[FFML] [oneshot] [Ranma] The Seashell

Ambulatory Kettle ambket at inbox.com
Tue Mar 11 11:19:40 PDT 2008

I think that your mail service is bumping the last word of the line because of that final space rather than ignoring it like my text editor does.  Just a guess though.  Anyone else experiencing problems from my unnecessary spaces at the ends of lines?

> From: wingcat at pacbell.net
> The story seemed to be wrapping when I read it.  For instance:
>> 	"Dummy yerself," Ranma mumbled.  But Akane's inflection was more
>> playful than angry, and Ranma felt he could hardly take offense at
>> being
>> called "dummy" in such an innocuous tone.  Maybe the insult had lost
>> its
>> edge, after being hurled at him so many times.
> Did it wrap like that for anyone else?  (If not, it's probably my
> mail reader that introduced the wrapping.)  The two wrapped lines seem
> to end in "being " and "its " - the extra space in both cases being the
> 73rd character of the line (if it hadn't wrapped).

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