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Ranma Talks It Over Now


Sexy Neko Hibiki

    On a vast, abandoned, watery plane doth stood, the man name R. Eneeowehs 

    "Come my boy," to Ranma said he, "Walk this way with me."

    Ranma did walk with the man, and was told of his plan.

    "You'll never be free," said the man, "As long as you Akane as your 

    Ranma nodded rather glumly at that, that fact was as subtle as a 
baseball bat.

    "What you need to do," the man then said "Is get her to leave you."

    Ranma looked at the man looking like a dumbfounded cow, it was clear he 
was then wondering "How?"

    "You need to fake some evidence that seems as plain as day, my boy make 
Akane think you're gay."

    Ranma just stared at the man, it was clear he was thinking "This is your 

    "You must kiss, grope, and fondle a guy, then Akane will leave you alone 
like an overpriced grocery buy."

    Ranma just stared with his eye lids lidding, with a look that said "You 
just got to be kidding!"

    "Ranma my boy this is your only way, come on we don't have all day."

    Ranma sighed and nodded at his plan, his look asked "What type of man?"

    "Ranma this is the way I see, you should hook up soon with Ryoga 

    Ranma looked at the man and then

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