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jpalmer jpalmer at josephpalmer.com
Mon Jun 30 23:11:19 PDT 2008

My emergency sanctuary request has been granted, and I'm now the holder 
of a temporary, probationary fanfic pass* back into Nerima.

In celebratiion, I've released an Audio recording of a very old 
fanfiction: "Summer" from my Seasons Series.

Here's a link to the item on my website: 

You can direct download it at : 


* Long story. I probably won't finish it. ;P

 From my website:

      Podcast - The Seasons Stories 3: Summer - a Ranma 1/2 Audio

This is a Ranma 1/2 audio Fanfiction. No, it's not a new story, it was 
first published over 10 years ago. Summer is the third in an arc of four 
stories which have come to be called "The Seasons Stories" in the Ranma 
1/2 fanfiction world.

Please consider this a preview -- I plan to add background sound effects 
and do a bit more mastering to clean up the sound - what you're hearing 
here is the raw recording and overdubs off my MR-8 mkII recorder.

Enjoy, and please let me know if you like what you hear.


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