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>> chapter. My
>> exhaustive memory for song lyrics and movie quotes
>> isn't producing anything
>> particularly fitting here... X_X
> <<HTG: Nothing off the top of my head....>>

The problem is I can't really pin a hook on this one the way I have for 
previous chapters. Each chapter has some common thread running through it, 
and the chapter titles relate directly to that--and are always song titles 
or lyrics, or movie quotes. I'm just kind of drawing a blank on a good fit 
for this one.

>> "Real Life Superheroes?! 'Sailor Senshi'
>> Sighted At Tokyo School!"
> <<HTG: Yup.  Busted.
> Please note for the future that the arcane equivalent of a full-face-mask 
> and voice changer can only go so far (Ami seems to have an easy time of 
> it, but Makoto's night job can make for complications)>>

It's never been a problem for the canon Senshi, and they don't get ANY 
physical changes besides a costume change. :P

>> swiftly." He smiled. "After all, it
>> would be terribly remiss of me to keep Her Highness
>> waiting."
> <<HTG: Neither anything he planned on, nor something he is willing to blow 
> off.
> Loyalty?  Fear?  Guilt?  Geas?  Some combination therof?  Something I 
> missed?  You are free to tease about the angle and we are free to tear out 
> our hair over it, but it becomes clear he was not wholly dishonest over 
> the 'Real Senshi could Paste Me' line he was feeding Mina.>>

It's nothing as terribly arcane or strange as all that. He's simply abiding 
Silver Millenium protocol. A Court Mage does NOT ignore a royal 
summons--even if he has no real fear of reprisal from doing so in this 

>> She was as dangerous as she was sexy.
>> Her little friends--if they were indeed connected to
>> her--weren't too shabby
>> either.
> <<HTG: He is going to start drooling over Moon I take it?  Or does his 
> fiancee take third or forth place.>>

Tux-boy is an equal opportunity pervert. Give him the opportunity, he'll be 
a pervert.

> <<HTG: I am certain there is an english language paper that will run more 
> of the story within the week... indeed at least some websites would have 
> an outline within a day.  Outside the loop for more than 24 hours would be 
> pushing it>>

But she wasn't out of the loop for more than 24 hours. Less than 12, even. 
And she KNEW the robbery was on television, even if she didn't get home in 
time to see it herself. So...I kinda don't get your point here.

>> It sounds completely ridiculous, and I can't understand
>> why the real news
>> media is wasting their time on this foolishness."
> <<HTG: ....
> Rei's going to hate life, isn't she?>>


Bah, I could say so much here, but I don't want to ruin it for you.

>> The tea-haired girl grimaced. "Mou, Naru-chan...you
>> KNOW how I feel about
>> the jerk fiance..."
> <<HTG: Oh that... what are the odds that someone at the party will put 
> things together if Mamoru and/or Usagi vanish just before Sailor Moon 
> and/or Tux-boy appear?>>

About as good as the odds of anyone noticing Clark Kent is Superman with 

>> "Yeah, I know, but..." Naru started washing her
>> hands. "It's still a big
>> fancy party, and the Yamagoto Tower is really beautiful. I
>> think you'll have
>> a really good time, even if you don't like the guy
>> you're going with."
> <<HTG: There too?  The term ThirtyXanatosPileup comes to mind.>>

The whole Yamagoto thing is part running in-joke and part me needing to pull 
random settings out of my ass. Don't read too much into it.

>> Poor thing. She was cute, but she got worked up so
>> easily...
> <<HTG: Yet another clue for the curious to chew on....>>

Anyone who HASN'T figured out who King is by now...

>> The blond blinked. "But why not?"
>> Timothy sighed. "The Princess is...somewhat upset with
>> me."
> <<HTG: Sowing discord where a distraction for Serenity would be useful... 
> bad precident (as if he needed more>>

Ah, but sowing dischord is his intention.

>> "That's about the size of it. So I'm going to
>> meet with her and try to sort
>> this mess out." He smiled gently, tiredly. "You
>> can see why I'd rather go
>> alone. I don't want her getting a bad first impression
>> of *you* just because
>> she's angry with *me*."
> <<HTG: And piling the manure high on top of it (nice trick to use the 
> exact truth save for a tiny detail that makes all the difference).>>

Exactly. He's a master of this particular game.

> <<HTG: Like I said, the two night jobs are a logicitcal complication... 
> and hiding the first one will magnify it.>>

Oh yes, Mako-chan's "vocation" will eventually explode like an atom bomb in 
the middle of their happy little group. There's pretty much no avoiding 

>> *As if I didn't have enough problems...*
> <<HTG: It occurs to me that she will be more likely to recognise him than 
> he her.  Pardom me whilst I prepare the popcorn.>>

The law of theatrical disguise will serve Mamoru/Tuxedo Kamen well. :)

>> The headmaster smiled, tilting his head to appraise the
>> teaching assistant.
>> The harsh glare of the flourescent lights reflected
>> brilliantly off the
>> lenses of his round-rimmed spectacles.
>> "Sou da."
> <<HTG: I take it we are to expect more from this angle?>>

Would I have bothered putting it here otherwise? :P

>> "Because you know that I will not be as forgiving the
>> next time."
>> "...hai, Jijiue."
> <<HTG: Is the problem confessional... or deeper?>>

Tune in and find out. :)

>> The man bowed, smiling winsomely. His silver-grey eyes
>> sparkled with charm.
>> "I apologise for startling you, but your...missive did
>> sound rather urgent.
>> Allow me to introduce myself.
>> "My name is Artemis."
> <<HTG: Using surprise to throw her off balance and gain the high ground 
> psychologically.  Not sure if it will work, and come to think of it I am 
> not sure he had other options>>

He just likes to make an entrance. :P

Thanks for the C&C!

The Eternal Lost Lurker

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