-up, I smiled with a callous, evil joy.
Just about all the sluts I desired where now within my grasp. And as for
those that weren't? It didn't matter, they would be mine.

The size of the new Avengers team made 'disappearances' easy to arrange,
particularly with the power of the Enchantress at my command. She was
arranging the Scarlet Witch's abduction and then we would truly begin.

In the meantime, I had joined Phoenix and the White Queen in one of the
science labs in the X-Men's mansion. Several days before, as we had stripped
the Fantastic Four's labs of useful technology, we had come across a
reinforced plastiglass container, with a strange black ooze inside.

"It's definitely a lifeform," Phoenix started, looking up from her computer
screen. "I can sense its thought patterns...it communicates via telepathy."

"I've managed to retrieve Reed Richards' data," Emma continued. "Believe it
or not, this...this thing used to be Spider-Man's costume. According to his
notes, the web-swinger got Richards to remove it when it tried to... well,
attach itself to him permanently."

"Have you full access to the files concerning...it...yet?" I asked,
intrigued by the flowing black slime.


"Get it done. Wanda should be here by now...you could say I have business to
attend to."

The expressions on Phoenix and Emmas' faces turned from diligence to
decadence in a heartbeat. I turned away quickly, knowing that were I to stay
any longer I would not leave again until my fresh cum drooled from both of
their cunts.

I met up with the Enchantress in the Danger Room control booth, surveying
the holographic scene she had created for the corruption of the Scarlet
Witch. The architecture was grand, evidently Asgardian. Ionic pillars
surrounded a large (make that very large) marble bath, which was full and
bubbling with a sinister-looking black oil.

"This looks spectacular," I complimented, waving at the holographic
construction. "Are all the programs in place?"

"Yesss..." she hissed, already turned on by the task that awaited her. "Both
Le Fay and Calypso have revealed their arts to me. In addition to mine own,
Wanda will suffer exquisitely before giving herself to thy flesh."

"You may begin when ready."

I only had scant seconds to wait until I saw the incredible nakedness of the
Enchantress submerge itself in the bubbling oil filling the ornate bath in
the holographic realm in front of me. I saw her raise her hand, an unearthly
glow taking shape before my eyes. Slowly the glow moved down into the bath
with her, finally solidifying into the shape of Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet
Witch, the sweet subject of this enterprise.

"YOU!" Wanda screamed as she caught sight of the Asgardian in front of her.
"So this is all your doing?"

The Enchantress smiled at her, a perfect smile of malevolence. She looked
like a vulture ready to administer the killing blow to her prey.

"There are greater schemes afoot than mine," she replied seductively, slowly
moving towards Wanda in the pool of oil. "My only desire is thy sweet

"Look, I don't know what game you're playing here, but there are people out
there who need me...who need us! The world's gone mad and they're relying

"That is of no concern to thou...or to me, my sweet," the Enchantress
interrupted, snaking her hand forwards beneath the opaque oil, seeking out
Wanda's breasts, sighing as she made contact.

"NO!" Wanda exclaimed, moving back to the edge of the bath as the shock of
the Enchantress's touch instigated an instinctual response. "Don't touch

The Enchantress ignored her, continually following her until Wanda has
hemmed into the corner of the oily bath, trapped by the larger woman's
voluptuous frame.

"Wouldst thou truly deny me, Witch?" she purred, running her fingernail
firmly across Wanda's delicious tit leaving a deep red welt across her
flesh, producing a startled gasp from the Scarlet Witch's mouth

"Y-yes...YES!" Wanda replied. "I'm not...like that!"

"Oh dear," the Enchantress sighed, continuing to toy with Wanda's large,
firm breast under the oily surface. "There are no rules to pleasure, sweet
one, and already I feel thy body betray thou."

She moved her other hand down, lower, running it softly across Wanda's
stomach, down into her tuft of pubic hair, feeling Wanda's hips
involuntarily convulse at her touch as she lightly stimulated her clit with
a finger's feather touch.


Wanda fixed the Enchantress with a steely gaze, even though under the
surface of the warm, bubbling oil, she shivered with a mixture of
apprehension and desire. I could sense it from her, my telepathic powers
growing stronger still.

"So be it," sighed the Enchantress deeply, turning away from the Scarlet
Witch and swimming away from her.

"Is...is that it?" she inquired after her and I laughed to myself as I heard
this, knowing already that two panels had opened in the bath, the
Enchantress's slaves swimming through them.

"I think not," the Asgardian replied, turning to face Wanda from the other
side of the vast bath. "Thy wishes are clear. Thou wouldst prefer the touch
of a man...or men."

The Scarlet Witch gasped as suddenly two men surfaced on either side of her,
their arrival a complete surprise owing to the black, opaque oil. The first,
a muscle-bound black man, grinned at her with lust-crazed eyes, staring at
the swells of her breasts as they appeared above the oil. The second, who
seemed virtually identical bar his white skin color, swam behind her,
running his hands down her back as Wanda yelped in dismay and fear.

"How do you like my toys, Witch?" the Enchantress laughed, even as another
identical white man surfaced behind her, running his erect cock over the
Asgardian's slippery legs.

"G-get th...them away from me!" the Avenger cried, desperately attempting to
fight off these men with her mutant and magical powers, almost crying with
fear as none of her immense power rose to meet her commands.
"Enchantress...h-help me!"

The 'goddess' responded by swimming closer to the young woman, her slave in
tow. Casually, she nodded at the black man, who trapped one of Wanda's legs
between both of his, beginning a clear rhythmic thrusting of his cock, up
and down over her silky thighs. Wanda whimpered, even as her Asgardian
tormentor signaled to the black-haired man behind her. His massaging hands
on the Witch's back moved down, lower, getting closer to her most private
area. He chuckled in her ear as his strong hands parted her ass cleavage,
his erect cock jamming inside the length of her intimate crease, running
across, but not penetrating, her pulsing anus.

"Feels good does it not, Witch?" Enchantress probed, her own slave running
his hands over her massive tits as she wormed her back into his muscular
chest. "Together we shall explore thy flesh and make it sing in ecstatic

Wanda did not respond, she merely sighed as hands came up to massage her
firm tit flesh, her mind assaulted by the feelings of two firm pricks
rubbing themselves over her. Of course, a great deal of her somewhat quicker
than expected submission came down to the oil's contents--a special, foul
concoction that the Enchantress had devised herself, using my sperm as the
base ingredient. Even if Wanda had been unconscious, her body would still be
responding...driving her relentlessly towards her ultimate submission.

"Good...very good...feel the lust well up inside of thee...feel it, Witch!"

Wanda gasped as the Enchantress's hand flicked over her the inside of her
right thigh, tantalizing her flesh as she moved upwards, cupping the Scarlet
Witch's cunt in her hand, rubbing it tenderly. A single submerged graze on
the black man's buttocks from his Asgardian mistress caused him to change
his tack, moving his rubbing cock from her leg to her pussy. Wanda's box
accepted the rubbing black cock almost eagerly.

"Please! Enchantress...stop this madness...I-I can't..."

"Thou canst not resist, my sweet slut...do it...beg for it..."

The Enchantress turned her attention to the white muscle man behind Wanda,
still jerking himself using the Witch's sweet buttocks for friction, the
black oil adding to the silky feeling. At his Asgardian mistress's command,
he changed his tack, concentrating the rubbing of his cockhead on Wanda's
clenching asshole. I wondered whether the Enchantress was going to have both
her holes stuffed to capacity. I knew that the oil also contained muscle
relaxants and small amounts of narcotics that would open her up and ease the
pain...but was my Asgardian slave really going to go this far so quickly?

"I-I...I need to...feel..." Wanda gasped as both her nether orifices were
teased mercilessly.

"Of course..." the Enchantress soothed, the back of her hand running down
Wanda's face intimately. "Choose...front or back...black or white..."

Sandwiched between two equally vast men, one black, one white, the Scarlet
Witch descended further into an ecstasy she had never felt before as each
man aroused her most intimate physical areas. I could feel her cunt itching
to be filled, the black oil seeping inside of her, sensitizing her demanding
flesh, but at the same time the darker aspect of her character yearned for
anal delight. All the while, my Asgardian slave continued to receive the
caresses of her own slave, the man quite clearly delirious with lust, so
anxious to bury his cock inside the 'goddess'.

"Choose Witch-slut...choose now!"

"Black!" she screamed.

Wanda's hiss of contentment broke into a gasp of surprise and fuck-lust as
the black man in front of her easily slipped his large black cock inside of
her cunt, beginning a frenzied pumping as his prick was squeezed within the
vise-sheath of Wanda's pussy. With each thrust he cried out like an animal,
the Enchantress willing him on towards orgasm by running her fingernails
along the flesh of his thighs. I saw the Scarlet Witch's knees draw up,
appearing from above the surface of the oil as she wrapped her incredible
legs around her black lover, now fucking back with all of the passion in her

The Enchantress felt her slave position his prick at her cunt, but she
quickly pulled away, swimming to within inches of the fucking couple. I
could feel her thrill to the sight of the black man rearing up for one final
thrust before he administered it, shooting his cum deep within the Witch's
sopping cunt, Wanda squealing in frustration as she desperately sought out
her own orgasm. The black man swam away, grinning inanely as he contemplated
the woman he'd just fucked so roughly.

