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June Geraci karaohki at snet.net
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Having worked in offices since 1972, I can see Ranma becoming throroughly 
bored with the traditional Japanese OL position as I understand it.  (My job 
is much more interesting.)

"The damned machine jammed again"  POW!!!!

Boss:  "You were supposed to put in a service call."

"I'm supposed to serve you coffee?  You can't get your own?"

Oh yes, I can see this.  And no, I don't fetch anyone coffee.

You can't lose anything by trying to write this.  On the other hand, you 
would lose something by NOT doing so.
By all means, give it a try.



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> Since people seem to be stomping on my fic ideas before I get around
> to posting them (What did Michiru Kaioh do in her past life to
> Princess Oyuki's people?), let me stake this one out.
> Has anybody done Ranma as an OL?  If you don't know what an OL is then
> don't bother.
> My basic plot has Ranma failing to get into the same college as Akane
> and is forced to work in order to keep the Dojo running.
> Nabiki suggests magazine pictures, but Ranma always has to do things
> the hard way.
> In the end Ranma's complaints to Akane about work brings them together.
> -HJC
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