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As per usual...

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> "I see you weren't kidding about the screaming
> thing," the unexpected 
> visitor commented idly, his deep, cultured voice laced with
> dry mirth.
> "Of course I wasn't," a softer female voice
> replied.

<<HTG: Her panic reaction could be a drawback (this is the point where you transform and punt the letch through the wall, Usagi)... but it is danged funny>>

> Usagi's screaming trailed off as a number of facts
> penetrated her haze of 
> panic:
> 1. She was not being molested by the strange man who had
> just appeared in 
> her bedroom.
> 2. There was no sign of her parents coming to her rescue.
> 3. Luna was in the room as well.
> 4. Luna wasn't disembowelling the intruder.
> 5. Luna was *talking* in front of the intruder.

<<HTG: Logic _is_ useful, is it not?>>

> Usagi nodded, arms still folded. "Were you the one who
> messed with Jupiter's 
> powers?"
> "Yes." Artemis sighed. "Regrettable, but she
> was somewhat out of control. 
> Had I not stopped her, she would have killed a defenceless
> man."
> Usagi paled. "I was afraid it was something like
> that."

<<HTG: Here is hoping she tries to get both sides of the story....>>

> Artemis nodded. "I don't profess to know the
> details of her personal life, 

<<HTG: Blatant Lie #1, he knows a major detail that could be relevent... firsthand even.>>

> but Jupiter strikes me as someone who's been waiting
> for a chance to get 
> back at certain people. It's unfortunate, but not
> unexpected."

<<HTG: Underhanded Rephrasing Of Truth #1>>

> Usagi relaxed her posture slightly. "Then you probably
> did the right thing," 
> she admitted.
> The mage's eyes flashed. "I take it you're
> disturbed by my ability to 
> disable the Senshi?"
> "A bit," Usagi replied. "Honestly, I
> don't like it, and it makes it hard to 
> trust you."

<<HTG: The more you learn, the harder it will be.>>

> Artemis affected a sheepish look, eyes twinkling with
> laughter. "It was a 
> training exercise. We just screwed up and accidentally got
> videotaped. 
> Nobody's perfect, Your Highness."
> "And when can I expect to meet this 'Sailor
> V'?"
> "Not yet. And no, I won't tell you who she is out
> of uniform, either. I have 
> reasons, and as I understand her situation more completely
> than you do, I 
> ask you to respect that."

<<HTG: Considering that he is engineering a lot of her situation....>>

> =-------------=
> On Saturday morning, Ami found an e-mail waiting on her
> phone.
> RE: The owner of the cat
> Ami frowned. *Cat? What...*
> Met Luna's master last night.
> Don't entirely trust him.
> Just wanted to let you know.
> PS - "Sailor V" is with him.

<<HTG: Reasonable briefing, but when will Makoto be in on the loop?>>

> =-------------=
> Usagi sighed. "Gomen, Mama. That wasn't very fair
> of me. It's just..." She 
> played with her hair as she walked. "I always
> *thought* I wanted to get 
> married, and the whole omiai thing, I never had a problem
> with, but..." She 
> paused, then let out a heavy sigh. "Mama, this guy you
> and Papa want me to 
> marry is the biggest *asshole* I've ever met."
> Ikuko blinked. That did NOT sound like her daughter.
> "Usagi-chan!" she 
> chided.

<<HTG: She hasn't been hanging around Makoto _that_ long....>>

> "He IS!" the tea-haired girl ranted. "The
> day he came over to meet me, he 
> called me useless and empty-headed! Yesterday, he ambushed
> me at the train 
> station on my way home to tell me what time to be ready,
> and he wasn't 
> exactly nice about it. I've only met or spoken to him
> two times, and both 
> times he's treated me like I was dog poop he'd just
> stepped in." She turned 
> a fierce gaze on her mother, who stopped short. "How
> the hell am I supposed 
> to be happy about having to marry someone like that?"

