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Submission Agenda pt. 1

ass as she did my bidding. Reaching the door, she turned around and said,
"Just one thing I take it your powers dont work on men. Are just going to
fuck us all with no interruptions?"

The stupid whore. "Do as I say."

Quickly, she hurried into the bathroom.

Of course, my Emma had a good point. Id done my research, and I knew I
couldnt just walk into Xaviers mansion and take the female X-Men without
some resistance. And she was right that my powers had no effect on men. I
cleared my mind of all this nonsense and re-established my psychic rapport
with my sister, a couple of thousand miles to the east in New York City.

*Miles I hear you*

*Give yourself to me, Stephanie*

I felt her joy as I thrust into her mind, burrowing myself into her
short-term memory, experiencing what she had just done.



My sister was born ten minutes after me. Genetically we are nearly
identical, being twins. Perhaps it was our upbringing, but despite our
closeness there has always been a difference between us, over and above our
gender. In theory, we should have discovered our mutant powers
near-simultaneously, but this did not occur.

Stephanie was my first victim--the recipient of my first excursion into the
exercise of my mutant powers. It was a clumsy fuck, fuelled by what must
have been a year of near constant teasing. Id watched as Stephanie developed
into the one of the most stunning redheads that Ive ever seen, with the most
perfect body I have fucked. She is tall, around five foot ten, and has
incredibly sculpted legs, a fine flat stomach and very large breasts--scoops
of flesh which together are wider than her back. I only became aware of my
emerging powers after Id raped her, when, hours later, she begged me for

Genetically speaking, she should have been immune to my power, but it was
not the case--maybe just because her own powers hadnt manifested themselves
yet. When they did, they were shaped around her transformed psyche, almost
becoming a female extension of my own abilities. I allowed her to exercise
these powers, giving her superiority over normal men, but made sure that she
only found true sexual fulfillment in my arms.

Actually, she is even more powerful than me--her mutant capabilities can
render any man her slave, AND any woman. Maybe I could do the same to men,
but obviously Im not interested. Perhaps the impression of my own fuck-lusts
on her mind has removed this limitation in her.

Regardless, she is instrumental to the success of my plan.

Through our psychic rapport I could see that so far, my scheme was working
out just as I intended. I reclined on the bed in the plane and buried myself
in her memories, experiencing hours of Stephanies life in minutes as our
contact grew.

Scott Summers is waiting in a high class New York eatery for his wife, Jean
Grey. He is strumming his fingers on the table, toying impatiently with a
glass of water. Clearly, hes been waiting a long time. Its forty-five
minutes specifically. We have arranged for Jean to beotherwise occupiedat
this time, pitting her wits against a cadre of super villains that we have
arranged to free during transit to The Vault. As Phoenix, Jean Grey is very
dangerous. Not only will this exercise enable us to eliminate Cyclops, it
will also wear down his wifes resistance to my power later on.

Stephanie has dressed to kill. Her hair is perfectly arranged, her perfume
is vivacious and arousing--and her clothes nearly obscene. She wears a very
tight, cleavage revealing peach blouse, black mini-skirt, slutty high heels
and matching stockings. She has no bra on and it is very obvious to all who
give her more than a cursory glance, as her nipples are blatantly displayed,
pressed against the thin material of the blouse. She looks like a whore, a
redhead who wants it badly.

The introduction is obvious, perhaps even to the X-Man. Apparently caught up
in her thoughts, she walks along until she hits the edge of Summers table,
voicing her pain and dropping her handbag. Summers looks up into sexual
heaven as he sees my sister bend over to retrieve her bag. Her spectacular
breasts greet him head on, accompanied by her scent and her pheromones. The
male sexual imperative is another reason why my sister is more powerful than
I. Despite his love for Jean, Cyclops has the same innate need as any man to
impregnate any suitable and available women. Up against Stephanie, he stands
little chance.

In the wake of Stephanies charm and mutant powers, Cyclops devotion to Jean
disintegrates quickly. She is perhaps the physical match of Jean in terms of
beauty, but shes a slut, a whore, easily taken. Shes also a good decade
younger --a minor--making it even more of a must to fuck her.

When their eyes meet, Stephanie lets him know her availability with one look
alone. My sister can feel his sexual frustrations, Jeans cautious lovemaking
technique, his male need to sexually dominate cruelly curtailed because of
his love and respect for his wife. Inwardly, she laughs at the powerful
leader of the X-Men, knowing full well the fate that awaits him and his
beautiful, reserved bride.

Stephanie knows that physical contact seals the promise of sex. As they part
ways, her handshake is almost a caress, her eyes heavily lidded. She leaves
the restaurant, confident that Scott will follow. She has imprinted herself
on him, his need for her will increase exponentially until he is either
driven mad or is in her cunt, spewing his seed into her.

Its a five minute walk to the Ritz-Carlton hotel, a further two minutes
until shes in her room and another four before the inevitable knock on her
door. She congratulates Cyclops on his restraint--she half-expected him to
rush after her and rape her in the elevator--but knows that the wait has
only made him even hornier. She opens the door, after unbuttoning the top of
her blouse and removing her panties. I can feel her heart speeding up,
pumping out the same levels of lust-inducing pheromones that I used to tame
the White Queen. At the same time, she uses her powers to slip into Cyclops
mind, removing the threat of his optic blasts in the same way that I
disarmed my Emma.

I count five seconds before Stephanie is on the bed and Scott is unzipping
his pants.

He only manages to say "StephanieI-" before he plunges his lust-engorged
cock into her pussy. As he fucks her, he rips open Stephanies blouse and
buries his face in her bosom, sucking on her nipples and prematurely
reaching orgasm when he feels a jet of warm milk shoot into his mouth. She
is the ultimate sexual creature, the lactation every mans fantasy. It pushes
him over the edge and is the last chemical piece in his enslavement.

Stephanie allows the ravishment to take place and appreciates Scotts
subsequent efforts to give her release as his head snakes down to the
junction between her thighs. His tongue is skilled, quickly seeking out her
erect clitoris and teasing it, before dipping deeply into her snatch,
regardless of the presence of his cream inside her.

She moans at his ministrations, giving herself to the feelings emanating
from her vagina, letting her juices flow across his tongue, using them to
rebuild his lust to new levels. Stephanie has a level of vaginal control I
have never witnessed in any woman before, and when she desires it, her
orgasms can be very wet indeed. She screams as she reaches climax and almost
floods Scott with her cum. I almost envy Summers when she reaches down to
return the compliment.

Stephanie is at one with her prey. She is exciting Scott in ways his wife
cannot possibly conceive as she buries his erect cock in her mouth. She
immerses herself in his desire, being everywhere he wants her to be, but at
the same time teasing him, keeping him well away from orgasm until she is
ready--her punishment for the premature release of their first--and

She looks Scott in the eye as she blows him, moving up to trap his cock in
her mammoth cleavage. Her hands encircle his penis, trapping specific
nerves, containing his thrusts as he urges his cum to shoot over her face
and tits.

Stephanie smiles up at her prey as his ineffectual attempts to climax
continue. "Whats the matter, lover? Cant cum?" Cyclops only answers with
moans and grunts. "You can do better than that. Tell me you want me. Tell me
you want me to fuck your wife."

