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Submission Agenda pt. 2


The following day was the first time I truly saw the radical mental changes
that my consort had experienced following the transformation. When I told my
Phoenix of Silver Sables arrival in the building, I immediately detected a
return of the malevolent spirit that excited me so much. In her eyes, I
could see the lust for vengeance, the yearning to make the Symkarian
mercenary pay for the days of pain she had just inflicted upon the old Jean

In the monitor room, I sat in the main chair, watching as the receptionist
showed Sable in, along with six of her Wild Pack agents. At the sight of
seven of her tormentors in the same room, my Dark Phoenix purred with
delight. She straddled me and pulled my face away from the monitor, kissing
me deeply, her tongue searching out mine. Telekinesis unzipped the front of
her new jumpsuit, and her cleavage popped out to rub against my naked chest
as she continued frenching me.

"Time to show you what this girl can do," she whispered, pulling away from
my lips, starting to giggle. "Watch the monitor."

Phoenix closed her eyes, continuing to rub her body against me, but I
realized that this was just an instinctual physical response. Her mind was
elsewhere, those incredible mental powers about to be brought to bear in an
act of pure sexual evil.

Looking to the monitor, at first I didnt see much going on of interest.
Silver Sable had taken a seat on a central couch, the other Wild Pack agents
standing idly around, waiting for my appearance. Then I noticed Sable start
to move uncomfortably in her chair, adjusting her clothing. Since this
meeting was a business arrangement, she had forsaken her silver costume,
opting instead for a gleaming white power suit, replete with short skirt and
white stockings. In the business arena, I figured, she enjoyed using her
beautiful features, prominent breasts and toned body to gain advantage over
her male associates.

But now she was not happy, and through my link with the Phoenix I realized
why. She was experiencing a vast increase in her hormone production, a
sexual need that she had always managed to control throughout her lifeuntil
now. Her hands moved up to her breasts, and she anxiously tried to cover the
swelling of her tits and the resultant erect nipples. Then I felt Phoenixs
astral self reach into her body, into her cunt, beginning a massage that
made Sable gasp in lust.

All at once, the Wild Pack members took notice of the erotic tableau before
them, their employer now squirming in her seat, eyes shut, head tossing from
side to side, one hand try to squeeze both tits, the other rammed up her
skirt, fingers clawing away at her panties.

I sensed Phoenixs astral self emit a wave of pure sexual energy that swept
out from Sables location and covered the rest of the Wild Pack in its wake.
I felt the need myself, a hugely strong boost to my libido that could not be
ignored. My erect cock rubbed against the crotch of Jeans jumpsuit as I
dry-humped against her, my hands pulling down the zip of the suit until her
tits sprung fully into my face. I buried my face into her cleavage, boosting
the mental link between us so that what Phoenix saw, I too witnessed.

All at once, Sable became aware of six men circling her couch, each of them
pulling out their cocks in a frenzy of lust-- a sexual grip that my Phoenix
had instigated. I felt her triumph as we both saw the fear cross Sables
face. All at once, her stopped kneading her tits and with a supreme force of
will pulled the fingers from her cunt.

There were no words--only action--as one man pushed her down horizontally on
the wide leather couch, forcing himself between her stockinged legs, pushing
her skirt up then ripping her panties off in one motion. I felt Phoenix
thrill when, with a sudden thrust, Silvers shaven, sopping cunt was impaled
on her employees cock and she screamed in resistance, anxious to evade the
rape, failing abysmally.

Then another cock presented itself to Sables face; hands appeared to force
her mouth open and the erect tool slipped in. This man was standing behind
her, his scrotum rubbing on her nose as he pulled her head back for a better
angle, before continuing the violation of her mouth.

I felt Phoenixs sadistic joy and joined with it as we watched Sable struggle
beneath the spit-roasting she was receiving. I realised then that the men
were just my Phoenixs puppets, each of them tools of the sexual torture she
was using on her hated enemy. Like my consort, I felt no pity; I understood
that my dark consort had not even begun to be satisfied by Sables

I became dimly aware of a sudden telekinetic explosion in front of my
physical form. Phoenixs clothing literally disintegrated, followed
immediately by the delicious, unmistakable ecstatic feeling of my lovers
cunt enveloping my cock. At the same time, her dribbling tits wiped across
my face and my mouth sought out her luscious nipples, anxious to resume the
feastingbut then I moved back into Phoenixs mind, wondering just what
horrendous perversions I would thrill to next.

I saw a third set of hands rip open Sables white blouse, then another man
sat on her stomach, even as her mouth and cunt continued to be ravaged.
After her bra was savagely removed, I saw the inevitable erect cock
disappear into Sables cleavage, a third thrusting member joining the brutal
molestation of her body.

In my minds eye, I watched the largely transparent figure of Dark Phoenixs
astral form walk over and lean down to whisper in Sables ear.

*Whoreslutsuck it, whore! Yessssdo it, suck it, isnt it good? Use your
tongue on the tip like the cheap hooker you are!*

Amazingly, Sable responded to my lovers mental commands, attacking the cock
in her mouth with a suction that made the man humping into her hiss and gasp
with pleasure, before he pulled out quickly and rained his cum down on her
mouth and cheeks. He wiped his still-leaking member in her silver mane
before being replaced by another lust-crazed Wild Pack operative.

Phoenix stood over her, smiling evilly, arms crossed as she saw Sable reach
up for the new cock and guide it into her lips, delivering the accomplished
oral pleasuring to the fresh prick that had previously been reserved only
for her most cherished, aristocratic Symkarian lovers.

Still unsatisfied, Phoenix walked over to her midriff, reaching down to
tickle Sables clit with her right hand as her left passed through her tits,
suffusing them with an even greater degree of sexual pleasure. Silvers hands
moved to the man savagely tit-fucking her, then she tickled the underside of
his scrotum, moaning as she felt the quickly resultant jets of cum cover her
breasts. Simultaneously, the man fucking her cunt screamed in release,
pulling out and covering her pussy with his cream, before pulling her
buttocks apart and coating her anus with his last cum-spurts.

Phoenixs astral form moved to the foot of the couch and I felt an insane
urge of lust coarse through me as I saw her energy-imparting hands disappear
into Sables buttocks, then tease the rosette of her sphincter. My lover
turned to face Sable as she did this.

*Fuck my assfuck my ass*

A new cock appeared at Sables cunt, burrowing its way in to her; suddenly,
she twisted herself over, humping viciously at her new rapist, continuing to
orally service the dick lodged deep in her throat, which she blew with an
expertise that I found most impressive.

I saw my consort look greedily down at Sables ass, the cheeks held wide open
by the formerly ice-cold European mercenary herself. A look of base
depravity crossed her face when a cock appeared at the jism-covered anus,
nudging itself into her. Sable moaned in sexual delight as she felt both her
nether orifices crammed full of prick. Her body became a blur of fucking
motion and I lost myself in its beauty. I could see the skilled tonguing and
suction of a professionally delivered blow job, I watched an obscene swaying
of the hips that would be heaven to both the men jammed into her body, and
all the while I saw the dripping spunk of sated lovers falling from her
tits, cunt and face.

The Dark Phoenixs astral form rejoined with mine and my mind was on fire
from the added sexual power of my lover. I drank in her evil, enjoyed the
sheer sadistic revelry to be had from her own perceptions of Sables sexual
suffering and the felt a vast swelling of orgasmic power begin to emanate
from my loins. She smiled at me, feeling the same thing.

*Time for the big finale*

Sable controlled her gag reflex well as she felt the most powerful male
orgasm shed ever experienced fill her mouth. She pulled the cock from her
skilled orifice and jacked on it as seed covered her face, more dripping
from her slack mouth. Then, simultaneously, she came hard as the pricks
inside her cunt and ass roared their own orgasms into her, filling her,
overflowing from each hole. The men shed drained fell back, an unearthly
expression of release and exhaustion on their faces, but the first three
cocks that had fucked her were back again, as hard as steel, each one being
jerked frenziedly by their owners.

Silver Sable stood up, pushed one prick into her cum-soaked cleavage, and
rubbed another over her face before she devoured it. The last man came from
behind her and fucked her ferociously in the cunt, his thrusts attempting to
gain friction in the slippery domain of her pussy. The men all screamed in
physical release as Sable got to work on them, making them coat her inside
and out with another orgasmic flood.

As I saw the men slump back and the mighty Silver Sable seek out more cum to
eat and rub over herself, I felt my dark consort bring us back into the
physical plane in the monitor room.

