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Wed Mar 19 14:24:30 PDT 2008

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> 	Nice.  It *works,* I have a hard time putting it better than that.

Thanks, I take that as a compliment.  I have trouble writing shorter stories that I feel work and can stand on their own.  By the time I'm done writing a story I'm often thoroughly disgusted with it (or ambivalent at best) and have to take some time away from it to recover any sense of perspective, but I was kind of fond of this story after I'd written it.  I was afraid that that was some sign that everyone else would hate it; I'm glad I was wrong and some others out there seem to have enjoyed it. ^_^

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> From: nekohibiki at comcast.net
> Wow. Now that was cool. Very deep too. I liked it. You're a good
> writer.^_^

Again, thanks.  Though I'm not sure I'd describe the story as deep.  Thanks for saying so, though.

- The Kettle

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