"Yesss" Cyclops shouts. "I need youfuck melet me cumplease!"

Stephanie heightens the friction between her breasts and Cyclops rock hard
cock, but tightens her fingers on the nerve centers. The pre-climax ecstasy
becomes painful for Scott.

"Let me fuck your wife, Scott."

"Shewouldnt" Scotts further words are cut off by a pain-pleasure feeling hes
never experienced before. Stephanie knows that the pressure on his blood
vessels is now way into the danger zone. His body needs to cum, but cant.

She sighs, "Wrong answer, lover?" and leans over to flick her tongue over
the beetroot colored tip of Cyclops dick, still trapped between her gorgeous

Cyclops moans give way to consistent screams as the pressure becomes too
much. Stephanie snakes her free hand to his scrotum, squeezing another nerve
group behind his testes, which produces an inhuman roar from the X-Men
leader before causing him to collapse onto the floor, drool escaping his
mouth. Cyclops broken mind withdraws into coma, as cum impotently dribbles
from his still-hard penis.

She looks down at her victim. "Im gonna fuck Jean, with or without your
help, Summers."

Shaking her head and sighing, she dresses and leaves the hotel room, smiling
as she places the DO NOT DISTURB sign on the door handle.

I withdrew from Stephanies memory, and after we agreed on our plan to add
the mighty Phoenix to our ranks, I returned to the reality onboard my jet,
just as my Emma emerged from the bathroom, her body groomed and ready to
satisfy my most perverse sexual needs. I was fired up after experiencing my
sisters fuck-lust and, glancing at the clock, I surmised that I had a couple
of hours to take it all out on my new toy.



I had recently acquired the Bedford Towers condominium, known as the one of
the classiest and most expensive apartment complexes in Manhattan. While in
New York, this was where I considered myself at home. It was with some
degree of fatigue that I arrived, my Emma in tow. Shed promised that she was
an exceptional fuck and I had few complaints about her performance during
the tail end of the flight. I very much looked forward to giving my memories
of her debasement to Stephanie, but first of all it was necessary to test
the level of her telepathic ability. But how?

Day passed into night and we both caught up with lost sleep. I gave Emma her
own quarters within the building, before returning to my own private sanctum
to contemplate my plans.

My next target would be Phoenix, for sure, but I decided to err on the side
of caution when it came to dealing with the bitch. I had hired several
super-powered mercenary groups to keep her busy over the next few days,
including the redoubtable Silver Sable and her Wild Pack. I looked forward
to Friday, when Silver would come to my office to pick up her payment

I was happy about Stephanies success with Cyclops. Without their leader, the
group would be easier to take down and Jean Grey in particular would suffer
badly. I smiled to myself as I envisaged the ways and means with which I
would rape the Phoenix, corrupting her immense power into my service,
forcing her into sexual perversions the like of which the conservative woman
had never even contemplated.

Since the day I first took my sister, I have enjoyed my liaisons with
beautiful redheads. Blonde fuckable women are a dime-a-dozen, but stunning
redheads are a different proposition entirely--a rare thing to be properly

Pondering this, I slowly drifted off into restful sleep, my dreams teasing
me with images of the Phoenix sucking me, fucking me, taking Stephanie and
making her cum again and again

I awoke early in morning to the incredible feeling of wet suction on my
dick, and looked down to see Stephanie expertly blowing me, cum dribbling
out of the corners of her mouth.

"Mmmmm," she sighed, my dick dropping lifelessly from her mouth. "You taste
good this morning."

I lifted Stephanie to my level and frenched her deeply, initiating the
closest link of our rapport. She broke the kiss and jumped off the bed,
obviously very excited.

"I gotta surprise for you, lover," she began. "You wanted a test for the
White Queen, right? I thought maybe we could both fuck this model I picked
up at a party last night, and see if Emma can repair her mind once weve
blown it."

I reached into her mind to retrieve the image of her pick-up, but I was
rudely cut off from that part of her memory.

"Its a surprise!" she exclaimed. "Shes downstairs, and I cant believe it,
but I think shes virgin. Shes getting married in a couple of weeks, anyway."

I considered her plan and found myself excited. Stephanies lesbian tastes
are incredibly well cultivated; it takes someone really special to put her
off men for even a moment. Usually I forced her to suck pussy just so I
could get my hands on some lesbian cunt myself. It often worried me that my
powers had no effect on dykes, but with my sister around I always got what I
wanted. The more committed the lesbian was, the more theyd do anything to
get their hands on Stephanie.

Taking me by the hand, she led me downstairs into one of my many bedrooms,
where the most sexually arousing sight Id ever witnessed was waiting for me.
I recognized her immediately--her name was Mary Jane Watson, and she was the
one supermodel Id lusted after but never fucked. This bitch had curves so
outrageous that they made Stephanie look almost ordinary, a perfect face,
stunning legs and jutting breasts that were even bigger and more shapely
than Id imagined.

She was a fantasy for me, but more than that was her current appearance,
lying front-first on the bed in her designer white wedding gown. My cock
instantly sprung into life and Stephanie giggled as she helped me out of my
night clothes.

"Were gonna fuck her together, boyfriend, but with one rule. We cant use any
conscious part of our powers to do it."

I chuckled to myself. This kind of fuck was one of my favorites. The prey is
not willing mentally and always screams rape, but their own lusts soon shine
through as their bodies betray them. With both my sister and I dipping into
her, I wondered how long Mary Jane would last before the inevitable moment
when she gave herself to me.

I looked her over. Despite Stephanies efforts to make her look presentable,
I could tell she was crying, scared rigid about the ordeal that awaited her.
My cock pulsed at the sight of the wedding dress. I was going to fuck the
virgin supermodel in her bridal gown.

My sister tugged on my arm. "How about a good luck kiss for your sister?"

I frenched her lustfully, truly this was the most incredible present she had
ever given me.

"Shshityou guys are brother and sister?"

I broke the kiss and laughed at Mary Jane. "Uh-huhSteph, honey, suck my

Our preys eyes bulged as my sister went down on me, returning my cock to her
mouth, bobbing gently.

"I raped her when she was fourteen, and since then shes been my fuck slave,
just as you will be."

I drank in the fear in her eyes and watched as she clumsily tried to get up,
the big, billowing dress impeding her movements. Aware of the danger,
Stephanie stood up by my side and together we advanced on the model as she
backed away, until the headboard of the bed stopped her cold.

"No!" she screamed. "Please! Dont do it. My fiancll kill you!"

Her fianc couldve been Paste Pot Pete, or the Hulk, and it still wouldnt
have stopped me fucking her. My cock streamed cumalready! Id never reached
the limits of capacity this quickly before. My sister noticed and smiled at
me--Ms Watson was in danger of getting drowned when I eventually climaxed.

I got onto the bed and crawled towards the virgin bride. I reached her legs
and sent a hand up her stockinged thigh, which shivered at my touch. It felt
warm, yielding and wonderful. I reached her tiny panties and callously
pulled them down, sinking a finger into her hot, surprisingly wet snatch.

"Please!" she whimpered. "Im a virgin."

