[FFML] [xover][Ranma][MKR] Fire in the Water, Act 3 (draft complete)

The Eternal Lost Lurker lurkerdrome at sbcglobal.net
Tue Mar 18 18:46:52 PDT 2008

> Interesting chapter.

Thanks. Very important things happened in this chapter. >:)

Carefully attentive readers, I should note, will have enough information
from this and the previous chapter to deduce a critical element of the plot.

> I like specially Akane's bell part and the summon part. :D

Heh. Actually, that entire thing came about more or less at random. I'm
pleased with how it turned out, though.

> Did they make a tank?????? :O

Ayep. And next chapter, the Nerima Wrecking Crew get to break it. ^_^

Thanks for reading!

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