[FFML] [Naruto][Crossover][Fic] Overkill, Prologue: Of Demons, Gods, and Mysterious Encounters

the DragonBard dragonbard at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 13 18:44:02 PDT 2008

Overkill would be Naruto learning Mumyo Jinpu (from Samurai Deeper Kyo) and Kuruda-ryu (Open Skills and Shadow Skills from the Shadow Skills series) while having Alucard as a servant.

Though having the power levels of Dark Schneider or Tenchi Masaki (OVA) would fit as well. :D

If you don't think Samurai Deeper Kyo is overkill, it involves a guy who can bust out of black holes, negate black fire, and kill thousands... and it's not even his best skill!
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