More cum dribbled from my cock as she admitted her inexperience. She was so
tight, I had trouble getting the second finger in, but eventually her
yielding labia allowed me better access. I began a sawing motion,
finger-fucking this walking wet dream, strumming my thumb on her clit. The
flow of juices increased on my hands and I head her gasp. Looking up, I saw
Stephanie kneeling on the bed, feeding her vast tit into MJs mouth. The
supermodel slurped on the milk that shot into her young, sucking mouth and I
heard my sister moan with sexual contentment as MJ nursed on her. I pulled
out my fingers, to a distressed sound from our prey, and I tasted her cum.
Delicious. I burrowed my head between her thighs and sucked from the source.
My tongue swiftly explored her trimmed snatch, dipping deeply between the
folds of her lips as I continued constant stimulation of her clit with my
fingers. It took moments for her to orgasm, which triggered a vast jet of
cum that shot from my cock. The power had sent spunk flying over her dress,
but I still felt the most intense lust ever--Id yet to truly climax, my
balls were just emptying themselves like they did in a wet dream.

Mary Jane was gasping now, moaning then taking in a sharp breath of air.
Looking up I could see why. Stephanie had ripped open the delicate bodice
that contained her glorious breasts and was now feasting on her right tit.
The size of MJs tits excited me, but it was the shape that amazed me, so
very pert, topped with plump nipples that begged for me to suck them. I did
so and MJ screamed in climax again as my sister and I gorged on her tit
flesh, exposed in her ripped wedding dress. Repositioning myself, I realized
that I was now constantly dribbling white, thick cream. When either woman
did something to excite me, I pumped jism at near-climax levels and it
traveled further and further up Mary Janes peachy thighs.

Stephanie and I disengaged from MJs breasts simultaneously and examined our
work. Her tit flesh was covered in nips and bites, both her nipples red raw.
We looked at each other and nodded. Now was the time to complete the
corruption of this gorgeous bitch. Stephanie took my cock in hand and MJ
watched as she covered her fingers and palms with my thick, viscous cream.
Then she repositioned herself behind the model, resting MJs head on her
stomach, beneath her weeping tits, her legs splayed to either side of our

"Time to get your first taste of man juice, lover," Stephanie murmured,
bringing her fingers to MJs mouth, forcing her to eat my cream.

She tentatively tried one finger, then hungrily slurped on the others until
all were clean. I masturbated her as she did it, making sure that her
fragile mind forever associated pleasure with the tasting of my cum. I felt
a particularly strong jet of sperm ready itself for imminent release from my
cock, so I sat up, took MJs lace gloved hands and guided them to encircle my

"Make me cum, MJ," I demanded and instinctively she started pulling on my
hard cock, almost choking my shaft.

I allowed myself to cum from her efforts, sending powerful jets of sperm
flying over her abused tits and beautiful, supermodel features. Stephanie
pulled off her wedding veil and I sprayed the last few remnants into her
hair. I swear that I have fucked countless women and yet being masturbated
to climax by this supermodel virgin was the greatest experience of orgasm Id

As MJ tried to eat as much of my cum as possible, Stephanie worked on
rubbing it into her tits, sensitizing them to incredible levels. I leaned
into the virgin and kissed her deeply, sucking on her tongue and exploring
her mouth.

I broke free and realized quickly that my sperm levels were again out of
control, even though Id just had the greatest climax of my life. Stephanie
stayed behind MJ, caressing her tits, kissing her head and holding her
close. She looked me in the eye with an expression that said "fuck the
living shit out of this bitch".

I lifted the skirting of MJs dress, exposing her cum-covered thighs and the
bastion of her virginity, her beautiful pussy. After what wed done to her,
she was literally dripping. I moved my cock to within an inch of MJs slit.

I could hear her breathing heavily, waiting for it. "Go on, Tiger," she
whispered. "Take my cherry."

I pushed my leaking cock into her labia and easily found her sopping
channel. I pushed into her incredible tightness slowly until I met her
hymen. I nodded to Stephanie who began kneading MJs sensitized mammaries,
bringing her to climax with an all mighty pinch of both nipples. As MJ
screamed in rapture, I pushed through her virgin membrane and began the most
frenzied, lustful fuck-thrusting ever. Each intrusion into MJ was better
than climax, my cock spurting cum near constantly into my supermodel slave,
super-sensitizing her entire vagina and then her anus as the puddle of my
cream leaked out from her cunt and dripped onto her ass pucker.

Mary Jane Watson was in constant climax as I fucked her deeply, and
eventually I felt the true power of orgasm rip through me. I lost myself in
MJs clenching pussy, my face locking onto her sensitive left nipple. I
screamed when I came, pulling off handfuls of her dress with my bare hands,
biting and sucking deeply on her each of her glorious tits.

I stayed inside of her for over an hour after that cum, during which time
Stephanie brought us both to multiple mini-orgasms by exercising her
unparalleled oral talents on our enmeshed genitals, using every trick in the
book to coax me into shooting more cream into my supermodel lover.

MJ had long since passed out and when I left her, I looked her over one last
time to see how much the weeping virgin bride-to-be had changed in the last
few hours. Sleeping fitfully was perhaps the most sexually sated woman on
earth, the entire chest region of her wedding dress ripped away to expose
heavily abused breasts, her legs in a seemingly permanent Y position and cum
everywhere, huge puddles beneath her red, raw snatch, which was still
leaking out more. Her garter was still attached, but her panties and veil
were cast aside, no longer needed. Her skin looked radiant, covered in a
sheen of my cum.

I turned and walked out of the room, intent on never seeing the bitch again.



I sat contemplating the plan in the monitor room of my complex, in front of
me a six-by-six row of huge projection screens. Things were going better
than I could possibly have imagined. The White Queen had given me access to
the Hellfire Clubs taps on the X-Mens Cerebro system, and this in turn
allowed me access into the security system. I now had twenty-four hour X-TV,
giving me constant feeds from each room in their mansion.

Additionally, the White Queens telepathic skills proved to be better than
wed ever imagined. Her reconstruction of Mary Janes ravaged psyche had been
near total, and the model had been packed on her way, despite a curious
feeling of unease I felt at her departure. I decided that I would exorcise
the feeling on Emma later.

Now it was time to return to business, specifically the pursuit of the
Phoenix. I plumbed a monitor into the Wild Pack comms system and assimilated
the data. There had three pitched battles between Sables men and Phoenix
herself, but shed managed to elude capture each time. A resourceful woman. I
admired her courage in the face of certain defeat, especially since her
psionic powers had been lessened, thanks to a specifically designed drug
that was in a dart theyd shot her with. It would soon be time to instigate
the endgame, but for now I desired some fun.

I directed the X-feed to Psylockes room, just in time to see her return,
disrobe and climb into bed. The security logs mentioned that occasionally
she slept during the day and I noticed that she seemed to instantly fall
into deep slumber. Psylockes oriental beauty was not lost on me. She was a
great prize indeed, a one-of-a-kind woman, the type that I loved to
dominate. The Cerebro computer files had told me everything I needed to know
about her psyche and how I should go about taming her. I felt the familiar
blood pulse through my cock.

Use a telepath to catch a telepath.

