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Angus MacSpon macspon at ihug.co.nz
Thu Jun 26 12:00:48 PDT 2008

On 26/06/2008, at 18:50, Ignacio Moreno wrote:

> No, I'm not. But it is true that I don't usually participate a lot of.
> That I want to say is that, you can be a great writer and the story  
> can be
> worse than bad, but you can, never, say to anyone that he mustn't  
> continue
> writing.
> Kinai.

The problem is that CKK/SNH/whatever is not a writer.  He/she/it is a

Now, ordinarily one might think that the best thing to do is to not
feed the trolls, as per standard net practice.  However, as ELL has
found, it makes no difference with this one, so we might as well enjoy
the feeding.

Besides, this particular story was unusually good, for SNH.  For one
thing, there was no ending to have to endure.


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