"Thou didst not choose well, slut," the Enchantress sighed, shaking her
head. "To achieve release you must taste that which thou seeks to take you
to nirvana."

I noticed now that the white slave was sitting on the edge of the pool,
carelessly toying with his erection, smiling knowingly as Wanda and his
mistress swam towards him. The Scarlet Witch stroked the man's full cock,
her mind a rage of conflicting emotions. At once she wanted just to have a
man bring her to orgasm, but at the same time I felt her darker side again
desire to take control, to feel the texture and appreciate the taste of cock
in her mouth...an urge for the forbidden feeling of prick burrowing into her

"I...I just want to cum!" she whimpered, tears cascading down her cheek as
her goodness returned, denying the evil...temporarily.

"Thou shalt receive the release thou doth desire, Wanda...after thine first
taste of man seed...this I promise thee!"

The Scarlet Witch continued the exquisite stroking of the white man's cock
before slowly, ever so slowly, standing up on the bath's floor, adding to
her height, her lips now tantalizingly near his prick. Her tits emerged from
the black depths for the first time and I marveled at their size--large and
fulsome, capped with two sizeable nipples, painfully aroused. I desired
nothing more at this time than to fuck them and seethed with envy as I saw
her lips make contact with the white slave's bucking cock. She groaned with
desire as the hard, well-oiled meat slipped between her lips, her tongue
coming forward to explore the mass of cock that invaded her mouth. She
quickly lost herself in the rhythm of her blowjob, her head bobbing up and
down as sensation overwhelmed her conscience. Next to her, the Enchantress
slowly began the magical spell she had prepared especially for the Scarlet
Witch, at the same time beckoning her slave to take the jiggling meat in
front of her.

Virtually a duplicate of the man mountain Wanda was expertly blowing, the
slave was quick to take his position behind the Scarlet Witch, prizing her
firm buttocks apart, once again running his precum spewing tip over her
anus. I could see some element of resistance take over the Witch as the man
tried to hold her steady, all the better for pushing his cock into her tight
asshole, but I also noted that her struggles were more a token effort than
anything else. Wanda Maximoff was going to take a cock in her shithole while
simultaneously satisfying a man with her mouth.

I expected a yelp of pain, cries for mercy--anything along those lines--as
Wanda's ass was slowly plundered, the slave deliberately slowing his entry
into her most private fuck box, savoring the untouchable feeling of sodomy.
Instead, I saw the Witch temporarily break free from her blowjob, arching
her beautiful back and neck.

"Fuck me!" she wailed, feeling the cock now deeply enmeshed in her ass.

I could sense the carnal satisfaction of the Scarlet Witch's corruption via
the Enchantress's twisted mind. I felt her cruelty, her urge to play the
Witch almost like a musical instrument, making her sing in orgasm. Her
timing was perfect as she slipped her hand into Wanda's cunt, teasing the
outer lips before sending two fingers deep into her, fingers that felt the
cock intrusion in her ass, fingers questing to bring her the cum she so
desperately sought.

"Fucking YES!" Wanda screamed as she broke her suctioning oral grip in the
cock in front of her, her face lighting up with savage orgasmic joy as spurt
after spurt of cum blasted into her face and subsequently into her slack
mouth. Desperate for more, she again sucked it deeply into her mouth,
swallowing the follow-up cum feverishly.

Wanda descended into a primal feeling of continual climax as the Enchantress
expertly worked her pussy with her fingers, enjoying the convulsive feeling
of the walls of her cunt as cum after cum escaped her. The insistent
rock-hard cock in her asshole continued the stimulation until it too gave up
the precious white cream that shot deep into Wanda's bowels, deepening the
ecstasy she felt. I felt the Scarlet Witch lose coherent thought, virtually
blacking out, her mind still being fed the rapture it craved.

The Enchantress banished her three slaves, intimately caressing the Scarlet
Witch and keeping her head above the oil as her consciousness fought
valiantly to return to her body. The Asgardian spent the time wisely,
readying herself for the mighty magical spell she had ready--the first test
of the Scarlet Witch's sexual seduction to her darker side.

Even at that point, I had my suspicions about Wanda's apparent capitulation
to the statuesque blonde goddess. Of course it had been too easy, but during
my earlier telepathic immersion it had seemed almost as if she had blocked
off her mind, protecting herself from the horrors of her bodily betrayal. We
would have to see...

"Pleased with your work, Enchantress?" the Witch asked wearily as
consciousness returned.

Now I felt the power of her strong mind returning. Could she have invoked
some kind of magical protection to shield her from the ordeal she had just
undergone? Either way, I could see that the Enchantress was indeed pleased
as she traced lines of cum across Wanda's face, the Witch ignoring the
proffered cream as the 'goddess' ran it over her pouting lips. I doubted she
would ignore it so easily were it mine.

"Aye...thy body doth be a work of art, slut...but already I do see thy true
mind returning. Thine sorcerous skills do thee credit, Witch, thy mind was
elsewhere whilst I did play with thee."

"You've failed, Enchantress--failed abysmally. Now let me return to where I
am needed."

The Enchantress laughed loudly, raising her arms into the air, twin globes
of magic surrounding her hands, before releasing the full power of her
spell, transfixing the Scarlet Witch in an orb of evil torment. Visibly
there seemed to be little reason for Wanda's screams of...what? What kind of
evil spell had the Enchantress cast on her? Instigating the slightest of
telepathic links, I sensed her pain.

As the spell had hit her, the cum on Wanda's face had been quickly absorbed
by her skin, both painful fire and euphoric ecstasy rushing through her as
the cream seemingly burned through her skull, hammering orgasmic rapture
deep into her mind.

Wanda's magnificent body rose out of the oil, black ooze falling from her
supine body, exposing her generous curves, the full beauty of her buttocks,
her little cunt--a body that writhed in sensation as the Enchantress
continued looking on in rapture. The Witch felt the fire again, this time in
her bowels, as the cum that lodged there burnt into her system, the
white-hot pain once again abating only when the blast of ecstasy built
within her. Simultaneously, her stomach sent shards of pleasure-pain
throughout her being, the cream she swallowed returning to torment her. The
cruel Enchantress gave her little respite before the most crashing evil of
all erupted in her cunt, her girl juice literally gushing from the lips of
her pussy as both the pain and the pleasure aroused her and took her into a
state of being beyond orgasm.

The process took little less than a minute before the spell broke and Wanda
fell a full six feet back into the black oil that had seemingly birthed her.
The Enchantress swam quickly to bring the Scarlet Witch's barely conscious
form to the surface, Wanda murmuring incoherently as she recovered from her
sensation-racked ordeal.

"Enchantress..." she whispered, eyes barely open.

The Enchantress bent over and brushed her lips against Wanda's, beginning a
deep soul-searching kiss, punctuated only by the thrust of her tongue into
the Scarlet Witch's mouth. The kiss was ended only when the Avenger broke
free in a flurry of limbs from her Asgardian would-be lover, staring back at
her with an intense hatred.

"You...you...fucking slut," Wanda hissed. "I don't care what magic you
expose me to. I...will...NOT...be defeated!"

I had to admire the Scarlet Witch's resilience--the Enchantress had violated
her body and her mind and she was still fighting back, despite being on the
limits of her endurance. It was time to find out exactly what was going on,
and it was a simple matter to instigate a telepathic link with my

*I felt the power of your spell, how does her mind survive?*

*I know not...verily her magic remains strong...mayhap she draws from its
powers to protect her mind still further.*

*Then we continue with the plan as agreed.*

*Aye, master, thine slaves will pollute her spiritual connection...then we
shall have her.*

The exertion of Wanda's force of will had left her on the brink of
unconsciousness, and it was not long before she blacked out again, sheer
exhaustion finally besting her. I looked down upon her beautiful form as the
bath was drained and the second of our little holographic fantasies began to
take shape around her.

The classic Asgardian architectural palace slowly melted away, a deep
Caribbean forest taking shape as I worked the Danger Room controls, the lush
trees fading back as I constructed a clearing amidst the foliage, then a
stone slab sacrificial altar in the center. The Enchantress stood by my
side, eyes screwed shut in concentration as she summoned forth Calypso's
tribe into the holographic construction of their home, using her sheer
magical powers to merge their previous activities to what was happening now,
so that nothing seemed amiss to them. Calypso entered the scene as the
jungle drum beat begun, two of her male voodoo slaves carrying Wanda's
unconscious body to the altar before tying her down. I noticed that the
Enchantress had restored her scarlet costume in its entirety, except for her
flowing cape, allowing her ripe shoulders and enticing cleavage to be

Calypso turned to the surrounding tribe, lifting her arms in triumph and
screaming out a base, guttural yell which brought forth a similar cry of
tribal evil from the seething mass of black skin and bright color
surrounding her.