I mentally summoned Emma, and was gratified that she had spent considerable
time grooming herself for our next encounter. Her clothing said it all.
White lingerie, lacy bra, panties and stockings. I walked up to her and
placed Cerebro sensor dots on her temples. Now she had full access to the
X-Mens super-computer. I saw the buzz of power spring into her mind, but
Emmas resolute gaze softened as I looked deep into her eyes.

I pointed at the Psylocke screen, where Betsy Braddock turned in her deep
sleep, clutching at a pillow. "Your reality is her dreamunderstand? I want
you to merge with her, Emma. Become her."

Emma nodded slowly and I saw the horror cross her face as she got an inkling
of what I was about to do. Nevertheless, she momentarily closed her eyes and
made contact, her already impressive skills further enhanced by Cerebro,
allowing her to enter Psylockes mind unnoticed. I witnessed both women smile
as they became one.

I felt the reassuring throb of my erection as I turned to face my White
Queenthen I let the madness take over. I sprang into movement, grabbing hold
of Emma and pushing her violently against the wall, clawing at her clothing.

She resisted of course, but Psylockes ninja training was useless in Emmas
pampered body and I easily pinned her against the wall, hands above her
head, my free hand yanking down her bra, then ripping off the dainty
panties. My cocks lust for cunt was unquenchable and I nudged it into her
dry slit, before swiping my gooey mess over her labia. I rammed into her
hard and she screamed in pain at the horrendous intrusion. I pumped into her
like a maniac possessed, burying my face in her tits, biting and pulling on
her nipples, making her cry like a child. I knew that she came when I came,
the jets of warm spunk are genetically engineered to do just that and while
Emma would know why, I knew that the effect would be devastating on

I pushed her face down on the floor and then parted her ass cheeks. Emmas
rectum was still virgin territory for me and I thrilled at the sensation as
I forced my still-hard cock into her rear. I wasted no time burying my cock
in the tight, dry channel. As I fucked her I whispered in her ear, "How did
it feel to come for your rapist, Betsy?"

She screamed lust-inducing obscenities back at me as I reamed her anus and
strummed her cum-covered, sensitive clitoris with my finger. I was making
sure that Psylocke would enjoy this particular rape of her most private

I climaxed deep into her bowels and pulled out, taking my victim by the hair
and pushing her mouth towards my dirty cock. "Take it in your mouth,

She shook her head and tried to get away from my filthy pole, cum still
dribbling from the slit on top. "Noyou fucking bastardI wont be your slave"

They were brave words, but I knew they were in vain. She was a slut in need
of cock and after wiping my cum on her cheeks, she eagerly slurped on the
glans before jacking me off steadily with both hands.

"Every time you sleep I shall come to you, Betsy, and each time I will take
you by force until you beg me to be your master."

Psylockes first dreamscape rape ended her with being hosed in the face and
tits by a torrent of sweet tasting cum. Her sexually contented smiles when
she awoke where almost instant replaced by sorrowful sobs as she questioned
the stability of her own mind. I looked at her and almost felt pity for hera
feeling that soon evaporated as I felt Emmas animated tongue dance
delicately around my anus before its sweet intrusion into my rectum.



Stephanie had really wanted to be the one who first took Jean Grey, and all
reasonable logic backed up this decision. Considering her feelings of
vulnerability, the sudden break-off of her psychic rapport with Cyclops, and
the fact that men had stalked her for the last thirty-six hours, I deduced
that she would best respond to another woman. And besides, the thought of
the strait-laced Phoenix getting fucked by another woman, my sister no less,
aroused me a great deal.

I had reviewed Jeans psi-profile in the Cerebro files, absorbing as much
information about my prey as possible. The data confirmed my earlier
hypothesis that Phoenix and Cyclops were the lynchpins of the X-Men. My
taking them out had destabilised the team, meaning that the remaining
members would be a lot easier to pick off.

However, Jean was more important to me, or more specifically, my plans. I
would need a deeply conditioned telepath of enormous stature to help me
carry out the rest of my design and while the Phoenix was the only candidate
for the job, a simple sexual addiction along the lines of Emmas would not be
sufficient. The White Queen had already been corrupt before I got anywhere
near her, but Jean Grey was the very paragon of virtue. Sure, I would have
somefun with her, but a means for her long-term subjugation required some

I read with much interest the files on the Dark Phoenix episode. Jean no
longer had (or more correctly, never really did) access to those kinds of
power levels, but I was sure I could use this information in the coming
days. I was particularly intrigued at how Mastermind had molded the Phoenix
to his will by appealing to her basest desires, then breaking down her
principles. I was sure a similar approach would pay off here.

I finished my contemplation and cleared my mind of all activity, summoning
forth my sister in my minds eye. My Cerebro link and captive White Queen had
quickly established Jeans position, and Stephanie was now en route to
"rescue" the X-Man from a carefully staged Wild Pack strike.

I saw the scene with Stephanies eyes: the uniformed mercenaries chasing a
limping, haggard-looking Phoenix through a scummy alley in Hells Kitchen,
her green-gold suit ripped to shreds in places, her glorious mane of red
hair matted and dirty, her eyes hollow and fearful.

My sister dropped her Ferrari into gear, hit the gas and sped down the alley
from the opposite direction, urging Jean to get in, before flooring it and
driving straight into the Wild Pack pursuers. The escape looked convincing
to me, but as Stephanie turned to face Jean, it was clear that any ruse
would have worked on the X-Man. She was utterly exhausted, on the edge of
collapse. Stephanie smiled to herself, knowing that Phoenix stood no chance
of resisting her.

Jean Grey was in the building within the hour, in a specially prepared
apartment downstairs. The drug from the dart was beginning to wear off, but
it was childs play for Stephanie to power down our latest captive. I gave
her twenty minutes before my sister finally seduced her.

I distanced myself temporarily from Stephanie and summoned my White Queen. I
had to unearth Jeans darkest lusts and Emma had already insinuated herself
into our guests unwary mutant mind. She sat on my lap and I caressed her
hair as she became one with our captive. She would act as interpreter while
I linked with Stephanie and began the sexual experimentation.

"Wowthis is some place youve got here, Stephanie," Jean marveled, gazing
upwards at the high ceilings and fine furnishings of the apartment.

Stephanie smiled. "Everything here belongs to my brother. Id love for you to
meet him later" she eyed Phoenixs torn costume. "Ill go run you a bath and
find you some clothes--you look about the same size as me."

"Whats the matter?" Jean asked--she had noticed that Stephanie was staring
at her, but without her mental powers she did not realize that my sister was
just struck by her incredible beauty, despite her dirty appearance.

"IIm sorry, Jean," Stephanie stuttered. "Ive just never seen a super heroine

Phoenix smiled at the apparently innocent girls naivet, and as Stephanie
turned to walk away, she appreciated my sisters body.

*Oooh* Emmas thoughts lanced into my mind, *The mistresss pheromones are
starting to kick inI can feel Jeans attractionYessssI bet shes going to go
for it.*

Already? I realized that my sisters power would be more potent on Phoenix in
her vulnerable state, but this quickly? I speculated that Jeans fiery side
was not so heavily reigned in after the ordeal of the last few days. Indeed,
it had been that part of her personality that had kept her one step ahead of
my bounty hunters.

