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> <<HTG: Her panic reaction could be a drawback (this is the point where you 
> transform and punt the letch through the wall, Usagi)... but it is danged 
> funny>>

Standard Anime Girl Reaction To Unannounced Male. ^_^

>> Usagi paled. "I was afraid it was something like
>> that."
> <<HTG: Here is hoping she tries to get both sides of the story....>>

Actually, she's more likely to let the matter drop entirely. She doesn't 
want to alienate Jupiter, and pressing her for details of EXACTLY what she 
did is a fast way to do precisely that.

>> Artemis nodded. "I don't profess to know the
>> details of her personal life,
> <<HTG: Blatant Lie #1, he knows a major detail that could be relevent... 
> firsthand even.>>

Like you even expect the truth out of Artemis anymore? :P

>> "Not yet. And no, I won't tell you who she is out
>> of uniform, either. I have
>> reasons, and as I understand her situation more completely
>> than you do, I
>> ask you to respect that."
> <<HTG: Considering that he is engineering a lot of her situation....>>

Or considering that he IS her situation, more to the point.

>> Just wanted to let you know.
>> PS - "Sailor V" is with him.
> <<HTG: Reasonable briefing, but when will Makoto be in on the loop?>>

Usagi has to explain the whole Artemis/Luna thing to Makoto before she can 
explain Artemis himself. But Ami was THERE for the little exposition 

>> Ikuko blinked. That did NOT sound like her daughter.
>> "Usagi-chan!" she
>> chided.
> <<HTG: She hasn't been hanging around Makoto _that_ long....>>

The point here is that Usagi has to REALLY, REALLY HATE THIS GUY to call him 
something that crude.

>> Usagi sniffled. "Yeah, maybe."
> <<HTG: Usually never, but it may take more effort to undo her illusions 
> than you have time for... at the moment.>>

Let's just say that Usagi's personal drama with Mamoru is an ongoing issue. 
For now.

>> Rei grimaced. "Please do not mention that in front of
>> Jijiue. He..." She
>> paused. "Actually, that is what I wanted to warn you
>> about." She stopped,
>> turning to face the blond. "Jijiue...he is not an
>> unkind person, but he has
>> a rather poor opinion of gaijin. He also absolutely
>> despises Christians."
> <<HTG: Let me guess, she is one.>>

No. Again, reference back to chapter 6. Or were you asking about Mina? 
Because Mina isn't anything in particular.

>> Mina shrugged. "It's easier to shovel shit when
>> you know which garden it
>> goes on," she said, draining her tea noisily.
>> Rei choked on her own tea, and let out a strained giggle.
>> "That is...a very
>> interesting metaphor, Mina-san."
> <<HTG: *snort*>>


>> Heat-treated impact-resistant ceramic athletic supporter.
> <<HTG: Smart.>>

After the Sailor V encounter, he learned. ^_^

>> Steel-threaded dress shirt. With a stylish ruffle.
>> Armor-plated silk cummerbund.
> <<HTG: Kinda overkill?  But then given what he is after and everything 
> connected to it perhaps not enough>>

Not nearly enough. But yes, overkill. He doesn't take any chances. Also, 
there's a reason for the armoured (agh, caught a typo, fixing it, there) 
cummerbund, that's not as immediately obvious unless you know a bit about 
feudal Japan...

>> consequences will be...dire." She fixed an intense
>> gaze on the blond. "So I
>> must ask you, Mina-san, to please take possession of this,
>> and to keep it
>> safe. If I may be so presumptuous."
> <<HTG: Called it.>>

Nope. Again, Rei is NOT a Christian. Repeat, fervently, absolutely, 
unequivocably, NOT a Christian. She is a Shinto priestess. The whole Bible 
thing is a purely otaku fixation. Some people are anime otaku, some people 
are military otaku, some people are idol singer otaku--Rei is a Bible otaku.

There's no deeper spiritual meaning to it than that.

But it WILL lead to some very...interesting developments.

>> Mamoru shook his head slightly. "No. It is just an odd
>> feeling." He then
>> remembered himself, and gave Usagi a stern glance. "Do
>> not concern yourself
>> with it."
> <<HTG: A prior life I suspect.  The generals approach.>>

Anyone who doesn't know what just happened there, fails Sailormoon. :P

>> "It's Sailor Moon!"
>> Serenity frowned. "It is NOT 'Sailor
>> Moon'!" she shouted indignantly. "I
>> don't know what idiot came up with that name,
>> but--"
> <<HTG: Just run with it kid, esp. as you do not have a better idea....>>

She's eventually going to give up trying to talk people out of calling her 
Sailor Moon, but she herself will NEVER use that name, nor will the other 
Senshi or Luna.

>> "Thank you, thank
>> you. Um...sorry about the mess...enjoy the rest of your
>> evening, and drive
>> home safely?" She leapt high into the air,
>> disappearing into the rafters
>> above the stage.
> <<HTG: Okay, someone is going to work on press releases....>>

She's still getting used to this whole superhero thing. Give her a break.

>> Blue-black eyes widened momentarily in surprise, before
>> narrowing in
>> contemplation.
>> "Fascinating..."
> <<HTG: More of a challenge than an irritating thief I suspect.>>

Well, yeah...in keeping with certain common plot threads in pretty much 
every telling of this story, Nephrite is ALWAYS the first one actually 
LOOKING for the damned crystal.

Thanks for the C&C!

The Eternal Lost Lurker

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