Mere shreds of her clothing remained on her body as we fucked, our bodies
moving in perfect synchronicity, her hips circling around, her cunt
clenching spasmodically around my thrusting, lunging strokes. My torso was
drenched in her milk and I noticed her perfect breasts covered in bite marks
and bruises, her nipples like torpedoes as they spewed more of their
precious load all over me. I was beyond orgasm, and yet I had not truly cum.
We could have continued like this forever, two people locked in a sexual
cycle that might never enduntil she said two words: "Take me."

My vision blurred as the sexual thrill increased further taking me to the
edge of madness as I reached a plateau of raw carnal ecstasy I had never
experienced before. Just as I felt my mind begin to buckle, the release hit
me and I almost literally blasted into my Dark Phoenix, feeling, hearing her
scream as the cream I had bound her to finally hit home and she flopped over
me like a puppet, the strings cut.



Phoenix had very specific plans for the enslavement of Ororo Munroe, the
X-Mens weather witch, and in order to test her bonding with me, I allowed
her full rein in taking control of the beautiful African goddess. Ororo had
been her very greatest friend-- they shared a love that was deeper than that
she felt for her own baby sister. I didnt know whether to worry for myselfor
for Storm.

The being that had once been Jean Grey had transformed under my cock,
becoming an entity that I could only call the Dark Phoenix. I noted that she
despised being called Jean now--that part of her personality dead and buried
with her X-Man husband. How would she treat her old friend? Would she take
her as a lover or put her malevolence to use the way she had in subjugating
Silver Sable to our will?

The power of Phoenixs ruthlessness had been plain to see Sable herself had
been fucked out of her mind and the six Wild Pack rapists had experienced
orgasms so intense, theyd retreated into comas and then into death--just
like Cyclops had under my sisters power.

Phoenix had arranged for Excaliburs Kitty Pryde to visit, my consort
claiming that the girl was instrumental in her scheme for Storms seduction
into our dark world.

"I wont use my powers on Ororo," she had claimed. "Im going to blackmail her
into tasting meafter Ive betrayed her love for me in the most obscene way

She had laughed then, a near insane-sounding mocking laughter I knew then
that Ororo Munroe was in for a bad time at the hands of her best friend.

Phoenix brought Pryde to me in a near-catatonic state, my dark lover stating
that she had muted her mind until she was needed.

The girl intrigued me. She must have been about the same age as me and yet I
considered her a child, knowing to the touch that she was a virgin, a fact
that in itself aroused me. She was a gorgeous creature, finely toned body,
fair-sized breasts, cute face. Phoenix noted the swelling of my cock as I
ran my hands over Kittys titties, the unmistakable firmness of still-budding

"Leave her be, lover," she sighed. "Storm will do anything to stop you
molesting this sweet creatureand once shes given herself to me, she can
watch as Pryde becomes a woman at your handsa woman enslaved to your
gorgeous prick."

My Dark Phoenix moved behind Pryde and started massaging her temples,
coaxing her young mutant charge back into consciousness.

"Storm will be here in a momentthis has to be done properly. Take out your
cock," she breathed, eyes locked onto my member as I did her bidding.

It was the first thing that Kitty Pryde saw when she awoke. She began to
scream, causing Phoenix to instantly cover her mouth with one of her hands,
her telepathic powers then sedating the girl with ease.

"Kitty, its mePhoenix," she purred with her honey-voice.

"Jean? Whwhere am I?" I could sense the confusion and pain Kitty Pryde knew
something was terribly wrong.

"Yes, its me, Kitten I want you to relaxrelax"

I noticed the girl become heavy-lidded almost immediately as Dark Phoenix
massaged her temples, caressing her hair, feeding her telepathic power into
the defenceless girl, a smile of sexual superiority plastered over those
perfect features.

I realised that her mental awareness was now inside Kittys mind, the young
girls eyes locked on my burgeoning prick. When Kitty spoke, Phoenix mouthed
the words behind her.

"IIve neverseen a mans penis before Its so bigso hardI wantI"

Suddenly she screamed "NO!" and the smile on Phoenixs face widened as she
bore down with more telepathic power.

"I need to touch it," Kitty whispered. "I want to know how it feelsin my
handin mymymouthin my pussy."

I can sense a girl in heat and I knew that Phoenix was channelling her
powers and fuck lust into the girl, a virgin who didnt know how best to act
upon those feelings. Phoenix smiled at me as I began to masturbate inches
away from Kittys face.

"See that Kitty?" my angel of sexual evil murmured. "Thats going to be
inside you. Itll make you a womana real woman. But youve got to do as I
saydont touch it until I tell you. Were going to make you feel very good."

Kitty Pryde leaned forward to get closer to my cock, eyes locked on my
fisting hand as I jerked myself off slowly. There was no danger of me
cumming too soon, I controlled myself, storing up the sperm as my testes
pumped it out at a prolific rate. I chuckled to myself Kittys deflowering
was going to be a very wet affair.

The door opened and I noticed that Kitty was completely entranced, her gaze
never faltering from my prick. I saw drool escape from the edge of her mouth
and smiled to myself. Looking around, I saw Emma lead in a blindfolded,
bound Storm, dressed in a simple colourful floral dress.

"Hi there, Ororo," Phoenix lightly greeting her old friend.

"Jean? Is that you? What is happening here?" Storm sounded confident and
powerful, despite her current bondage.

Phoenix sat her down in a chair facing Kitty and I, standing behind her as
she removed the blindfold.

"Welcome to Hell, my sister."

I didnt look at Storm, but I could hear her gasp of horror as she surveyed
the scene in front of her.

"Jean! What are doing! Stop this at once!"

"Oh, Ororoyou dont understand do you? Im not Jeannot any more. That man
there has changed me Im Phoenix, now and forever, a creature dedicated to my
lover and my lustsand together were going to make you suffer." Again that
laugh. Subconsciously I began jerking myself quicker, realising the full
evil of my consorts mind.

Phoenix leaned over her friend, unbuttoning her dress from behind then
slipping a hand around to cup Ororos left tit. I could see the outline of
her hand massage the large gland, before I witnessed the savage twisting of
her nipple, causing Storm to gasp out loud in pain.

"Hmmmmm. Just as good as I knew theyd feel," she sighed, drinking in Storms
new fear as she realised the terrible situation she was in.

"Heres the deal, Storm," Phoenix stated, a new seriousness to her voice. "Im
going to untie you and youre going to follow my every order, surrendering
your body to me and pleasuring me as I commandan experience I guarantee
youll love."

Storm shuddered as she heard these words come from the mouth of her best
friend. "And if I refuse?"

The woman who had once been Jean Grey chuckled to herself before replying.

"First of all, Ill make Kitty remove her clothing. Then she touches his
cockthen she smells it, tastes it, jacks it off, sucks itmakes it cum all
over her face and tits. I think you can guess what happens after that, my

I heard another gasp and returned my gaze to the two women. Both of Storms
breasts were now being molested and the self-same smile of sexual
superiority played over Phoenixs facethen she thrust her mouth into Ororos
neck, kissing and nipping at the sensitive area. I watched with satisfaction
as Storm arched her back to her ministrations and I knew her to be wet.

"Submit to me, Ororo, and I will make you feel sofuckinggood"

Then suddenly, Storm strained at her bonds and screamed "NO!"

Dark Phoenix stood and walked in front of her, ripping off the gold sash of
her costume and pulling the invisible fastener of her costume down, exposing
her colossal breasts to Ororos stunned gaze.

"Are you sure, Ororo? I know youve always desired me--Im a telepath,


My erection grew even bigger, even harder as I anticipated what would come
next. Phoenix returned to her position behind the young girl and whispered
in her ear. Automatically, Kitty pulled off her mini-skirt, and began
tugging on her leotard, until her girlish tits sprung free. Although nowhere
near as large as the sizeable charms of the women in the room with her, they
were as beautiful as I imagined they would be, perfectly shaped, with fat,
erect nipples standing to at the crown of each.

I watched the shocked gaze on Storms face as tentatively her hands came
forward to touch and investigate the feeling of my prick. As contact was
made, I felt an incredible charge of energy pulse through me. Her cautious
grip on my cock felt like heaven and I saw her tongue leave her mouth,
obviously curious about the taste and texture of my pole. It took all my
self-restraint to stay in my seat, stopping myself from leaping up, pinning
her down onto the ground and savagely ridding her of her maidenhood.

I could hear Storm saying the word "no" again and again, sometimes loudly,
sometimes under her breath as she witnessed her beloved Kitty clumsily
explore her first cock. She was getting more confident now, mimicking my
previous masturbation technique, adapting her style to please me as I moaned
to her more exciting strokes. I groaned and a blob of my clear precum oozed
from the swollen head of my cock.