I bathed myself in the high of Wanda Maximoff's fear as she regained
consciousness, aware of her perceptions as she absorbed the tribal scene
surrounding her. The natives were going mad as Calypso danced around the
sacrificial altar, occasionally running her hands over Wanda's body, her
long fingernails digging into the Scarlet Witch's flesh, sending even more
terror into her stricken form. As far as I knew, these two sorcerous women
had never met before and I thrilled at the challenge ahead of both these
accomplished magic users. Wanda's pure magic in concert with her hex powers
made her a formidable adversary, but without her mutant capabilities I
wondered just how she would fare against the crazed Calypso--a woman who had
long ago sacrificed her own immortal soul in exchange for raw voodoo power.
Phoenix had carried out her research well before taking possession of this
primitive woman. Wanda would have little knowledge of the arcade powers of
Calypso's magic--a sorcerous might that thrived on corruption. Would Wanda's
link to her magical power base save her or damn her?

The rhythmic drumbeat grew in intensity as Calypso danced wantonly around
Wanda's body, slowly stripping herself of her jungle vestments to the
Witch's amazed gaze. Despite her victory over the Enchantress in the last
part of the gauntlet, I could still feel her attraction towards the
voluptuous black woman beneath the veneer of her terror. Perhaps her victory
had not been quite so complete as she had imagined. It certainly wasn't my
imagination--Wanda's mind struggled to repel her brazen lust as she hungrily
eyed Calypso's now exposed, jiggling breasts, nipples erect with the arousal
of her coming debasement. The Scarlet Witch began to twist in her bondage,
attempting to escape as her fear intensified with the upping tempo of the

The circle around the writhing bodies began to contract as the men stared
lustfully at their voodoo mistress, some pulling out their erect cocks,
jerking slowly, eyes locked on the tableau before them. Their excitement
increased as Calypso mounted the altar, rubbing her crotch across Wanda's
stomach in time to the pounding jungle drums, her leopard skin thong slowly
coming loose until she was completely naked, wiping her leaking cunt juice
over Wanda's costume.

A cry of approval ran through the tribe as she reached back and pulled out
her sacrificial knife from the discarded costume, Wanda screaming in fear as
the voodoo priestess ran the flat of the blade over her face and down over
her exposed cleavage. A loud, long burst of evil laughter escaped Calypso as
she turned the sharp blade around, digging into the red costume, revealing
more and more of Wanda's succulent tit flesh until both of her beautiful
orbs were on display for the sex-crazed tribe. Calypso leaned over, licking
Wanda's cheek as she rubbed her own smaller breasts over her prisoner's
luxuriant curves, laughing to herself as she felt the nipples below her
tighten, harden and expand in arousal.

Calypso reached under herself, coating her hand with her own drooling pussy
liquids, bringing them up to Wanda's mouth, her hip-thrusts picking up speed
as she watched the Scarlet Witch willingly lick her fingers clean. Smiling
at Wanda's submission she reached down and with a feat of lust-crazed
strength pulled open the rest of the Scarlet Witch's tunic, exposing her
entire torso to the baying masses.

Wanda's fear was quickly abating, replaced with a burning need deep inside
her cunt. She could not explain to herself why she was feeling like this,
but the sensation of flesh against flesh...breast against breast...those
pounding drums. I knew that Calypso had planned it this way, her body
exuding a voodoo chemical almost narcotic in nature, drugging Wanda into
sexual oblivion. At the same time I suspected that the ordeal she'd
experienced with the Enchantress was also playing its part in her descent.
But would Calypso's magic prove more powerful than the Scarlet Witch's?

The priestess turned around on her victim, Wanda sighing as Calypso's toned
black buttocks faced her, her tormentor ripping open her scarlet hose,
ripping off the bottom end of her costume, exposing her overheated pussy,
leaving the heroine with only her head dress and scarlet gloves still in

Rubbing her slobbering cunt over each of Wanda's tits, Calypso leaned over,
her hands seeking out her prey's pussy, stroking her until she gushed her
girl juice over her hand. A triumphant yell of lust echoed through the
clearing as Calypso lifted her hand, showing it to crowd, allowing Wanda's
cunt juices to fall through her fingers back onto the Witch's pussy. The
crazed voodoo rapist leaned over to lick up the precious fluids, before
dipping forward, catching the Witch's erect clit between her lips, nibbling
on it tenderly as Wanda screamed in desire beneath her.

Calypso changed position, moving her thickly haired black muff over Wanda's
lips, grinding into her face as she once more leaned forward and expertly
aroused the Avenger's perfectly trimmed little pussy. I could sense the
final conflict resolved as Wanda's tongue tentatively left her mouth and
sought out her voodoo lover's clit, sighing as she tasted Calypso's musk,
her tongue digging deeper in an effort to taste more. All the while, her
body responded to the constant tonguing on her own womanhood.

Fuelled by the voodoo-induced lusts coursing through her, Calypso reached
orgasm quickly, pointing her head to the sky, screaming inhumanly as she
came, drenching Wanda's face, smearing her honey over her features as she
ground her hips over her cheeks, nose, mouth and forehead. She laughed as
she dismounted the Scarlet Witch, leaving her bound victim crying with need
and frustration as the sweet sensation left her cunt, which burned with
pent-up desire.

Calypso knelt next to the altar, head bowed as she recovered energy, drawing
power from the incessant drum beats that powered through her frame. Her body
absorbed the lusts of her tribe as the ring around her closed in again, more
of her men pulling out their engorged black cocks, masturbating in rhythm to
the drums, awaiting the moment their mistress desired for their orgasmic
release and the primal power it would unleash.

The voodoo priestess sprang back onto her legs again, the drums gaining
volume as she returned to her arousing dance, drawing more energy from her
tribe by dancing close to their pulling cocks. She allowed her musk to fill
their nostrils, spurring on their lust to even greater heights, before
calling into the crowds in her own language, the meaning lost on myself, the
Enchantress and, of course, Wanda.

The drums ceased suddenly, the crowds parting as a heavily decorated man
emerged seemingly from the undergrowth, carrying a bucket of what looked
like red blood and a small wooden box. From the man's outrageous garb I
suspected him to be the witch doctor of the tribe...certainly he was the
only man here who wore a mask to conceal his features. I saw Calypso smile
and Wanda cringe in fear as the man drew closer to the bound Avenger,
dipping his finger into the blood and bringing it up to Wanda's right
breast, beginning an intricate finger-painting on the flesh of her tit. The
design was immaculate and for all the world it looked like a highly detailed
spider--almost like a blood red tattoo on her pale white skin. The artwork
was superb, yet quickly daubed on Wanda's flesh, and I could sense her
mixture of confusion, fear and continued arousal...a fire in her pussy being
stoked still further by Calypso's toying of her clit.

After the witch doctor was satisfied with his work, he stepped back, handing
the small wooden box to Calypso, who somewhat reluctantly pulled away from
her toying of Wanda's drenched cunt. In the background, the drums began
again, a slow tempo slowly increasing. I began to feel heightened terror
emanate from the Scarlet Witch, her fear increasing as she noted that even
Calypso was handling the wooden box with some caution, gingerly opening it
almost at arm's length, before gently tipping it upside down, a small black
mass landing softly on Wanda's belly.

The smile returned to Calypso's face as she registered the complete dread,
fright and horror on Wanda's face as she stared wide-eyed at the small,
black spider that was slowly crawling up her stomach. The arachnid was quite
tiny, certainly not anywhere near the size of a tarantula, yet it looked
extremely menacing, with a bulbous abdomen with a small red hour glass motif
on its back. I'm certainly not any kind of spider expert, but I knew a black
widow when I saw one and I recoiled in some horror as I watched it crawling
slowly up Wanda's body. The Avenger herself froze solid in absolute fear,
tears streaming from her eyes as the spider continued scuttle up her torso,
drawn by the bloody artwork adorning her quivering tit flesh.

The drums gathered more speed the closer the arachnid got to Wanda's
proffered breast, until it slowly climbed the large mound, Wanda screwing
her eyes shut, her body still reporting the feel of the spider on her tit
despite all her best efforts to blot out the sensations.

"What's happening here, Enchantress?" I asked, turning to my goddess-slave,
demanding answers. "If she dies because of that...I'll..."

"Worry not, master," she replied reassuringly, massaging my shoulders from
behind. "Thine anger be righteous, yet the ceremony thou seest serves our
ends admirably."

Once again the drums ceased, the spider now sitting stationary on the
Scarlet Witch's blood-painted breast, Calypso muttering a tribal incantation
to herself as her tribesmen remained frozen, their attention given
exclusively on the victim lying atop their sacrificial altar. The priestess
rose, tentatively reaching out a single finger towards the arachnid, slowly
running her finger down its back.

In response the spider's abdomen shot straight down into Wanda's voluminous
tit flesh, the Scarlet Witch screaming in sharp, sudden agony as the small
creature bit down savagely into her breast, the Avenger reeling from the
dark toxins pumped into her body. She had expected the bite to end quickly,
yet this spider would not stop--instead it strove to bite deeper into her
flesh, sending more of its deadly venom deep into her body.

The drums began again, quickly reaching a vicious tempo as the Scarlet Witch
bucked in searing torment under the black widow spider, Calypso looking on
unmoved as she watched the spider drain off its reservoir of poison into her
victim, continuing to mutter her dark voodoo incantations. I did not fully
understand what was going on...all I could see was the slut I desired slowly
dying in front of me. I lifted up my hand, brandishing the Band of Tyr in
front of the Enchantress.