<<HTG: Good question....>>

> Ikuko's mouth fell open. She was silent for a long
> time. "...Usagi-chan," 
> she breathed. "Why didn't you tell me this
> before?"
> "Because you and Papa are so bent on this thing,
> I..." She sighed. "I 
> couldn't. Besides, I've had other things on my
> mind, and I just can't deal 
> with it all at once."
> "Other things?" Ikuko asked, head tilted
> curiously.
> Usagi's mouth snapped shut. "Forget it," she
> said softly. "It's 
> just...friends I'm helping with problems. Not really
> something I can talk 
> about."

<<HTG: Massive Understatement #1>>

> "Sou," Ikuko replied, frowning. "Well, I
> *am* proud of you for being a good 
> friend to people, just...don't push yourself too hard,
> okay?" With a sigh, 
> she drew her daughter into a gentle hug. "As to
> Chiba-kun..." She sighed 
> again, more deeply. "I'm sorry he's not being
> more..." She trailed off. "I'm 
> sorry. But maybe...maybe it won't always be like
> this..."
> Usagi sniffled. "Yeah, maybe."

<<HTG: Usually never, but it may take more effort to undo her illusions than you have time for... at the moment.>>

> =-------------=
> Rei seemed unsure of how to continue, but at length, with a
> sigh, she said, 
> "My home...I live at a Shinto temple."
> "Really?"
> "Yes. My family has maintained this temple for
> generations, and I am 
> expected to be its next caretaker. When I am not in school,
> I train as a 
> miko. My grandfather is the current priest, and oversees my
> training."
> "Wow." Mina paused. "So, you're a Shinto
> priestess who likes to read the 
> Christian Bible."
> Rei grimaced. "Please do not mention that in front of
> Jijiue. He..." She 
> paused. "Actually, that is what I wanted to warn you
> about." She stopped, 
> turning to face the blond. "Jijiue...he is not an
> unkind person, but he has 
> a rather poor opinion of gaijin. He also absolutely
> despises Christians."

<<HTG: Let me guess, she is one.>>

> After three hours of pampering, the two Tsukino women
> emerged, looking much 
> changed. Ikuko looked her daughter over, and smiled.
> "Once we get you 
> dressed and made up...even Chiba-kun won't be able to
> resist you."
> Usagi blushed. "Mama..."

<<HTG: 9_9>>

> =-------------=
> *Hell no.* "I am...still adjusting to the
> change," Mina hedged. "It is a 
> difficult transition, made more so by--" She paused,
> then coughed. "Japan 
> and I have not...connected," she finished lamely.

<<HTG: Massive Understatement #2>>

> Once he had left the room and was well out of earshot, Mina
> let out a shaky 
> breath. "Whew."
> "You handled Jijiue quite admirably," Rei said,
> respect in her violet eyes. 
> "I am impressed."
> Mina shrugged. "It's easier to shovel shit when
> you know which garden it 
> goes on," she said, draining her tea noisily.
> Rei choked on her own tea, and let out a strained giggle.
> "That is...a very 
> interesting metaphor, Mina-san."

<<HTG: *snort*>>

> =-------------=
> Titanium microweave body netting.
> Heat-treated impact-resistant ceramic athletic supporter.

<<HTG: Smart.>>

> Kevlar biweave undervest with graphite-alloy vital organ
> protective plates.
> Steel-threaded dress shirt. With a stylish ruffle.
> Armor-plated silk cummerbund.

<<HTG: Kinda overkill?  But then given what he is after and everything connected to it perhaps not enough>>

> Navy blue formal tuxedo from the most lavish haberdashery
> in Tokyo, with 
> matching dress shoes.
> Classic black tuxedo with full tails and opera cape--loaded
> with custom 
> options for infiltration and self-defence.
> The black tuxedo went into a special garment bag. The navy
> went on over his 
> elegant body armour.
> Chiba Mamoru had a very unique way of preparing for a
> formal affair.

