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> >> "Real Life Superheroes?! 'Sailor
> Senshi'
> >> Sighted At Tokyo School!"
> > 
> > <<HTG: Yup.  Busted.
> > 
> > Please note for the future that the arcane equivalent
> of a full-face-mask and voice changer can only go so far
> (Ami seems to have an easy time of it, but Makoto's
> night job can make for complications)>>
> It's never been a problem for the canon Senshi, and
> they don't get ANY physical changes besides a costume
> change. :P

Neither has the property damage....

> >> swiftly." He smiled. "After all, it
> >> would be terribly remiss of me to keep Her
> Highness
> >> waiting."
> > 
> > <<HTG: Neither anything he planned on, nor
> something he is willing to blow off.
> > 
> > Loyalty?  Fear?  Guilt?  Geas?  Some combination
> therof?  Something I missed?  You are free to tease about
> the angle and we are free to tear out our hair over it, but
> it becomes clear he was not wholly dishonest over the
> 'Real Senshi could Paste Me' line he was feeding
> Mina.>>
> It's nothing as terribly arcane or strange as all that.
> He's simply abiding Silver Millenium protocol. A Court
> Mage does NOT ignore a royal summons--even if he has no real
> fear of reprisal from doing so in this situation.

I suppose it has not been so long for him as to get out of the habit....

> >> She was as dangerous as she was sexy.
> >> 
> >> Her little friends--if they were indeed connected
> to
> >> her--weren't too shabby
> >> either.
> > 
> > <<HTG: He is going to start drooling over Moon I
> take it?  Or does his fiancee take third or forth
> place.>>
> Tux-boy is an equal opportunity pervert. Give him the
> opportunity, he'll be a pervert.

Jupiter is going to slug him, isn't she.

> > <<HTG: I am certain there is an english language
> paper that will run more of the story within the week...
> indeed at least some websites would have an outline within a
> day.  Outside the loop for more than 24 hours would be
> pushing it>>
> But she wasn't out of the loop for more than 24 hours.
> Less than 12, even. And she KNEW the robbery was on
> television, even if she didn't get home in time to see
> it herself. So...I kinda don't get your point here.

I was thinking more of the others.  She will have a point to start looking if she makes up her mind that Tim is dragging his feet (or stops trusting him IhopeIhopeIhope)

> >> It sounds completely ridiculous, and I can't
> understand
> >> why the real news
> >> media is wasting their time on this
> foolishness."
> > 
> > <<HTG: ....
> > 
> > Rei's going to hate life, isn't she?>>
> Mmmmmmmmmm.........
> Bah, I could say so much here, but I don't want to ruin
> it for you.


> >> The tea-haired girl grimaced. "Mou,
> Naru-chan...you
> >> KNOW how I feel about
> >> the jerk fiance..."
> > 
> > <<HTG: Oh that... what are the odds that someone
> at the party will put things together if Mamoru and/or Usagi
> vanish just before Sailor Moon and/or Tux-boy
> appear?>>
> About as good as the odds of anyone noticing Clark Kent is
> Superman with glasses.

<sticks out tongue>

> >> Poor thing. She was cute, but she got worked up so
> >> easily...
> > 
> > <<HTG: Yet another clue for the curious to chew
> on....>>
> Anyone who HASN'T figured out who King is by now...

I have my suspicions.

> >> The blond blinked. "But why not?"
> >> 
> >> Timothy sighed. "The Princess is...somewhat
> upset with
> >> me."
> > 
> > <<HTG: Sowing discord where a distraction for
> Serenity would be useful... bad precident (as if he needed
> more>>
> Ah, but sowing dischord is his intention.

Says a lot about him, no?

> > <<HTG: Like I said, the two night jobs are a
> logicitcal complication... and hiding the first one will
> magnify it.>>
> Oh yes, Mako-chan's "vocation" will
> eventually explode like an atom bomb in the middle of their
> happy little group. There's pretty much no avoiding
> that.

Breaking it to them gently?

<considers what we have seen of Makoto, esp. when dealing with people for more than an evening>

Breaking it to them gently for her?

> >> *As if I didn't have enough problems...*
> > 
> > <<HTG: It occurs to me that she will be more
> likely to recognise him than he her.  Pardom me whilst I
> prepare the popcorn.>>
> The law of theatrical disguise will serve Mamoru/Tuxedo
> Kamen well. :)

Ah, so _two_ irritating men for Usagi to fume over....

> >> The man bowed, smiling winsomely. His silver-grey
> eyes
> >> sparkled with charm.
> >> "I apologise for startling you, but
> your...missive did
> >> sound rather urgent.
> >> Allow me to introduce myself.
> >> 
> >> "My name is Artemis."
> > 
> > <<HTG: Using surprise to throw her off balance
> and gain the high ground psychologically.  Not sure if it
> will work, and come to think of it I am not sure he had
> other options>>
> He just likes to make an entrance. :P

It is wrong for me to hope Usagi helps him make an exit?

> Thanks for the C&C!

Thanks for the story.



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