"Tell me now exactly what is going on...or I'll make sure you receive worse
treatment, slut!"

"The Scarlet Witch undergoes the tribal rite of lustful possession, used by
Calypso's forefathers in turning powerful witches into their sluts..." the
Enchantress answered, continuing the relaxing massage on my shoulders. "The
venom of the black widow is quickly tempered with an incantation that
pollutes and debases her magic...molding her power in new, intriguing
directions. Watch!"

I did just that, looking on in amazement as Calypso bowed her head in
concentration, continuing her incantation, bringing her hand over the
venomous widow, slowly crushing it onto Wanda's breast. She arched her neck
back, yelling at the skies once more as the power of her spell was brought
to bear, the widow seemingly vaporizing under her hand, smoke pouring from
Wanda's tit as the Avenger screamed at the scorching, burning heat that
savagely assaulted her tender flesh.

Once again I noticed the circle of men draw closer. Now they were less than
a couple of feet away from Calypso and the Scarlet Witch, jerking their
cocks in time to the continuous drum beat, some of the less-prepared men
straining with effort in order to stop themselves ejaculating. Whatever
surge of naked sexual power Calypso needed, it physically couldn't be
contained for much longer.

The voodoo bitch's hand drew away from Wanda's still smoking tit flesh, the
Scarlet Witch instantly looking down to see what damage had been done. Apart
from a few black ashes, the spider itself was gone, as was the agony of its
venom, but the Avenger swallowed in fear as she realized that the intricate
blood-red artwork on her breast had now been replaced by a jet-black
rendition burnt into her flesh. She whimpered as she saw that she had
effectively been branded with the spider motif, its edges clearly evident.

Inside her, I could feel the dark voodoo power gather and assault her
sanity, attacking her instinctual and intimate connection with the magical
power base she drew upon...and yet still I detected her resistance...
powered now only by a supreme force of will. Seeking to seal her fate,
Calypso beckoned her followers forward. What followed was a near constant
display of orgasmic release.

The first man pulled himself off quickly, pushing himself over the edge by
wiping his black cock head over the blackened flesh on her tit. Wanda cried
out loud at the painful sensations as rope after rope of white cum spurted
out across her breast, especially painful when the white, salty jism seeped
into the branded area of her skin. This cock was replaced simultaneously
with two more, one sliding along her lips, seeking entrance into her mouth,
the other pushed roughly into her cunt where she felt the foul cream shoot
deep into her womb, even as her lips were coated with the other man's

The orgasmic power seemed tangible in the air and I could feel the darkness
in Wanda's spirit expand with each new climax, the Avenger struggling
valiantly to hold on as her very soul was consumed by darkness. Calypso
watched on, arms folded, a satisfied look of curiosity on her face as she
watched the Scarlet Witch's face get coated with three more loads of cum
simultaneously, thrilling to herself as she finally saw the Avenger's tongue
dart out to collect the liquid. Unbinding the nearly naked heroine with her
ceremonial knife, Calypso looked on as Wanda began to accept each new cock
with ever-increasing desire--the blackness inside of her expanding
exponentially. Both the Enchantress and I looked on rapt as she simply


Black cocks danced around her for more than an hour, each one expertly
drained as Wanda took load after load on her face and tits, now oblivious to
the pain of the voodoo branding, wantonly scooping up the cream to massage
into the black spider on her tit. Her cunt and ass were also kept busy,
sometimes simultaneously, the high point for me was watching Wanda suck
deeply on a large black cock while another man straddled her tits,
plundering her cleavage with deep cock strokes, the Avenger herself pressing
her breasts together to aid his release. Beneath her another man rammed
brutally into her ass while her spread legs allowed access for another
lust-crazed native to jam his tool deeply inside of her cum-coated cunt. All
the time, the drums continued playing out, Wanda's body brutally ravished in
time to the beat.

The ceremony reached its conclusion when the witch doctor returned,
contemplating the final state of the Scarlet Witch. Countless loads of jism
painted her face, her tits completely covered without exception, multiple
ropes of cum staining her stomach and a veritable puddle leaking all over
her cunt and thighs. Her red raw asshole seemed to wink rhythmically, and
each time it opened, fresh white cream dribbled out.

The witch doctor pulled out his own huge cock, pulling back the foreskin and
resting the vast tool on Wanda's lips, expectantly waiting for the Scarlet
Witch to open her mouth for him, which she duly did. Sensing her
capitulation, he pulled her head back and buried his tool deep in her throat
in one thrust, fucking brutally into her until he spurted his cream deep
inside of her gullet, before pulling back and straining out the last few
drops into her mouth. However, by this time, Wanda had long since passed
into unconsciousness, a state where the dark magic coursing within her would
grow ever more powerful.

"Thy scheme gains one more recruit..." the Enchantress breathed, stroking
herself to what I suspected would be yet another crashing
masturbation-induced climax.

"Maybe...but the gauntlet is not yet complete. She still needs to feel the
evil of Morgan Le Fay before she submits to my cock. If she yields to her,
fine, if she doesn't...we'll have more sport from poor Wanda yet."



The Scarlet Witch's bondage continued as she faced the final challenge of my
carefully prepared gauntlet of submission. The holographic arena had changed
again, this time a dark mediaeval dungeon replacing the warm Caribbean
jungle scene, the sunlit lushness replaced with the cold stone of Morgan Le
Fay's torture chamber, the only light provided by several flicking torches
attached to the walls.

Le Fay herself sat patiently, studying her captive as she slowly began to
emerge from her unconscious state, the dark sorceress' gaze fixated on
Wanda's luscious figure. Unlike last time, there had been no attempt to
re-clothe the Avenger. Vertically tied, spread-eagled on a wooden cross,
Wanda's heavily abused tits and red raw pussy were left open completely for
her captors' enjoyment, dried jism caked onto her skin, large flakes of it
caught in her pubic muff.

"Oh Wanda," the evil sorceress sighed as her prey slowly came to before her.
"What am I going to do with you?"

"L-Le Fay...s-so you're in on this as well...how many more of you are
there?" Wanda's voice was shaky, yet somehow deeper than before...different.

"There is just myself...and your master," Le Fay replied, running her hand
across the Avenger's thigh, delighting in the obvious sexual response of
Wanda's sudden jerking hips. "Your body fair steams to my touch,
Witch...could it be that your will is broken too soon?"

"I'll tell you what I told the Enchantress--I will never yield to you...or
anyone. And who is this 'master'?"

"You shall find out soon enough, slut...but how can I entertain myself in
the meanwhile? I could summon my guards to rape you but it's clear that
you'd probably enjoy it...else I would dearly enjoy the corruption of your
magic, yet I find that already a vast blackness consumes your soul..."

"I can control it, Le Fay, you won't win."

"I suppose it is left to me to rob you of your defiance and prepare you for
your master's rod. He has arranged all of this especially for you, my dear
slut. I think he will expect you to be slightly more...appreciative once he

"He can go to hell!"

Morgan Le Fay turned away from her captive, carefully planning her next
move. She correctly surmised that Wanda was using her new darker soul to
power her hatred for those who had turned her away from the light. She would
need a series of sharp shocks to align her attitude correctly before she was
handed over to me. Struck by a sudden impulse, Le Fay shrugged off her
figure-hugging dress, turning to allow Wanda to see the full magnificence of
her exaggerated hourglass body and the vast swell of her gigantic tits. Le
Fay chuckled to herself as she saw the defeated Avenger's gaze dive into the
mass of her mammaries, the look one of concentrated lust. Teasing her prey,
the dark sorceress moved closer...

"Your breasts are...simply..."

"Simply what, slut?"


"What do you want?"

"I want to...hold them...suck..."

Wanda caught her breath as Le Fay pulled off her panties, her shaved pussy
drooling in front of the Scarlet Witch's eyes.

"Your pussy...so wet..."

"Because I want to fuck you, slut..."


The mediaeval sorceress' body seemed to sway sexily in front of Wanda's
eyes, beckoning her to reach out and to stroke her tits, rub her
pussy...make her scream in rapture. She strained in her bondage, desperate
for sensation.

"Your new master took me, bitch. He fucked me until I begged to be his
slave...just as you will."

"God yessss...want to fuck so bad..."

"Then I shall prepare you."

Wanda squealed in frustration as Morgan turned away, momentarily leaving the
dungeon, returning less than a minute later, two huge snakes in her
clutches. Both of the women could feel the concentration of dark evil
emanating from the serpents, their long bodies animated with the dark mystic
power of Le Fay's twisted magic. Moving into Wanda's mind I could sense her
new darker aspect thrilling to the presence of the creatures, whilst the
last remaining piece of the whiter-than-white Avenger screamed hopelessly.
Morgan took the longer of the two creatures and brought it slowly alongside
Wanda's face, the serpent hissing loudly, fangs bared--a confused look of
fear and arousal crossing the Scarlet Witch's face.

"These creatures were a pair of common mating English vipers a while ago,
until they were exposed to my transformation magics," Le Fay began,
delighted as Wanda began to hiss back with equal venom at the snake, her
face a mask of evil. "Now they serve to pleasure my allies and eliminate my
enemies...allow me to demonstrate."