The heavenly sight of Kittys head descending to taste my cock nectar was cut
short when Storm cried, "Ill do it!"

At a telepathic prompting from Phoenix, Kitty withdrew, her drool escaping
her mouth and landing on my scrotum, causing a sustained jet of clear juice
to spring from my cock in response. It flowed down the side of my
exquisitely tortured tool as the virgin backed off, her eyes still anchored
on my prick.

At Phoenixs telekinetic bidding, Storms bindings fell away and she stood
facing my lover, her face looking down toward the floor, her dress ripping
under telekinetic duress.

"Look at me, Storm," Dark Phoenix challenged, lifting Ororos face with her
gloved hands. "Am I not the most beautiful woman youve ever seen?"

I felt myself become even hornier as I saw tears fall from Storms incredible
sky-blue eyes, before she nodded slowly and moved her face closer to her new
mistress. I saw Ororo open her mouth uncertainly and lean even closerand
once contact was made with Phoenixs incredible pout, I saw my lover
seemingly devour poor Storm with passion, thrusting her tongue into the
wind-riders mouth, exploring, ravaging, taking.

I kept my cock away from all physical sensation as I watched what happened
next. The mere sight brought me to the brink of climax, such was the erotic
power of my lover taking possession of a new slave. Phoenix leaned back in a
chair, allowing Storm to pull off her costume, fully exposing the incredible
body that I had sculpted through the sheer power of my lust. Her breasts
seemed even larger than usual, the nipples like inch-long torpedoes.

As Storm kissed up her thighs and over her stomach, Phoenix murmured, "My
precious Ororoso sweetso sexy my breasts are so heavy for you. Touch
themcaress themlove them"

The sight of the stunning black woman licking at my Phoenixs breasts seemed
almost too much for me. Phoenix faced me, a look of sexual contentment on
her face as Ororo massaged her vast, firm mammaries, an act I knew to be
tantamount to masturbation when dealing with my consort.

"Suck me" she urged. "Drink from me"

Ororo Munroes life changed for good as the chemical addiction to our
unearthly powers kicked in. She nursed on Dark Phoenixs tits, pulling,
sucking and coaxing the milk from them. My lover squirmed, moaned and cried
out in ecstasy as Storm continued stroking and caressing her until I saw her
tit rise, stiffen then spew out milk-cum all over Ororos face and chest. She
forced her to the other breast and the process repeated itself. This time
the brown-skinned X-Man desperately tried to take it all in her mouth, but
the volume was far too great. As the final spurts covered her face and shot
into her hair, excess ejaculate sprung from her mouth and collected on her
chin, dripping down to join the rest on her breasts.

For the final submission, the Dark Phoenix turned Storm to face Kitty and I,
and with a telepathic prod, Kitty moved forward and began licking the precum
from my cock, teasing me ever closer to orgasm.

I saw Ororo start to cry again, to begin a protest, but Phoenixs attention
was locked on Kittys mouth and my cock, and she effectively silenced her new
toy by smearing her cum on her fingers then pushing them into Storms slack

Experimentally, Kitty took the head of my penis into her mouth and hummed
her appreciation at the taste as she licked the precum from the source, my
now hypersensitive slit. I could take no more of this virgin torture and
pushed her head down viciously, savagely humping into her mouth as she
choked around my cock. I finally pushed myself over the edge and the torrent
of spunk sprung into her mouth, then intensified as I pulled her mouth from
my cock, her teeth grazing the head, bringing forth even more white goo to
spurt over her face, hair and tits. I grinned as I witnessed the terror and
revulsion in her face, wiping my cock across her lips, satisfied as a tiny
spurt of my cream disappeared up her nostril.

Still dripping cum, I lifted Kitty and threw her on the couch next to Ororo,
her lovely sopping wet teenage breasts rubbing against Storms thighs. I
didnt care about any pain the young girl felt--I just thrust my tortured
cock deep into her snatch, feeling her hymen stretch and break as I ploughed
into her. Before I gave Kitty Prydes tight young pussy its first feeling of
cum, I pulled out and made Storm lick off the girls virgin blood from my
cock, even as my cream pulsed over her face. I returned to Kittys tight
young cunt, ramming into it as hard as I could, bringing forth a scream of
pleasure-pain from my new teenage slut.

The sensations broke through her mental conditioning and she looked up
imploring at the greatest mother figure of her young life. "Please, Ororo,
help meI cant"

Kitty gasped as I reached around and grabbed two handfuls of her delicious
tit flesh, using the resilient mounds almost as handles as I pushed further
into her.

Phoenixs hands were all over Storms pendulous breasts, kneading, teasing and
rubbing her ejaculate into her new possession, binding euphoric feelings of
sexual pleasure to the sight of a young virgin being roughly taken. She
almost peaked when her mistress dived into the nape of her neck, planting
kisses there and over her shoulders as the breast massage continued. Her
eyes closed, giving in to the rapturous pleasures being forced upon her.

"Storm! Please!"

In response, the white-haired mutant, previously so reserved and
conservative, merely spread her legs wide, exposing her hairless cunt,
glistening in arousal, clitoris unhooded, prominent and erect. I forced
Kitty forward, pushing her head into the juncture of Storms legs, continuing
the pounding of her pussy, leaking cream down her silky thighs, giving her
the ultimate taste for cock that would never diminish.

"Suck her cunt," I urged through clenched teeth.

"Uh-huhlick it Kitty," Phoenix ordered, turning to face Ororo, blowing
softly into her ear, rubbing her breasts over Storms back, driving her even
more wild with sexual desire.

I was on the brink of total climax, my testicles bringing forth the cream
that would forever bind Katherine Pryde to her baser desires, and this was
the defining moment of her sexual existence.

Storm looked down on Kitty, her face inches away from her weeping snatch,
and smiled that wanton grin of sexual debasement, pushing her cherished
Kittens face into contact with her cunt.

When Storm uttered the words, "Suck it, Kitten," I knew that the deflowered
virgin began to lap at Ororos clit in defeat and I could finally release the
stored reserves of submissive cream that shook my new slave and myself to
the core of sexual ecstasy. Kitty screamed into the cunt she licked so well,
orgasm shaking through her. Ororo rode the wave of climax nearly
simultaneously--jamming her young pussy-lickers face deep between her
thighs, not releasing her until the last dregs of pleasure were sought out
and enjoyed.



In the days that followed we kept a close look on Xaviers mansion, even
witnessing the final meeting of the badly depleted X-Men via our hack into
the Cerebro system. The team had begun to realise that they were being
systematically eliminated, and Storms disappearance was the last straw for a
team whose main membership now consisted only of Bishop, Wolverine, Rogue
and Psylocke. They had decided to part ways, the thinking being that they
would stand a better chance of survival if they disappeared and went
underground, keeping out of the world of costumed adventuring, at least for
a while. Their associates and former members were contacted and advised that
they could be targeted, and should maintain a low profile. Of course, with a
telepath as powerful as Phoenix, and a Cerebro hook-up, finding any of them
would be no problem.

I was not surprised when Elisabeth Braddock did not immediately follow her
team-mates into hiding. I envisaged two reasons behind this. The first was
Psylockes never-say-die spirit, the ninja code that prevented her from
backing down from an adversary. The second was probably the more powerful
inducement--the need to be dominated sexually that repeated dreamscape rapes
had given her a taste for. I had developed a similar taste for meting them
out, but the thought of taking her physical form and breaking her mind for
good excited me a great deal.

Connected directly with Cerebro via Phoenix and her psi-link, it was
simplicity itself for me to breach Xaviers mansion security and infiltrate
the Danger Room, moments before Psylocke began one of her workouts. With my
thoughts alone, I shaped the holographic environment using the Phoenix
conduit, creating a lush and verdant junglescape, thickly forested, alive
with wildlife and exotic plants.

I did not have to wait long before my prey arrived. Psylocke was beautiful
in the flesh, even with her uniform on. I could see the firmness of every
part of her body, the perfectly athletic physical specimen, offset by her
large breasts and purple hair. Her eyes stared out into the undergrowth,
seeking me out, her approach stealthy and almost totally silent.

"Ive been waiting for you," she stated calmly. "I knew you would come for

She stopped searching, folded her arms, and waited. Intrigued that she
should end the game so soon, I walked out to meet her. I expected defiance,
even an attack, but I detected nothing from her, merely an acceptance of the
inevitable. She gazed at me, looking at me from top to bottom, an expression
of interest on those chiselled Asian features.

