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> On Jun 26, 2008, at 11:11 PM, Sexy Neko Hibiki wrote:
>> Ten years ago?! Arrrggghhh! You keep making this mistake. You are
>> confusing
>> me with my predecesor.
> Predecessor in which multiple personality is ascendant?

No, actually it's my cousin.

>>> Nobody quite knows what is wrong with CKK, or if in fact CKK is an
>>> incredibly clever troll. All we know is, we can't get rid of it and
>>> we
>>> can't
>>> make it listen to us. So we just...heckle it.
>> And my initials are not CKK. They are SNH. That's for Sexy Neko
>> Hibiki. It
>> used to be CNH, Cute Neko Hibiki. But then I developed a bit more
>> and now I
>> go by the name Sexy Neko Hibiki.
> And before that you were Cute Neko Kaydee


> , and before that Cute
> Kitsune Kaydee


> . Thus CKK. (Though occasionally you were Cute Kitsune
> Kaydee The Goddess Of Sex And Perversion And Exhibitionism

That was Fox.

> , and I'd
> not welcome a return to those days.)
> My local backups only go back to 2001 and the older archives seem to
> be down, but I'd believe you've been posting since 1998 with no
> change...though the average length may be getting shorter. We haven't
> seen any 17.0 KB monsters since April 2008.
> At least now you don't actually ask for C&C! Thank you for sparing us.

Why should I, when what I get are private e-mails telling me how awful I am 
then. And I mean they tell how awful a person I am. They don't bother 
commenting on my writing.

> Peter

P.S. I am not bothering posting more here. From now on I will post on the 
XanderZone group instead.


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