The hissing of both snakes grew more intense as Morgan goaded both of them,
moving them to within striking distance of Wanda's flesh, before ruthlessly
pulling them back before they could sink their teeth into her. After a full
minute of this, Le Fay grew tired of the old Wanda's whimpers and simply
dropped both of them onto the Avenger's stomach, masturbating her cunt as
she watched the snakes each approach a heaving breast before lashing out,
biting into her tit flesh savagely.

The Scarlet Witch's cries of agony, as more venom pumped into her tits, were
music to Le Fay's ears. Wanda's abused mammaries swelled in allergic
reaction to the poison, but as the good true Avenger was slowly absorbed by
the evil of the darker one, the searing agony transformed slowly into a
euphoric high.

"Oh very good, my dear bitch-slut," Le Fay complimented, stroking Wanda's
cunt gently. "You only feel the rapture of my vipers' venom if you are truly
lost to your old self..."

The snakes slowly lost interest in their prey's heaving tit mounds and
separated, the larger one heading up to Wanda's face, the other slithering
south en route to her little cunt.

"Wh-what are they doing?" the Avenger asked, at once turned on and repulsed
as the serpents continued their purposeful journeys.

"I told you that these are a mating couple...I believe the female is ready
to lay her eggs. Specifically, she will lay them down your throat."

"NO!" Wanda gasped, even her evil aspect repulsed at the ordeal that awaited

"I would not worry too much, my dear. The eggs only incubate when exposed to
the foundations of light magic...it can be quite...uncomfortable when they
hatch inside you...but I'm detecting very little nourishment inside your
soul now, whore!"

The male snake had now reached the junction of Wanda's spread thighs, the
creature seemingly appreciating the great beauty of the Scarlet Witch's sex,
before slowly it drew forward, running its tongue over her clitoris. The
Avenger screamed out loud in pleasure at the feather-light touches of the
serpent's forked tongue on her sexual center, involuntarily climaxing,
coating the tops of her inner thighs with delicious fuck cream.

"Such a worthy response from such an evil animal," Le Fay sighed, eyes
locked on Wanda's ecstatic expression, her mouth hanging tantalizingly open,
the egg-bearing female snaking ever closer. "And it's going to be your dark
side that saves you. Without the sustenance of light magic, the eggs will
break down and die, releasing their own...scum...into your insides."

The female's tail began its inevitable descent into Wanda's oral hole,
assisted by a firm sucking motion from the Avenger, her tongue dancing
across the scaly hide of the serpent. Morgan Le Fay continued rubbing her
shaven pussy, turned on as she watched the willing acceptance of snake flesh
into Wanda's mouth, lust incited to new levels as the male snake continued
exploring her snatch, flicking its tongue over the exposed pink, its head
slowly nuzzling between her cuntal lips.

Sour-tasting liquid oozed from the rear of the female as the first egg was
laid down Wanda's gullet, the Avenger instinctively swallowing even as her
cunt reveled in the sensation of evil penetration. The male pushed ever
deeper into her, its tongue dancing over her insides, plummeting the Scarlet
Witch into an even deeper haze of dark orgasmic lust, her body now an
enticing series of writhing curves that I knew beyond doubt would be
thoroughly servicing my desires within hours.

A good nine inches of the male was now firmly inside Wanda's cunt, the snake
itself growing irritated by the lack of any further progress. Its anger
manifested itself as its jaws opened, fangs dripping with venom...and then
the bite...Wanda's scream of pain...then another as she reached a crescendo
of ecstasy...Le Fay's sympathetic climax...

Yes, now it was time for the gauntlet to end. The Scarlet Witch was
completely lost now...mired in her own evil, her last vestiges of goodness
being broken down before my eyes as I felt the eggs seemingly dissolve
inside of her, more dark magic coursing through her ravaged body.

*Prepare her now, Le Fay* I commanded.

*Y-yes, Master* my mediaeval slave replied, still recovering from her own
mighty climax.

*Cleanse her, heal her...but fuck her and you shall answer to me*

I decided that I would take Wanda to my lounge in the Bedford Towers for
her...introduction, a feat easily possible thanks to the transportation
magics the Enchantress possessed. Once there I banished my slaves and
contemplated my new toy. In a perverse touch I had forced the Enchantress to
re-clothe the Avenger in what remained of her costume...a sight that deeply
excited me when I finally met the once mighty Scarlet Witch.

The bodice of her red costume was in tatters, barely covering her breasts,
which I noticed had still not lost any of the swelling Le Fay's vipers had
bitten into her. Her hose was ripped open, her beautiful ripe flesh aching
for my touch, mere rags covering her snatch as my gaze wandered upwards. I
figured that a stiff breeze would easily blow the remnants of her clothing

"I have to admit that I did not expect my new...master...to be so young,"
Wanda remarked as she appraised me. "For one of such tender years to devise
such a brutal rape..."

"I enjoyed it very much, my slave," I replied, not looking her in the face,
my eyes still locked onto the exposed, promising flesh. "And that's all that
should concern you from now on...my enjoyment."

"I was wrong to resist your will...tell me how I may please you."

"Just make me want you, Wanda. Make me desire to fuck you more than any of
the hundreds I've fucked before."

The order was base, depraved, simple and almost brutal...and I knew that the
new dark witch before me would not disappoint me. I noticed the hint of a
smile as she walked forward until she was just a couple of feet in front of
me as I sat, fully clothed, awaiting her...display.

"I've dedicated my life to battling evil...and in less than a day you've
made that achievement seem...pointless. I'm a woman with needs...needs that
I have dismissed in favor of my career as an Avenger...but now I've had
those needs savagely fucked back into me..."

Her voice was definitely deeper now, a smile widening across my face as with
a flash of red finger nails I saw her start to massage her pussy beneath the
rags of her distressed costume, her frenzied strumming slowly exposing her
swollen mounds of inviting tit.

"Evil is so...subjective..." she purred in her husky voice. "What you did to
me was pure evil and yet I feel so fucking good. My cunt's so hot...my
titties...yes! They're alive now, plump with feeling... It's never...ever...
felt like this...fuck!"

My gaze was locked onto her breasts, both of which had now jarred free. The
voodoo branding on her right tit intrigued me deeply--the spider design was
so deeply etched into her flesh, which jiggled enticingly before my eyes. I
could even see the red marks on each gorgeous breast where Le Fay's Vipers
had bitten so deeply. Blood rushed into my cock, my sudden erection painful
in my constricting pants. I could sense that the loss of control would come
soon, where my base instincts to shoot my cum deep inside of her would
overcome all clear thinking.

"I can tell you want me now...such control, I admire that...but your eyes on
my tits...I want to give them to you, let you suck and gnaw on them, biting
my nipples, driving me out of my mind. I'm just imagining your cum --like a
fountain--shooting over my neck and face as my titties crush your cock into
orgasm...shit, yeah..."

Her hands had left her cunt and were now massaging her large breasts,
bringing the nipples into engorged arousal, her finger tracing along the
outline of the spider-branding, eyes locked shut in rapture. I remembered
the way she had rubbed cum into the symbol during her tribal gang bang and
realized that somehow it afforded her great pleasure to have her jet-black
flesh manipulated and rubbed.

"I'm gonna give everything to you, master, everything...use me like the
fucking slave I am...cum in my mouth, coat my tits...just save a little for
my burning cunt and ass..."

With that she reversed herself, the firm cheeks of her buttocks exposed from
under the rags of her costume, her legs spread, her hands reaching behind
her, ripping open the distressed red hose. Following that, she leaned
forwards, the rest of the rags falling from her body, leaving her just with
the remnants of the hose, and her scarlet elbow-length gloves. Her
head-dress fell off as she leaned forwards, looking back at me from between
her legs, bracing herself with her hands rested on her kneecaps.

"Come fuck me," she hissed, her monstrous twin mammaries framed by her
shapely thighs, her vast mane of dark red hair the epitome of beauty.

I could not resist and rose slowly, pulling off my pants, allowing my prick
to spring free from my underwear, discarding the rest of my clothing quickly
in a business-like series of movements, my face betraying no emotion as I
ran my hand across her ass. I dug deeply into her cleft, running my finger
over her anus, sensing the complete relaxation there. I guessed that all of
her holes were ready for me now, but which would I choose?

I walked around her, her head rising as my prick nudged into her hair...but
there was something else too, a sense of discomfort in Wanda's expression. I
quickly forgot about this as I pulled her chin upwards, drawing her
quivering lips level with my cock, the order not even needing to be said.
Within seconds my glans was between those lips, her tongue coming forward to
tease excitement from my tool, pre-cum already leaking from the slit -
nectar that was greatly accepted by the appreciative cum slut, who moaned at
the taste.

"On your knees, slut...make me cum in your mouth."

She instantly dropped down, using her now free hands to fully encircle my
cock, continuing her fine tongue-teasing, pulling on the shaft with her
fingers, breaking off occasionally once or twice as the expressions of
discomfort once again crossed her face. I was too absorbed in my upcoming
release to pay any attention to her worries and it had little effect on me
when I did cross the point of no return. My hands jammed my cock deep into
her throat as the first spurts of conditioning cream leapt into Wanda's
body...just as she experienced another sudden searing pain in her guts!
Despite my orgasm I felt it too, the Phoenix Force telepathy letting me know
that something was wrong. Combined with the gag reflex, it proved too much
for my slave, who vomited black slime over my prick, which I quickly
withdrew in shock.

