[FFML] [xover][Ranma][MKR] Fire in the Water, Act 3 (draft complete)

Peter Gallagher ellfangor8 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 18 21:32:17 PDT 2008

First off, thank you for releasing this chapter.... it's like an Oasis
in the desert of today's bad fanfiction releases.  I am wondering
exactly how Ranma will be able to help out.  If it's anything like
what happened in Onna Red Side, we're in for a wild ride with this,
but it is good to see that this is different in that Akane has a
different weapon now, unless my memory deceives me.

I do like the bell.

You also do a good job of portraying the enemy as well.  I find myself
both liking and hating them at the same time.  I have sympathy for
your bad guy, excellent.

Although, I must question, is this the same enemy from MKR2?  (I only
ask because I haven't actually read MKR in any of its forms save for a
couple chapters of both manga found in bookstores.)

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