[FFML] [xover][Ranma][MKR] Fire in the Water, Act 3 (draft complete)

The Eternal Lost Lurker lurkerdrome at sbcglobal.net
Fri Mar 21 13:16:59 PDT 2008

> Had a mail outage, so I haven't actually read the chapter myself yet, but
> would this gun happen to be a true "one size fits all" Luger with a
> stock and telescopic sight, by any chance? If so, then bad Lurker. Bad!

Um...no? And that reference went WAY the hell over my head... o.o;;

Needless to say, whatever the hell you're thinking it is...it isn't.

"Sheik Protein? He's a mean ol' ass, Cid."
The Eternal Lost Lurker

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