"You can rape me ten thousand times, but Ill never be yours," she murmured,
eyes locked on mine.

"I have a talent for using base emotions against my prey," I replied.
"Theres no doubt that I will make them overwhelm you, Psylocke."

"I have complete physical control of my body. It doesnt matter how you touch
me, I will not submit."

The undergrowth around her started to take form, to become alivevines shot
out from the leafy canopy above and imprisoned her arms and legs, while a
huge wooden X shape began to rise from the ground behind her. In mere
moments she was securely fastened to it, spread-eagled and in a horizontal
position, ready for my pleasure.

"Complete mental control of the Danger Room," she marvelled, raising an
eyebrow. "Most impressive. Maybe this will be a challenge after all."

I smirked at her impertinence and advanced on her bound form, producing a
large, ugly-looking knife.

"Oh its going to be challenging all right, my dear," I promised her, cutting
open the top of her blue uniform, allowing her vast cleavage to pop out in
front of my eyes, before ripping the rest of her top open with my bare
hands. I looked hungrily at her breasts. Unbelievably, despite her athletic
frame, they were even larger than Phoenixs, capped with tiny pink nipples. I
resisted the temptation to take them into my mouth and continued cutting her
uniform off, until at last her tiny pussy was revealed, topped with a
trimmed purple bush of hair. Very cute.

I disrobed quickly, my erection springing free, pointing straight towards
Psylockes inviting cunt.

"Everyone has a mental weakness," I told her. "A simple flaw which can be
physically taken advantage oftell me Psylocke, what was life like as the
Mandarins whore?"

Betsy Braddocks veneer of confidence suddenly began to look visibly shaken.

"You see, Betsy, Ive read all about your counselling with Xavier--its all in
the Cerebro data banks."

"That part of my life no longer has any meaning to me!" she spat back at me.

"Its a wonder your beloved Xavier didnt pick up where the Mandarin left
offhe was creating a quite spectacular work of art."

"You know nothing!"

"He crafted your physical existence into his perfect image of womanhood. He
gave you the warriors instinct and knowledge, stolen from Kwannonand then?
He brought out your sexuality, moulded your darker urges. Its a shame he
never got to finish the work."

Silence. We both knew what was going to happen. Psylocke was as good as
defeated already.

"Im going to complete your journey, Betsy. What Xavier erased, I shall
restore. And thenthenmaybe Ill add a few touches of my own."


"Youre quite right, Betsy. Your physical control is quite supreme. The
Mandarin made it that way; immunity from painimmunity to the magical and
psychological power of forced sex. He covered the bases pretty well. But he
needed a backdoor to impose his sexual supremacy over you. When I figured it
out, the informationexcited me."

Vines shot out and wrapped themselves tightly around Psylockes massive tits,
while simultaneously, another darted up her thigh, resting on her pussy.
Mentally I squeezed the tit-vines viciously, and true to form, there was not
one noticeable reaction from my prey.

"Very good Betsy. Very impressive. If the situation were reversed I would
not be socomposed."

But then I allowed the smaller vine to begin a focused caressing of her
clitoris, in tandem with the breast abuse. Psylockes resistance lasted
minutes before I finally heard her gasp and moan. I noticed with lust that
her juices flowed freely down her thighs--another touch I mentally
congratulated the Mandarin for.

"I have to admit BetsyIm not really a sadistic man, but the thought that
causing you pain gives you so much pleasurewell, the mind boggles."

"Get it over with," she hissed as I brought needle-sharp spikes to each
nipple and generously stabbed them into the tiny buds. Blood sprung from the
holes, even as arousal inflated them to a huge degree. I allowed the vines
to loosen, bringing my face into the domain of those mountainous breasts and
consumed by my hunger for her, I took mouthfuls of tit-flesh and bit down
with all my strength, making her scream, writhe and moan beneath me.

My poor, neglected cock was finally given relief as I placed the head at
Psylockes snatch, and I took her with one savage thrust, even while the tiny
vine manipulated her blood-engorged clit, continuing its maddening teasing.
My stored up jism seeped into her cunt, super-sensitising it, over-filling
it and then dripping down onto her anal pucker, propelled by the power of my
cruel thrusts.

I summoned forth a thorny phallus-shaped vine, which incessantly pushed
against her resistant rectum. I marvelled at her defiance as she fought
against its entry, before using my mastery of the Danger Room holographic
technology to create leather gauntlets for each of my hands, hundreds of
tiny poison-tipped needles on the palm and fingers of each. I grazed her
tits with the new holographic constructs then positioned one gauntlet over
each of her breasts. Slowly, I began to squeeze.

The tiny needles easily broke through her flesh, poison coursing through her
breasts. Psylockes scream of pain will live with me forever. All control
left her. As the thorny vine disappeared inside her ravaged asshole, I
pushed deeper than ever into her clenching silky depths, holding off on my
climax until she had submitted and endured her last orgasm of freedom before
becoming mine.

Buried deep inside her, I ruthlessly bit down again repeatedly on one of her
painfully abused breasts. I brought up my hand and slapped the other with
all my might, before sucking on one nipple and squeezing the other until I
felt her finally submit to the crashing climax that built up inside of her.
She drenched my buried prick, and even my balls; I howled at the sensation
and burst inside that glorious cunt.

Moments later, I released her from the cross, my eyes locked on her body as
she swayed towards me, then knelt before my cock, cleaning it thoroughly
with her tongue, lips and mouth. Before she had finished I was hard again.
She purred at the sight of my full-blooded erection and cooed as her tongue
summoned forth a stream of lubricating juice from the tip.

"Thisits different," Psylocke muttered, looking up at me. "It isnt like the
last time."

"You are bound to me mentally, physicallyand chemically," I explained,
running my hand through her purple hair. "For you and Jean Grey, any less
would have allowed your original personality to resurface. This is not
allowed Tell me about the conditioning the Mandarin gave you."

"Every day he would beat me, while another of the girls orallypleasured me.
Then he would take my mouth, feeding me with his climax. After this I would
whore for him. When one of his generals had pleased him I was the prize.
Sometimes he watched as I sucked them; other times he allowed them to fuck
my asshole. Occasionally, I was given to womenonly they were allowed to use
my cunt--the men would be killed for even touching it. This was the
Mandarins domain. The foremost whores in China taught me technique and I
absorbed the information voraciously a sexual favour from me was considered
the greatest reward the Mandarin could give."

"I bet it wasXaviers files on all but the subject of your conditioning are
quite extensive. Its clear that not all your sessions with him have been
fully documented."

I could see an element of tension cross her mind, her rhythmic toying of my
cock interrupted as I broached the subject of the first breaking of her will
and body.

"The files are most cryptic," I continue, pressing her on the subject.
"Particularly on the process of the Mandarins first possession of you Why
not tell me about the Golden Rapture?"

Her cock teasing slowed to nothing and I saw a visible, depressive sigh
escape her, her head bowed.

"It is a ritual performed by the chosen concubine of the ancient emperors of
China. Like me, they were intensively trained in the arts of pleasuring
their lords, with this particular practise being symbolic of the females
total subservience to the male. This knowledge is passed from the concubine
to hersuccessor. The Mandarin found the last woman to hold the knowledge
andpersuaded herto pass it on to me."

"Most intriguing. I want to know more."

Psylocke looked up at me, and for the first time I could see shame in her
eyes. "Youre going to want the Golden Rapture arent you? Youre going to
demand it from me to assure my position as your possession, your slave."

"Quite probably. But you havent answered my question."

"Part of the ritual involves the males ignorance of its powersuffice to say
that there is precious little rapture in it for me--only more mental
bondage--while you receive a sexual high quite different from any that even
you would have experienced. But that is only the beginning of its appeal."

"It sounds delicious, Betsy. I suggest you get started."

She stood naked before me, her head nodding in resignation.

"Change this," she demanded, gesturing at the Danger Room surroundings.
"Something more intimate. A bed chamber, with candlelight, vast bed, plenty
of small cushions, silk sheets, a selection of massage oils."

As Psylocke made clear her requirements, the room changed around us,
prompted by my mental commands. The room slowly began to take shape and I
climbed up onto the four poster bed, awaiting my slaves commencement of the
ritual, my cock full-blooded and erect, awaiting the touch of my concubine.

She soon joined me, taking a couple of the cushions and placing them under
my ass, elevating my groin area. Psylocke stroked my thighs gently and I
parted them for her. She kissed the sensitive skin on my inner leg and blew
cold air over my exposed anus. My cock throbbed with sexual potential.