"Please, master...it's the breakdown of the viper eggs...please..."

Her plaintive cries were lost on me as I watched the ooze absorb itself into
my cock, doubling, tripling, the wondrous orgasmic sensations Wanda's mouth
had given me. I felt the evil of the dark magic I had exposed the Scarlet
Witch to blast through my very being, my personal evil magnified ten
thousand times as the distilled scum spread like wildfire through me. All
thought left me, with only a single purpose remaining.

Throughout Wanda's final ordeal, my spurting cum was splashing over my new
slave in a near-constant stream of white, the veins of my cock now jet-black
with the snake scum. I took her tits first, burying my cock between them, my
hands squeezing them tightly in a sexual rage I had not experienced before,
my mess shooting vertically upwards, over her cheeks, her open mouth, into
her eyes and up her nostrils. Despite the orgasm, I felt my lusts increase
still further and I slammed her down on the ground. Pulling her legs apart
savagely, I buried myself deep into her cunt in one sudden piercing thrust,
causing a scream of pain-lust from Wanda as I brutally ransacked her cuntal
treasures. The cock was alive with feeling and my mind was able to
appreciate every fold of her clutching inner tunnel, each savagely
instinctual thrust bringing more of her girl juices forth, coating my pole
which reciprocated with more gushing man-seed sent deep inside of her.

I dug deeper into her, anxious to claim the climax that was rightfully mine.
Wanda responded wonderfully to my brutality, beginning by just allowing me
to have my way with her before slowly pleasuring me still further, starting
a deliciously thrilling pussy massage, her inner muscles flexing around my
rampaging cock. I opened my eyes, gazing into wonderful evil as Wanda
reciprocated the look.

"That's it, master, give me everything you've got...yeah...that's

Her words were punctuated with groans as I continued bucking into her, my
full-on climax seemingly as far away as ever it had been.

"Good master...let the evil consume you...feel the lust for power as I
have...fuck me harder...harder damn you!"

I could feel the egg scum permeate my mind now, an acute desire for power
overwhelming me, its fires burning higher with each fucking thrust into her
sodden pussy. I could feel her hands on my buttocks, forcing me even deeper
with each thrust, a solitary finger seeking out my anus, rimming the edge
with my own cum before dipping inside.

I knew then that my own sexual powers were not enough. In the crazed lust of
the moment I wanted physical power--I wanted the ability to force my way
inside the cunt of any woman, sending my seed into her womb, making her my
slave through violence. In a sense my mind broke, a fiery madness of
maniacal evil overwhelming me. I was falling into a quagmire of fuck lust,
Wanda taking me deeper with her filthy talk, enticing still further me into
depravity. I would remember little from the following hour or so, just the
incessant demands of my slave as she pulled me into her soul-darkened world.

"Fuck my ass...deeper...more cum...spank me...harder...drown me in it,

I remember her choking, her face turning blue as my cock ransacked her
throat, her gasps for breath providing the most excellent sensations on my
meat, cum shooting through her nostrils as it continued to gush forth,
before she passed out through lack of oxygen.

The orgasm had been near continuous...god knows where all the cum had
arrived from, suffice to say that by the time Wanda was unconscious, she was
coated almost completely, inside and out. There was physically no other way
I could fuck her and still I remained unsatisfied.

I needed power--raw power--in order to truly get my nut off. I instantly
thought of the old Ms Marvel, now Warbird, an exceptional creature blessed
with the kind of body that only superhuman strength could maintain. Rogue
had proved to me that such creatures were well worth fucking, but Warbird
was in another class... possessed of an Amazonian physique that I would
dearly love to take by force, making her beg for it before I finally blasted
the ultimate climax into her. It was a fantasy for sure, but on an
instinctual level I could not help but think that the means to the end was
so close that I could almost touch it...



Whatever plans I had for the next few days were temporarily put on hold as
the city of New York moved from one crisis to the next. Already the Avengers
had fought off an alien Skrull invasion and during this time I made no
effort to reduce their numbers for obvious reasons. Days passed before the
threat had been dealt with, days which I spent toying with Wanda, sharing
her with Phoenix, the dark magic that emanated from her very being providing
the pair of us with a conscience-deadening lust for rough sex that knew no
bounds. The Scarlet Witch had absorbed all but one of the viper eggs, the
last one being coaxed from her guts and given to my Phoenix so she too could
feel the insane power.

Le Fay herself had been banished back to her domain. She had made the
cardinal error of mentioning my father...a subject that I will not even
speak about. Calypso on the other hand was performing well at the Hellfire
Club. After she had served her purpose with Wanda, Phoenix and I had taken
turns with her body, ridding her of her power and turning her into another
cock hungry slave slut. She whored for us wonderfully at the club, forming
an arousing double team with Storm that I would have to enjoy once I took
over as Black King.

I guess you could say that Phoenix and I simply looked after "housekeeping"
until we felt confident to continue our agenda again. My beautiful consort
had made great headway in communicating with the alien costume we had
appropriated from the Fantastic Four's headquarters, and Reed Richards'
observations on the creature had opened up certain...possibilities I looked
forward to enjoying. Fate, in the meantime, provided us with another

I remember being alarmed at her presence in my dreams. A slinky, black-clad
figure scaling the outside of the Bedford Towers, a burglar perhaps, who
sought to leech from my wealth through common villainy.

Phoenix had woken me, already aware to the danger. How had we been
discovered this soon? Who had sent this spy? What did she want? How would we
deal with her? The answers were easily gleaned. Whoever she was, this woman
had no idea how to battle a determined mental probe. In fact, I dare say
that she did not even detect our presence in her mind as we extracted every
detail from her memory. We then telepathically imprinted a false
recollection of nothing being amiss inside the building before sending her
on her way. Who had sent her? I mulled over her memories:

"Look, Felicia, I know there's no love lost between us, but I need your help
in a...professional capacity."

Mary Jane Watson?! The same delicious MJ who I had enjoyed fucking so very
much! Could she really be the cause of all of this?

"I understand, Mary Jane, I really do, but you've got to give me more to go
on...just because of these disturbing dreams, you'd have me committing a
felony." Her name was Felicia Hardy. She was the sometimes heroine known as
the Black Cat. "And it's not as if you got the money to pay me for my time,

"One of my clients is looking for another model to work with me on the
Lipstick & Lingerie catalogue...we're doing a photo-shoot on Friday. What
I'm offering you is better than money, it's an entire career--one that won't
involve you risking your life every day!"

Felicia Hardy could model all right. Years of gymnastic training had given
her an outstanding physique-- womanly in every regard with curves in all the
right places, yet tightly toned in a way that only a committed athlete can
be. Her mane of platinum blonde hair was unique, the beauty of her features
feline and alluring...and she knew it.

"I'd love to do the shoot, MJ, so here's the deal. I'll take a look at the
Bedford for you, but I won't try to gain entry unless something catches my

Felicia had seen something all right. Her memories contained a clear image
of looking through a window, gasping as she saw the Invisible Woman, dressed
in tight leather bondage gear, whipping the back of the bound naked Scarlet
Witch until a bloody criss-cross of bloody lesions scarred her back. Sue
Richards then forced the grip of the whip deep into her prisoner's weeping

Phoenix and I quickly decided that we would have to gag the Black Cat--the
exposure of our agenda so soon would make life unnecessarily difficult. But
first of all, I decided it would be best reacquaint myself with an old

Mary Jane Watson liked to party...that was just one fact that I leeched from
Felicia's memories, along with the address of my old conquest. I had to wait
a couple of hours before MJ arrived back at her apartment. By now it was
4am. I sat in the dark pondering recent events until I heard the key in the
lock, the door opening, and the flick of a light switch.

"I understand you've been having problems sleeping recently, Mary Jane," I
stated, as she stood there framed in the doorway, my mind unlocking the
memories of her previous acquiescence to my cock.

"Oh my god...it's...it's...YOU!" she stammered, eyed locked on me as she
staggered back and leaned against her front door in shock. It wasn't just my
mere presence that unsettled her--I was also completely naked.

"Quite correct. It's been a fair few weeks now. I'm sorry, I would have
called, but I've been kind of busy..."

"L-look...what do you want?"

"You know what I did to you last time, my sweet...my sister and I fucked the
hell out of you. I'll admit that you were a great lay, but I was forced to
move on, hence your lack of memory about the event. When you hired the Black
Cat to find out exactly what went on, she got too close. Now she's going to
pay. Oh, and so are you."

"I remember it all now...everything...the rape...the blonde bitch messing
with my head...the pain."

"I think you're choosing to forget the incredible raptures I sent through
your virgin body, Mary Jane. As you can see, I'm quite ready to remind you."

My cock was at half-mast now as I stood and began stroking it before Mary
Jane's shocked gaze. My lust fed on the visage of sexual allure in front of
me. Even after a night of hard partying she still looked incredible. Her
pink silk blouse revealed plenty of cleavage, her short leather mini-skirt
didn't quite cover the top of her stockings... the high-heels added a
perfect slutty look.

