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I'm just gonna...apologize for this one in advance.


Robert opened his mailbox and grabbed what was in there before it could
hit the floor.  Absently, he sorted through the mail as he walked into
his small, messy apartment.

*Hm.  Water bill, electric bill, city and prefectural tax bill -- gone
up again this year, of course...*

*...hey, it's a letter from my muse!*

Eagerly, Rob ripped the letter open, hoping beyond hope for inspiration
to finish his multi-part Ah! My Goddess! fic, the one that had been left
for so long he was afraid that no one remembered it anyway.

"Dear Robert (the letter began),

"Long time no see!  I know I promised I'd stop by and help you finish
up that thing you were doing, but this vacation in Greece has been so
nice!  I haven't seen my sisters in so long...

"Anyway, I've enclosed a story coupon to tide you over.  Have fun!


Rob suddenly had a bad feeling about this.  He peered into the envelope,
finding the promised coupon.  On the front was a pic of the Muse and her
sister muses, waving and smiling.  He flipped the card over and read:


*Dammit.  Not again....*



A Ranma 1/2 songfic

By Rob Atendido, whose muse is laughing at him

Ranma 1/2 and related characters created by and property of Rumiko


It was the last school day before the start of summer break, and Akane
Tendo was annoyed.  Not at Ranma -- well, not _just_ at Ranma,
considering how she was ALWAYS (usually.  okay, sometimes) annoyed at
Ranma, but at her teachers as well, who seemed to feel the need to fill
the entire month and a half of vacation with homework.

She looked up at Ranma, walking home along the fencetops as usual.  Even
Ranma, who usually didn't care all that much about schoolwork, seemed
worred about the full schoolbag he carried with him.  He noticed Akane
looking at him.

"What?" he asked, defensively.

Akane quickly looked away.  "Nothing."

Ranma leapt down from the fence.  "You worried 'bout all this homework

"No!  Well..."

Ranma jammed his hands into his pockets and hung his head a little.
"Yeah, me too.  Ain't hardly gonna have enough time to practice with all
this stuff to do."

Akane smirked a little.  "Are you admitting that you need the practice?"

"Well, yah -- no, wait -- Hey!"

Akane's laughter lightened the mood a little.  After a moment, Ranma
smiled sheepishly in return.

"What part of all this homework worries you the most?"  Akane asked.

Ranma considered for a moment.  "English.  Hinako-sensei wants us to
find an English song and translate it into Japanese?  That's nuts."

"They hire professional translators to do that, don't they?" agreed

"Besides, what do I know about English music?" Ranma sounded aggrieved,
as he opened the door to the house with unnecessary force.

"Okaeri nasai," called out Kasumi from inside the house.  "What's this
about English music?"

After Akane explained the assignment to her, Kasumi tilted her head in
thought.  "Maybe I can help you with that."  She went up to her room for
a moment, and came back with a couple of CDs.  "Here's yours, Akane.  I
recommend the eighth track.  And here's one for you, Ranma."

"Thanks, nee-chan."  "Yah, thanks, Kasumi."

"Oh!  Wait a moment!"

Ranma and Akane stopped, confused.  Kasumi took the CDs, removed the
lyric translation sheets from the cases, and gave them back.  "I don't
want to make it TOO easy for you, now..."


After three weeks, two epic martial-arts battles (Ryouga, Happosai) and
a bake-off, Akane finally had time to sit down and attempt her English
homework.  She took the CD from her desk drawer and looked at it

"'Blue Planet'...Donna Lewis?"  Akane had never heard of her.  Idly, she
wondered how Kasumi had discovered her.  "Let's see...track eight..."

As the music started, Akane looked at the title.  *Falling.  Ochiteiru?
Rakka?*  She wrote that across the top of the page in her notebook.

o/` Maybe we've gone too far
another emotional tie on me
and I don't know who you really are o/`

Akane paused the CD and grabbed her dictionary.  "Tabun...do o koshita?
'Emotional tie...' kanjyoutekina kizuna?"

At the thought of 'emotional ties,' Akane's mind instinctively thought
of Ranma.  She shook her head, trying to clear that thought away.  *Why
should he come to mind...?*

She glanced at the next line, about honto no kosei ga shiranai, and
snorted.  *Ain't that the truth,* she thought to herself.

o/` Putting my trust in you
safe in your presence I will be
if I thought it was the thing to do
with you o/`

*Hm.  Kimi o shinyou shiteiru... what?*  Akane frowned a bit.  Was
Kasumi trying to give her some sort of message here?

o/` It feels like I'm falling
deeper into the unknown o/`

*Okay, that's...relatively straightforward.*

o/` I'm losing the fight to stay alone o/`

"The fight to stay alone?" Akane said out loud, surprising herself.
*Who in their right mind would fight to...oh, wait...*  The more she
thought about that one, the closer to home it seemed to hit.

o/` I'm falling, falling for you o/`

*Kimi...kimi ni muchyuu ni --* "No I'm not!" she shouted.

