[FFML] [Haruhi/?] The Job You Love

DB Sommer sommert at connecttime.net
Thu Sep 25 17:55:44 PDT 2008

David Andersson wrote:
>> ranted.
> Ditto. I told him quite long ago that he really should try to get his writing published professionally, as I definitely prefer some of it to most of what's available.

% I might give it a try when i get the time, though I've been so busy of 
late, I really haven't been able to do that much. (next up is buying a 
car in the next month, before the inspection gives out on my 
rustbucket.) Oh yes, and my computer is giving me fits so I have to 
borrow this laptop. Now, if i can win the 200 million powerball on 
Saturday, that will free up a lot of time. :)
>> Note: I'm familiar only with the anime.
> I'm only first-hand familiar with Doctor Who, but have heard of Haruhi's premise, and like the innovation of the idea. It would be quite entertaining to see some more of the adventures of this combination. Then again, didn't I read somewhere that Haruhi was simply an instrument of will/scapegoat 'avatar' for one of her classmates, rather than a full goddwess herself? Skipping out on that entire continuum might have some interesting consequences?

% Since things seem to be only implied with Haruhi, you can take it in 
lots of different directions. The basic concept for this was being a 
Doctor companion might be the closest thing to heaven for Haruhi. Also 
it seems from comments by his fellow Gallifeyens (sp?) that the Doctor 
was something of a wanderlusting adventuerer who disliked all the 
mundane things of his society. He and Haruhi may be more kindred spirits 
than anything else.

In any case, thanks for the comments.

DB Sommer

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