[FFML] [Dark Cloud] What Changes, What Changes Not (prelude to Dark Corona) + Dark Corona Foreword

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> The Eternal Lost Lurker wrote:
> > And familiarity with the games isn't really necessary, though it's
> > obviously, with knowledge of them in mind. I originally conceived this
> > as a moderated roundrobin/impro, so I've tried to eliminate the need to
> > the games backwards and forwards, as I myself do.
> Man, just hearing that makes me sad that Improfanfic isn't really active
> anymore.  I had a lot of fun with the (few) parts I contributed to some
> of the stories there way back when.

Yeah, the golden days of Impro were good times...good times.

> > The terrible black beast dissolved, reforming into the muscular, winged
> > torso it had previously adopted.
> Hmm... is there a word missing in that sentence?  As is, it seems to
> imply that the black beast turns into a winged torso (and nothing else.)

That's correct.


This is the form the Dark Genie assumes for the first phase of the final
boss battle in Dark Cloud. It has no legs, and is a stationary
target...which is deceptive in terms of how fricking HARD this battle is.

> "Foolish player!  That was only Phase One of the boss fight!"

Heh! Not too far off, there :P

> > The king, clad in black, crawled slowly toward them, hissing in pain and
> > leaving a trail of blood behind him. The Seda of the past, having heard
> > voice, looked up, and his eyes widened in horror. "What in the
> Hmm.  The reference of "The Seda of the past" is a tad confusing

Yyyyyeah...THIS part of the story DOES kind of require knowledge of the
game, because the only reason I even WROTE this was to validate Brandt
receiving the Atlamillia. In the game, the Atlamillia is destroyed at the
end of the plot events, and there's no more "world to rebuild"
stuff--everything is back to normal and time has reset itself.

Without getting into too complex a retelling of the plot of the game: 400
years prior to the events of the game, a king named Seda made a bargain with
an evil wizard to attain dark power for use in defending his kingdom from
enemies. After the war, an assassin disguised as his lover enters his
chambers to kill him. The real Sophia shows up then, and dies taking the
assassin's blade in Seda's stead. Seda's hatred and anger, mixed with the
black blood in his veins, gives rise to the Dark Genie--an avatar of evil
itself made flesh.

After Seda witnessed the birth of the Dark Genie, and despaired all his
losses, he used a forbidden spell to rip open time, and travelled 400 years
into the future, to the time where the stone Atlamillia would appear. He had
reckoned that the power of Atlamillia could defeat the Dark Genie. However,
he used up most of his strength in the process, and even if he were able to
use Atlamillia, the Genie had grown so powerful that the stone itself would
no longer be enough to stop him.

In the game's canon storyline, Toan crossed the Gallery of Time to the
night, 400 years in the past, of the tragedy that gave birth to the Dark
Genie. After destroying the Genie upon its birth, Toan uses the Atlamillia
to call Sophia's soul back to her body, restoring her to life and destroying
Atlamillia in the process. With Sophia alive, the hatred and rage and pain
in Seda's heart abates, and the entire course of events leading to the
beginning events of the game is averted. Seda and Sophia live happily ever
after, and Toan goes home.

The divergence here is that the dying Seda from Toan's time came back
through the Gallery of Time himself, and stopped Toan from using
Atlamillia's final ability. That allows the Atlamillia to still exist, and
validates the need for continuing the world-rebuilding quest. (It also
pretty much ignores the causality loop that the game's ending creates, but
I'll leave that aside...)

> Hmm... I'd have to double-check, but has the Atlamillia actually been
> described yet in this story?  I recall it was in the teaser, but I don't
> know whether you intend for that to always be distributed with this.  If
> not, it might be a good idea to work a description in somewhere. (Unless
> I just missed one, in which case ignore this paragraph.)

It isn't described in THIS piece, no. There's no real need for it, since
it's described in the main story. Again, the ONLY reason this piece exists
is to validate (read: bullshit) the plot of Dark Corona where it blatantly
contradicts the ending of the game.

Essentially, this prelude is only meant to be read by people who DID play
Dark Cloud all the way through and know that the Atlamillia was destroyed at
the end of the game. Everyone else will be none the wiser in any case. ^_^

(Hell, this part of the story didn't even EXIST until last week, when I
finally managed to *beat the damn game* myself and realized how badly the
game's ending shit all over the concept of Dark Corona.)

(Yes, I didn't actually BEAT Dark Cloud 1 until last week. Yes, I've had it
for seven years. Yes, that's pretty damn pathetic.)

Thanks for commenting!

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