"Close your eyes and try to breathe deeply," she urged quietly. "Im going to
massage you into a deep state of relaxation. Only then can I begin the

I obeyed instantly, cutting off my view of that incredibly toned body, those
enormous breasts, savouring the anticipation of the pleasures that lay ahead
at the hands of this sensuous woman. I heard the dip of her hands into the
oils, then awaited the moment of contact.

When her hands rubbed into my chest I sighed with contentment. She massaged
my muscles deeply, rubbing the liquid all over my chest with both hands,
digging at the nerve centres that caused immense and sudden relaxation. It
felt so good as the waves of calm passed through my body, her skilled hands
moving from muscle group to muscle group, always firm and unyielding and yet
at the same time soft and sensuous. She moved around me with a grace that
defied description. As her hands journeyed across my body, I knew that she
had to be changing her position on the bed, sometimes to the left of me, to
right or even kneeling above me, and yet I was oblivious to all of this
movement. There was just her deep massaging hands taking me further into a
state of relaxation I would not have previously thought possible.

The hands never left my torso, continuing a now more gentle massage; but
soon after she began to tease my desire. The movement of the hands remained
but their slow, continuous rubbing was interspersed occasionally by a flick
of her magnificent mane of purple hair on my oiled chest. Or I would feel
the grazing of an erect nipple, sometimes both of them moving in a sweet arc
as she moved across me. Each touch sent a spear of lust through me, enough
perhaps to make me want to take control and impale her, but in this state of
relaxation I realised I was putty in her hands, unable to muster the energy
to fuck her. I moaned with need at each stolen moment of contact, gasping
out loud as I felt the unmistakable wiry roughness of her pubic hair move
across me.

Then she was gone for a moment, leaving me incomplete, only the sweet tease
of an oiled nipple running over my erect cock head giving me any kind of
contact. Moments later, I heard her dip her hands into the oil again and the
rougher massage continued again, this time on my feet. She dug deeply into
the soles, paying individual attention to each toe as she moved up my
calves, fingers pressing hard into the muscles, then returning with a softer
touch before the inevitable movement upwards. The teasing continued--her
hair on my calf muscle, a nipple on my inner thigh, even a swipe of her
tongue swiftly over the underside of my scrotum--but always she ignored my
straining cock. She curiously began a strangely rousing, deeply rough
massage on the area just an inch above the boundary of my pubic hair.
Amazingly, my cock began to feel even stiffer at this bizarre rubbing, a
feeling that exponentially increased as her heavenly breasts descended onto
my cock, the feeling nothing short of magnificent as my engorged shaft
slipped wetly into her oiled cleavage.

The intensely erotic rubbing stopped and I felt her breasts consume my cock
as she brought them together with her hands and buried my prick completely
inside their sweet, yielding mass. Her flesh jelly seemed to move around my
cock of its own accord, accompanied by a deeply satisfying wet slapping and
sucking noises. Occasionally, she would allow the red-hot tip to escape her
imprisoning tit flesh. While she continued using her globes to tease the
shaft, she would blow down gently on the slit, always bringing forth a
strained gasp of lust ecstasy before she covered the entire shaft again with
her warm, slippery mammaries.

Finally she popped the aching glans free again, then tilted her head
forward, her hair splaying on my stomach as her mouth sucked onto the end of
my cock. Her tongue began an excruciatingly pleasurable dance around my
prick heads most sensitive areas, my vocalisations of lust now just a
near-continuous humming noise.

I felt her breasts withdraw, and she lay on the insides of my spread thighs
as she continued her oral worship. Finally freeing the glans, she continued
the torture on the underside of my shaft, beginning an up and down motion
using just the tip of her tongue before engulfing whole sections of the
shaft between her pouting lips, biting softly then sucking hard.
Simultaneously, I felt her hands snake up from between my thighs, around my
cock and again to the area just above, continuing the bizarre sensation
inducing deep rubbing she had started earlier. I was beginning to feel a
definite sensation from this rubbing nowa familiar one for sure, but it was
still faint, its presence near missed compared to the lancing fires her
tongue was igniting on my cock.

Her mouth had moved again. Each of my testicles was sucked into her wet
orifice, bathed in saliva and rubbed softly, before she went south once
again, trying my lust to its limits with a slow, methodical, yet sensual
tongue dance around the ring of my sphincter. In my deeply relaxed
condition, she easily impaled it. The nerve-endings blasted sheer pleasure
through my mind as I felt her darting tongue penetrate my asshole, flicking
in and out, then rimming around the sides. All the time, she rubbed her body
up and down, her breasts pressed deliciously against my sensitive inner
thighs, her hands still kneading incessantly at my lower stomach.

Then the anal stimulation was over--or so I thought. She moved upwards now,
one hand still massaging my lower stomach, the other moving down, brushing
past my scrotum before teasing the anal ring. Her tits again surrounded my
cock shaft, her lips again devoured its head, but this time the sensation
was exquisite as I felt a finger slowly invade my asshole. At the same time
the sensations the stomach massaging was producing started to feel more
pronounced, even through the intense, bludgeoning oral joys of the most
expert tonguing Id ever received.

She was ploughing into my ass, blowing my cock and tit-fucking me
simultaneously and the sensations were near beyond any kind of sexual
ecstasy Id felt before. As she sawed into my ass, shed go deeper with every
stroke until finally she located my prostrate and began an intense rubbing,
blasting my mind with rapture, taking me to the edge of orgasm. She somehow
kept me there, preventing me from unleashing the stored up seed of the

I gasped, cried, moaned and finally screamed for release--anything to stop
this mind-blowing rapture, perhaps finally understanding the power of the
ritual, but thinking that maybe it would bind us together in the same way
that I had made Phoenix my consort.

Her fingers dug even deeper into my lower stomach. There was a definite
response now. Powerful, malevolent. I began to fight the sexual rapture,
shouting out insults as she diligently continued the ritual. I called her a
whore, a bitch, a cunt, all the time feeling the relaxation give way to a
new tautness throughout my body as I tensed forwhat?

The digging in my ass, on my prostate and on my lower stomach synchronised,
giving me a moment of mental clarity amidst the sexual rage. I realised that
Psylocke would forever be my slavemy sluta sexual object put on earth for my
pleasureand the pleasure of those I chose for her. Her suctioning mouth left
my cock, I felt her teeth heavily graze the sensitised head as she left it.
And then the true Golden Rapture began.

Vast arcs of golden cum sprang from the head of my cock, hitting her square
in the face, the cream landing in her luscious lengths of hair, over her
tits. The rapture was beyond description--not so much a physical form of
orgasmic high, more an escape from it; an affirmation that I was her god and
she was my mere plaything. To reinforce this, I knelt before her prostrate
form, guiding the golden cream over all her body, saving a heavy load for
her snatch.

The madness over, I realised now the significance of her stomach massage,
the cause of the honey-coloured ejaculate. My cock was now fully deflated,
but I still felt a great urge. Psylocke whimpered her final submission as a
gushing stream of urine fountained from the end of my cock, no longer mixed
in with my cream, falling onto my toy, into her hair and over her back.
Ruthlessly, I pulled her up by the chin and hosed her features with my piss,
smiling with power as she opened her mouth to receive the final spurts,
sucking in my prick in a wanton desire to extract the last few drops. Her
bondage was now complete.



It had been almost two weeks since my sisters subjugation at the hands of
Phoenix, and I must admit I had some level of curiosity about where she was
and what shed been doing. She had consciously blocked off the psychic
rapport we shared as brother and sister, denying me any kind of information
regarding her condition. This was not good-- Stephanie was still very much
an essential element to the plan, and without her I would have to waste
months preparing a new seductress of her calibre. Even I had no idea just
how far Phoenix would have pushed the envelope with my sister. True, I
suspected something like that might happen, but so quickly? If wasnt
careful, another miscalculation of this magnitude could bring the wrath of
the worlds most powerful super-beings right to my front door. Especially
now, as I began raising the stakes.

I sat in the monitor room, watching the latest element of my scheme play out
in front of me: the beginning of the end of the so-called mighty Hellfire

"These are uncertain times. Nobody could have imagined this extraordinary
capitulation of the X-Men. They and the other X-groups have already
scattered--some have disappeared, others have joined different organisations
for protection. Despite our bitter enmity, a couple of their number have
even agreed to pool their resources with us. What has been their greatest
defeat could be our best opportunity to seize power."

