[FFML] [xover][Ranma][MKR] Fire in the Water, Act 3 (draft complete)

The Eternal Lost Lurker lurkerdrome at sbcglobal.net
Fri Mar 21 00:51:45 PDT 2008

> > Eeek. Makes one wonder what'll happen when they decide to do away with
> > efficiency and create an Autozam mecha instead.
> Dunno, but I got a hunch that there's some reason that the gun was an
> old revolver (probably a cap&ball design), rather than a more modern
> revolver or even a semi-auto.  It'll be interesting to see just what
> kind of tank Alcyone is driving...

It's not a cap and ball design. It's not THAT antiquated. :P Think more
World War I era. And THAT, with everything else I've said both in the story
and in comments to replies, should tell anyone who has NOT figured out yet
EXACTLY what is going on.

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