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Ranma's Journey Forestward


Sexy Neko Hibiki

    Ranma held the repaired Nan Ban Mirror and let a tear fall on it. "Take 
to where I am needed. Where I can be happy. Where I can live a good life."

    There was a bright flash of light. And then Ranma was gone. The mirror 
fell to the ground and shattered.

    The Nerimans just gaped. They could not believe Ranma had just done 

    How could it have come to this.

    One black haired girl just stared and wept then. "Ranma, I'm sorry. I 
didn't mean it. Please, come back! Ranma, please return! I'm absolutely 
sorry!" Akane Tendo fell to the ground and wept bitter tears over what she 
had done to Ranma, and what he had done to get away from them all for her 
terrible actions.


    Ranma appeared in a field. He looked around and saw a road leading into 
the distance. Another way was a field of wheat. Another way was a forest.

    He heard a voice. It called to him to enter the forest. He felt it was 
very important.

    He walked into the forest, through the woods, and then came to a lake.

    Across the lake the mist gathered, and a figure appeared in it.

    It looked like a man with the head of a stag and he felt that the form 
was regarding him, judging him, weighing him and found worthy of what it 

    Ranma looked at the form and asked, "Who are you?"

    The form looked at him and said, "I am Herne the Hunter. Why are you 

    Ranma said, "I heard a voice. It called me here."

    Herne looked at Ranma and asked, "And what did this voice say?"

    Ranma said, "It said 'Nothing's forgotten. Nothing's ever forgotten.'"

    Herne said, "So he is free!" He gave a bow and arrow to Ranma. "String 
the bow."

    Ranma looked at the bow and said, "Why?"

    Herne looked at Ranma and said, "To give it purpose. And to give 
yourself purpose as well."

    Herne then said, "And a man went into the forest, there to meet with 
Herne the Hunter, to become his son, and to do his bidding."

    Ranma felt that what Herne said was right, that he was Herne's son, 
chosen one.

To Be Continued...

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