[FFML] [Fic][SM] Sailor Who?

Angus MacSpon macspon at ihug.co.nz
Sun Sep 14 23:44:14 PDT 2008

On 15/09/2008, at 17:19, Helmut Ott wrote:

> Nice little ficlet. Glad to see, that you haven't lost neither  
> ambition
> nor quality  ...


> Angus MacSpon schrieb:
>> Setsuna shook her head, ignoring the by-play, and went on, "Look, it
>> doesn't matter that the astronomers call Pluto.  It doesn't matter  
>> how
>> big it is.  What matters is whether it has a soul."
> % Better: It doesn't matter what the astronomers call Pluto.

Oops, typo.  Thanks; that was what I meant.  Will fix.


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