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Aaron Nowack anowack at mimiru.net
Mon Jun 23 12:29:53 PDT 2008

Here we go...

Standard C&C Disclaimer:  All the below is my only occasionally useful
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The Eternal Lost Lurker wrote:
> As the day brightens, the sunlight catches on the items I have spent the
> night contemplating.

My porn collection.

> Passed down through three generations of my family, they once belonged to my
> great- grandfather...whose name I have begun to curse on a daily basis, for
> the burden which has been handed down to me from my mother.
> The cursed sword, its demonic hilt snarling, its dark, flanged
> silver-and-black blade drinking in the light like a parched man at an oasis.

*insert Stormbringer reference of choice here*

> For today, I am to leave the confines of Norune for the first time, and
> continue the work of my parents, and theirs before them.
> You'd think we'd be done rebuilding the world by now...
> [Dark Cloud and all related trademarks copyright 2000-2008 Sony Computer
> Entertainment and Level-5, Inc. Used without permission.]

Hmm.  I know basically nothing about Dark Cloud, but that's a
well-written and intriguing teaser.  Didn't really have much to say on
this, but C&C on the story itself to follow eventually, once I have a
chance to sit down and read it.

           Aaron Nowack
"Never let reality get in the way of a good hypothesis."

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