[FFML] [Ranma/OMG] NaRTF - Act II - Chapters 1-4

David Andersson vizierz2002 at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 23 06:19:22 PDT 2008

It seems like the story formatting gets screwed up
whether I submit it as a .txt file or simply paste it
directly into the message. To not disturb the flow I'm
making an attempt to attach the first submission, as
well as the two following chapters in the .rtf format.
It should hopefully be accessible as a chez-wrolet url
at the bottom of this message. If this fails, you can
access them through the link here:

You don't need to have read the first part to catch up
on the context, and I consider this a massive
deviation and improvement of quality in several
respects, but it doesn't hurt either. It’s accessible
here for those who are interested:

As always, constructive input is very appreciated.

Have fun.

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