The bath had been run--a nice hot, foam bath--and Stephanie left her to jump
in while she dug out a couple of dresses for our guest to try on. Retrieving
the clothes, she started purposefully for the bathroom.

*YessssJeans feeling really hornyshe doesnt understand whyshes touching her
breasts nowher cunt is beginning to itch.*

I smiled to myself. Stephanie had jacked me off into the bottle of foam bath
this morning and the sensitizing effect of my sperm was already going to
work on our lovely guest.

My sister walked into the bathroom and held both dresses up: "Smart?" she
indicated, holding up one of her power suits, "or sexy?" she smiled,
hoisting up a black, low cut number. Looking at Jean, she noticed the hands
kneading on her breastsa look of lust in her eyes that only deepened as the
pheromones of my sister deadened her inhibitions still further.

Stephanie smiled and dropped both dresses, kneeling down beside the bath,
looking Phoenix straight in the eyes. "Sexy then, I take it."

*Her cunts burning nowshe needs it so bad*

Stephanie dipped her hand into the water and ran her fingers tantalizingly
up Jeans inner thighs until she reached the sweet junction of her legs, her
hips bucking in need.

Jean moaned softly. "Youve done this havent you? Youve made me feel this

Stephanie chuckled quietly to herself and murmured, "Im just giving you what
you really want" as she slid two fingers, then a third into Jeans yielding

I felt Emma arch on my lap as she telepathically enjoyed Jeans climax. My
cocks rigidity sent it burrowing into the small of her back. I pulled her
closer and lifted her mini-skirt, then began strumming on her clit
rhythmically as I pushed my cock into the cleavage of her buttocks, my
remaining hand snaking up to molest her breasts through her bra.

As Jean came down from her climax, she rose slightly from the bath, leaning
forward to engage my sister in a deep, searching kiss, her soaking hands
seeking out Stephanies E-cup breasts.

*Jeans surrendered to her lustshe seeks to dominateshe wants to control.*

I started thrusting into Emmas ass cleavage. "More! Go deeper. What does she
wantwhat is she afraid of giving into? Tell me!"

Jean broke the kiss and stared deeply into my sisters eyes. "III want to see
you naked, Stephanie."

*Uncertaintyher principles are coming backshes thinking about Scotther
marriage vows"

Stephanie revealed a tantalizing amount of cleavage to her new lover, then
pulled her blouse off completely, exposing her perfect breasts to the

*Oh fuck, shes so beautiful!*

Jean hesitantly moved forward, licking her new lovers breasts, then began
lavishing attention on her nipples, worrying and sucking themsucking them
hard. Stephanie moaned as she felt her breasts dribble milk into Jeans
mouth, and pulled her head closer.

*Oh godshes lactatingher milk*

My sisters milk would drive her crazyit was supplemented by a concentration
of lust-inducing chemicals that would help us to break her will for good.
She couldnt get enough of it.

*II can feel the darknessthe evil insidenonoNO!*

In a surprising display of strength, Jean pulled the object of her lust into
the water with her. I could sense an element of fear in Stephanie as she was
pushed violently to the edge of the bath. Through my sisters eyes, I could
see a new, vindictive look in the Phoenixs eyes. Id never seen such a
response from any prey before. It aroused me deeply and I subconsciously
sought out the ring of Emmas sphincter, now moistened with my cum. My White
Queen sensed my desire and quickly engulfed my hard pole in her tight
rectum. Simultaneously, I pushed her down and thrust hard. She hissed in

"Whats the matter, lover?" Jean purred as she closed in, rubbing her breasts
against Stephanies, a new element of menace in her voice. "Afraid of the

Stephanie felt Jean splice her legs with her own, rubbing her pussy with her
thigh as Phoenix ground her own on Stephanies trapped leg. My cock grew
impossibly hard as, through Stephanie, I sensed Jeans emergent malevolence.

"Come on, Jeanfuck me. Make me cum."

Jean upped the leg rubbing, making Stephanie groan as she did. I could sense
the nearness of her orgasm and so could Phoenixbut how?

"Brave words, sweetheartbut I can sense what you are and what you can do"
Jeans fingers slipped down to Stephanies cunt and massaged her clit, as her
thigh continued its silky smooth caress over the open petals of her labia.

*Her powers are somehow returningbut only on a base, instinctual level*

I sensed Stephanies powerlessness as Jean took over, bringing her ever
closer to orgasm. Phoenix lifted my sisters hands and hotly tongued each
armpit. "Your musk makes me so much stronger, lover."

*Yesstrongermuch strongerin controlfuck her!*

Jean surprised my sister by quickly lifting her out of the bath and perching
her on the ledge, opening her thighs and delicately licking up towards
Stephanies sopping cunt. With each touch, Stephanie shivered, a new feeling
of sexual impotence scaring her. As Jeans dominance increased, my arousal
heightened. I continued a frenzied pumping into my slave, aware that I was
dribbling my own juices profusely. The sensitizing effect would be driving
Emma mad.

My sister screamed when Jean finally reached her clit, sucking and biting
down on it hard. She should have come then and there, but curiously didnt.
Jean busied herself on digging deep into Stephanies pussy with her tongue,
using her fingers to hold the labia apart as she sucked on my sisters cunt
and pushed her tongue deeply inside, ladling out the flowing juices.

"Needmustgotta cum!" Stephanie whimpered, but Jean only continued the
relentless plundering of her womanhood. My sister was begging for orgasm
like all the whores Id fucked in the past. Somehow, Jean was feeding on her.
Her lust was growing exponentially.

*Cantarghh!* Emma broke off our telepathic link and grunted loudly as she
came, drenching me in her female ejaculate, the first time shed ever cum
that hard. She passed out with my cock still in her ass, the power of Jeans
mind too much for her. I held her in place and continued fucking her.

Finally, Jean disengaged, looking almost with amusement at my sister, who
could sense the tangible sexual power of Phoenix fresh from her feast. She
swam back to the other end of the large bath on her back, always maintaining
eye contact. "Come here."

I felt the power of Jeans summons, the submission of my powerful sister to
her superior when she instantly complied. "Youve made me do things Ive been
scared to do all my lifeyouve forced my powers and my sex to become one,
sweetieIve been terrified of this for so longbut now, dont you see? It makes
me the most powerful woman on Earth. Herelet me show you."

Jean pulled my sister close and spread her legs. She moved closer, tit to
tit, pussy to pussy. She hungrily devoured my sisters lips and thrust her
hips against her lovers. Locked into Jeans kiss, Stephanie struggled as she
felt penetration. In her ass and pussy she simultaneously felt the same deep
questing tongue as in her mouth, and the feeling was beyond description. An
unearthly glow surrounded Jean and slowly the Phoenix firebird construct
gathered around her. The penetration continued and Jean moved into
Stephanies mind, touching it with an ecstasy that my sister had never felt
before, not even from my own abuse of her body.

Emma tumbled to the floor as I lost grip of her, but she was no longer
required anyway. Despite only feeling a fraction of what Stephanie did, I
fountained into the air with the most piercing climax I could muster.
Stephanie and I screamed as one when the orgasm hit us, and I felt the
deepest, basest lusts coursing through my mind. Through the haze, I could
see Jeans glowing crotch thrust deeply into my sister and she was cumming
too, the fiery bird around her subsiding as her orgasm lessened into

I pulled out of Stephanies mind as she passed out and quickly looked up at
the monitor which showed the post-orgasmic tableau. What started as a grin
on Phoenixs face turned to sudden sadness and she started to cry as the
sanity returned to her mind. Despite the climax I yearned to cover her in
cum, tit-fuck her and rape her every orifice as she begged for it.