Sebastian Shaw had recently retaken the reins of power at the Hellfire Club,
Manhattans notoriously decadent "social organisation" which was really a
front for a sizeable mutant hierarchy intent on eventual world domination.
He had requested this meeting with Emma Frost, the former White Queen of the
establishment, to state his case for the re-recruiting of his prized

"You are one of the worlds greatest telepaths, the feared White Queen of the
Hellfire Club! Join with us again, and our power will be unstoppable."

Shaw was doing everything I had predicted of him--his own lusts for more
power would bring about his downfall, and the powerful Hellfire Club would
be mine. Little did he know that, through our recent acquisition of access
to the X-Mens alien Shiar technology, the comparatively primitive security
systems of the Hellfire Club had been easily breached and integrated,
allowing us total access to their headquarters. It provided me with the
opportunity to spy on every part of Shaws empire--an organisation that I
planned to acquire.

When the invitation for this meeting had arrived at Emmas Massachusetts
Academy, the plan became so simple. The Hellfire Club had the resources I
required: more potential recruits, a roof over the head for my current
conquests, and a pliable figurehead in control. The White Queen would
instigate the appropriate changes, adding to my power base, while I attended
to other more pressing matters.

We had treated the previous evening as though it would be Emmas last night
with us; both myself and the Phoenix had used her well, sexually adapting
her psyche to best take advantage of Sebastian Shaws desire for his former
White Queen. We gave her a more subtle version of the sexual imprinting
techniques we used to ensnare our prey, knowing that the more sex Emma gave
to Shaw, the more he would be in her power.

Despite being a man driven by his desires, Shaw was a realist as well. He
would need convincing that the White Queen had indeed returned to the fold
and just letting him have her body would not be enough. It had proved to be
a prudent strategy, as Shaw had brought the Black Queen, Selene, to this
particular rendezvous. An immortal energy vampire of considerable power, I
considered her to be the primary threat against my take-over, not least
because so little was actually known about her capabilities. As a show of
good faith, I had allowed Emma to take Kitty Pryde and Storm with her; gifts
for their pleasure.

I dipped back into the meeting.

"Xaviers teams are disbanding for good," I heard Emma reply. "The X-Men have
been decimated, scattered. The ones who came to me where easy to mould and
control. Ive developed some new telepathic techniques that can turn them

"Pleasure toys," Selene replied. "Those two exquisite creatures you brought
us will whore for our members, after I havetested them."

"My agents are searching for the remaining members," Emma continued. "Plus,
I believe that I will surprise you with a number of other recruits who will
perform equally well, maybe not mutants, but all equally ascomely."

"Excellent!" Shaw roared. "Already our enemies begin to fall before us!
Selene, take personal control of the new arrivals; Im sure you can conjure
up some imaginative tests for them. Shadowcat and the mighty Stormwhores for
the Hellfire Club. Make sure its all videotaped."

Selene smiled, then rose, ordering the guards to bring the new acquisitions
to her chambers. I closed my eyes and turned off the monitors, allowing my
mind to travel the Astral Plane, meeting, then merging with, the White
Queen. The process had become so much simpler since Phoenixs transformation.
I was seemingly able to draw upon some of her telepathic reserves and a
psi-link was now the simplest of tasks.

Shaw began to advance on the White Queen, offering her a glass of red wine,
which Emma readily accepted.

"Sothe White Queen returns to the fold," he leered--business now complete,
he sought his pleasure.

"As you say, its an uncertain time. A woman needs to know she can feel

"Im sure youll feel very safe in my private chambers."

Emma chuckled at the clumsy come-on, more than aware of the closeness of
Shaws hulking body.

"What is this?" she asked. "A nice fuck to firm up our relationship?"

"You know that Ive always desired you, Emma," he murmured, pulling open her
jacket and running a large palm over her left breast. "Now that youve come
back to me, I have to got to have you."

Emma grasped the hand kneading her tit-flesh through her blouse and moved to
it to the other breast, cooing softly.

"Once youve had me, youll never settle for another woman," she boasted,
feeling her nipples poke through her bra and blouse, arousal gripping her,
much to the delight of her prospective lover.

"I know that," he replied.

Less than a minute later, Emma hit the bed hard, Shaw kneeling above her,
pulling out his lust-bloated cock. Her blouse was ripped open, revealing her
trademark white lingerie. The perfect curves of her enticing cleavage
fixated the Hellfire Clubs Black King as he leaned down and burrowed his
face into her inviting tit-flesh, his hands clumsily pulling at her
brassiere, finally exposing her fully erect nipples.

As he sucked greedily on her mounds, Emma suddenly found herself intensely
aroused and quite wet, instinctively spreading her legs wide.

Noting the movement, Shaw pushed her skirt up, moved the crotch of her white
panties to one side and fumbled for his cock, penetrating her mouth with his
tongue in a deep kiss while simultaneously taking her cunt with his fat
cock. Involuntarily, Emma continued moaning, bucking her hips at the sudden
intrusion, finding herself even wetter, despite Shaws poor sexual technique
as he sawed in and out of her pussy.

Demanding control, she flipped him over, straddling his body, continuing the
irresistible urge to thrust herself onto Shaws cock, leaning over to tease
his face and chest with her roving nipples. Her excitement built far quicker
than it ever had before, and as he pushed up inside her, blowing his load
into her in one sudden lurch, she found herself reaching orgasm
simultaneously, spurting her own love cream over her new lovers cock. Emma
smiled as she realised that my new conditioning worked perfectlyshe had
become Shaws perfect mistress, with every orgasm she gave him slowly
subverting him over into her power.

I left her mind, returning to my physical form in the monitor room. I was
fairly certain that by sending in Storm and Pryde, I would witness how
Selene operated, maybe learning new intelligence that I would eventually use
against her. My curiosity was also piqued by what tests she would conjure up
for them. I knew this Black Queen by reputation only, there being scant
knowledge of her in Cerebros database, but all indications were that this
bitch was seriously bad news. She seemed to have taken an instant shine to
Kitty, the security cameras switching back to her chamber as she entered it,
Pryde already lying on her bed, clad in a black brassiere, g-string,
stockings, garter belt and high heels.

"What a wonderful gift this is," Selene purred seductively, eyes lighting up
as she witnessed the erotic spectacle of the young auburn-haired minx,
dressed in the Hellfire Clubs traditional whorish apparel, laid out
invitingly on her bed. "Have you any idea why you are here?"

Kitty looked up, some element of fear evident in her eyes. "Did you wish me
to pleasure youmistress?"

Selene laughed quietly, "Oh yesbut not yet. Its clear youve had some
instruction in discipline in your transformation from heroine to slave. Were
going to explore that discipline together. You call me mistress with no
clear idea of what it truly means. I shall give that word true meaning for

I could see Kitty shiver, and the terror this woman engendered excited me.
Physically, the Black Queen was exceptional --she dressed to display her
curvaceous figure in figure-hugging, cleavage-revealing leather, and her
waist-length jet-black hair seemed so dark, you could lose yourself in it.

Kitty flinched away from the Black Queens caress as she moved closer,
running her hand down the girls cheek, over her chest and into the cups of
her brassiere, squeezing her new toys breasts and seeking out her nipples.

"Ive got a little surprise for you, my dear," she murmured, breaking away
from her flesh for just a moment. "Call it a little reunion."

Selene moved over to the edge of the bed, pressing a concealed button.
Moments later, the door opened, and a young man dressed in just a choker
collar and black thong strode into the room.

"Sam!" Kitty gasped, astounded by the former New Mutants appearance. It was
Samuel Guthrie all right, but not the Sam she knew.

"Two days ago, I happened to chance across Cannonball here in Monte Carlo,"
she paused for effect. "Aloneon the run, it was a simple matter to corrupt
him. I very much enjoyed hiscompany. Unfortunately, I believe I may have
blown his mindnow hes only good for one thing."

Selene felt Kitty shiver beneath her as Sam advanced, pulling away his thong
and allowing his cock to grow before her eyes. The Black Queen stopped his
advance with a single gesture.

"I think he likes you," she goaded, returning to her exploration of Kittys
breasts. "Were going to find out just how much!"

Kitty turned to face her, defiance in her eyes, a hard tone to her voice.

"What have you done to him?"

Selenes gentle caresses stopped suddenly as she took offence at the defiance
of her new toy. In a savage motion, she pushed Kitty back onto the bed, and
produced a pair of handcuffs, which she bound the girl with, attaching them
to the metallic headboard.

"Lets explore discipline. Firstly, its about knowing your place, slut!"