<<HTG: Yup.>>

> =-------------=
> With a slightly embarassed smile, Rei lifted her shirt and
> fished something 
> out of the waistband of her jeans: a flat, rectangular
> object wrapped in a 
> plastic shopping bag. "I would ask you to safeguard
> this for me," she said 
> softly, handing the object to Mina.
> The blond, curious, unwrapped it and looked inside. Her
> eyebrows climbed to 
> her hairline. "A Bible?"
> "It is...precious to me," Rei said, head bowed,
> face flaming. "However, I 
> became careless and allowed Jijiue to discover it by
> accident. He 
> was...displeased. I have been ordered to dispose of
> it." Something hard 
> flickered across her face. "I cannot do as Jijiue
> demands. I do not wish 
> to..." She trailed off. "But if he discovers I
> have disobeyed him, the 
> consequences will be...dire." She fixed an intense
> gaze on the blond. "So I 
> must ask you, Mina-san, to please take possession of this,
> and to keep it 
> safe. If I may be so presumptuous."

<<HTG: Called it.>>

> =-------------=
> The young woman who stepped out of the Tsukino house when
> Mamoru's car 
> pulled up to the curb was completely different from the
> small, mousy 
> creature he had been betrothed to--so much so that he very
> nearly stared.
> Usagi wore a shimmering, cream-coloured satin dress which
> fell just past 
> mid-thigh and clung rather fetchingly to her hips. The
> neckline was both 
> conservative and provocative, and her bare shoulders were
> dusted with 
> shimmery powder that accentuated her milky-almond
> complexion. Pearl-coloured 
> high-heeled slippers with pale-gold satin straps graced her
> feet. Her nails 
> were immaculately shaped and polished pale pink, matching
> the lip gloss she 
> wore. Her makeup was light and tasteful, highlighting her
> natural beauty; 
> her hair had been piled up atop her head, and hung from a
> braided bun in 
> tight, springy curls of warm, glossy honey-brown. She wore
> very little in 
> the way of jewelry--simple pearl stud earrings, a thin gold
> neck chain, and 
> a matching bracelet on her right wrist--and clasped a
> dainty brocaded white 
> silk purse before her.
> She inclined her head when Mamoru emerged from his car.
> "Husband," she said 
> softly. "I hope I meet with your approval."
> The youth, elegant in his navy tuxedo, eyed her for a long
> moment, then 
> nodded curtly. "You'll do," he said shortly.
> "We must go." He held the 
> passenger door--of the back seat--open for her.
> Repressing her urge to scowl or make a rude comment, Usagi
> gracefully 
> strolled down the short walk and seated herself in the
> vehicle. She cast a 
> last long look at the door, where her parents were watching
> with fond 
> smiles.
> *All things considered, I think I'd rather be fighting
> youma.*

<<HTG: I _do_ hope this is not the Love of Prophesy... or that Mamoru changes vastly.>>

> =-------------=
> =-------------=
> Sanjouin bowed and exchanged a polite introduction, then
> was shepherded off 
> by Kamekona to meet more people. Mamoru frowned almost
> imperceptibly at his 
> back. "Hmm."
> "Do you recognise him?" Usagi whispered softly,
> unable to stop herself.
> Mamoru shook his head slightly. "No. It is just an odd
> feeling." He then 
> remembered himself, and gave Usagi a stern glance. "Do
> not concern yourself 
> with it."

<<HTG: A prior life I suspect.  The generals approach.>>

> =-------------=
> He bowed theatrically, sweeping his tall top hat from his
> head. His eyes 
> were hidden behind a white silk domino mask, but his mouth
> bore a cocky, 
> self-satisfied grin. "Thank you, okusama, for your
> generous contribution!" 
> he declared in a roguish voice. "Please rest assured,
> I shall indeed enjoy 
> your jewels as much as you have!"
> Kamekona's wife screamed. "THIEF! SOMEONE CALL THE
> A wave of noise crashed over the assembly. Naru, wide-eyed
> and pale, 
> turned...
> ...to an empty seat. Usagi was gone.