Needing an immediate sexual release again, I ripped off Emmas bra and buried
my weeping cock in her cleavage. As she started to moan and awaken, I
drenched her tits and face. I could feel Jeans malevolence somehow
transferring into me and I pinned Emma down as she struggled to get free. I
roughly squeezed her tits and rubbed in the cum, knowing the effect it would
have. Within minutes, I was smiling with glee as the White Queen screamed in
pain at the white hot feelings that speared through her breasts, my
super-sensitizing jism ripping her nerves apart.

Then, suddenly, from the doorway I heard sobs.

"You! What have you done to me?"

Jean Grey collapsed onto the floor, shaking with tears and remorse. After
the exquisite torture of the White Queen, I was on the point of release for
the third time in half an hour. I walked over to Phoenix, lifting her head
level to my erect, cum-coated cock.

I saw the sadness in her eyes replaced with a glint of power lust as she
sucked my cum-spewing prick into her mouth. Id started to orgasm even before
those gorgeous, pouting lips fully enveloped my dick, and I thrust savagely
into her clenching, teasing orifice, exposing her to my cream.



In the clarity that came after my release, I knew that something had gone
wrong. Why had my sister succumbed to the Phoenix? Where did these powers
come from, when I had personally felt Stephanie dull that part of her mind?
I pulled Jean away from Emmas tits, where she had resumed feasting on my cum
after my own supply ran out. I demanded answers and I got them.

Jean laughed at my clumsy questioning. "Oh dear," she smiled. "Youre not
even sure what youre capable of, are you?"

Up to this point, I hadnt had any worries about my capabilities, but with
Jean it was so different. I didnt know what to think. How could I take the
plan any further if I was not even sure of my own powers?

"I felt your hunger, your desire, as soon as I was in the water. I felt your
cum attacking me, arousing me, tempting me into the darker recesses of my
mind. It was you that opened those up for me. It was your personal lust for
me to be like this that turned me."

"I know my sperm has certainaddictive and sensitizing propertiesbut its
never gone this far before. Its never done so much."

She smiled that malevolent smile and chuckled to herself.

"Thats because youve never desired someone as much as you lust for me," she
stated matter-of-factly. "You wanted me to dominate Stephanie, you wanted me
to gain power from her, you wanted me to fuck the superiority out of her."

I struggled to grasp the concept. Jean nodded as I looked her in the eye,
the realization suddenly dawning.

"Uh-huh, thats right, lover, your cum has the effect you want it to have,"
Jean smiled. "The scope of your desire has never had such a deep foundation
as it has with me. Hence the different result."

Satisfied with her explanation, Jean moved back down to Emmas face, and
started to lick her cheeks, scooping up my cream with her tongue. Having
experienced Jeans power close-up, Emma lay transfixed, shaking at the power
of her old enemy.

I found the sight deeply exciting. "Havent you had enough yet?"

"The old Jean Grey is fighting back. The elation I get from your cum drives
her backagain, its another manifestation of your lust. You desire to bend me
to your will, to break me."

"This has never happened before"

Phoenix looked at me and smiled. "Are you absolutely sure about that?

I nodded emphatically, to which Phoenix shook her head sadly. She got up and
walked to me, my eyes looked to her swaying breasts, nipples erect. She
grasped my temples and stared straight into my mind.

"Lets go back, lover, back."

My mind blurred, my vision blackened, and suddenly

I am elsewhere. Its Christmas, two years ago. Im 14 years old. Im sitting in
my bedroom, masturbating furiously, my eyes shut. Im also standing at the
door, in front of Jean, and were both watching my younger self. Phoenix has
taken us to the Astral Plane, molding it around my memories.

Phoenix has one hand snaked around on my chest, the other cupping my groin.
"Whats going on here, lover?"

Im looking at myself, so desperate to come. "Ive just seen Stephanie step
naked from the shower. I saw her titties, her beautiful pussy. I cant
control myselfIve got to cum so badly."

The younger me is moaning in frustration, my face is reddening. Im starting
to cry.

Jean intensifies the massage on my groin, moving her spare hand down to
surround my erect organ and start a purposeful jacking off movement. "Why
are you crying?"

"I cant cum. I dont know whyIve never felt so horny. It just wont shoot. I
need it so badly"

I hear a gasp from beside methe 14-year-old Stephanie has just walked in,
towel wrapped tightly around her teenaged curves.

"Miles!" she exclaims, eyes locked on my violent cock strumming.

Jean continued masturbating me as I watch myself look up in shock, before I
see an unfathomable evil cross my face. I get up, my saliva-lubricated cock
jutting into the air. I lose myself in the feeling of Jeans hands as I watch
myself rip off the towel protecting Stephanies modesty, pin her to the floor
and clumsily force myself inside my virgin sister, as she struggles beneath
me. The rape is quick and more brutal than I remember it. She doesnt scream,
she just whimpers as I slam myself into her, busying myself on her tits as I
feel myself build up to climax. I see all resistance leave my sister as the
cum fills her and then it becomes all so clear.

"Your sister isnt a mutant, lover," Jean murmurs in my ear, slowing her
jerking motion. "You gave her your powers and refined what you wanted from
her with each subsequent fuckwhen I took her it was what you wantedyou gave
your own slut sister to me, sweetheart"

And with that, the vision vanished and we were back in the monitor room,
everything now so clear. My cock throbbed with an unholy lust and Jean
recognized it immediately.

"Get your whore to blow you," she spat with contempt, pointing at Emmas
huddled form. "Because when we fuck, youre going to need to know exactly
what you want from me. Do me casually and Ill just be another toy to join
your legion, like Ms Frost here."

I looked at the fearful White Queen with sexual intent and she crawled
towards me on her hands and knees, before beginning her oral magic.

Jean pointed down at the enslaved bitch. "When shes done, lock me away and
allow the real Jean Grey to retake this body. Starve yourself of all
physical release. Think only of me and what you want of me. Masturbate for
me but deny yourself orgasm. When you are even hornier than you were when
you took your sister, come to me."

Emmas head was exquisite, as always. Her tongue danced around the beet red
tip of my cock, the sloppy sucking sounds turned me on ever more, the
perfect application of oral suction taking me right to the edge. But I didnt
cum. The White Queens cock-teasing was second to none but my eyes were
locked on Jeans as I reached the brink.

Phoenix broke from my gaze and clasped her head, seemingly in pain.

"Sheshes fighting againso strongI cant" she concentrated then looked at me
with her last moment of evil clarity. "You need to destroy her mind before
taking her body. Take all meaning from her life then allow her to accept
meto make me eternal! I can be the most powerful woman on Earthyour
consortyour lover!"