There was a knock on the door.  "What are you doing in there?!" called

"Nothing!  I'm okay!"

The door opened.  "Well, whatever you're doing, take a break.  It's time
for dinner."

Flustered, Akane turned off her CD player and closed her notebook.
"I'll be right there."


"So, Akane, how is your homework coming along?" asked Kasumi politely.

Startled, Akane looked up from where she had been lost in thought.
Patiently, Kasumi repeated herself.

"Ah, well, it's going okay I guess," Akane mumbled.

"That's wonderful!" replied Kasumi, unflappable as ever.

Akane glanced sidelong at her older sister.  *Maybe she _is_ trying to
tell me something...*  She then looked at Ranma, who was as usual
inhaling vast quantities of food while simultaneously defending it from
his father's attacks.  *...or maybe not.*


Akane looked at the CD player with trepidation.  *Well, no putting it
off, I guess.*  She hit the play button once more.

o/` Where do we go from here o/`

*Good question.*

o/` why do we stand in silence waiting for the other to make a move o/`

Akane paused the CD player and pondered that one.  *Do we do that?  No,
of course not...we don't do that.*

o/` (yes we do) o/`


Pausing the CD player once again, Akane started pacing around her room,
trying to rein in her thoughts.  *I'm not waiting for him to make a
move, if he makes a move, I'll clobber him...I wonder what kind of move
he'd make...maybe I should try NO!  Nothing!  I'm always annoyed with
him!  Usually!  Sometimes!  But...But we have been getting along better

Akane came to the unavoidable conclusion that, like him or hate him, she
thought about Ranma an awful lot.

She sat back down, sighed, and listened to the next bit.

o/` and how do I feel right now? o/`

*If I knew the answer to THAT one...*

o/` stepping out of my private world into something that scares me
so...you know o/`

*I'm not scared.  I'm NOT scared!*

*...I'm scared.*

o/` It feels like I'm falling... o/`

Making that admission certainly felt like she was falling from a great
height, Akane thought to herself.

*What if he doesn't feel the same way?*

*What if he DOES feel the same way?*

Akane rested her elbows on the desk, putting her head in her hands.  *I
don't want to think about this right now.*

o/` maybe I don't want to know o/`


o/` maybe I want to feel for you o/`


o/` maybe I don't want to know
maybe I want to feel for you o/`

Akane stood up and paced around a bit more.

o/` maybe I don't want to know
maybe I want to feel for you o/`

Coming to a decision, she stepped out into the hallway.  The final
chorus played to her empty room.

o/` falling
deeper into the unknown
I'm losing
the fight to stay alone
I'm falling,
falling for you o/`


Akane hesitated for a long moment before knocking on the door of the
guest room.

"Yeah, come on in," came Ranma's voice.

She opened the door and stepped in.  Ranma turned off the discman he was
listening to, putting the headphones around his neck.  "What's up?"

Akane hesitated again.  Ranma aimed a quizzical glance at her.

Finally, Akane spoke up.  "Ranma, I wanted to ask you..."


*maybe I don't want to know...*  "Uh...How's your homework going?"

Ranma took the headphones off of his neck and stretched.  "Great!  This
song Kasumi gave me is really cool!  It's by this guy, Mac Davis --
Here, listen:  'Aa, kami-sama, kenson ga aru koto ha muzukashii, zutto
subarashii kara' -- OW, what was that for?"

"Just reflexes, I guess," replied Akane, shaking her hand a bit.
"Whenever you say something stupid, I have to punch you in the head --
you know that."

"That's not fair!" protested Ranma.  "It's what the song says --" Ranma
broke off when he saw Akane laughing.  Her laughter never failed to
disarm him, these days.  "What?"

Akane laughed some more.  "That song is just SO you," she said.

Ranma grinned.  "Well, I AM perfect in every wa--OW!"


Kasumi was just finishing cleaning up the kitchen when she heard their
laughter drifting downstairs.  The sound made her smile happily.




*Oh, thanks a LOT, muse,* Rob thought to himself.  *Not only have you
made me write a songfic, not only have you made me write a songfic that
shows off my pathetic Japanese skills, you made me write a songfic that
has a bad joke ending that people will either not understand, or want to
punch me for...*

 From far off, once again, the sound of laughter.
...and the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more 
painful than the risk it took to blossom.
      --Anais Nin

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