<<HTG: *tch* A most disobedient prospective bride....>>

> =-------------=
> "You're not going ANYWHERE!" a female voice
> rang out.
> Heads all around the room whipped back and forth, searching
> for the source 
> of the voice.
> "Look!" Naru shouted, pointing into the center of
> the room. Standing on an 
> unoccupied table...
> Excited murmurs and whispers filled the ballroom.
> "A Sailor Senshi!"
> "They're really real!"
> "It's Sailor Moon!"
> Serenity frowned. "It is NOT 'Sailor
> Moon'!" she shouted indignantly. "I 
> don't know what idiot came up with that name,
> but--"

<<HTG: Just run with it kid, esp. as you do not have a better idea....>>

> "Well, you're busy dealing with your adoring
> public," the thief remarked, 
> "so I'll just be--"
> A folding chair, hurled with the force of a Howitzer,
> smashed into the wall 
> to the left of his head, splintering the mahogany
> panelling. He froze.
> The room went deadly quiet.
> Serenity recovered from her throwing posture.
> "That was a warning," she said with quiet menace.
> "You don't want to know 
> where the next one goes."
> The thief gulped.

<<HTG: *applause*>>

> "Okay you know what? Screw this," the thief said,
> all trace of humour gone. 
> He pulled a large velvet pouch out of his pants pocket, and
> tossed it to the 
> Senshi, who was gearing up for another attack. "The
> one I'm looking for 
> wasn't even here in the first place, she switched it
> with a fake, and the 
> rest of these just aren't worth all this trouble."
> Serenity caught the pouch, blinking. The thief bowed,
> sweeping his truncated 
> hat from his head. "Abayo, Sailor Moon-chan." He
> threw a small grey ball at 
> the floor, which erupted into a billowing cloud of smoke.

<<HTG: And another auspicious introduction....>>

> The Senshi rushed into the smoke, but the thief was long
> gone.
> "Damn, he got away!" She turned to the stage,
> where the director's wife 
> still stood, looking poleaxed. "Um...here, these are
> yours I think?" With a 
> quick leap, she was on the stage with the older woman. She
> handed over the 
> velvet pouch, which was taken wordlessly, nearly dropped by
> nerveless 
> fingers.
> "Th--thank you, young lady..."
> "It's what I'm here for, ma'am."
> Serenity bowed...
> Around the ballroom, people began standing from where they
> had taken refuge. 
> Applause, scattered at first, rising steadily in volume,
> broke out, along 
> with some cheers and whistles.
> Serenity flushed, and gave an embarassed smile and wave.
> "Thank you, thank 
> you. Um...sorry about the mess...enjoy the rest of your
> evening, and drive 
> home safely?" She leapt high into the air,
> disappearing into the rafters 
> above the stage.

<<HTG: Okay, someone is going to work on press releases....>>

> =-------------=
> *She was definitely cute, though. Maybe not as hot as the
> other one, but...*

<<HTG: I do not think she will be flattered>>

> =-------------=
> An hour later, Mamoru's car pulled once again to the
> curb at the Tsukino 
> residence. Usagi emerged from the back seat, and stood on
> the sidewalk. She 
> turned and bowed to Mamoru. "Thank you for taking care
> of me this evening."
> He nodded. "Abayo." He drove off without further
> comment.
> Usagi watched his car turn the corner. "Jerk,"
> she muttered. Sighing, she 
> turned and walked up to the house.
> "Usagi-chan! We just saw, on the news!" Ikuko
> cried, rushing to embrace her 
> daughter as she stepped inside. "Are you alright? Did
> you get hurt?" She 
> inspected her daughter critically for a long moment.
> The younger girl sighed. "No, Mama, I'm fine. Just
> tired. It's been a long 
> night..."

<<HTG: Longer than they know....>>

> =-------------=
> A crystal the size of a robin's egg lay within. Its
> translucent facets shone 
> with a brilliant silver lustre, almost as though it were
> illuminated from 
> within.
> Blue-black eyes widened momentarily in surprise, before
> narrowing in 
> contemplation.
> "Fascinating..."

<<HTG: More of a challenge than an irritating thief I suspect.>>


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