Selene stood, opening a mahogany cabinet and producing an evil-looking
tawse--a wooden stick with multiple leather straps sprouting from the end. A
sadistic smile crossed her face as she lashed out with it, striking Kitty in
the midriff, causing the young girl to scream and writhe on the bed in front
of her new mistress. Two more blows quickly followed, before Selene
straddled her painful stomach, and pulled off Kittys brassiere, exposing her
well-formed chest to the Black Queens hungry eyes.

Selene ran a finger along the side of one exceptional tit, watching the
expression on Kittys face.

"Youre so sensitive, Kitten, can you imagine the pain I can give you via
these beauties?"

Tears streamed down Kitty Prydes face as the pain mingled with Selenes
soft-as-silk caresses on her breasts. In desperation she looked to Sam
Guthrie, her friend, despair striking her as she watched him slowly
masturbating at the tableau before him.

"I wouldnt look to him for too much help," the Black Queen giggled. "Seeing
the two of us together is going to be sheer torture for him."

"Please dont hit me again." Kittys voice was pitiful, punctuated by her

"Will you give your cunt to me, Kitten? Will you allow me to use it as I see

"Yesyes, I will. I swear!"

"Will you pleasure me in any way that I desirewill you fuck any man or woman
who I send to you?"


Selene got off Kittys stomach and lay to her side, opening her legs, and
toying with her pussy.

"Youre so wet Kitten" she marvelled, before slipping a finger into the folds
of her labia and driving it up into her cunt. "And so tight too."

Selene concentrated for a moment, shutting her eyes, her mind distant,
perhaps summoning forth some kind of power that she commanded. She moved
around until she was positioned above Kittys pretty little pussy, fully
exposed now after Selene had ripped off her delicate panties with her teeth

I thought she was about to go down on her new toy, until she stopped inches
above the glistening cunt below her. Suddenly, a thick, black, oil-like
substance poured from her mouth and coated the young girls cunt. She looked
up at Kittys questioning face, as the last drops fell into the girls pubic

"Thats the essence of my lusts, Kitten, the dark and rank perversions that
as Black Queen I enjoy so much. Once its inside of you, itll grow and
nurture itself, shaping, bending and moulding you into the perfect Hellfire
Club whore. Can you feel it? Even now?"

Kitty Pryde shivered and nodded slowly as the ooze seeped into her nether

"I could just leave you and let my essence do its work of its own accord,"
Selene explained. "But I really like to do the job properly, to make sure it

She leaned forward and once again began masturbating Kitty with a single
long-nailed finger, her thumb daintily caressing her clitoris. The young
girl began to moan at Selenes finger fucking, each time taking more of the
black essence inside of her. Feeling bolder, the Black Queen easily thrust
another finger into Kittys yielding snatch, feeling resistance as she forced
in a third. Both pain and pleasure crossed Kittys face as Selene abused her
little pussy.

"Oh, Kitten," she sighed. "This is going to be so painful for you"

Poor Kitty screamed as the Black Queen scooped up more of the black
substance on a fourth finger and then began to ease it into the resisting
cunt beneath her. Selene looked over her shoulder to where her faithful
slave, Sam Guthrie, continued his tortured masturbation.

"Fuck my cunt, slave," she ordered. "But save your cum for this little

Obediently, Sam moved up behind his mistress, pulling down her panties and
thrusting into her with his rock hard cock. Selene gasped at the
penetration, even as she positioned her thumb at Kittys distended cunt.
Blood squirted from between the Black Queens pistoning fingers as the thumb
of her hand forced its way in, but Kittys pitiful screams were lost on the
fucking couple in front of her.

Selene pushed deeper, deeper, until inside the poor girls cunt she formed a
fist, which she attempted to ram even further inside of her. At that point
the Black Queen climaxed, focusing her mental powers on the fist in Kittys
ravaged vagina, transferring her own orgasmic energy into her new toy,
knowing the effect that it would have on the poor girl beneath her.

Kittys cries instantly stopped and an evil expression of rapture swept
across her features. At Selenes insistence, Sam removed his cock from her
cunt and moved across to the head of the bed, allowing Kitty to begin
displaying her oral talents. Down below, a sated Black Queen marveled at the
wrist lodged inside her whores cunt, only pulling her hand free when Sam
Guthries tortured climax was orally engulfed by the new Kitty Pryde. Selene
gazed in amusement at the scene before her as she sucked Kittys fluids from
each of her fingers.

I figured that she must have a power that had enabled her to elasticise
Kittys pussy--I knew from experience that no-one should be able to perform
what she had just done to a kid who had been virgin just a few days before.

Despite the debasement shed just performed, the Black Queens new charges
hunger for cock was insatiable. Even as jism dribbled from the corners of
her lips, she redoubled her efforts on Cannonballs cock, sucking, licking
and tonguing his shaft, her fingers tickling the underside of his straining
scrotum in an attempt to coax new hardness into his exhausted prick.

Having just witnessed Kitty Prydes indoctrination into her new world, I
almost pitied Storm for the ordeal must lay in front of her, and the other
conquests I would populate the club with over the coming weeks. Still, I had
more important things to worry about, so I turned off the monitors and left
the room, lost in my thoughts. This particular part of the plan was
progressing nicely enough and, for the time being, didnt require any more
personal observation.



I met up with Stephanie at the Las Vegas airport, after what had been a very
long, and extremely tedious, cross-country flight. Usually, I would have
amused myself for the duration with some female company, but this time,
because of the manner of her departure and the tone of her call once she had
finally made contact, I chose to see Stephanie alone.

The reconciliation had gone pleasantly enough. I explained exactly what had
happened, and she took it all very well. Things were pretty much back to the
way theyd been before, once I told her how important she still was to the
overall plan. Besides, considering how much she knew, not having her close
at hand was a liability I didnt need.

Just one question remained.

"Why Las Vegas, Stephanie?"

"I dont know, probably because I knew that you wouldnt follow me here."

True enough. For a girl with Stephanies looks and huge sexual needs, a place
like Vegas would not turn her away--far from it. However, for a 16-year-old
guy like me, things dont quite go so well. My previous experiences with the
place had shown me I just couldnt get any kind of respect or
recognition--the place was run by men, making my powers pretty useless. And
not even the whores like to go near a guy as young as me, regardless of how
much money I had.

"You could have come back at any time. Im surprised you made me fly out all
the way over here, especially since you know how much I despise this place."

"I know," Stephanie giggled. "But I found something here that I think youre
going to enjoy."

"Somehow I doubt itseverely."

After I had dropped off my bags, and freshened up in the penthouse suite of
Stephanies chosen hotel, we stepped out into the neon lights of Vegas famous
Strip. My sister took me by the hand and together we entered one of the
classier whoring establishments in the city. This is what Las Vegas is truly
about--watching women take their clothes off while dancing, and then
bargaining for their bodies afterwards.

Stephanie told me that she had visited the place through curiosity and was
offered work by the manager, a tall blonde woman who wore too much make-up
and too few clothes. Clearly, she was an ex-hooker whod re-invested her cash
back into the hundreds of men whod fucked her over the years. Her name was
Cherie and I really didnt like her.

"My, er, boyfriend wants to check out the place before hell let me start
working here," Stephanie explained after asking Cherie to show us what
happened backstage.

"I bet he does, baby," she replied, looking me over suspiciously. "OK, I
guess Ill allow it this once."

I mentally controlled my anger towards the woman as she took the two of us
behind the scenes, so to speak. Despite my sexual nature, I despise these
kinds of establishment; just the thought of handing over money for any kind
of sexual encounter was contrary to everything I believed in. I actually
began to wonder if Stephanie was just making me pay for her treatment last
week--the sight of fat old men letching over not-so-attractive hookers
nearly made me puke--until we reached the final part of Cheries nauseating

"I think this is what your girlfriend really wants you to see," sighed
Cherie, grinning inanely. "Shes a new girl who joined us a couple of weeks

"So what?" I replied, getting very bored by this point.

"Shes a real honeybut she wont fuck or suck, and she wont let us do the
usual tests. Probably has AIDS or somethin thats why shes in the cage."

As we entered the room I could see what she meant. The place itself was
pitch-black, save for a spotlight that illuminated a metal cage in the
center. Running down the middle of the cage was a pole, around which a
beautifully proportioned bitch danced to high-energy dance music. Clearly
the act had already started a while ago, since she was now quite naked.
Around six or seven men were gathered around the sides and back of the cage,
poking their cocks through, masturbating at the sight of the woman in front
of them.

"Aint she something," Cherie sighed, apparently turned on herself by the
show in front of us.

"Can you see who it is yet?" Stephanie whispered in my ear.

Before I could answer, Cherie grabbed my arm.