Emma used her hands to aid in adding exquisite sensations to her oral
powers, but it was no good. As Phoenixs internal conflicts overtook her and
collapsed her mind, I humped hard into the White Queens mouth, desperately
seeking that one final release before preparing myself for the ultimate fuck
seduction. But for the first time in two years I could not cum, regardless
of the strength of my lust, the urge to bathe her face with my cream.

It had begun.



Two days had passed since Jean Grey had touched my mind and revealed the
incredible truth to me. In that time I had remained in my private sanctum,
meditating, planning, fantasizingmasturbating. From my psychic rapport with
Stephanie, I had a dim awareness that she had left the Towers, probably
eager to seek out fresh meat to enjoy, to re-impose her sexual superiority
over men and women. I suspected that this time women would be singled out
for her pleasure, but it mattered little to me.

For two days I had felt near uncontrollable lust for Jean, an urge to be
inside of her, cumming continuously, molding her, shaping her. Making her my
perfect consort. I knew that inside of her was a being of immense sexual
potential; despite only being with her for less than an hour, she had
already taught me so much. And I had no doubts as to why Jean kept this
aspect of her personality deep within herself. It was evil, sheer evil, that
expressed itself through her unleashed sexuality.

Truly she was my match, my complement. Together we would be unstoppable.

I spent many hours contemplating how to best manipulate her evil, how to
enhance her powers so as to augment my own. But I knew that simply fucking
her cunt would not bring about the transformation I wanted. The darker Jean
was right; to truly make her mine I would have to effectively murder that
part of her mind which currently enjoyed control.

I learned to harness the lust-madness that consumed my mind. I used it to
come up with 10,000 different ways to humiliate and dehumanize Jean Grey. I
smiled and laughed as the insanity grew, as the plans for her debasement
became ever more elaborate. Finally I knew how to shatter her.

I summoned the White Queen, who arrived looking hornier than Id ever seen
her. She needed cum badly but I was not the man to give it to her.

"Have the Phoenix prepared," I ordered and slowly she turned away, shoulders
slumped as the realization that she wouldnt get my sex hit her.

"Wait!" I barked. Instantly she turned around. "How have you felt without
me, my Emma?"

"I amincomplete. Were it not for your order to telepathically take Psylocke,
I think I would have died."

She wasnt joking. The White Queen had grown accustomed to taking load after
load of my orgasm. I would have to address this problem--the more of these
bitches I enjoyed, the more I would have to service. Each had their own
charms, but even I wouldnt be able to keep them all happy.

"How have you entertained Ms Braddock?" I inquired, eager to know what
horrors Emma had inflicted on her.

She sat down before me, looking more than succulent in her white negligee.

"I gave her our first sexual encounter. I had her drugged, tit-fucked and
face-fucked until your cum ran out her nose. I made her submit the way you
made me submit." She then moaned as the reminiscences flooded her mind. "She
will be your whore now with no questions asked. She will give herself to
you. She will beg for you."

"You enjoyed it," I stated. "You desire her."

"Yessss" She murmured, stroking herself. "But I need you. I need your cum.

She was shaking now, the need deeper than ever. I had not seen naked greed
for sex like this since the day Stephanie came to me, begging me to repeat
the rape of her ripe young cunt.

I ignored her. "Have you prepared Phoenix?"

She nodded, then turned to me and continued her begging. She made herself
look fucking alluring--the swell of her tits through her tight lingerie, the
clear exposure of her weeping pussy, the circling of her tongue around her
pouting lips. I had never seen a woman more desperate for my cum. But she
would have to wait.

I felt the surge just then, the need for sexual completion with my chosen
consort. I rode the wave of it, my mind never clearer. I strode purposefully
towards the chamber that contained my Phoenix, the White Queen following
behind me. She would be a required element of my mental and physical rape of
Jean Grey and she shadowed me eagerly, desperate for some kind of sexual
release, anything to dull the edge of her lust for my semen.

Emma had prepared her well. Jean lay spread-eagled on the bed, clad only in
black, lacy lingerie, which accentuated her curves, presented her breasts
and provided sweet teasing by barely covering the pussy I would be driving
myself into in due course. The cock throb I felt became even more
pronounced, another feeling I had not experienced since the day two years
ago when I had first discovered my terrible capabilities.

"Hello, Jean."

"Youyoulet me out of here!" her voice was desperate, demanding, tinged with
the terror that she knew was coming. If she were a fully aware Jean Grey, I
am sure she wouldve be able to resist the coming torture, but in her current
state she was morepliable.

"All your life, youve struggled to hold back your darker aspect. You fear me
because Ive exposed it. You know how powerful it is, what it will do to you.
It expresses itself through your sex."

"You dont know anything!"

"Thats why poor Cyclops never got the best out of his beautiful wife. You
were scared of letting your perversions run riot. Tonight we shall explore
them together. I shall let your dark side take over."

"You dont know what youre doingdont do it!"

"If it wasnt for you, Jean, I wouldnt be able to. But you taught me that I
have the power to do absolutely anything I want to any woman I please," I
felt my cock pulse and the delicious sensation of pre-cum oozing from my

I uncovered each of her delectable mounds as she whimpered in fear below me.
I scooped up tiny droplets of my juice and allowed it to drop onto each of
her beautiful tits, catching her square on her nipples. With each contact
she gasped, her hips bucking.

"Feel it, Jean. Feel the lust for me. Know that the sensations increase as
you resist me."

"No! Arghhh!"

I heard her genuine pain and grew more aroused. Glancing down at my cock, I
noted with admiration that it was more swollen then ever before, the head a
deep purple, clear viscous fluid running down the side.

"Only your love for the X-Men and your husband stops you from giving
yourself to me, Jean. But, ironically, its whats going to make you my

"Never!" she hissed. "Its what will defeat you!"

Defiant little bitch. "Come now, Jean. Lets face facts: youre here,
powerless. The White Queen is my slave. Poor Psylocke has been mentally
raped night after nightand now she begs for physical fulfillment. You
telepaths are the only ones who could prevent me from breaking you allbut
youre all mine!"


I leaned close to her, allowing her to sense my musk, the smell she would be
bonding to once her mind was broken.

"Fucking Rogue will be simplicity, you know that. So who does that leave?
Jubilee? She isnt too young for me, you know. I love fucking virgin pussy!"

"Youfucking pervert!"

"Come on, Jean, admit it, its only your hang-ups that stop you from having
Storm yourself! Shed never turn you down, you know it. And Psylocke would
fuck anything that movedwouldnt she love to dominate you, make you cum as
she ground her cunt into your faceanything to make up for the fact that
Scott chose you and not her."

Jean was shaking her head, trying to block out the images in my mind, which
Emma covertly transferred into her. The imagery, combined with the maddening
sexual itch on her nipples, was starting to unhinge her mind. I took more of
the leaking precum from my cock, and left a trail under her nose. The
physical expression of my unfulfilled lust burned into her mind and she
screamed. But she still hung on.

"How does it feel to have all the X-Men lusting after you, Jean? Storm wants
it, Rogue would if she could, and little Jubilee would love to explore the
body she desires to grow up into."

"Youyou dontdont know anything about us!" She was losing coherence now, and
her body was a blur of bucking and convulsions next to me. "Were not like

I was a man possessed, a man whose cock yearned for cunt in the most primal
way. It took every effort of willpower to stop myself from ripping off her
panties and burying myself in her. More precum leaked down my cock and I
collected a small part of it, pulling her underwear down a tad and dripping
it into her tangle of red pubic hair. The sensation caused her to
continually shout the word "NO", as it traveled down and coated the exposed
clitoris. I owned her body now.

