[FFML] [oneshot] [Ranma] The Seashell

Adrian Tymes wingcat at pacbell.net
Tue Mar 11 10:04:26 PDT 2008

The story seemed to be wrapping when I read it.  For instance:

> 	"Dummy yerself," Ranma mumbled.  But Akane's inflection was more 
> playful than angry, and Ranma felt he could hardly take offense at 
> being 
> called "dummy" in such an innocuous tone.  Maybe the insult had lost 
> its 
> edge, after being hurled at him so many times.

Did it wrap like that for anyone else?  (If not, it's probably my
mail reader that introduced the wrapping.)  The two wrapped lines seem
to end in "being " and "its " - the extra space in both cases being the
73rd character of the line (if it hadn't wrapped).

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