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Sun Mar 30 19:47:21 PDT 2008

Henry Cobb <henry.cobb at gmail.com> wrote: Warning: Contains antispoilers for Fate/Stay Night that are just wrong in
every way.

"You're King Arthur?"

"Aye Lad,"  The once and future king took off his dress and padded bra,
"But that doesn't mean we can't have fun.  Why I bedded many a squire
younger than you back in Camelot.  Finally the misses couldn't stand it
anymore and ran off with Lancelot.  I wonder if Guinevere knew of the
secret that Miss Lancelot always wanted to share with her ``Big Sister''."


Ack! My eyes!!! The evilness arrgh!!!! (Jiro runs away screaming) Damn... that was... damn... words can not describe the horror you just committed

Jiro Maeda

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