[FFML] Question about how to keep the text as is after submitted

Sexy Neko Hibiki nekohibiki at comcast.net
Tue Sep 16 14:23:21 PDT 2008

You need to use ASCII. Everyone can read ASCII .txt files easily. I would 
recommend using this http://liquidninja.com/metapad/, use wordwrap, and set 
the tab size to 4 or 3, and you will have readable fic to post to the list, 
so enjoy now.^_^

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Subject: [FFML] Question about how to keep the text as is after submitted

Rather than continuing to attempt submitting, and apparently failing, to 
resend the same chapters over and over, I thought that I, rather than 
unwillingly spamming the list further, should ask what could be going wrong 
with the conversions?

The Sanjiyan archive has either translated the posts mostly as intended 
(NaRT4 II: Ch. 3-5; 10-12; the concluding Omake), as a garbled mess (NaRT4 
I: 1-3; II: 1-2) or not accepted the submission at all (NaRT4 II: 6-9), all 
of which showed up fine in the "Sent" folder, and were directly pasted into 
the main body of the messages from the Unicode .txt format, which I thought 
should be the most compatible way of handling it.

Although, I initially assumed that there had been a temporary glitch or that 
I had accidentally pasted from a less useful format, I was met with nearly 
the exact same result on the second try, so I wonder if anyone has an idea 
of how I can handle this, or did the posts show up fine in the list itself, 
making the archive of more negligible interest?

Some advise would be very appreciated

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