"Come here, Mary Jane."

She definitely had not forgotten how I had pleasured her before. She could
have turned tail and ran from me, but instead she obeyed my order, walking
steadily towards me, her eyes alternating between my own and my
still-pumping hand locked around my cock. Close now, I could hear her ragged
breath--a combination of her nervousness and desire.

"You have a beautiful mouth, Mary Jane. Have you ever...sucked a man?"

"N-no..." she trembled. "Never."

Without any prompting she slowly dropped down onto her knees, tears
streaming down her face as her ruby-red lips closed in on my jerking prick.
I didn't expect MJ to give me good head, but there's something infinitely
more delicious about a virgin cocksucker about to get her first taste of
meat. The likes of the Enchantress, the White Queen and even my Phoenix had
refined fellatio to an art, yet the feeling of pushing my cock into Mary
Jane's wet cavity excited me all the more.

Slowly I felt her lips close around the glans, followed by a gentle sucking
motion as she kissed the tip experimentally. I could feel her innocence
almost tangibly and during this act I felt warm precum leak profusely from
the slit, smearing into her lips as she sucked. She treated to me a couple
more of these sucking kisses, not knowing that it merely teased rather than
satisfied me.

"Stuff more of my cock into your mouth, my sweet."

She did just that, twisting her head so the tip could be seen pushing into
her cheek from the inside, her tongue slowly rubbing along the underside of
the shaft. She added to the sensation by sucking hard, moist sounds escaping
her mouth as she slowly began bobbing up and down on my prick, her hands
running over my scrotum, her fingernails lightly scratching the underside.
God that was sensational and my knees momentarily buckled as she did this.

Mary Jane learned quickly, switching tack, her hands jacking on my shaft
while her lips sought out my balls and slowly sucked them into her mouth one
at a time, her tongue running over each testicle before she spat it and out
devoured the second. This sensation sent my sperm producing balls into
overdrive, with my supermodel slut rewarded for her efforts with a sudden
thick rope of spunk flying onto her forehead and into her hair.

The tease continued as she ran the tip of her tongue around my cock,
deliberately avoiding the sensitive head, but running rampant everywhere
else. She brought forth more cum from my churning nuts by twisting her head
ninety degrees, running her tongue up and down the underside of my cock, my
meat surrounded by her pouting lips. Then just as quickly she pulled back,
leaving me ravenous for more sensation.

"I...I want t-to taste it..." she stammered. "How do I...I make you...cum?"

"Put it in your mouth...that's it...now let the head rest on your
tongue...shit, that's it, that's so fucking good... now suck hard...suck it!
I'll do the rest..."

I so wanted to cum that I could not bear any more teasing. I sawed
rhythmically into MJ's mouth, savoring the sucking motion, thrilling to the
animated tongue beneath my rampant glans until I reached the edge, stopping
my pumping, making MJ work for it. I lost the battle as her tongue dipped
into my slit, almost demanding my cum. She got it all right, as I gasped in
release, sweet ecstasy flowing through me as MJ milked the shaft with her
hands, swallowing my cream when her mouth was full, even as I was pumping
more into her. When I finally pulled out of her, she looked up at me,
opening her mouth so I could see the volume of white cum still there and I
watched as she swallowed it before me.

"You're still hard," she remarked, her hand snaking out to fondle my cock, a
kiss on its red crown following shortly thereafter.

"Because we aren't finished, Mary Jane. Our last encounter was delicious,
but so rushed. I didn't even see you completely naked.

She stood up, slowly unbuttoning the blouse, allowing it open as she did so,
more of her stunning cleavage being revealed to me, a black lace bra holding
her globes in place. Once the blouse was removed, the leather skirt quickly
followed, leaving the stunning redhead in just her lingerie. Her bra was
matched perfectly with a garter belt and sheer black silk stockings.

"I can see why you can charge so much for a lingerie shoot," I remarked
dryly, my eyes still caught up in those magnificent breasts. "And that's
part of the reason why I'm here."

"I see...you want Black Cat delivered to you on a plate and the upcoming
shoot excites you," she breathed, noticing that my gaze was locked on her
tit-flesh. She slowly pulled down both straps then reached behind herself to
unhook the brassiere.

"That's correct. The shoot goes ahead as planned, but with one or two

The bra hit the floor, MJ smiling as I ogled her breasts. I remember my
first reaction when I had first seen them --my instant appreciation for
their pert, jutting shape, her nipples perched on the smaller self-contained
mounds of her aureoles. I'd seen bigger and firmer tits in my recent
experiences (the Enchantress's remained the stuff of dreams) but the beauty
of Mary Jane's nakedness seemed to excite me on a different, more enjoyable
kind of level. I'd felt it before but tried to ignore it...was that why I
had been so quick to finish with her?

"Take me to bed, MJ."

The sight of Mary Jane Watson lying in wait on her silk sheets, dressed just
in a garter belt and suspenders was having a vast impact on my rampaging
libido. I laid down next to her, kissing her and gently fondling her tits,
thrilling to the feeling of her nipples growing beneath my fingers.

"I can see that they give you a lot of pleasure," MJ remarked, pulling free
from the kiss, her hands joining mine on her titties. "I bet they can give
you so much more."

She slinkily moved down the sheets, getting on top of me and crushing my
cock between those mammaries, beginning a smooth, masturbating action on
them, lubrication more than adequate thanks to the cum leaking from the
head. She was working hard for me, occasionally supplementing the tit-fuck
sensations with her own sucking kisses on the crown, and I felt my balls
respond eagerly again, each downward titty thrust sending an arc of cum onto
her cheek, into her neck, sometimes right into her mouth.

"Shit, MJ...I can't take much more of this..."

"Tell me what you want and we'll do it, Tiger..."

"Want...your cunt!"

MJ sucked deeply on my cock, rubbing her tits over my enflamed genitals one
last time before flipping over, spreading her legs wide for me. The sight
was alluring...her tits and face were almost completely covered in the
tracks of my cum, my cock still spewing out cream so I moved downwards,
pulling off her panties and exposing that beautifully trimmed little pussy.
I took fingertips covered with cum and gently teased her erect clitoris,
feeling her squeal and buck beneath me as the sensitizing cream attacked the
center of her sex. I loved fingering her, feeling her girl juices seep out
around my digits.

"What are you waiting for Tiger? Fuck me!" she begged in her most husky,
seductive voice. "Stick that beautiful angry cock into my cunt and make me

I found myself positioning myself between her splayed legs, my cock now
throbbing more powerfully than I had felt before as I lifted her leg and
embraced it, kissing it as I slowly pulled off her stocking. I repeated the
process on the other before finally running the tip of my prick over her red
pubic hair, over her clit and down into the hole of her snatch. More cum
oozed from the glans throughout the gentle rubbing that followed as her
labia were covered in my cream, before finally, I slowly pushed into her
tight little cunt.

She came hard at the penetration, further wetting the way for my prick. I
was gentle with her, despite the fact that my libido urged me to slam in my
meat and spurt my love juice deep into her womb. The pace started out slowly
before our thrusts coordinated, our passions rising as one until that final,
inevitable moment where we both climaxed simultaneously, our spent juices
merging in the juncture of MJ's legs. As I withdrew from her, I noticed my
cream leaking down over her anus, which I fingered into her rectum. The
message was clear: 'next time I'm going to fuck your ass.'

Once Mary Jane was 'back in the fold', it required little effort to
rearrange the photo-shoot, with Phoenix replacing the photographer. We
passed off my age by working out some bullshit story about me being the
owner's son who oversaw certain projects, this catalogue being one.

When Felicia arrived, I had the chance to check out her body at close
quarters with my own eyes. I wasn't unhappy with what I saw--her face was
quite beautiful in, yes, an almost feline kind of way. Her body was quite
superb; thanks to her crop top, I could see every major muscle group present
and correct in the right place--not overly developed, just, well, there.
Whereas MJ was a feast of curves, this woman was a toned beauty...albeit
with a great ass and breasts that seemed too large for her torso. She
couldn't have been too stringent in keeping her secret identity as a
mystery, as on her ears she wore small black cat earrings.

Introductions were quickly made. I could see that Felicia was happy that a
woman would be shooting her, but wasn't quite so ecstatic about my presence.
It was clear that MJ had given her a sermon on how to be a professional
since she pretty much got down to the work with little in the way of small
talk. I was just wondering how far we could take her before it would be
necessary to invoke our powers in subjugating this proud bitch.

The first few rolls of film were shot of MJ modeling various items of
lingerie, after Phoenix had finished the make-up and hairstyling for both
her and Felicia. First of all we had her in various colored lacy teddies,
then she moved onto stockings and suspenders, covering her bared breasts
with her hands as Phoenix worked the camera well, urging her to express her
sexuality in front of the lens. With me around, this wasn't too much of an
effort for her and she smoldered during the shoot, much to the discomfort of
Felicia, who I could tell was not happy about the levels of exposure MJ was
putting herself through. She blushed when MJ's tits were revealed in all
their glory during the stockings shoot, though she gradually got used to it
and was just as curious when the model started modeling thongs, her
red-furred snatch glimpsed as she changed between shoots.

