[FFML] [Haruhi] The Dream of the Butterfly

David McMillan skyefire at skyefire.org
Fri Nov 21 10:18:34 PST 2008

DB Sommer wrote:

> The Dream of the Butterfly
> Itsuki seemed to have the same idea judging by the concerned look on his 
> face. He headed for the door, saying, “Why don’t we head to the basement 
> just in case—“
> The door disintegrated in an explosion, as did Itsuki. I saw him 
> actually blown into tiny bits. My mouth was open at the time. I think 
> something solid went down my throat. I prayed it was a splinter of wood, 
> and not the alternative.

	...whoa.  Pretty grim, for a MoHS fic.

> But the bolt from the alien struck Yuki in the chest. It seemed to 
> fizzle as it splattered against her school uniform.
> “A continuum blaster,” Yuki said. “They had been galactically banned. 
> They use energy pulses to rend matter and send it randomly across time 
> and space.” She looked me in the eye, and for the first time, I saw 
> panic in her face. “I am undooooooAAAAAAAA!” Her scream became something 
> not meant for human ears as she was ripped apart molecule by molecule 
> from one end/when of the universe to the other.

	NOOOOOO!  They killed Yuki!  You BASTARDS!!!!!!

> There was nothing left to show Yuki Nagato, artificial human, had ever 
> existed.
> Haruhi finally found her voice, reality not conforming to her desires in 
> even the slightest way for once. “Whu… what’s going on?”

	*This* would be a good time for closed space, Haruhi.

> There was a loud whinny from the end of the hall. Another alien. Another 
> impossible sight. He looked like a Norse warrior on the back of a horse, 
> save that both he and the steed were pure obsidian black. I’m not even 
> sure if he was astride the horse or was a part of it. He charged down 
> the hall, some sort of bladed polearm held back, ready to deliver a blow.

	Were we supposed to recognize any of these aliens?

> I ran with Haruhi down the hall, dragging her with me. Asahina froze, 
> shouting, “This never happened!” over and over. I tried yelling at her 
> to move, but she was could only scream how this wasn’t possible.
> She did it right up to the moment the polearm cleaved her head neatly 
> from her shoulders.

	DB, you killed Asahina.  How *could* you?

> It was the floating human-sized statue of Kannon that was right before us.

	Was that supposed to be Kwannon, the Japanese goddess of mercy?  (Not 
that my knowledge of Japanese mythology is any more than minimal)

> Our eyes met, the alien and me, and it was then I realized what the 
> truth was. All this time, it wasn’t Haruhi who had been the one with the 
> powers, like everyone thought.
> It was me.

	I saw this coming, but only just before it happened.

> Though I am the butterfly and the world is my dream, I will not emerge 
> from my cocoon. There is nothing in it for me. Still, I will see them 
> die, every single one of these alien assassins. But not all at once. Oh 
> no. Let them die as my friends did. By flame and blade and blood, let 
> them die… no, be assassinated, one by one in tortured agony that will be 
> felt throughout the universe from now until the end of time. No matter 
> the cost to anyone else.

	I started to suspect what was coming next during this paragraph.

> Let it begin.
> Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> “Here comes another one.”
> Kei Kurono watched as an attractive woman was created by the light from 
> the black ball again. Older this time, well, in her thirties, at a 
> guess. Salarywoman, judging by her business outfit. And for a change, 
> not a rack to die for. At least she didn’t look like another fucking 
> vampire. He really, really wanted to kill the two that were on the team, 
> since they were instrumental in his death. At least from what everyone 
> told him.

	Yep.  GANTZ.

> [End fic]
> Well, you have to admit, it would be a rational explanation. ^_^ My 
> first idea had been Haruhi ending up getting killed in a car accident 
> and ending up in the Gantz room, not thrilled to discover she’s expected 
> to kill all the aliens she meets (though seeing Haruhi in a Gantz outfit 
> in one of her poses with an SOS Brigade thing wrapped on her arm and a 
> weapon in hand is appealing). 

	Or the entire SOS-B doing the end-credits dance in GANTZ suits with 

>Then I remembered Raye Johnson’s comments 
> about Kyon possibly being the real power, and this one came to me. 
> Motive to want the aliens dead in gruesome ways, the ability to make 
> reality conform to his desires, and a being that simply remains in a 
> ball. Hey, it fits.
> And by the way, I don’t own Gantz either.

	Of course, the next thing that happens is that *this* crossover crosses 
into "Da Da Da," and Bad Things happen.
	Or, Kyon could send the GANTZ crew after Tenchi&Company.  What happens 
if "god" crosses swords with Washuu, or Tsunami?  I dunno, but I'll be 
watching avidly.  From about 250 universes *thattaway*....

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