[FFML] [Ranma] Life is Complicated, Part III

Ambulatory Kettle ambket at inbox.com
Mon Mar 10 14:01:11 PDT 2008

>> Drop me a line if you come up with any further insights as to why she's
> particuarly obnoxious;
> Other than the fact that she's a blatant psycho bull dyke who can't keep
> her
> nose out of things that don't concern her? :P

Well, that's something. ^_^;

Although Emi's hardly psycho (she's more like a normal, sane person who's wandered into the insanity that is the Tendou Dojo, and doesn't exactly understand what's going on... yet), and to be fair, Akane did come to her with her fiance troubles.  Emi is concerned as Akane's friend, but unfortunately she's now conflating that with her role as Akane's teacher; that will be handled.  As to her sexism, part of the fun of writing a character with a flaw like that is seeing what happens when they're forced to face reality and acknowledge that maybe their views are wrong (the aforementioned character development).

At any rate, thanks for reading despite your hate for Emi.  You could have picked a worse original character to hate, since she's less important and I know for a fact that their will be one or more installments of the fic in which she doesn't even make an appearance.

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