"Perhaps there's more to this modeling business than I had at first
suspected," Felicia mentioned nervously when Phoenix had finished her final

"Wow, I'm pooped," complained MJ light-heartedly, flopping down in a mess on
a couch just off the main shooting area.

"Hmmm...Felicia maybe you could try on some of the baby doll negligees,"
suggested Phoenix as she reloaded her camera.

All eyes were on Felicia as she pulled off her Lycra leggings, revealing her
fantastic, long legs. Her nakedness was clearly difficult for her; I noticed
she pulled off her crop top with much reluctance. I was happy to see that
she wore no bra beneath, and I did enjoy her titties--large, firm, peaked
with tiny little nipples and aureoles. She put on the first item of clothing
with some difficulty, she seemed genuinely nervous.

Finally she was ready, and she began posing, much more stiffly and with far
less vivaciousness than MJ had portrayed. Phoenix managed to finish up a
couple of rolls, but was clearly unhappy with the results.

"Okay, Felicia...we're running on empty here. Let's try a different angle.
MJ...could you put on one of the g-string and push-up bra combos and join
Felicia, please."


Within moments the shoot was heating up again. Up on her own, Felicia had
little clue what to do, but with MJ with her, directing her posture, making
her feel happy, the shoot was going pretty well.

"Okay, MJ, stand right up close to Felicia, push your tits into her
cleavage...that's right...that's hot...push your leg between hers...good..."

I could see now where this was all heading. Phoenix and MJ were preying on
Felicia's trust, easing her closer and closer to the more experienced model.
As the shoot progressed, the two went into even closer, almost pornographic
poses. Tits crushed together, mouths inches apart, red-painted lips opening
wide...Felicia pinning MJ to the ground, the swell of her tits resting on
Mary Jane's, desire in both their expressions...the positions reversed,
Felicia topless, her modesty covered by MJ's hands...MJ totally naked bar
stockings and suspenders, Felicia's arm crushing her tits, her spare hand
covering her cunt...

It took a supreme effort of will to stop myself pulling out my cock and
jerking off. I could feel Phoenix's similar urges, her telepathic powers
deadening Felicia's inhibitions, allowing MJ to work her seductive magic on
the Black Cat. Phoenix gave MJ the signal to make the next pose the
important one.

"Right then, Felicia...good, you've got the thong on. I think a profile shot
would be good. MJ, great...nice black push-up bra...pull the straps down,
please...can you cup Felicia's breast? Great, now that's hot!"

It certainly was. MJ's trimmed pussy was fully exposed since she wore no
underwear, the emphasis of her tits heightened thanks to the underwired
lingerie--a stark contrast to Felicia's exposed, smaller breasts, covered by
Mary Jane's hand. Phoenix clicked away as MJ moved closer, opening her mouth
to intercept Felicia's, the Black Cat responding in a like way, thinking
that her friend would not actually make contact. But she did, pulling
wantonly on Felicia's lips, gently sucking on her, before pushing her tongue
deeply into the platinum blonde's mouth, her hand rubbing the Black Cat's
tit slowly.

I moved to Phoenix's side as she continued clicking away. Now it was obvious
that Felicia was responding to MJ's kiss, acquiescence gained thanks in some
small part to Phoenix's telepathic skills. The kiss between the two women
was long, smoldering and hot and I almost subconsciously I found myself
running my hands over my dark consort's rear as she bent over to get a
better shot.

MJ and Felicia seemed almost oblivious to Phoenix and I as the kiss finally
broke, the redhead leaning down to bring Felicia's tit to her mouth, sucking
gently on the little nipple, coaxing it into erection just as my cock burst
into life. Blood rushed through the veins, engorging my rod into its full-on
state of arousal. I pulled it free of my pants and began jerking myself as
Felicia reached behind MJ and unclasped her bra, ripping it off her then
returning her new lover's compliment. She nuzzled herself into the
formidable tit-flesh in front of her, drool escaping the sides of her mouth
and she began nipping and sucking to gasps of delight from the redhead I had
fucked so well.

"Come on kitty...yeah...suck on my titties...bite them...yes!" MJ squealed,
running her hands through Felicia's hair, kissing her crown, sending her
hand down south, easily gaining entrance to the blonde's cunt, pulling her
thong off quickly and without fuss. "God, I wanna tongue-fuck you, baby..."

Felicia broke off her oral worship of MJ's mammaries, arching her back and
gasping as her slick cunt was penetrated by two of her lover's fingers,
which began a methodical sawing in-out motion which drove her mad with lust,
her desire increasing as MJ's thumb slowly circled her erect clitoris. Her
open-mouthed gasp was met by the redhead's tongue, which dived into the
proffered orifice, starting yet another soul-searching kiss.

I got up to join the action, but Phoenix stopped me in my tracks, pulling me
down as her skilled tongue sought out my straining cock, beginning the
familiar oral action that she knew from long hours of practice would not
fail to arouse me. My consort entered my mind, using my eyes to continue to
spy upon Felicia's and MJ's love. The two women broke off, Mary Jane
thrusting both of her hands between her partner's legs, parting those
perfectly toned thighs. Her hands sought out the blonde pubic muff, stroking
her hair before dipping into the Black Cat's little pussy, the air alive
with high-pitched grunts, squeals and gasps as the women took care of one

Laying out her partner, Mary Jane lowered her head to the junction of
Felicia's legs, her tongue slowly coming out from her ruby red lips, slowly
tracing a path over the moist labia before her. Moving upwards, it picked
out her fat little clitoris that stood proudly to attention in front of her
eyes. MJ's tongue was joined by her hands, her two index figures pulling
apart the outer lips of the slippery cunt in front of her, allowing her
greater access to the pink inner pussy her tongue so desperately sought.

"Shit, MJ...fuck me! Yeah...tongue it good...so fucking good..."

After a couple of minutes more of her delightful tongue play, MJ looked up
at her lover, Felicia gasping at the sight of her lover, her own pussy
juices smeared over the redhead's lips and chin.

"Let's fuck properly, girlfriend," MJ suggested, starting to turn,
presenting her tight rear end to the Black Cat's delighted gaze, her mouth
almost watering as Mary Jane's gorgeous little snatch was lowered onto her
lips, her tongue coming out to explore the new arrival. At the same time, MJ
continued her cuntal ministrations on Felicia; the two women now locked
face-to-pussy in the most intimate lesbian coupling.

I pulled Phoenix off my cock...not that she noticed--her mind was now
immersed in the girl loving occurring nearby--no use at all to my cream
pumping prick. Leaving the whimpering dark angel behind I began jerking
wildly, allowing thick wads of cum to coat my pole before I advanced on the
writhing girl couple on the floor. MJ's big inviting buttocks stood out
proudly and I wasted no time pulling her cheeks apart and beginning the
sodomy I craved so much, Felicia surprised and then delighted at what she
saw happening so close by. I figured that by the end of the evening, she
wouldn't be quite so happy.

Mary Jane's ass was as tight and wondrous as I had expected it to be as I
slowly pumped the glans between her clenching sphincter muscles, pushing
slowly but insistently past the tight ring until I could push the remainder
of my shaft deep inside her rectum. MJ squealed in lustful delight as cum
was squirted deep into her bowels, the sensitizing spunk giving her an
internal itch that only my cock could scratch, her hips swiveling as she
attempted to expand the sensations my cock shot through her plundered rear.

To tell the truth I couldn't last too long like this. The muscles of MJ's
ass squeezed my cock tightly and I had real trouble holding on to my climax,
especially when Felicia started to lick my balls as my thrusting genitals
occasionally brushed her face. I heard (and indeed felt) Felicia climax
first, but MJ couldn't last much longer, the combined efforts of the Black
Cat on her cunt and me deep in her ass swiftly bringing her to her peak.
With both women temporarily sated I upped the tempo in MJ's tight rear,
taking me over the edge, cum shooting in gobs swiftly into my lover's
deepest crevice. Pulling out my cock I rubbed my spewing member over
Felicia's face. The woman resisted the coating as best she could, but was
unable to truly avoid the most of my mess thanks to MJ pinning her down.

"You fucking shit...why did you do that?" she hissed, anger in her eyes as
her hands came up to wipe off my sperm.

"Settle down, kitty," I replied with equal venom. "This has all been
arranged for a reason...to teach you a lesson..."


"It's true, lover," MJ chimed in, freeing Felicia, but stroking her new
lover's breasts tenderly. "This guy's the reason I hired you...and once he
discovered you at the Bedford Towers, he came for me and fucked me until I'd
agree to this scheme. As it is, I've had a lot of fun."

Felicia Hardy was speechless. I decided to give her something else to think

"The Black Cat's about to enter a world of shit," I sniggered, pulling her
head back by her hair. "I always need good snatch and I guarantee that for
the next couple of days you'll have a great deal of my attention."

"Y-you know who I am?"

"Sure...and you saw what happened to the Scarlet Witch when the Invisible
Woman got to grips with her. I fully expect her to be a lot more creative
when she gets her hands on you."

"No...this can't be true...can't be!"

"You know too much to be left out in the open, Cat," I remarked calmly.
"We'll have a lot of fun together and once I'm bored of you, your urge to
fuck will be so strong you'll welcome the opportunities for prostitution I
give you."


End of Book Four
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