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Hello Dot-Chan,

I'm a big fan of the first Silent Hill, liking it more than I did Resident Evil 2 (a game I liked alot), the supernatural themes of Silent Hill resonating with me far more so than RE's psudeo-scientifc nature. Unfortunately, I've never played the later Silent Hills, but I've managed to catch up with their plots through Wiki, so I now can follow along with what's going on in your story. 

I was surprised by the nature of your story, when I opened your e-mail. I was expecting a horror story, one set during the events of the two games. Instead you chose to deal with Henry meeting with Heather, forming a professional relationship with her, then moving forward in time to deal with the emotional aftermath of what Henry experienced during SH 4. I enjoyed the interaction between Henry and Heather, both pre- and post-SH 4. I particularly liked this exchange, with the implication of Heather knowing far too well the malevolent reality of Henry's explanation:

>>"You've got great technique," she murmured, closing the album and rising to her 
>>feet when she heard him approach.

>>"I'm not all that good," he equivocated, "some places just have 
>>this--personality.  Like they're alive or something."

>>"Or something," she agreed.

The ending is an upbeat one, suggesting Henry will eventually heal with the help of Heather. Some say that upbeat ending are anathema to a horror story, but I'm not one of them - it all depends on the nature and thrust of the story you're telling - and besides, this isn't a horror story in and of itself, though it is spun off of one. Also, I think Henry earned the chance at a happy ending, or at least at healing. His survival cost him, in both blood and friendship. Some people are forever crushed by their experiences, but others, though changed, do recover, to a lesser or greater degree. There are no absolutes. 

Thank you for taking the time to post this. 

For whatever it is worth,

Jeremy Harper 

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