"One of the guys is making the signalwatch this, baby"

The woman momentarily left the pole, kneeling in front of the man who had
signalled, opening her mouth and pressing her large, rounded tits together.
As the man gave up his load of semen into her mouth and across her face and
breasts, I finally got a good look at her. The skunk-like strip through her
reddish hair gave it all away instantly.


It would be fair to say that my interest livened up considerably at this
point. Suddenly the no fucking demand made sense--presumably Rogues mutant
powers were still in full effect. Should she touch another person skin on
skin, she would absorb their memories and powers. But what in gods name was
she doing in a Vegas skin joint? How did she get here? Surely there were a
thousand other places she could have gone? My mounting arousal demanded that
I ask these questions AFTER Id fucked her.

I watched, almost hypnotised, for the next fifteen minutes or so. The
mysterious Rogue pole-danced within the cage, thrusting her hips against it,
licking it, making love to it, her gyrations interrupted only when she took
the spunk of the men jerking off outside. Usually on her tits, but sometimes
on her face, and once even on her back, wiggling erotically as the jism
disappeared between into the cleft of her buttocks.

"When does she, er, get off, so to speak?" I asked Cherie, eyes still locked
on the writhing woman.

"Oh, shes almost done now, honey. But remember: shed dont fuck and she wont
suck you either."

"Well, what WILL she do?" I asked, my irritation at this unbearable woman
starting to surface--but presumably she was used to it.

"The ladyll give you a private dance for $500. Thats a lot of cash, but I
guarantee shell get you off real good."

"And if she doesnt? Ill give you $700 if my bitch can come too--if the
whores just a tease, Ill need somewhere to get mysatisfaction."

The deal was made, money exchanged hands, and Stephanie and myself were led
upstairs to a special room. We were both under explicit instructions not to
touch unless the lady asked for it, and Cherie had laughed when she said
this, knowing full well that only Rogue herself would be allowed to make any
contact. Personally I was curious--how could she perform a lap dance without
our skin touching? I guess Id find out soon enough.

"Well hi there, sugah"

Rogue entered the room, ignoring Stephanie and addressing me with her most
beguiling look. She looked gorgeous, no doubt about it. Since the cage, her
hair had been restyled, her slutty make-up reapplied and shed put some
clothes back on--specifically a see-through lacy black dress (little more
than a negligee really), matching lingerie and elbow-length silky gloves.
She walked towards me, swaying seductively on her high heels.

"Ah just got a couplea rules before you get you paid for," she began, her
voice dripping in that distinctive, sexy southern drawl. "Keep your hands
away from me, behind your back, and secondly, let me do all the work"

I hurriedly complied with her request, clasping my hands together behind the
chair I sat on, feeling the first throbs of blood work their way into my
cock as I beheld the stunning creature in front of me. There was something
about her quite unlike any woman Id ever beheld, and I must admit to having
some interest in discovering exactly what that was before I fucked the life
out of her. And fuck her I would--already I had been inside her mind, simply
and effectively shutting down her mutant absorbing powers. Her powers of
flight and superhuman strength also gave way to the mental probe, finally
proving that I would be able to use this facet of my capabilities on
non-mutant super-powered prey as well.

And then, no music, no real dancing, it just began. Rogue began to strip in
front of me. The see-through black lacy dress was torn slowly downwards,
inches from my face, revealing the womans outstanding, brassiere-encased

"Ah take it you like mah titties," she murmured, my eyes locked on to the
valley of her cleavage. "Maybe Ahll let you cum on themmaybe."

This was astounding--I could sense that Rogue was a virgin, and yet she had
a sexual confidence and power about her that was anything but maidenly. The
ripping continued until the entire dress lay in tatters on the floor. Now
Rogue pushed my head down, caressing my face with her black lace glove, as
she slowly started to remove the clips from each suspender, freeing the
stockings on her finely toned legs. The removal of each clip was a tease and
now I could feel the rush of blood into my prick, the sudden loss of control
of my pheromone powers, and only sheer willpower alone preventing me from
giving the tease what she would soon be begging for.

With the garter belt now gone, she climbed up onto the chair with me,
straddling me, kneeling, her legs on either side of mine, her crotch
teasingly making a small amount of contact with the tent in my pants.

"Ah dont want you to cum too soon," she pouted. "Cos therere a couplea
things I want to show you first."

With that, her hand cupped her breasts, rubbing slowly. She was so close,
they were the only things I could now see. The clasp was at the front and I
willed her to reach for it, to open it, to discard the brassiere for good
and let me see those beautiful tits. She delayed it to the last possible
moment, my hips bucking beneath her, desperately seeking friction with her
own crotch, so tantalisingly near and yet too far.

And then they were free, two large, firm, perfect breasts, topped off with
large nipple buds. Now, with all her torso exposed to my ravenous glance, I
could see why Rogue was different from all the other women Id seen. Her body
had a firmness and awell, ripeness, that I supposed only a woman with
super-human strength could have. The muscle tone and ligaments were kept and
maintained in perfect order by virtue of her incredible power and that meant
a level of physical perfection that no ordinary woman could match.

"Hmmmmm," she sighed. "I dont know what youve got, but I feel soooo hot! And
I got to share it with yall"

With that she stood before me and an in a single, non-teasing motion, ripped
off her lace panties, exposing her perfectly trimmed bush and weeping cunt.
There was no doubt about it--my powers were kicking in, turning her on,
making her push the envelope. Descending, she balled up her little panties
and pushed the crotch of them into my mouth. She began to rub herself on the
leg of my pants, beginning a husky moaning that I could only match by
gasping myself as her hand moved to my crotch, rubbing itself on my
cloth-trapped prick.

"I tell ya, sugah, this is as much for me as it for you," she sighed, moving
back into the straddling position and beginning a sudden, savage rubbing of
our crotches.

She bucked and circled her hips on my pants, bringing excruciating levels of
trapped pleasure to my groin. Desperately willing myself not to cum, I saw
her reach the peak in front of me, grinding herself onto me with the
finality of the female climax, shouting out loudly as she came.

Seconds later, as she recovered, she marvelled at the feeling of hard cock
still beneath her.

"Oooh, such staminayoure the first man whos lasted the entire routine," she
breathed, still coming down from her own high. "For that you get a special

She moved off my lap and unzipped my fly, pulling out my beet-red, rock hard
cock. Her eyes locked on to it as she slowly jerked it off with both her
lace-gloved hands. Good masturbation can be an incredible sensation and I
was reminded of the occasion when Mary Jane Watson had this same thing to
me, but this time, my cock was on the limits of its endurance, my mind
consumed with lust, no longer willing to stop myself from taking her.

"Open your mouth and close your eyes, baby," I ordered between clenched

"Yeah, Ah guess you deserve it," she replied and those heavily glossed lips
opened into an O shape before me, eyes closing.

Like a man possessed, I reached forward and pushed her mouth onto my cock,
just as I reached the point of no return. I howled savagely and shoved her
head down as far it would go; then I simply burst in orgasmic delight. I
humped into her face, knowing that now she would realise that the game was
up, that her mutant powers had been compromised and that she about to enter
a world of shit. I felt her scream against my cock as the sperm quickly
filled her mouth and seeped out of the side of those gorgeous lips.

Then Stephanie was behind her, smiling, running her fingers into her pussy
hair, dipping a finger into Rogues clenching, gripping snatch, kissing her
exposed buttocks and pulling her ass cheeks apart, burrowing her talented
little tongue into the rosette of her asshole.

"We know who you are, Rogue," I said. "We know what your powers are and weve
put a stop to all of them. Youre about to become a possession, bound to my
cock until I allow you freedom."

Rogue finally pulled her face free from my still-spurting prick, her cheeks
and chin dripping with my heavy juices. I could sense the conflict within
her--the urge to escape swiftly falling foul to the sensations my cream was
sending through her incredible body, as well as the ministrations of my
sister on her pussy and ass. My cock still had plenty of life in it, thanks
to this bitchs teasing. All suggestion of rebellion left Rogues eyes when
Stephanie and I pinned her to the ground and my cock snaked up her thigh,
seeking the honey pot that would forever bind this bitch in heat to my
all-powerful sexual will.

As my cock claimed her untouched cunt, and my hands sought out her tits,
marveling at their super-powered resiliency, I leaned over and kissed my
sister deeply, thanking her with all my heart for this wonderful new
acquisition. All thoughts of my new consort--the Dark Phoenix--temporarily
left my mind as I enjoyed her mouth and my new slaves writhing virgin body.

End of Book Two
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