"Your team-mates just want to fuck you, Jean, you know it and so do I
Wolverine would get inside you in a second if youd let him. Im sure youve
felt Gambits desire for you. Why dont you let them both have you, my
Phoenix, one in the mouth and one in the cunt."


"Even Xavier wants to coat the inside your pussy with his cum, Jean. Tell me
it isnt true!"


"Youre so strait-laced, my Phoenix, but Im going to be the first man ever to
take you to the heights of sexual releaseyouve never let yourself cum when
Cyclops fucked you, have you? Why didnt you let him go down on you? Why did
you never take his cock into your mouth? Why did he have to go elsewhere to
seek sexual fulfillment?"

This was the key. I moved my hand into her panties, slipping two fingers
easily into her cunt. I rubbed frantically, circling her prominent clit with
my thumb.


Emma moved forward and intensified the link between the three of us, and I
poured Stephanies seduction experience into my Phoenixs mind. The flash of
cleavagethe intoxicating smellthe fuck me lookthe opening doorthe brutal
intrusionthe flush of climaxthe oral sexthepain!

"YOU KILLED HIM!" she screamed between sobs of sorrow, the resistance
crumbling, the rise of her climax biting into her mind, despite the
realization that Cyclops was now dead.

Her mind numbed before me and I could feel Jean Grey dying beneath me as her
body grew taut from my masturbation. All at once, I heard a cry of sexual
ecstasy escape her lips and my hand was flooded as she came hard, the first
time ever that a man had done this to her. I ripped off the bra and panties
and Emma untied her.

Never before had I felt a sense of impendingcompletion. The Phoenix was dead
and with my sex, she would arise from the ashes in a new image, taking her
place as my true consort. The torture was finally reaching an end as my
neglected cock snaked up between her thighs, drooling liquid lust on her
skin as it sought its most cherished destination. As I pushed inside her, I
felt the oozing precum become thicker and creamier and realized that my
cocks capability for climax had returned. The Phoenix was my canvas, and
through orgasm I would create a work of arta work of sexual evil.



Cum traveled leisurely through the root of my cock and lazily pooled in
Phoenixs inner lips, a testament to the delicious friction as I pulled out
of her cunt, my tool coated in the thickest, most luxuriant juices Ive ever
coaxed out of a woman. She sighed beneath me, her legs still wrapped around
me, her body unable to fully release me from the sexual embrace.

I lay on top of her, my chest mashed against her voluminous tits, her
nipples still thrilling me as her smooth movements rubbed them through my
sparse hair. My eyes were locked on hers, I couldnt escape their searching
intelligence, coupled with the lidded look of post-orgasmic contentment.

She smiled at me, knowing that we were now one, realizing that her life
would never be the same again, understanding that she had been given power
beyond the comprehension of the old Jean Grey. My Dark Phoenix had changed
beneath my thrusts, both physically and mentally.

I remembered the delicious sensations of her already tight cunt taking shape
around my cock as I fucked deeper into her, knowing that my lust for her was
physically changing her to further enhance our sexual compatibility. When I
came hard within the tight confines of her exceptional cleavage, I felt her
breasts rise and tighten, expanding slightly to further conform to my vision
of sexual perfection. Her nipples grew larger and I felt a lance of
concentrated lust course through my body again as tiny droplets of milk
gathered on each magnificent crown.

When she took my cum and rubbed it into her face, I could visibly see the
tiny ravages of time erased from her features, and as I smeared my drooling
cock on her lips, I detected a slightly more pronounced pout take shape
before my eyes. Then she engulfed me, tasting and teasing me.

No matter how much jism erupted from my dick, there was always more to come,
but what orgasms I had felt were as nothing to the final, true, climax we
shared. Our bodies locked together, our thrusting perfectly coordinated, her
perfect snatch milking me from within. When I felt the orgasm begin, I gave
her everything I had--I felt my powers replicate in her mind and body as she
hit her own sexual heights, her back arched beneath me, her head thrown
back, her tits thrust into my face. I bit down hard on her nipples as her
cunt flushed its juices over my prick and her breasts surrendered their
precious load to my sucking mouth.

I turned over and lay on my back, pulling her with me, that magnificent mane
of red hair on my chest, those incredible tits flush with my cock, one of
her nipples teasing the underside of my scrotum.

"You actually did it," she breathed huskily. "You drove out Jean Grey from
her own mind."

"I couldnt have done it without the information you gave me, lover," I
replied, caressing her scalp and toying with her hair.

She laughed quietly, but it was a new, sinister-sounding chuckle that turned
me on immensely.

"Were going to do it together," she whispered. "Well make them all our
slavesthe X-Men, the Avengerswell take them all of them. I can feel your
powers within meyou realized that only by sharing everything with me would I
become the consort you so desire."

"How do you feel?" I inquired, curious as to how pronounced her mental
transformation had become.

She looked up into my eyes, "InsatiableunstoppableI feel dirtyevil"

My cock jerked beneath her and I instantly felt one of her soft hands begin
a wonderful masturbation technique that made me gasp in surprise. Hands had
never felt so good as they did when the second joined forces with the first,
so soft yet so purposeful. I shut my eyes and let the sensations flow
through me.

"I dont think you truly know the full extent of the changes youve put me
through," she purred, moving down, each breast teasing one of my thighs.
"Let me show you, boyfriend."

Looking down I saw her elbows on either side of my hips, her forearms a
pyramid around my cock. I heavily spurted straight into her mouth as I saw
her head descend upon my pole, taking me deeply and near completely in a
single motion. The feeling was indescribably good, I felt her circle and bob
her warm wetness around my cock, the icing on the cake coming from an
incredible humming that issued from her throat. Her throat, god! She took me
even deeper, right down into her clenching windpipe, perfectly regulating
the gag reflex to bring me immeasurable pleasure.

But there was something else too. Her breasts leaked milk profusely over my
thighs, the warm fluids sensitizing the area to a new degree, and I noticed
her hips desperately seeking friction. Regardless of the frustration she
felt from not finding it, I knew her climax was approaching. How? The answer
hit me as my cock passed the point of no return-- huge globs of cum blasted
into her mouth and I roared my pleasure at the stunning sensations passing
through my cock and balls as they were expertly drained. Then I saw the grip
of orgasm take my Dark Phoenix, and as she feasted on the dregs of my
orgasm, she opened her mouth slightly to the most incredible sight Id ever
seen. Copious jets of what looked like thick saliva spurted from the sides
of those perfect lips, mixing with my own sperm, pooling over my cock.

I realized that I had given my consort the ability to orgasm orally, with a
tangible release, and despite the disturbing effect, I found it a huge turn
on. She pulled herself up, sensitizing my chest with her perfect globes as
she rubbed them against me on her way up, then she wrapped her arms around
my neck and kissed me deeply, allowing me to taste her new ejaculate. As I
savored and drank in the taste, her words echoed through my mind.

I dont think you truly know the full extent of the changes youve put me

End of Book One
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